Ted Cruz On ABC’s This Week: It Was President Obama’s Shutdown

“I think it was absolutely a mistake for President Obama and Harry Reid to force a government shutdown.” – Ted Cruz to Jon Karl

Ted Cruz was interviewed on ABC’s This Week this morning. In the clip below, Jon Karl asks two questions, and is visibly disbelieving of Cruz’s answers.

Transcript via RCP:

JON KARL: When you think about the tradition of first-year senators, they tend to be seen but not heard, you have had, you said, a whirlwind for a first year as a U.S. senator, does that surprise you? I mean, you’re on TIME magazine’s list as the runner-up to the pope for person of the year.

SEN. TED CRUZ: That was a very strange thing.

This is a city where it’s all politics all the time. And I’m trying to do my best not to pay attention to the politics, to focus on fixing the problems.

KARL: Really?

CRUZ: I know that’s hard to believe, but because no one in this town does that. This is a time for people to step up and do the right thing and that’s what I’m trying to do.

KARL: You have had a couple of months to think about this whole government shutdown strategy. Now that it’s over in hindsight, are you prepared to say that it was a mistake, it wasn’t the right tactic?

CRUZ: I think it was absolutely a mistake for President Obama and Harry Reid to force a government shutdown.

KARL: Now you know even John Boehner has said this was a Republican shutdown.

CRUZ: Look, I can’t help what other people say.

And Jon, I understand that in the media, every day the media reported the Republicans shut the government down…

KARL: No, I mean, but come on. I mean we’re a couple months away from this, the only reason why this happened is because you insisted, Republicans insisted that Obamacare be defunded as a condition of funding the government. If you didn’t — if you took away that insistence, there would be no shutdown. I mean, really.

CRUZ: You’ve got conservatives who stood strong and said let’s stop the train wreck that is Obamacare, and you’ve got Democrats in the middle of the shutdown, President Obama called every Senate Republican to the White House, sat us in a room and said I called you to tell you, we’re not going to negotiate, we’re not going to compromise on anything.

Repeatedly Republicans were compromising, trying to find a middle ground. And repeatedly Democrats said, no compromise, shut it down.

“I’m trying to do my best not to pay attention to the politics, to focus on fixing the problems.” – Ted Cruz to Jon Karl

Never let them put it on you. This is the first rule of being interviewed by the MSM. Cruz has learned it very well. And the fact is, if the Democrats had been willing then to make the changes that they’ve had to make since anyway, there wouldn’t have been a shutdown. Republicans were vilified as haters of the poor and the sick for pointing out at the time what is now widely known and accepted as true on both sides of the aisle: Obamacare is a flat-out mess.

So yes, ABC. I think it’s safe to put the little shutdown at the democrats’ door. And don’t lets forget, not only are they the reason for it, they tried to make it hurt as much as possible, such as by preventing people from seeing Mt. Rushmore from the highway, strictly, strictly, for partisan political gain. So who is playing politics? Think about that one, MSM.



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