Ted Cruz interview on Fox and Friends with Sarah Palin as guest host

Ted Cruz made a short appearance on Fox and Friends this morning while Sarah Palin was guest hosting the third hour. They talked about several things including Palin’s comment over the weekend about Washington needing to be on ‘Cruz control’.

Watch below:

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18 thoughts on “Ted Cruz interview on Fox and Friends with Sarah Palin as guest host

  1. Cruz is the ONLY politician that I look forward to hearing his soundbites or opinions!

  2. About 45 minutes ago, Sen Ted Cruz tweeted this:https://twitter.com/SenTedCruz
    I’ll file amendment to immigration bill that permits states to require ID before registering voters & close this hole in fed statutory law.
    Can’t wait to see Reid and the rest of the dems and RINOs squirm, trying to throw that out!

  3. Cruz seems to sincerely respect Palin and gives her the props she earns everyday. Not many people can tolerate let alone thrive in the bright beacon light of goodness reflected from Palin. It shows them up for who they are and for Cruz it’s a bright picture. I hope he will continue to draw strength from her example. Do I like Sarah? Maybe just a little.

  4. It was nice to wake up to Sarah Palin on FOX and Friends this morning, she is a natural in front of a camera. Sarah Palin 2016!

  5. Could you imagine, if Sarah became the permanent co-host on Fox & Friends?
    They’d overtake the corrupt, liberal, propagandist morning shows at ABC, CBS, NBC. Unfortunately, and I’m fairly certain, the good governor would rather not live in Bloomberg’s nanny state–for more than five minutes.
    It would be quite interesting, to say the least.

  6. I loved it when Palin said “Amen” to Cruz’s “…It shouldn’t be trust that protects our liberties it should be the Constitution”.  And to that I also add a hearty, Amen!

  7. Cruz has a great future ahead of him. He may even beat Rubio in the party. I just think that by 2016 he will have a lot of potential for winning that election.

    1. Libertyship46 Ohh, I just hope he gets some more Senate victories under his belt, cuz we want a nice big fat resume come primary time. He’s looking pretty good from here. I say we let these scandals play out, and keep slowing down this president. Rubio is a lost cause. He was never conservative. He plays a nice game with his words, but he’s a fraud. He only started changing his votes when Rand Paul got 2 extra colleagues to work with in January, that being the honorable men from Utah and Texas.

    2. Libertyship46 Betting RUBIO is not that all that great of a feat. RUBIO has already killed himself with the TP, Conservatives and other grass roots organizations. He sold out to the RINO, GOP and that is a disaster as far as his political career is concerned. Hell, he is going to lose in FL next time let alone run for the POTUS. He did it to himself and is now a TRAITOR to the people whom elected him!!!!

      1. Longiron Rubio: :We need to legalize immigrants to pay for border security.” You get what you vote for, a costly national government program & overall control promoted by a pseudo small government proponent.

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