Ted Cruz talks to Mark Levin about IMF victory, neutered Democrats, 2014 and more…

Ted Cruz was on the Mark Levin Show tonight talking about our recent IMF victory, the fact the Democrats won’t stand up to Harry Reid or Obama when it comes to gutting our military, the 2014 elections and more.

Listen below:

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21 thoughts on “Ted Cruz talks to Mark Levin about IMF victory, neutered Democrats, 2014 and more…

  1. north America would be under conservative control again if Ted Cruz ever becomes President of the united states. that would be so wonderful then you will see a booming economy. Canada is booming because we have a Conservative Government who knew how to run a country during an economic down turn. our pm has a masters in economics to.

  2. Senator Cruz is being overly fair and giving the media too much benefit of the doubt to say that they’ve “done a poor job” reporting on the Hobby Lobby case to make it sound as though access to contraceptives is the issue. The advocacy media are not doing a poor job, they are doing their jobs as leftist propagandists as well as they can.

  3. *It is so refreshing to hear the #CruzMissile speak freely, consistently … using clear and unequivocal language

    unfettered to Cronies

    not bound by ‘deals’
    from the Constitution-loving heart
    on behalf of WE The People
    always ….

    roaming free … seeking which rino/lefty he may devour … **__**


    #BeClingers ————–> #AmericaRISING

  4. Is it just me or does Cruz, everytime he talks, sound like he’s sitting down at the dining room table having a heart to heart chat with you? Unlike other politicians who sound condescending and know it alls!

  5. Standing for principles always works and Cruz has the principles to begin the restoration of America after 8 long years of lies, deceit and the most corruption in my life of any administration. Nixon was an altar boy and naive compare to Hussein.

    I was Cruising with Cruz yesterday and after listening to him with Mark, I just upgraded to the presidential suite – Cruz/anybody in 2016.

  6. Listening to Ted Cruz always lifts my spirits. It is my fondest wish that he becomes our next president.

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