Ted Cruz RIPS Trump’s CHUTZPAH on immigration: He gets RICH while everyone else is left HOLDING THE BAG

Ted Cruz took it to The Donald today ripping him on illegal immigration, saying there’s more than a little chutzpah in the fact that he’s made it a centerpiece of his campaign given that his record on illegal immigration is terrible.

Cruz goes on to explain how Trump had a one million dollar court judgement against him for being part of a conspiracy to hire illegals to build Trump Tower.

He also points out that Trump’s resort in Florida currently brings in hundreds of foreign workers while ignoring, by in large, the hundreds of Americans who apply for those positions.

He even called Trump out for defending this in an interview last night on CNN, saying it’s complete nonsense that Trump would suggest that no American wants want to be waiters, waitresses or bellhops in his swanky Florida resort. Cruz explained that big business often wants foreign workers because their captive, they can’t leave, and you can pay them a lot less, making them like indentured servants.

Cruz pointed out this is the same man who claims he’s going to be the champion of the working men and women of this country, saying that in the deals Trump makes, he’s the one getting rich while everyone else is left holding the bag.


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