Ted Cruz: Obama needs to stop hitting the American people

Ted Cruz said today that if one if his daughters apologized for hitting her sister but then kept hitting her, the apology doesn’t mean anything. Likewise, Cruz says Obama shouldn’t just apologize to the American people for lying to them, he should act to fix the problem.

He also hits both Obama and Hillary over Benghazi given her statements this morning.


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27 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: Obama needs to stop hitting the American people

  1. In some ways, much of the current disrespect for liberty and individual responsibility results from misunderstanding the lessons of science.

  2. Obama, the lying cockroach will not utter one word about Benghazi. He would more likely announce either Hillary’s presidential bid or his own re-election plans. One is no better than the other.

  3. C’mon, Ted, don’t give him the benefit of the doubt, just call him out as the liar he is. Yesterday Rush called it the State of the Coup speech and he hit the nail right on the head. Once 0 can’t fool the sheeple any more, he’ll call out the troops.


    There is an AVALANCHE of American support ready to be triggered nationwide by the right Real Conservative Deal Leadership

    an avalanche that did not roll down the mountain for the R/R Obama-Lite ticket

    Americans are CRYING OUT FOR LEADERSHIP that believes in Constitutional America and who can be TRUSTED

    Get out of the way of the Palin/Cruz JUGGERNAUT you Corruptocrat DC WEASELS lest U B STEAMROLLED into Ruling Class ROAD PIZZA!

  5. Clinton regrets Benghazi just like she regretted Vince Foster and the dozens of other dead friends she’s left behind her.
    Thank you Ted Cruz. This was good. But don’t hold your breath. If dear leader says anything about Benghazi at all, it will be empty and meaningless. Just like him. How can one call for an account, when he and his minions are the ones accountable.

    1. The families who lost their loved ones regret Benghazi even more. She’s absolutely no better than Obama.

  6. Thank you Senator Cruz.
    The American people needs to be hitting back at the Kenyan Trailer Hut Park Muslim village trash. As we are.

    1. I can see it now, President Obama says one of Cruz’s followers just called him Kenyan trailer trash. You sir are an idiot. By the way I am a staunch Ted Cruz supporter, lest you decide to respond with some idiotic trope. Or maybe you are a leftist plant trying to disparage all of us by association. Whichever the case, that comment was disgusting and pathetic.

      1. timerunnersc did use ridicule that associates O with Kenyans, and people who live in trailer parks. Though I’m sure no insult was intended toward either of these groups of people – all of whom are better than O – I don’t think any of them will take it personally. The people I know from trailer parks wouldn’t.

        We fight Obama with facts and reasoning, but Obama earns a little ridicule now and then. I don’t think this is a big deal.

        1. I’m tired of PC in every form. Timerunnersc’s remarks are not going to harm the conservative movement. Nor do we need to tip toe around or be careful about how we describe an evil man and those who surround him. If anything will harm the conservative movement it’s emulating the lefts order to all of us that we can’t say how we feel about anything for fear it will hurt someones feeling. Let them follow their own directive.

      2. I can see from your previous comments that hurling insults and pomposity appear to be qualities you take pride in. Also, accusing others of being racist or bigoted appears often albeit you don’t post comments regularly.

        I know timerunnersc views and he is a very strong supporter of Sen. Cruz and thus your accusation of being a leftist plant is as foolhardy as it is laughable. Before you label anyone an idiot perhaps you’ll take a little time to have the intelligence and curiosity to look at the commenter’s posts.

        1. If you are referring to my post a while back to a man who was clearly a racist, whose posts the moderator removed, then I guess I am guilty. Or maybe you didn’t bother to notice the posts I had responded to were removed? When idiots make disparaging remarks while trying to identify themselves as conservatives and Ted Cruz supporters they should be exposed as idiots. Now ask yourself this, do you think Ted Cruz would ever stoop to call Obama Kenyan trailer trash? Or are you going to pretend that is actually what he believes but would never dare say it?

          1. No. Referring to this thread, to calling timerunnersc an idiot. What good comes from that? That is only divisive. Correct a fellow patriot with this in mind: Our enemy must have us divided. Our best chance of victory is us at our strongest – united in cause. ‘United We Stand.’

        2. And you are right, I don’t post regularly as many have already expressed my views, so why be redundant? Comments like his do a disservice to the conservative message and give the left what they want, a caricature of conservatives. Do you not get that?

          1. I am sorry about my error regarding your comments from a month ago. Nevertheless, you implied timerunnersc was a bigot and a liberal plant. That’s egregious and your perpetual smugness is deplorable. The only caricature conservative here is you and I don’t care to continue any further discourse with you.

  7. well – AMNESTY is going to hit americans below the belt.
    thanks to Mark Zuckerberg – who gets private meetings
    thanks to Chuckie Schumer – no need to elaborate
    thanks to Mayor Bloomberg
    and many other empty headed windbags.
    given the importance of the consequences, i am really disappointed that only Breitbart gets the message out.

  8. Senator Cruz is spot on! How can the President keep hitting the American people and them say I’m sorry but continues to hit them anyway? The American people are just punching bags.

  9. i love Cruz, He’s Relentless, which annoys the left so much,

    Something the GOP establishment which is barely able to burp out an opposing opinion once in a while,

    1. What really bugs the left is that Ted Cruz graduated from the same Ivy League schools they did and yet he remained unscathed – he is not a Marxist/progressive, but a Christian Constitutional Conservative and they just don’t get it!!!

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