Ted Cruz releases new SCARY video: “Obamascare: IT’S COMING!”

This is awesome and perfect for Halloween:

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31 thoughts on “Ted Cruz releases new SCARY video: “Obamascare: IT’S COMING!”

  1. Impeachment, the ultimate legal weapon, would be futile because most Democrat politicians holding high positions in any branch of our federal government have been bribed, threatened, blackmailed, or “legitimately” persuaded that their leader and their own immense talents will take them to heights of power at which they will surely be safe. They “know” America’s serfs need never cause them a moment of concern. And in that, they might be right. What they haven’t learned, or have forgotten, is that a tiger owns and feeds on the heights, and the prize they hope to win by reaching the pinnacle will prove to be the privilege of becoming the tiger’s next — or last — meal.

  2. Stupid very stupid. who the hell produced this very stupid. I am sure someone could have done much better in getting the point across.

  3. Let’s hope there will be many more infomercials like this from Ted Cruz’ MakeDCListen group. And soon. And often.
    John Craven
    New Orleans

  4. Obamacare has already lost me a great insurance policy… where a pre-existing condition had a $5,000.00 deductible that we went through in two months.

    Now… we will probably put out 20K a year instaed ot 7K.

    We don’t know.

  5. We have had employer provided health insurance for over 30 yrs.

    My husband is retiring at what seems to be the ultimate bad timing of the century. I find myself needing to purchase a policy. I called Atena back in May hoping to lock in a policy before Obamacare was open.

    I can not stand the THOUGHT of going on that website…it goes against every belief system I hold about America!

    Atena told me to call back in October….all premium rates were subject to change. She said they were waiting on “Federal guidelines” for premium rates.

    To me that sounds like the Feds are boxing the private Insurance companies into rates set by HHS!

    There is only one guiding force on what you are going to pay for insurance….the FEDS!

    There is only one guiding force in what kind of CARE you will receive..the FEDS!

    1. 2014 and 2016 elections. If we can get elected???….Progressives successfully have us divided and degraded as a party at the moment.

      That is our only hope…unless ALL Americans stand up an give a demonstration(s) that makes them cry Uncle. But that is unlikely.

  6. Premiums are skyrocketing for the simple reason that more elderly and poor folks will be covered by the higher rates for the young and healthy. The one item that many fail to realize is that also included within the Medicaid crowd are the illegals who will be registering and do not need to show proof of residency or citizenship to qualify. Yep, the taxpayer will be paying for them also.

  7. The only comfort I get from this, is the U.S. Post Office, so often maligned, is delivering the bad news. …Doing the job your Congress critters won’t do…The check isn’t in the mail, but the bills are.

  8. What if Alan Mulally made exaggerate claims about “fill in the blank” program then claimed he had no idea or knowledge that was going to happen and additionally “fill in the blank” program caused customers to loose trust in Ford. Does anyone have any doubt he would be out of a job?

    Obama needs to be fired!

  9. Lol that was done with Imovie from apple on an iphone, I did something like this with pictures of Obama.

  10. Hey, leave Bam Bam alone, he didn’t know, he just didn’t know, he didn’t know, he had no idea, nope he wasn’t aware. Obama didn’t know,

    1. Dean is too “last year”. How about Obama laughing? There must be stock of that sound floating around.

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