Ted Cruz explains opposition to UN Arms Treaty and universal background checks

In a recent radio interview, Ted Cruz explains why he is opposed to the UN Arms Treaty and why it must never be ratified as well why he opposes universal background checks:

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31 thoughts on “Ted Cruz explains opposition to UN Arms Treaty and universal background checks

  1. Why is he against background checks? Does he want criminals to own guns? Law-abiding citizens should be allowed to own guns NOT criminals, so we should check before hand. With background checks, criminals will be the only people prevented from owning guns, and law-abiding citizens will still be allowed to own guns.

    1. WaiGuoGuizi With universal background checks they will have a national registry of gun owners. When or if they want to confiscate weapons they just pull up the registry and boom. Its not always simple.

    2. WaiGuoGuizi Unarmed citizens fear their government while armed citizens are feared by their government.
      It’s as simple as that.

  2. This is why I campaigned for you and voted for you Ted Cruz.. Keep going and fighting never cave for the go along get along Congress!!

  3. It’s a sad commentary on how we’ve let it come to the point there is only one Senator who seems to get it on all the issues patriotic conservative Americans value. Having said that I’m very grateful we have even this one.

  4. I just love this guy!  He states his opinion clearly and concisely without any blathering.

  5. Can we PLEASE stop calling it “Gun Control”? It is NOT gun control; it’s “GUN CONFISCATION”.
    Gun control implies that government wants to ease the flow of guns into the market. Gun confiscation implies they want to seize guns.
    Gun confiscation is what they’re proposing, not gun control!

        1. AmericanborninCanada OneThinDime My image was you channeling Dan Bongino.  I think he is going to make an announcement soon, feel it in my bones.

      1. OneThinDime AmericanborninCanada From your lips to God’s ears…I pray that happens too!

    1. marketcomp As opposed to Bonehead and McCain who are none of those things for example.

  6. We must never,never sign any treaties with the UN!Any foreign treaty we sign becomes the law of the land according to the 6th amendment!The UN does now and always has had an agenda of taking away American sovereignty!Get the US out of the UN and get these clowns at the UN out of the US!I will never surrender my firearms!,period!

    1. 57thunderbird 
      If you’ll ever so kindly give them to me, you can honestly say you don’t have any. Send ’em to BR 549 🙂

      1. Rshill7 57thunderbird I love ya but not enough to give you my guns!Blue helmets make for easy targets.:-)

    2. 57thunderbird Signing the treaty would be an abnegation of the Constitutional responsibility of every member of the federal Government.

      1. deTocqueville1 57thunderbird I agree.In truth I had to look up the definition of abnegation.I thought I had a rather good vocabulary,but that word had me stumped. 😉

        1. 57thunderbird deTocqueville1 (just to make it easy for folks:)
          Abnegation: the act of reliquishing or giving up a right.

  7. Right. We’re law abiding. That’s why the commies want more laws for us to “abide” by. Seems they don’t care much about coming up with ways to control the law “breaking” folks.
    He does illuminate the inevitable slippery slope into a national gun registry quite nicely here. That’s called, thinking things through. Chalk up another one for Ted Cruz.

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