Ted Cruz: When half of Senate Republicans are firing cannons at House Republicans, it sabotages the House effort


Ted Cruz praised the House tonight in an interview on the Mark Levin Show for following the lead of the American people. But he says everything fell apart when it came to the Senate and blames many Senate Republicans for sabotaging the effort of the House by going on media outlets and blasting House Republicans instead of uniting with them in the effort.


Where this went off track is when it came to the Senate and Senate Republicans didn’t stand united alongside House Republicans. Senate Republicans, instead, divided in half and began going on television, going on radio, going everywhere and blasting the House Republicans saying ‘we cannot win’, ‘this will fail’, ‘theres no way to win’ and when you’ve got half the Senate Republican caucus firing their cannons at the House Republicans, it sabotages the effort.

UPDATE: Here’s the full interview:

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1,181 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: When half of Senate Republicans are firing cannons at House Republicans, it sabotages the House effort

  1. you save it by returnin it to who t really is. I mean what r the true values of the original anti slavery party?

  2. ……. It is so refreshing to hear the #CruzMissile speak freely, consistently … using clear and unequivocal language

    unfettered to Cronies

    not bound by ‘deals’
    from the Constitution-loving heart
    on behalf of WE The People
    always ….

    roaming free … seeking which rino/lefty he may devour … **__**


    #BeClingers ————–> #AmericaRISING

      1. Ya, and 17 Trillion worth of earmarks. The debt rising like a fast elevator. If making the U.S. destitute was their goal, you couldn’t be any more efficient than what they’re doing.

  3. Sadly IMHO , Sen Cruz has not sufficiuently explained why he did not take exception to the Reid/McConnel bill that would have delayed passage and cause a cloture vote several days later than yesterday. That would have put the onus back on Odumbo and the Treasury to pay the due notes of deliberatly default.

  4. We all know that the progressive part of the D party ousted the Blue Dog Democrats over the the last several elections cycles(with the help of the tea party). Now that same effort of ousting RINOs from the Republican party is in play. If the RINOs are not beaten in states like SC and TX there is no hope for conservatives in the Republican party and a third party will have to be the answer. All that has to happen is for all the elected conservatives to become independents or Libertarians in the Senate and form their own caucus to lay the foundation for the new party to take hold. I am ready. I will never vote for another RINO like Romney. The current R party is dead to me.

  5. I personally don’t like Obamacare. But this “defund or shutdown” strategy was DOOMED from the start. The only way that this would have worked is if the president had completely surrendered. Why would he? If he is as bad as most conservatives believe then why would he care if the government is closed or the country defaults. If he really wanted to destroy America then a default would have eventually done that and a whole lot worse. So the logic of the shutdown/default strategy would never have worked because it relied on the hope that the president cared so much about the American people that he would compromise to avoid disaster. The RINO’s knew this. Just because they didn’t have an alternative strategy doesn’t mean thay they should have supported this non-starter. They may be the establishment but they know that the only way to beat Obamacare is with a repeal….not a defund.

        1. The truth doesn’t work in their favor – plain and simple – everyone in Washington knows (or should know) we were not going into “Default” (such an irresponsible threat) but NOBODY would call the liar in chief out on it.

    1. Rolo – this is Keyser. There is a HUGE difference between not liking something and opposing the continual demise of the USA as we know it! The US government gets approximately $200 billion/month in tax revenue and the service on the National Debt is $20 billion/month. If the Debt Ceiling were not raised, the government would NOT default on its debt, but simply be forced to do what every responsible American does when there’s not enough money – they would have to (God forbid) CUT SPENDING! That would be healthy for the economy, not bad. It would show the world that we are finally getting our act together financially and STRENGTHEN the dollar and our credit-worthiness!

      What the politicians in Washington are really afraid of (Dems & Reps) is that if the government were “shut down” for a few months, people would begin to notice that the sky didn’t fall and they can get along just fine WITHOUT the Departments of Agriculture, Labor, Commerce, EPA, Consumer Safety, et al! And then it would be plainly obvious where to cut and balance the budget.

    2. let me correct you,

      the GOP House did NOT shut down 17% of the government, Harry Ried decided that “either you fund Obamacare or i wont pass the cr’s that fund most of the remaining 17%”

      1. I guess we can split hairs….but if the GOP House did NOT shut down 17% of the government then how is it that the GOP House “allow” that it be re-opened? Because their threat was “either you defund Obamacare or we will”. That was their initial “offer” of negotiation. It backfired. Members of the GOP are attacking each other because they know that this was a weak attempt to get their way even after losing two elections in a row. “Hold the line” is NOT a strategy.

        1. It is the only strategy, perhaps, if you truly believe that this government power grab over our health and life, is the last straw which may collapse the integrity of the country?

        2. because the GOP leadership are cowards,

          they cant stand up and effectively explain the simple truth, something that you cant refute, but something that the lib media has worked tirelessly to twist,

          one example, since 90% americans didnt even notice the 17% shut down, all the major news outlets tried to start their news with some thing that was hurt because of the shutdown (that harry ried shut down i mean, but of course they said it was the republicans), one it was some IRS Tax return, and the other day it was a homebuyer tax credit,

    3. Rolo,

      I think Cruz and gang were laying the foundation for 2014 and 2016.

      They KNEW ObamaCare is going to dramatically impact everyday Americans and all but the parasite class will be harmed and not helped by its implementation. That is a foreseeable sea of voter anger and resentment out there.

      The Tea Party Reps knew that the Leftist controlled MSM will do their level best to shift blame onto the Reps when the SHTF, just as the MSM have lied and uniformly blamed the GOP for shutting down government when it was Obama and Dingey Harry cutting off welfare, soldiers benefits and turning the NPS into the local Gestapo.

      By making their fight loudly and in public, they’ve made clear to the 2014 and 2016 voters just WHO was FOR and WHO was AGAINST ObamaCare.

      The Dims think they have won, but they are playing checkers while Cruz has been playing chess.

    4. The House has the power of the purse – time to use it. No matter how much we pander – they still lie about our motives and misrepresent what we do, why we do it, who we hate…it’s time to stop trying to make the left and the media “like us” They like us for the instant that we cave to their demands and not one moment longer – we must use the power that the constitution provides us – And the RINO’s have done a great job fighting Obama care “it’s the law of the land” except when it isn’t…someone had to do something for a change.

  6. Circular firing squads that is what Republicans are expert at…led by their lead idiot McCain and his side kick stupido Rubio

    1. Let’s keep that list handy for Primary time.

      A savvy candidate will be working on their political attack ads right now, targeting the Quislings and Benedicts who stabbed America in the back, when they SHOULD have been standing strong with the US taxpayers.

      Let 2014 and 2016 be remembered as the Great RINO Hunt.

  7. With the exception of Ron Paul, I’ve stopped voting for “Republicrats” since Ross Perot ran for president. Guess this just confirms I’ve made the right decision, rather then listening to those who tell me I’ve wasted my votes.

    1. Well, that is good in one way… Since you won’t vote Republican ever again, you won’t be voting for Rand Paul. I am a little worried about how the Ron Paul/Rand Paul voters might react to other Tea Party candidates who might vie with Rand for the 2016 primaries. The Paul supporters have no problem throwing some pretty nasty mud at other members of their own party. The Tea Party candidates are going to need to show unity if they are going to make it work in 2016, and the Paul supporters are the ones I am most worried might fight against unity. They can be opinionated to a fault.

  8. What has always worked in the past is that the Makers/Capitalists abandon the Takers/Fascists and move “someplace” else and start over. The Takers, like a Cancer, always show up again, eventually, but you get a century or two of freedom out of it.

    Short of Mars, there seems to be nowhere left to run.

    We cannot reform a system with two Criminal Organizations playing Good Cop / Bad Cop to an audience of Uninformed, Disengaged, Self-Absorbed Morons.

    Secession, this time with Nukes available to keep Uncle Sam from massacring people who simply want to be free of him, seems to be the only viable option.

    It’s the oldest cycle in the world; Birth, life, death, birth. America is on her deathbed. Let her go.

    1. I love your clarity, but I want you to have more faith in the possibilities and in the average citizen. I want the same for myself.

    2. Not there yet.

      Frankly, before demise, I would opt for partition. Let the Leftists have California, NY, NJ and Massachusetts. Wall them off and let them deal with balancing their own budgets, defending their borders and policing their own streets, and first and foremost, paying their own freight.

      Like other experiments in socialism, the contradictions will cause each to collapse for lack of hosts to parasite off of.

    1. I don’t think the RNC has any idea as to what this is going to do to their grass roots funding. Cut off the monsters head by refusing donations to RINO’s.

  9. How is it Boehner is getting praised for fighting to the end and then choking on the Democrats cum?

  10. Time to gut the Republican party. They are nothing more than Dem light and all they are worried about is getting re-elected.

    1. That’s why McConnell gave Kentucky a $$2 Billion earmark….hoping that would stop voters from voting him out for pushing the shenanigans!

  11. Mitch pasty face McConnell was bought with a 2.9 billion dollar earmark for his state. How on earth will the people of Ky reelect such a greasy fraud. Kentucky should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. not if he woke up the sleeping dog, he shined a spotlight on the ACA, its not the same law that was passed, who can change it to excuse big business, unions, and congress?

    2. A sell out for getting Obama to admit he won’t even follow his own law as written? Cruz gave us the gift that will keep on giving.

      1. He’s resisting the Obama Sabotage.

        Must insult and destroy all Reactionaries to the new Soviet tomorrow!

        Forward comrades! Get out there and troll Conservative sites!

    3. You all are so scared of him. Who is laughing now – your mindless attacks are so transparent .. sleep well little socialist.

  12. Sen. Cruz
    You fought the good fight. Thank you and the fiscal realists that backed you in the Senate. Take heart in the fact that come November 2014, we will give you a stronger and louder voice in the Congress. The names of the spineless Republicans who care more about maintaining the status quo are duly noted and be rest assured that they will not receive our support in the next election. We sent a message to Congress in 2010 about our economic concerns. That message will be sent again.
    To the RNC…… your phone calls and postal donation requests are no longer welcome.
    You did not pay attention to your polling results.

    You did not listen to your voter base.
    Your party is broken. Fix it.

    1. It’s a criminal organization, just like the Democrats. You can’t fix a Cancer, you have to kill it…

  13. A fact lost in this mess is how Obama and Reid are now on record refusing to abide by the ACA. Reid and Obama shut down the government all over Reid’s beloved healthcare subsidy for millionaire politicians that’s not even in the ACA, and Obama refused to give us peasants the same illegal waiver he gave huge corporations. Come 2014, this will be excellent material to hammer the left with. Cruz actually made this possible, and deserves credit.

    1. and waivers for Muslims. Obama/Jarrett actually locked Catholic and Christian priests administering to the military OUT of their offices during the shut-down, and threatened them with court-martial. THIS SHOULD OUTRAGE ALL 330 MILLION AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      Prior to Obama/Jarrett, Americans had FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

    2. Unfortunately, it will be shuffled down the memory hole since the MSM will never point it out to the uninformed masses who vote.

      1. The MSM did indeed bury this aspect of the story, but they can’t control what goes into a political add unfiltered by the corrupt MSM…including Fox who place McCain on a pedestal during this fight. Fox showed their true colors.

    3. YES!

      Cruz et al have been busy creating clear divisions between those who are FOR Americans and who are AGAINST Americans.

      Following Coulters’ advice, get rid of the inept GOP political hacks and hire effective communicators (frankly, I think Trey Parker would be a great start) and carpet-bomb Leftist and RINO candidates with political ads citing WHO exempted THEMSELVES from ObamaCare, or WHO torpedoed the efforts to reign in runaway government spending.

      They’ve got the ammo now. The only question is whether they will effectively deploy it come election season.

  14. No more money for the RNC. Time to conserve resources, take names in each state and vote out all the incumbents who have betrayed the American people. No use reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch to begin a third party, now is the time to take over the RNC just as the Marxist took over the DNC.

    1. You will HAVE to get them in the PRIMARIES, some of which haven’t been RIGGED yet. But they’re working on that.

    2. I said this in the 2012 election: replace democrats with republicans. replace rino republicans with tea party republicans.

  15. It’s time for the “Republican” Party to go the way of the Whigs. Remember, the Republican Party was the response to the failures of the Whigs.

  16. Half (or more) of us have no representation in Washington. Cruz would be a good guy to form a “third” party around.

    1. The Powers that Be will NEVER allow a third party candidate to win. They will KILL him first, as they threatened Ross Perot’s family and ROVE-VOTE-FRAUDED Ron Paul to death. If those 2 people can’t win, nobody can. And this 3rd party EFFORT has been going on for 50 years.

      1. While I agree (and history has proven it true), I think with the right candidate (photogenic, charismatic, younger than Ron Paul type), it can be done. If all you have is an old man who says and does everything right, but is not as eloquent, he can be written off very easily. That’s why I like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz (Mike Lee too) as the front-runners for such an option. They can articulate the ideas while not coming off as the “crazy uncle” types.

        Get the right candidate the overwhelming support he needs early and often, and the GOP establishment and media cannot steal it away (easily). If they did, they would be showing their hand and the game is over.

        1. Yes, the republican party has to be refreshed from the inside. But I worry that Rand Paul supporters will lie about any other possible Tea Party candidates, creating a further schism within Tea Party ranks. They told some whoppers about Romney when Ron Paul was running in the republican primary that year, and they don’t seem too concerned about the damage that can do.

          1. Whoppers like what…that Romney was a self admitted progressive with a long record of flip flops? Sorry, but that’s the plain truth.

            1. ^ Case in point. The Tea Party will not be able to appear united the way that they need to be, because Rand Paul’s supporters will attack unnecessarily their own policy brethren.

              1. We can’t be united so long as the likes of McCain, Graham, and McConnell are around undermining the base of the party. We need to remove these frauds, not tolerate their sabotage of their own base..

                1. McCain, Graham and McConnel are in the establishment wing of the republican party. Attacks against them make sense. My point was that, within the Tea Party wing of the party, there needs to be unity. If Rand Paul supporters attack the likes of Cruz or Lee or others, then Tea Party doesn’t have a chance at succeeding.

        2. baxter: I don’t really care anymore if they win. If a third party candidate damages Republocrats I’m ok with that. Right now we just have Progressives with either a D or a R behind their name. I just want a real choice.

          1. I agree. That’s why I usually vote 3rd party or independent. Yes, naysayers, I “throw my vote away” by actually voting for the person I deem best fit for the job instead of tyranny or tyranny-lite.

    1. But there are two different policy positions within the republican party currently. So, which half is sabotaging itself? One side must be correct.

        1. The Tea Party wing of the republican party did do something about it, so if TP wants to say “rinos sabotaging themselves” then that is fine, but since rinos and the Tea Party are at odds, they can’t both be sabotaging the party. One must be correct, which I contend is the Tea Party faction.

  17. Its a fact that the GOP Senate thinks as the Demarcates that they shouldn’t be held to the same laws as the common Tax payers in this Country, they don’t want Obummercare, the Federal staffers making 80 to 170 Thousand a year don’t want Obamacare. The Demarcates headed by a Dictator only abides by Federal Laws they approve of at the time that promotes their agenda. We have to get Term Limits on the Senate Twelve years is long enough for these anti Americans to become Multi Millionaires.
    Hopefully the 15 present of GOP voters that have sat on their butts the last 6 years and the 10 present that Voted Demarcate will do something besides complain. Don’t necessary Listen to the Party big shots pick them by what they stand for and their HISTORY not how pretty they are and send money to them not the Party.

  18. Some of you people have to realize that around half the country like what Obama is doing, self sufficiency is not their thing. What needs to be done is to get those that sat out the last election back to the polls, and find some middle ground that enough Republicans can agree on. Hell, even the rather conservative democrats from the rust belt states vote with the lefty moonbats to get their agenda passed, even if they aren’t particularly on board with it. No such unity in the Republican party.

    1. Obama’s REAL poll numbers are 18%. The polls are flat out lying. Remember, the zionists banksters control ALL the propaganda news media, and the CIA is stationed in EVERY news room [called Mockingbird]. Do you think they would allow the pollsters to actually report what Obama’s numbers are when THEY like that he’s allowing the RAPE of the American people’s money and Constitutional protections. They even have Zionists college professors writing articles like, “Don’t you think the Constitution is outdated — passe?”
      You wonder WHERE this comes from until you see their last names. Israel would like nothing better than to destroy our Constitution. THEY “run” the US Govt via their 65 “policy” Czars, their NSA blackmail and iron control of Congress, and “their” Israeli-run DHS/ TSA/ FEMA. They don’t CARE what 330 million American want as long as THEY control Congress and our money supply via THEIR unconstitutional Fed Reserve Bank that’s been cheating our ancestors for over 100 years.

      1. Zionists? I think it’s more accurate to say leftists. there are far too many decent and conservative believing Jews and Christians who support Israel…they can’t all be wrong about that and right about everything else? I think it’s the ideology of leftism.

    2. I couldn’t have said it any better, the only time people are going to wake up is when the Tax payers in this Country get hit with a big Tax hike and its coming SOON.

    3. It’s the “middle ground” that’s killing us. How about taking a stand and sticking to it for a change.

      1. Because then the conservatives would actually WIN and the radio hosts would have a ratings drop since they’d have nothing to argue about.

    4. There’s no unity in the GOP because the RINOs don’t even pretend to support Republican conservatives. In the rush to maintain their insider status the GOP insiders rush to join the media/Dem attacks on the Conservatives.
      They seem to enjoy joining the attacks but then act like children when the base tells them to f-off. We get blamed for not pulling the lever for the same guy who just mocked us – it’s “our fault” their bland unappealing candidate lost.

      1. Well said. These same RINOs (McCain, Corker, Grahm, King et al) that are fine being in permanent minority as they are really all about their “insider status” and what they can get for that and by the way it appears they get more sucking up to (rolling over for) by the Democrats. They play “conservative up and until they get re-elected). These traitors – especially John McCain (his POW status does not give him a pass!) should be in-their-face fiercely and angrily challenged anywhere they go (Town Halls, speaking engagements etc). They should never know a moments peace anywhere on Earth the absolute rotten traitors they are. Impale these wretched traitors with a pitchfork. Scumbags all of them!

    5. I agree, I’m more Tea Party myself, but we couldn’t take 4 years of Hillary ” What difference does it make” Clinton on top of this. I don’t disagree the banksters are behind all this, but we have to find a way to get around all of this unless we want our kids wearing red and goosestepping.

    6. This will not be fixed by votes. History has no example of Fascists returning the power to the people because they ask nicely…

    7. “What needs to be done is to get those that sat out the last election back to the polls, and find some middle ground that enough Republicans can agree on.”

      This is a contradictory statement. The conservative base (the one that usually helps win elections) stayed home because the last 2 candidates were too moderate.

      1. And if you appease the conservative base you lose the more moderate Republicans who might have a pet issue that would drive him to elect a more moderate Democrat who in turn marches in lockstep with the Democrat party even when he doesn’t completely agree.

        While I’m not a big fan of abortion, the left tossed it out as a divisive issue last election and used it to cover up the fact that they dropped the ball on the economy. Because there was no planned script and agreed on position to deal with this, such as say “I’m not a big fan of it, I would not want taking a child’s life on my conscience, but it’s the law and I’m not planning on bothering with it. Let’s talk about the unemployment rate, and lack of job creation, that IS important right now…..”

        Instead we had the conservative base take the bait because abortion is big to them and the libertarian leaning Republicans are like ” I could care less about abortion, it’s the economy stupid” and divided we fell.

  19. RINO”S you’re going home! The Tea Party “is” the
    Republican Party. Its members are the majority. We will not be dissuaded,
    deluded, compromised, delayed, detoured, bought or lured away. We will not
    flinch in the face of sacrifice, negotiate at the table of corruption, hesitate
    in the presence of adversary or meander in the maze of mediocrity. We won’t
    give up, shut up or let up because we’re prayed up and suited up. You won’t
    have any problem recognizing us! We’re through with your phony, backstabbing, panty waist, cloistered backroom clique politics that have brought our country to ruin and the party to impotence. WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT!!!! WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT!!!!

  20. Two of the lying sack of sh*i senators are Republicans Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker. They voted with the Dems, and Corkers voting record looks more like Harry Reid’s than a republican. I am from Tennessee and I plan on making sure these two hacks aren’t re-elected. I’ll vote for a democrat just to be rid of them. At least with a dem I know what I’ll be getting.

    1. You FORGET mass electronic vote fraud that’s kept them IN office all these years. When the Zionists find a senator that votes their way, they KEEP him in office — one way or another – generally electronic vote fraud. And TN is one state they used for that in the Gore/Bush election.

    2. I’m with you. I’m staying home for the Governors race in NJ, my wife is too. Christie can go to hell.

    3. You actually just nailed it – remove the offenders, even if it means voting democrat. Too many republicans are willing to vote for garbage as long as there is an R after the name. I don’t have too much confidence that Cornyn can be defeated in Texas. I’ll do what I can, but there tends to be way too much following instead of thinking.

  21. I personally don’t like Obamacare. But this “defund or shutdown” strategy was DOOMED from the start. The only way that this would have worked is if the president had completely surrendered. Why would he? If he is as bad as most conservatives believe then why would he care if the government is closed or the country defaults. If he really wanted to destroy America then a default would have eventually done that and a whole lot worse. So the logic of the shutdown/default strategy would never have worked because it relied on the hope that the president cared so much about the American people that he would compromise to avoid disaster. The RINO’s knew this. Just because they didn’t have an alternative strategy doesn’t mean thay they should have supported this non-starter. They may be the establishment but they know that the only way to beat Obamacare is with a repeal….not a defund.

    1. You missed the fact that Cruz backed Reid and Obama into a corner where they reduced themselves to refusing to enforce their own beloved law Obamacare as it was written. They ended up admitting they wouldn’t even abide by their own law, and were willing to shut down the whole government over that fact. Come 2014, expect to see ad after add reminding the people of this fact.

  22. It’s DISGUSTING! Senators get elected every 6 years; the House every 2 years. This makes the Senate THINK they are impervious to be put out to pasture. In addition, MASSIVE electronic vote fraud keeps pro-Israeli warmongers and gun-grabbers Senators like McCain, Reid, McConnell, Feinstein, Schumer, Carl Levin (the ones writing LAWS to overthrow the Constitution) in perpetual power. The dual-citizen Israelis placed at the TOP LEVELS of virtually all the Fed agencies, every single one of the 65 “POLICY” Czars ruining this country, Congress, the Pentagon, think-tanks, etc. want YOU disarmed, but they want US money and US soldiers to fight THEIR wars and murder all their neighbors in surrounding countries.

    There is NOTHING the people can do about it except ABOLISH the entire Fed Govt. The states already do the exact same functions plus maintain the roads. The troops should be returned to their State Natl Guards. Just THINK about all the money saved, WE can continue Social Security which people have paid into all their lives, from which Congress STOLE $70 TRILLION and now wants to abolish. We can RID ourselves of the parasite CIA/ NSA-spy state, and shed parasite Israel and all the OTHER foreign aid.

    Now Obama is trying to rid himself of the 22nd Amendment, so he can be in office for a THIRD term. In additiion, he has written a NEW Constitution, which we CERTAINLY don’t want any part of. What is the solution here? We should be asking if there are ANY special forces real patriots left, or is it necessary that American citizens mass evacuate this slum-lord country.

  23. The Conservatives haven’t abandoned the Republican Party, the Republican Party has abandoned conservatism.

  24. In the house there were 81 no votes. Before we start kicking everyone out lets do our homework, investigte these 81 and see which voted no to keep their seat. We can throw them out. In the Senate is the most disgraceful assemblage of abominable rats a civilized society could encounter.
    50 years ago we could indict these rats, convict them for treason, violation of their oath of office and hang them.
    They think the passage of the immigration bill will save them.

      1. Now if we could only spread that feeling and stop watching & listening to the Paul Joseph Goebbels School for Media press.

    1. You’re right. It’s not the system that is broken, it’s those administering it that are cracked. What’s needed is a citizen congress composed of those who don’t want to make elected office a career; that means Term Limits for all.

    2. It amazes me that people STILL think they can “vote out” people, when we’ve repeatedly tried to vote out the idiots we STILL have in congress today — Reid, Pelosi, McCain, McConnell, Feinstein, Boxer, Levin, and on and on. They NEVER go away, regardless of what you VOTE. Perhaps nobody remembers all those REPORTS OF VOTING MACHINE ERRORS where the machines tabulated a vote for Obama when the person voted for Romney.
      They only reason we got some Tea Party folks in was because the Dems didn’t realize we were eliminating their candidates in the PRIMARIES. Now they “do” realize that and they’ve vote-frauded the primaries too.

  25. Now let’s hope that there are ROCK-RIBBED CONSERVATIVE primary challengers from the TEA Party to take on those who betrayed the American people, the country and their vow to protect the Constitution of the USA. The end result is a more conservative House and make headway in the Senate. The election in 2014 should made the election of 2010 seem like a mild loss for the Communist Democrat Party of America.

    Those that listened and supported the American people like folding chairs have done in their political future, maybe that doesn’t matter to them since they will have their pensions, etc. However, there will be a reward from the American people for Senators Cruz, Lee, and those House Republicans who listened to the American people and stood firm in their opposition to this course.

    In the meantime I weep for America – for what we have become, where we are, and where we are headed, if there isn’t a return to our founding principles and the Constitution.

  26. Hopefully, Mark Levin with gives us names of the senators who voted yes on this bill. We need to call out those that don’t stand strong with the Conservatives. It is so important that everyone go to the polls next years when it comes time to vote out those Liberal Democrats & vote for the good Conservatives, so we can win back the senate, and keep the house.

  27. Disgraceful and shameful to witness on national TV, establishment so called Republicans, stab Cruz, Lee, Paul and Rubio in the back fighting against ObamaPonziCare. They have become Obama secret weapon to stab American taxpayers in the back. The old RINO’s farting dust got to go………

  28. It is time we stood up like the Egyptians by the millions and stand in D.C. until these criminals resign from office. It is time to arrest and re-elect anyone who signed the ant-Constitutional NDAA legislation. This bill allows for indefinite detention of American Citizens with-out trial and allows the government mafia to dis-arm you during martial law, a time when you will need to protect yourself from the foodstamp army more than ever.
    Both Republican and Democrats have voted for this legislation, and a few patriots who did not.

  29. I hope all decent and informed Americans are ready to clean out DC come November 2014.
    Our own politicians have stepped forward and announced that they don’t give a darn about America or it’s Citizenry.

    Cruz, Lee, Gohmer, Paul and a few others are the only politicians that actually care about America and the Constitution it was built on.

    1. Problem is that is not enough to fill our seats, We have a major rebuilding of government on our hands, and the CIA have not come this far to give up their power, they did kill Kennedy admittedly.

      1. I can’t taste the difference between Wilson and Barack vegetable oil. The Federal Reserve was created on Jekyll Island and Obama is the Prince of Hyde Park.

        The Prince isn’t a constitutional scholar. The Prince is a really creepy corporate scholar. There is a difference between United States and the United States of America. One of them is a corporation. Since we were all born at sea in our mother’s womb, the corporation owns all of us. The FED, IRS, and CIA are all foreign companies. FDR, the Bushes, and Clinton were creeps as well.

        The Fabian Society symbol is a turtle – move slowly and strike hard. If debt is money that can be only paid off with more debt ….. 50 to 100 years later, countries all become massively indebted to the globalist.

        Central banks are evil.

        1. We take on our domestic enemy, then we go for the foreign ones, the Central Banks.
          We will need our full military’s muscle.

    1. McCain is a traitor… he wasn’t nicknamed the “Songbird of Hanoi” for nothing.
      Traitor then, traitor now.

  30. Well, if you have any money left after Bamster-Care really kicks in, concentrate it on primary-ing the RINOs like McCain and Corker.

  31. The Democrat SCUM-lords (Socialist Communist Utopian Marxists – love oppressive ruthless dictarships) and their pet Republican MICE (Managed Intimidated Compliant Establishment) were on full display here. Mark, you are absolutely correct when you state that this war against American freedom, liberty and our constitution is going to be a long drawn out fight waged over many years. Right now, we Conservatives have to focus on taking over the Republican party, establishing our media outlets and taking on the education (indoctrination) system. The Republicans who voted for this need to be primaried out of the Republican party.

  32. Seem as you people has for got you lost the Civil War and you lost in 08 & 010 for the majority true American won and sick and tired of the hate and racist ranting you have for the President for the Country is not going back but moving forward and you people need to get over it or you will be left out in the cold.

    1. You are an idiot. Obama wasnt elected by the majority of the American population. He won the majority of those who voted. There is a difference. We have over 300 million people in the country. Obama won roughly 58 million votes give or take a couple of a million votes. Romney wont 56 million votes. That is only 114 million votes roughly. Thats not even Half of Americans voting.

      Why dont you just get your president to allow us to secede peacefully, and we will be on our way.

      1. You are the IDIOT because if you chose not to vote then you accept what ever the out come is therefore he won by the Majority o the American people, The President don’t care if you leave and I would to.

        1. Who said I didnt vote? I said he wasnt elected by the majority of the population. Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

          Obama has already said he wont let any states leave the union.

    2. Hey bucklicker we don’t hate him because he’s black we dislike him because he’s a socialist. You be stupid?

    3. Read this and we’ll have a discussion.

      Summary Tweet:

      Government is 20% more expensive than the free market. Each government job costs 6 jobs. A stable money supply creates an innovative middle class.

      The Backup

      A Harvard Professor and previous President of IMF wrote a book called “This time is Different” . Carman Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff studied fiscal crisis in 65 countries over 500 years.

      Government is a monopoly that is 20% more expensive than the free market.

      If we go from a 38% tax rate to 20% tax rate with a balanced budget the private sector will grow from $11 Trillion to over $16 Trillion. Tax revenue won’t decrease 48%. Tax revenue will only decrease 24%. Half of Washington won’t have to go on a permanent vacation, only one out four. Employment will increase 25% so displaced bureaucrats will have lots of new opportunities to contribute to society.

      If we get down to a balanced 10%, $20 Trillion – more than a 60% increase in jobs if half of Washington goes on a permanent vacation, each dollar earned buys ($0.90/$0.62) 45% more, and hard America becomes a soft warm place and our soft power will return.

      John Nash’s beautiful mind recognized the importance of interactions in which the results of one person’s choices depend not only on his own behavior but also on the choices of another person. There is a related game called Ultimatum. You and your partner split $10. Less than $3 deals disgust and anger. The dealer has a pulpit.

      The Laffer effect is no joke. Charles Adams, an international tax attorney and historian, wrote books on taxes. Once tax rates rise above the disgust and anger point, the expected extra tax revenue never shows up. A flat tax system is part of Constitution. Everyone has to pay taxes to keep as many people’s tax rate below the disgust and anger tax rate or make sure an overwhelming majority is disgusted with high taxes.

      Carman, Kenneth, and John all sincerely believe dealers can routinely get an $8 to $10 deal by getting his or her partner work for a $3 to $5 deal. With each $3 to $5 of earned success the partner becomes a dealer that turns the $3 to $5 deal into $6 to $8 of earned success. Turning $10 into $13 is a win-win systemic solution that creates good people, great outcomes, and durable trust but when it rains, rainmakers show up and turn everything to dirt.

      There will always be zero-sum losers who just accept less than $3 deals and think the key to success is being an abusive dealer. A $7-$3 deal isn’t better than a $6-$4 deal because $7-$3 deals turn into $6-$2, $5-$1, and $4-two bit deals.

      Rainmakers turn everything to dirt because they feel entitled to $7up and someone else has to pay for the diet $7up. A shared sacrifice life is the unknowing bully master plan and then you die. The rainmaker coach treads through players who can’t make enough back court shots to win the game.There is another way to explain the same thing!

      When you walk into Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s place) there is a bust of Turgot. Turgot inspired Smith, Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, Jackson, and Friedman. Before the Fabian Keynes reopened Pandora’s box, the political economic debate was largely over and the Austrian School of Economics won.

      Figuratively speaking, every state is a Prince. A good Prince only defends negative rights, sees the means of production as the small businessman, does not clip coins, lets the church provide charity, lets people make decisions on as localized as possible basis, and does not do the rich man any favors. Everyone has the right to free speech. A man’s house is his castle and a warrant is needed to forcibly visit. People take better care of their own property than the state takes care of public property. Limits on usury so that banking is a very boring endeavor. Indirect taxes make more sense than direct. The private market should always be allowed to compete with the public market. From 1776 to 1913, the sum of Federal, State, and Local taxes were less than 10% and the dollar only dropped 3% in value.

      Second place is the first place loser but a peek is worth ten free market estimators. “Wealth of Nations” is easy to summarize. Companies play free market basketball on a diving board because a company cannot maximize its’ profit if the company hits more often than the dummy.Friedrich Hayek introduced himself to Fabian Keynes by asking about Sir John’s predecessor Francis Edgeworth. Edgeworth did the invisible hand check math but what about the poor and the middle class!

      Thanks to Thomas Jefferson and company, we were a 10% tax soft warm place for 150 years. Switzerland, much of Eastern Europe, and Russia are on the 16% flat tax plan.From 1776 to 1914, the dollar only dropped 3%. Over the last 100 years, the dollar dropped 95%.

      The 10% public sector bottom 20% to top 20% ideal distribution is around $3.50,$4.50,$6.25,$8.25, and $11.25. We went off the gold standard 40 years ago. Over that period the average overall tax rate was about 30%. Over the last 40 years relative wealth distribution went from ($2.75,$4.00,$5.25,$7.00,$9.25) to ($1.25,$2.00,$2.75,$3.50, & $18.50). 30% to 40% Obama has taken us to ($1.00,$1.75,$2.50, $3.25, and $16.75). If the dollar is no longer the world currency,($0.75,$1.31,$1.87,$2.41,$12.19).

      George Washington never told a lie, created guerrilla warfare, and was our first President. Soon after the Fertile Crescent created the first city-state, someone else created guerrilla warfare.After winning, Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall and won’t leave. Useless third party Humptovation is folly of the elite until freely associating masses revolt well …. if there is no free market innovation, a smart humpty dumpty will tax up to the disgust and anger set point and clip coins until he or she takes a digger.

      Free market innovation and it’s relationship with humptovation is a standard of living educated guess. All these rough guess are based on China going from a 100% tax nation state to a 50% tax nation state improving the standard of living 14 fold over 35 years. With approximately 30% overall tax rate, the standard of living has been increasing in the 2.6% or 30% improvement over 10 years based on a stable money supply something that $1.00 last year cost $0.974 this year. Judging from our 10% tax rate past, reducing the tax rate to 10%, reducing government to the same size, and a stable money supply, the standard of living improved 4% to 6% or 50% to 80% improvement over 10 years after a 16% improvement as a consequence of going from 30% to 10%. 40% tax rate and government equals 11% to 14% improvement over 10 years after 10% reduction due to going from 30% to 40%. 20% tax rate and government equals 50% to 60% improvement over ten years after a 15% improvement as a consequence of going from 30% to 20%.

      Smaller government means more happiness, innovation, and wealth but despots constipate the economic diving board of bailouts, barriers, codes, and clipped coins in order to turn the board into a czar mat so they can play with their drone stick. That’s the only way despots can get some loving. Humptovation can still double the wealth of the top 20% and as a society we need to put as stops in place to prevent that from happening.

      If we continue on the path Obama and company put us on we are going to go from ($1.25,$2.00,$2.75,$3.50,$18.50) to ($1.10,$1.93,$2.75,$3.67,$18.34) or even worse over the next ten years. If we change course and follow our founding fathers’ path, bottom 20% to top 20% wealth distribution should be ($5.25, $6.25,$9.37,$12.27, & $18.32) – no skin off the lovable ruling elite’s back.

    4. Seems that you went to a public school judging by your inability to spell. I tried to make sense out of your comment but your poor grammar skills render your comment as nonsensical!

    5. Wow… you’re one of them that already sold his soul. So, when you go to use your EBT/SNAP/LONESTAR card and it doesn’t work, are you going to riot?
      Please do… this country’s gene pool needs a dose of bleach and a lot of us are holding the Clorox.

    6. Hey Moron, here is an education even you can afford. Democrats held slaves before and during the civil war. Democrats enacted segregation. Democrats sent the national guard against the freedom marchers. Democrats enacted Jim Crowe laws. And Democrats fought the civil rights bill the Republicans started. Now Democrats still keep the blacks in slavery through welfare and EBT. But you are an Obamabot and are unable to think for yourself, aren’t you? BTW It isn’t and never was about the color of Obama’s skin, it is about the content, or lack thereof, of his character. And Martin Luther King Jr. was the one who said not to judge a man by his skin color but the content of his character. So I guess you’ll call King a racist now. Hey , call me a racist. Go ahead, I proudly claim the title. Because when a libtard like youself resorts to calling racist, they have lost the arguement and can’t come up with logical explanations or debate.

    1. You move we ain’t done yet. The loyal opposition, you do remember Sen. Leader Tom Daschle who lost his seat RIGHT. Paybacks area a coming. Congress and the Senate will never be the same again, thank Ozero for whats a coming. THE WAR IS NOT GOING AWAY.

    2. Then who’ll pay for your free cell phones, public schools, free health care, food stamps, welfare, free housing, etc., etc., etc.? Drop a million of you liberals and your voting constituencies on a planet and you couldn’t form a prosperous nation. You can’t all work at universities and for the government and produce enough wealth to pay for all the free stuff you’d give away. Your constituents will be in the wagon with no one to pull it.

      Obama’s been a setback, a huge setback, but he won’t be president (king in his mind) forever. And whether you Obama worshippers believe it or not, the people who make this country work far outnumber the looter class who vote for Democrats. Obamacare is in my opinion, the achilles heel for the American left. They own it, lock stock and barrel. There are no Republican fingerprints on that bastard child. Not one Republican voted for that legislation. When it implodes, as it’s already started to do, and the false promises from Obama and the Democrats fail to emerge; cheaper health care, you can keep your doctor, etc., the worm may very well turn. And it may turn with a vengeance. Maybe tarring and feathering will be back in fashion. One can “hope” for that brand of “change”.

    3. Dear Fred… you guys, on the Left, need to come up with somthing more creative than “Teabaggers”… it’s old, stale and worn out. You can call us that all day long and it still won’t bother us in the least. I’d rather be a “teabagger” than a “fudgepacker” like yourself….

    4. Awe, Fred, did your boyfriend tell you to say that? I bet he did because you sound like a stupid bottom bi&ch to me. Australia has a large gay population. Why, you’d fit in right there! And you’d get ‘free’ healthcare for your HIV and hemorrhoids your boyfriend gave you. Did your daddy not tell you were special? Did he not say he was proud of you? Probably not. Probably figured out you were worthless from birth and that is why he went to another woman other than your wh0re mother so he could have a good son he could be proud of.

  33. “blames many Senate Republicans for sabotaging the effort of the House ”
    They are just proving that they are part of the Progressive Party. Progressives come in any flavor, but they are all about the same goals.

  34. This shutdown and last second reconciliation was scripted months ago by the puppet masters, hence the thousands of closure signs that were put out for bid manufactured and shipped to every fed building in America. Now the two sides can pretend they don’t have a debt ceiling. Its all just dinner theatre for the sheeple who don’t realize they are all in the same lodge and answer to the same Grand Puba , Lucifer!

  35. TP people please join with us the Libertarian Party.
    Together we can take back our Constitutional government.

    1. Once the libs find out about all the out-of-pocket/deductibles the howling will begin. Don’t believe me but read what Chicago Tribune says:
      According to an analysis this weekend by the president’s hometown paper, the Chicago Tribune, “21 of the 22 lowest-priced plans offered on the Illinois health insurance exchange for Cook County have annual deductibles of more than $4,000 for an individual and $8,000 for family coverage. . . . Plans with the least expensive monthly premiums — highlighted by state and federal officials as proof the new law will keep costs low for consumers — have deductibles as high as $6,350 for individuals and $12,700 for families.” Even with federal
      subsidies, few Americans will bother to buy insurance with a $4,000 to $12,700 deductible — and millions won’t even be eligible for the subsidies.

      The free loaders are happy but people who have to pay will get hammered.

  36. We know what we got to do when these Neo-Con Socialist RINOs come up for re-election. Thank you Ted for all your effort and if you accomplished anything it’s that you set the brush fires of Liberty in the minds of men. I have already started campaigning for you in 2016. Ron Paul said you cannot stop an idea who’s time has come, that time is now. These RINOs will pay for their treason.

  37. I was just about to start trusting Republicans. And they had proven again that they do not have backbone.

  38. You smell that?That gasoline smell? That’s the GOP establishment self-immolating.To Obama,that’s the smell of victory.

  39. Just get out Ted. Resign. It’s for your own good. Why stick your neck out when no one else will. Why would you bring sound principles to a nation of ingrates and slobs? You have set a wonderful example, and many are thankful, but your stand means nothing to the rest of the pinheads. It’s not worth it. Let the rabble figure it out.

    1. Why dont you ask Obama to get out and resign. He’s killed Americans. Invaded our Privacy, used the IRS to attack its citizens. Dont you see any of his atrocities? One day you will, and then you will say, you know I should of stood up to this government back then.

      1. This is what I mean by pinheads. You missed the point entirely. I understand totally about Obama and his unbridled evil. Don’t tell me what I am going to do when you yourself can’t understand the fundamentals.

  40. Ted Cruz nails it once again. The senate GOP is a joke and kicked the can down the road because they don’t know how to lead and spend most of their time clapping their Democrat masters on the back. Our government under Obama is a joke and apparently the Democrat tools that routinely vote for Democrats couldn’t be happier. How pathetic!

  41. They didn’t just say we couldn’t win, they trashed the Tea Party and Ted Cruz. They didn’t get the message in 2010. When we sent a wave of Tea Party candidates to Congress I was hoping they would realize we mean business and are tired of their crap. But they are either dense or they don’t give a crap. They told us to shove it up our a** and they are going to try to destroy everyone we voted for. They clearly do not think they work for us and believe they are the boss.

    It’s time to send them another message next year.

  42. Just curious…why didn’t the GOP national headquarters step in and do some advertising to override the mainstream media’s bias anti-conservative reporting? The power of the media is huge…they control the minds of the uniformed and they know it…they have their own agenda…the GOP should be on the air discussing this.

    1. Because most are complicit inside the walls of DC. It’s kind of like securing the border with Mexico. They could do it if they wanted to. They COULD uphold the current laws if they wanted to. They don’t want to.

  43. Ted Cruz and tea party republicans are going to be the winners because they stood for a noble cause of stop spending money we don’t have, and delaying the disasterous Obamacare. Doing this and knowing that the Obama/democrat mainstream media would come after them violently…which they did. It was all personal attacks by the media without ever explaining what republicans stood for and not mentioning that Obama and Reid simply refused to negotiate yet republicans were being blamed for the shutdown! The losers are senators like McCain and Corker who were interviewed on mainstream TV and all they did was blame republicans and never mentioned that Obama and Reid refused to negotiate….they just are media hounds and know as long as they’re anti ‘tea party’ they will get coverage. They should both be impeached.

    1. Cruz opened the curtains and let the light in. We got to see all the rats scurrying around, quick to join the Commie rats in one big huddled mass. And now we know. We have names for every one of those rats, too. Don’t we, McCain? Don’t we Peter King? Check the voting roster for the full list of rats. It’s time to shed the vermin.

  44. Time to bear arms. G>O>P> are weak, frauds, spineless, and will go broke. We the people must take our country back from ALL OF YOU. Time to bear arms…

    1. You’re saying its time for violent revolution?

      With a lawless Dem in the WH, waiting for you to screw-up so he can slam dunk you into a POW camp?

      YOU FIRST….

  45. He’s right. King and McCain must be feeling awfully secure. Consider the sanity of passing massive legislation with zero bipartisan support. What are you, trying to start a war? While still on the subject of sanity, whose grandchildren do you imagine is paying for my choices today? Don’t answer. I don’t have children, your grandchildren will. Is that sane?

    1. King is a turncoat backstabber. Boehner did what he could, he did listen to the people but King put up a struggle – how embarassing for Boehner. I dont blame Boehner as much as I do McConnell.
      The tea party in its various groups must be the engine to start the Liberty Amendments project. I am so disgusted right now at my fellow citizens misguided liberals — their philosophy is not based in any sort of reality or knowledge of human nature. Would it comes crashing down around us but i doubt in my lifetime this is a long fight and the left has no scruples, it wont be a fair fight and we shouldnt fight fair either

    2. I don’t think Obama gives a crap about our grandchildren. He wants to crush capitalism and give full control of the people to the Democrat party.

  46. The Senate still has a bit of sanity and can figure out when they have lost better than the House can.

    This doesn’t even matter. 2014 and 2016 are going to look horrible for the GOP if they don’t smack themselves in the face and wake up to the reality that the Tea Party extremism is NOT being accepted by America and is destroying the party.

    1. Drowning in debt isn’t extreme, no. Not when you can shift if off to future generations. Maybe money doesn’t count. No, That’s not extreme.

      1. Democrats don’t understand why it’s bad to print money to pay the debt. I’ve encountered quite a few that have mentioned it. They also believe we can spend our way out of debt. Spread the wealth and it helps the economy. Yeah, that’s what the USSR believed.

        1. They only understand “unsustainable” as it applies to their “global warming” hype. No one told them about being unsustainable with finances. They haven’t been educated on that one.

          1. I’d argue that there are a lot of things they aren’t educated on, lol. Like why it’s bad to make people dependent on the government teat. It’s like feeding the bears and not realizing how it destroys their ability to survive in the wild or how it could bring death to the bears. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

    2. You won’t be singing that tune come the elections. Once Obamacare rears its head it will be over for democrats. Over! Over for us too since we’re all subject to this mess.

    3. Tea Party extremism? So expecting government to stay within the law and the confines of the Constitution is extreme? Wanting to bring our spending below what the treasury takes in is extreme? Wanting taxes to be less burdensome on hard working Americans is extreme? Wanting government to stop making tens of thousands of regulations breaking the back of capitalism is extreme?

      Well then. I’m extreme. It sure beats being an Obama a** kissing communist like you. If our founding fathers were still alive you’d be sent to the gallows.

    4. 2014 will prove you wrong. starting 2 january, look in your mailbox for a message from your health care provider. millions will get this and find out their rates will skyrocket. if this dosen’t convince you that we are on the wrong track nothing will. as far as tea party extremeism, you’re wrong on that. NAME ONE INCIDENT WHERE THE TEA PARTY WAS EXTREME. the tea party will be stronger in 2014.

    5. Since when is expecting the government to abide by the Constitution extreme? Our federal government has pushed its’ power so far outside of what was intended and clearly outlined in the Constitution. The Teaparty only wants the govenment to be limited to what is in the Constitution. What is extreme about wanting the government to live within its’ means? We can not continue to borrow our way to prosperity. We can not continue to spend unlimited amounts of money on wasteful, failed social programs. Nothing extreme about wanting to limit government power and spending.

    6. Short memory. Didya forget 2010?

      We’ll be back. Stronger. Larger.
      But stay fooled. A stupid enemy is the best enemy and you won’t see it coming.

  47. Caught this last night. Cruz is right, it’s we the people against the DC establishment. I think that “D” and “R” are just window dressing for a bunch of progs. The “R’s” just happen to be playing the bitch role in this black comedy.

  48. It is also true that the Democrat party is made up of several “groups” that have NOTHING in common…Tell me a Teamster has any thing in common with radical environmentalists or Gay/Lesbian activists. But, when elections roll around they close their eyes and pull the big D lever! Republicans, on the other hand insist on “purity” of ideology…Example, “Libertarians”, conservative in most of their views, and conservative Republicans insist on a “pure” ideological candidate in the primaries. Republicans insist on putting up a “pure” conservative candidate in “blue” states, even though they can not win in the general election. If, as Romney did, a “moderate” Republican should manage to win the Republican nomination, the Libertarians and conservative Republicans insist on “pouting” and stay home from the polls. Thus, with the MSM backing for the “Liberals”, along with the “conservatives” staying home, the result is the Republicans will be forever a minority party. In the U.S. a third party (of any kind) has absolutely no chance of winning power. Until the U.S. adopts a “parliamentary system”, that will never change…Very little chance of that…One small hope, eventually, the U.S. will collapse economically and maybe people will come to their senses… (However, I don’t hold out much hope for the “people” ever coming to their senses”.)

    1. Very good analysis. I have been saying similar things for a few month, now. I have conservative principles, but I realize that the only way to stop the progressives and bring about more conservative policies in government is to win elections. To that end, I don’t want to chase away Republican moderates or Independents. Sadly, as you say, many conservatives and libertarians are pure idealogs, and demand absolute purity in their candidates. What drives me crazy is that they would prefer to hold to all of their principles and thereby give the elections to the Progressives, rather than accept someone who is not ideologically “pure” but is far more conservative than the Democrat candidate. It is a type of fanaticism that is unreasonable, because it accomplishes nothing but to ensure continued Democrat wins in future elections.

      1. One might as well vote for a Democrat when voting for the type of person you describe. What is the point in electing a liberal just because they have an R after their name? To many concessions have been made by these pretend conservatives. They have authorized outrageous spending time and time again. Far too much power has been taken by the federal government from the states and the people by these ‘moderate’ Republicans.

    2. First of all, Romney is no moderate. He is a Liberal who supports individual mandates and gun control and actually signed both into law as governor.

      As for us Libertarians, at the last GOP Convention the GOP changed the rules during the game and told us we were NOT WELCOME.

      Romney lost because he was Obama-lite and the GOP told voters to vote for someone else.

    3. The Democrat party finds groups that they can pander to and manipulate. Some of them are contradictory. They bend over backwards to defend Muslims and gays at the same time, yet Muslims will hang a gay man in a heartbeat. They claim to champion women’s rights, yet defend Islam. As Joy Behar said, Bin Laden’s wife must really have loved him to follow him down into the caves.

      They don’t represent any of them. They just use them for political gain.

    4. I don’t think people were really “pouting”. I think they were just lazy. Some people think the way you described it, but many more utter the same words just as an excuse.

    5. Those who have or will be “coming to their senses” will be cancelled out with Obama’s amnesty and then his next phase of fast-track immigration for new (D) voters. It’s all about buying votes with free stuff that’s paid for by the working class.

  49. I can’t be the only conservative who thinks Ted Cruz has been corrupted by power and popularity.

    When he starts to lose the support of proven conservatives like Tom Coburn, it makes me start to wonder…

    1. There will always be some disagreement among politicians. Cruz may cross over to the empire, but I don’t think it’s happened just yet.

      1. I don’t think Cruz is a gonna turn into a liberal or anything, I’m more worried that he’s more interested in putting himself at the center of the spotlight even if it means hurting the Republican party and the Conservative movement. He thrust conservatives in a fight that he didn’t know how to win, rallied the troops in a losing fight, and then conservatives reward him by giving him the most votes in a presidential straw poll. All the while, conservatives have had the lowest favorability ratings ever!

    2. Seriously…name one person who has NOT been corrupted by money and power. Once that light start shinning on you, the game is over. Who can resist it? Power corrupts, absolute power, corrupts absolutely…Cruz gained too much power much too quickly. However, is light has NOT been dimmed permanently. People like Cruz do not go down easily AND he has many more battles to fight. I am not a Cruz fan, BUT I happen to agree with his immigration stance…I hope this has not hurt him too much in that fight.

      1. I can think of one, and most “conservatives” hate him..

        Ron Paul. (Not Rand. Rand and Ron are not the same thing, at all)

        1. You do realize that the moment you have to swear at someone, you LOST the argument. A good debater does NOT need to swear or name call…but, since you identified yourself as a Texan, I NOW understand…you have NO real argument…you were NOT given a quality education…sorry for you

          1. @portia: you are obviously do not think that you are a good debater.
            I am a Texan by choice and proud of it.

            1. Bully for you…I am proud to be a Human Being! Anything else means you are anti-someone else. You obviously think being a Texan makes you BETTER than someone from somewhere else…for me, that just puts fences up between people before we even get to know each other…

      2. Honestly, Coburn seems to be one of those few guys. I think Rand Paul is also a guy who doesn’t change his message based on his audience.

        Cruz is an important guy in our party, but it always worries me when some of the most principled people in our party, Tea Partiers, are so eager to support somebody without a real record of accomplishment. It’s easy to tell audiences what they want to hear… we should reward people for telling the truth and pushing the conservative agenda forward, not for having a big mouth and getting us into un-winnable battles.

    3. gotta say I’m finding it hilarious the people that don’t believe Obama was born in the USA, but are cheering for Canadian-born Cruz for 2016.

      That deserves a facepalm.

      1. Cruz was born in Canada and has an American mother.

        The Constitution says any candidate for president must be 35 years of age, a resident within the United States for 14 years and a “natural born citizen.”
        Someone is a “natural born” citizen if they have citizenship at birth and don’t have to go through a naturalization process to become a citizen.

        Cruz has never hidden his birth certificate, as Obama has. Obama
        famously described himself in his literary agent’s publicity brochure as having been “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” .
        He also spend millions sealing up his school records, because he
        may have entered school as a foreign student.
        So, no facepalm needed, just a little research.

      2. I “gotta” say that you are a troll! I find it hilarious that a leftist dimwit like you thinks that any Conservative cares about what you feel. Your inflated sense of importance regarding your inane ramblings is amusing…thanks for the laugh!

      1. I dunno… Coburn has built up a lot of goodwill in my eyes and with every book about the Washington establishment that bashes everyone, he’s always portrayed as a no-conservative guy who doesn’t play the Washington game.

        When serious guys speak, I listen. Cruz hasn’t proven anything to me yet. He says exactly what people want him and continues to get more popular for it… kinda like a used car salesman.

  50. Something I don’t understand… I just don’t see the popular support for the liberal “agenda” that the media and pundits seem to make us believe exists. When you talk to people on the streets or read comments or blogs, most people are angry at both sides or angry at liberals because they see that they are ripping the country and the Constitution apart. Rarely do I ever hear from people who support the President or these angry, shallow liberal Democrats. I know they have their supporters, but I firmly believe they are a minority and that the narrative is being twisted around so that people who love this country think they have already lost.

      1. Doesn’t matter… I am talking about message boards and blogs from around the country…. even on liberal websites the comments from angry conservatives outnumber the liberals.

        1. Maybe it’s a case of the “angriest voice is the one that’s heard”? I agree that the message boards and comment threads are overwhelmingly angry and liberals, but personally, I don’t see that playing out in the world outside of my computer when I ask… I often hear the opposite… now, I’m in a blue state so that would explain it and why I was curious where you might live.

          1. I live in ND, which is a pretty conservative place, but we also have had no problem electing democrats. I know this is not the best place to gauge the pulse of the nation, but the people are fair and honest about their opinions. I usually hear that most people are just pretty much fed up with the system, rather than thinking it is one party’s fault or another. I think most people around here just want a system that is fair. Where are you from?

            1. Sorry for the slow response (I went to bed!). I’m in NJ. The two-party system is a failure. There’s no way that everyone’s beliefs are going to line up exactly with one of two parties. Germany actually does a fantastic job of creating a multi-party system… that would be nice.

          2. JMHO, I think you are right! I lived in Kalifornia for 25 years. Most of that time in the Central Valley (very Red). However, the last 3 years in the San Jose area (Mostly Blue) San Francisco area, forget it, very Blue. (Wouldn’t dare put a “Romney bumper sticker on your car, it would be vandalized.)
            Moved to Idaho (Thank God!) Very Red State. (Felt like escaping the “Gulag”!) Notice where all the low-information/elite people live?, In the big cities… Unfortunately, our country has been taken over by 60’s era anti-war types and their brain numbed students. (Apparently they, the 60’s radicals, infiltrated academia, the media and Hollyweird and continued undermining our country for the last 45-50 years…) I guess Reagan was just a little “pause” in the takeover of the U.S. R.I.P. America, it was good to know you. Now, my biggest fear is that, after ruining California, “they” will flee the consequences of their policies in Kalifornia, come to Idaho and ruin this state also!

            1. You are sooooo right…let’s go back to the Nixon Days…so wonderful to have your name on a government watch list simply for going to an anti-war rally or buying a magazine that might have some subversive ideas. Yeah, they were the good old days when the National Guard could open fire on college students. Yes, let’s get rid of liberal ideas that might help those less fortunate and give ALL our tax breaks to the Uber wealthy who are the REAL CULPRITS in destroying this great country…the MIC who continually sucks all our money down a rat hole…yeah, bring those great days back…that’s just what this country needs

              1. Have you been reading the news? We are now Nixon Days on steroids. NSA, IRS targeting political opponents, drones in the sky, on and on. You might say “Bush started it”, but even if he did, the current administration has given up nothing and continues to reach for more.

                1. If you research this stuff, you will see that each succeeding president goes for more power…it matters not one little bit what initial is behind their name…people in power will always want more and will try to get it anyway they can…I am thoroughly disgusted by Obama, but I don’t see it getting better no matter who the next president is

              2. Bring them back? Hey Portia, WAKE UP! Those things are happening right now and at a faster rate than ever before.

        2. ” even on liberal websites the comments from angry conservatives outnumber the liberals”

          I call BS on you. You comment as one who has spent zero time on the DailyKos, MediaMatters, The Huffpo, or the DemocraticUnderground.

          True, the number of angry Valuist* comments you read outnumber those from Zeroists* on destroyer sites. But just read the Zeroists comments. They are disgusting. They are intensely personal, and intensely hateful. They are so hateful because they are full of fear. They fear us because they need us. Their system cannot work without forcibly extracting our value for themselves and their zombie horde.

          *-Valuist – one who believes in creating, building, and maintaining value. One who believes it is best to govern oneself and claims no right upon another for any thing other than the right to exist freely.

          *-Zeroist – one who believes one isn’t capable of self-governance and demands others accept responsibility for their existence. A destroyer of value or a pursuer of non-value.

          Accepting your argument for the sake of a greater point, if what you say could be accurately measured rather than subjectively measured what drives Valuist anger?

          Think about it. We do the work. We take the risks. We follow principles of common sense and restraint and ask nothing from others in return except to be left alone to pursue our vision for ourselves, OUR family, OUR friends, and OUR communities.

          A Zeroist can’t have that. They choose not to do these things for themselves or they seek to forcibly extract our Value to “help” those they deem “needy”. Their definition of these “needy” do not include consideration those “needy” behave or act in ways resulting in their state of “neediness”.

          We point this out. We are shouted down, mocked, boycotted, and ridiculed with a media complex deeply corrupted and hostile to our views. This corrupted media complex exaggerates the intensity and the scope of the Zeroists message. Those not paying attention or not yet affected are easily recruited to the side of the Zeroists with the assistance of the corrupt echo chamber.

          Any person, group, entity, or entities attempting to step in and resist this echo chamber of corrupt logic become the targets of the echo chamber and the zombie horde they have now trained to vote. This intimidates the weak and they either surrender and fade away or join the zombie horde because it is easier to go along than to stand your ground.

          Why shouldn’t we be pi$$ed? Our enemies are funded from our hard work. The organization we thought to which we could turn to stop this nonsense has turned on us after we brought them to power. Now they co-conspire to drain us and have added their hot air to the echo chamber.

          So who should be angrier? the person who has all the power, all the representation, all the mass communication, and has it financed by those they despise? Or, the person who is force to surrender his value to his enemies and in return is mocked, ridiculed, and despised?

          It is because we are so busy pursuing our own interests and also carrying the burden of financing our enemies we haven’t the time to physically revolt. Our work ethic, our principles, and our sensibilities have us not wanting to accept we will in the end have no choice but to take arms against our oppressors.

          We do not know YET how to go about this. We are reluctant to jump the gun. This asinine health care act brings it into our faces and up our noses and into our brains. It is no longer esoteric. It is tangible. Tangible assault on everything we held to our hearts. That breeds thought and action for a tangible response.

            1. read my statement more closely. You are correct, I cannot know nor did I even assume. I merely observed “You comment as one who has….” Meaning, the comments are similar to those I described.

    1. Whether you are right or wrong, the one thing I KNOW…the bloggers will NEVER be an accurate barometer of what people in this country really think…the REAL people are much too busy to sit around and blog. The simple truth is somewhere in between. Most Americans would LOVE more fiscal responsibility in DC, but also are much more liberal on social issues than many in Congress.

    2. THIS… is the 64 Trillion Dollar question…


      If you look at the polls, assuming a certain amount of accuracy, it is CONSTANTLY similar, and increasingly Conservative.

      We outnumber Libs 2:1, YET…….

      The elections don’t reflect that. If you look at the moderates and Independents, you’ll find a portion of the answer. I went to a “class” one time, they wen through the inside scoop on how this actually works.

      BASICALLY… there are two intransigent groups, at about 20%-25% each, Dem-Repub. Doesn’t matter WHO you put up, those will support straight ticket EVERY TIME… these are the “Warriors”. They don’t care about anything else. BUT… only about 50%-60% of the population actually votes (depending upon which kind of election)! So… if you think about that, 50% (25% each) of the 50% voting, is a quarter of the population.

      You’ll see this when popularity polls are taken mid-cycle. POTUS will be down to 37% approval… that is about as low as its going to go, BECAUSE… 25% are warriors and not going to give an inch NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS… he could be killing kittens on the East Lawn, and at least 25% are going to approve of the track we’re on!

      That leaves about 40%-50% that AREN’T “Warriors”. 30% of those claim independence. Sometimes they like the feel of that, sometimes (depending upon state) its tactical, sometimes they don’t care… and sometimes, its TRUE independence.

      Those boil down to about 10-12% and 10-12% are ACTUALLY… aligned in one direction or the other, respectively. They claim “Independence”, BUT… they are NOT non-ideological (sorry for the double negative). THEY HAVE BELIEFS… they are just usually align ideologically.

      SOOOOOOOOooooooo………. you end up with about 5%-10% (roughly) that are TRULY…. making the decisions. Everyone else, is typically “committed”. THAT sliver of thought and belief is what determines which way an election goes. THAT… is why you see elections that are 45%-55% spreads. RARELY… do you see 23%-77%, that would be a blowout stomp!

      WHICH… brings me to my point here, and my apologies for not making all the percentages come out correctly, the class was several years ago and the basics are those mentioned, BUT MY POINT… is that its all in the math.

      Most of it is fixed math, and we should be winning, EXCEPT… a sizable portion of those “moderates” in the graph (see the link) DON’T KNOW THEY ARE CONSERVATIVE! If you poll them, or ask them questions (like your anecdote suggests) you’ll find out that they are Conservatives and Republicans of one kind or another, BUT THEY DON’T REALIZE THAT!?!?!?!

      The second factor, of course is the voter fraud the Dems/Unions pull. If there is only 5%-10% that is in play, a scheme to swing 1%-2% is going to impact the outcome. When you recount it SEVERAL TIMES… and you keep finding new ballots that get you closer and closer, AND THEN YOU’RE ALLOWED TO STOP…… WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!??!?!?!?!

      When you throw away the Military votes, or contrive a scheme to HELP them arrive late, that is a few more percentage points. When the nurses, and their union, DEMAND… the elderly get to vote, but can’t get out of bed and need help, WHO HELPS THEM…. where do the suggestions come from?

      When your state has 5000 100 year olds registered, and somehow they are STILL VOTING…. who is doing that??!!??!

      So,… when you’re only slivers away, a scheme here and a scheme there… and you’re over the top.

      That is how 21% of Libs, beat 41% of Conservatives.

      It REALLY… REALLY…. REALLY…. doesn’t help, we the margins are this close, and the cheating is underway… and some well intentioned CONSERVATIVE SAYS….


      If you don’t negate a Progressive vote, they’ve already voted three or four times. It make it impossible to overcome evil, with votes alone.

      Now, how many Tokoy Rose TROLLs are in here, urging you to throw your vote into the sea, and surrender to the Empire of Japan???

      And HOW MANY Conservatives are sitting their in their fighting holes thinking, right now: “Shes right, Mary Lou is probably at home right now, bent over the back of the couch for Bob, and I’m stuck out here, in the mud, fighting every GD insect on the planet, and the *ap*, and the rain, oh the Fing RAIN!!!!!!…… I may as well pull the pin on this grenade… like she suggests…”….

      COME ON PEOPLE… are you really that STUPID??????!?!!?

      If so… we really ARE screwed…. WAKE UP, fight the *ap*, not each other…


  51. Wake up Cruz: Here is what your buddies in the House said about you tonight —–“more Republican officials to speak up about Senator Ted Cruz and “condemn him for what he did.” —- Boehner should cut out the far-right flank and work with centrist Democrats.” —-“Don’t bite off more than you can chew” Presently: The House still can give back to the Senate a deal where Obama can not grant his friends Obamacare waivers, and defund free Platinum level healthcare for Congress We all got played, after 28 years, I am done with the GOP. Going Fairfax County office tomorrow.

    1. So when has the GOP done ANYTHING other than give LOTS of benefits to their friends in Big Business?

    2. Seems to me that if Cruz is taking so much flack, he’s over the target. The Establishment Republicans are in fear of their political lives. People are waking up to the fact that the Dems and Establishment Repubs are no different. Politicians don’t give up power easily so they have to condemn the one that is a threat to their power.

  52. If we create a new party, we CANNOT let these RINO republican phonies infiltrate it by rebranding themselves just to get elected. We need people who fully believe in their values and know who they are. Not shifting, whichever way the wind is blowing frauds.

    1. THAT… is the problem. This isn’t Europe, there is no “barring” of people from a party. There IS NO LEGAL…. recourse that keeps anyone from registering whatever way they want.

      If Herman Goering walked into the post office, had his resurrection papers, had his citizenship papers, picture ID, and wanted to register to vote…

      And decided to register in the Constitution Party, there is not one thing anybody could do about that. There is no excommunication feature just because no one wants to have so-n-so stinking up THEIR Party.

      Look up David Duke. Perfect example…

      So… with respect, that isn’t going to work.

    2. Go for it…you won’t get a seat at the table, just like the current Green Party or Libertarians…that’s why the Tea Party latched onto the GOP. You wouldn’t get ANY coverage. You need ideas and leaders and a REAL strategy to be a political party…then, maybe you have a chance. And, by the by…sticking firmly to one or two positions will NEVER work because NO two people can agree, let alone thousands…that’s why one HAS to compromise to accomplish anything…but, just keep demanding all or nothing and see where that gets you

      1. You wold have a better chance with the Libertarian Party than starting another. The LP has a base of supporters and is a known entity. A new party would have to start from scratch. The Tea Party really isn’t changing the GOP. They are just being marginalized by the members of their own GOP.

        ” just keep demanding all or nothing and see where that gets you”

        No one is demanding this but Obama and the Democrats.

  53. The Republican Party needs to go the way of the Whigs. We will memorialize them in the Smithsonian. A party that works so hard to trash the base? I’m sorry. I’ve been an Independent all my life, and I intend to keep it that way.

        1. Ok, I retract. AND… apologize.

          We all have a lot to loose here if it tumbles into full blown Socialism. I don’t want that to happen, the road is a lot harder from that point to getting it back.

            1. Because…. I’m smart enough to not get mixed up in the labels. AND… I can do the math. AND… because I understand HOW voting works, and how to solve problems.

              You’ve welded yourself to the notion that “Party”, is a type of thinking. It’s not. Its merely a type of organization whose design is to win elections, its NOT designed or employed to CONTROL those who get elected. You and a lot of others here have focused on a misguided self-indulgence. You’re mad, you’re tired, your feedup and completely POd….

              I get it… I’m PO’d too!

              BUT… lashing out at a SYMPTOM, won’t cure the DISEASE… I’m not so ill-disciplined that I’m going to be lead down a rabbit trail, on irrelevancies into a wilderness that can’t effect the outcome of the battle. I’m going to remain in on the field, and try to become MORE effective, not less.

              I’m wondering if you even know how the Party system works? You and a bunch of others here, THINK its the “Republican Party”,…. as if there is some kind of HQ where plots and plans are conceived and orders written up, and sent down a “Chain of Command” where they are then dutifully executed. WRONG!

              It’s actually PARTIES (plural)…. its MANY Republican Parties, and they are all independent organizations. They don’t function on a “Chain of Command”. There is no ORDER issued from HQ which says, “vote for larger government, but hide it…” or any other kinds of “Orders”. It DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT….

              (now, bear with me a sec)

              When we work in corporations and businesses we are left with the impression that organizations, particularly Government, work based upon a hierarchy. The POTUS gives an order, and its carried out down to the chain of command. WE THINK…. that is way it works. It doesn’t, in reality. IN REALITY,… POTUS gives an order, and depending upon which agency/group its given to, to which Party that POTUS belongs, how long POTUS has left in Office, and what the order actually is, a continuum of compliance is realized. IF THEY WANT TO… they’ll follow it (i.e. if they like it), if they don’t they’ll start a half-step strategy (called slow walking) and they have many other strategies as well, but… in the end if it’s not RIDDEN to compliance, the order may or may not get carried out. CERTAIN agencies, are more prone to use Chain of Command, and are more likely to follow an order, BUT NOT ALL… Some of them are chalk full of Activist, and depending upon POTUS’s party, those activist act accordingly, will obey and foment if they are in the same party/agenda, and if not, they will half-step, ignore, lie, and sabotage the effort. So… it depends on many factors.

              We THEN… make a further mistake, we assume that PARTY… IS…. Government, i.e. that they are one in the same. They aren’t! We have a misshappen view of that, because they are in one party or the other, and they are ALL in A Party (not in reality of course, but we tend to see it that way) of some kind, we lump them together. AND… because we are essentially lazy in this regard, we tend to see like this: PARTY=GVT=HIERARCHY=CONSPIRACY

              If that were true, and they were all faithful to a strictly maintained Party line, then HOW does Sarah Palin fit in the chain? How about Cruz? How about the Pauls? Lee? You can go on and on, each does what they believe to be right. Some are misguided, and some are wrong, some are foolish, some ARE…evil, and some… ARE RIGHT!

              You’re saying that THEY ARE ALL S**TH**DS and we should destroy them ALL for it, cause you’re pissed at them for not getting what you wanted out of the deal!

              WHICH… is yet another misguided view. We tend to think, when we “Buy a steak” at a restaurant, we SHOULD GET IT THE WAY WE WANT IT… You tell them what you want, you pay for it, and then they bring it to you to eat. If its NOT what you want, you send it back, BECAUSE.. YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT…. and they will hopefully take it back, fix it, and then you’ll get what you want. Most us have this form of consumer’s philosophy.

              BUT… it doesn’t work with voting, with Parties, or with Government. We have to devoid ourselves of that misconception. You can pay and pay and pay…. AND PAY!…. and still not get what you want. You can hope and fight, and fight and hope, and STILL not get what you want…. it is… demoralizing. It disheartening, and infuriating.

              BUT… that is the way a ZERO-SUM_GAME works…. someone wins and someone looses, regardless of the effort expended, or the righteousness of their cause.

              SO…… to answer your question (more) directly:
              Q. “why do you support Republicrats?”

              Fair enough question. I said:

              A) I’m smart enough to not get mixed up in the labels.
              B) I can do the math.
              C) Because I understand HOW voting works
              D) and, how to solve problems.

              A- I don’t support anybody, BECAUSE… they are this or that name/label. I support Republicans in THIS alone… because they are the lesser of evils. Voting is NOT a moral exercise, morality can inform your judgement to be sure, BUT… the activity itself is no more moral than combat is, or is not moral. You can be fighting for the Liberty of mankind (a Moral pursuit), and still be killing the men for which you fight. Is that moral? I am voting to save the Western World, and if I have to do things I find distasteful, or miserable, or things I would not ordinarily do in peacetime, I have decided to do them, whether I like it or not, whether I am miserable or not, and whether I suspect I will loose, or not…

              B and C- The MATH…. is very important here. Voting, is, as I have said, not a moral act in and of itself. It is a mathematical exercise. For Example: assume a room of 10 voters, two of which are candidates. As I pointed out, it is still a zero-sum game. One of the two candidates is GOING TO VOTE, and probably the other, and win the game, and subsequently be appointed to the Office. Furthermore, I’m going to assume this is not the Church’s sewing club, where all ten Ladies are trying to be considerate and will be trying hard to be polite and will still have to work with each other afterwards. I’ll assume a group roughly representative of the US Political body’s conditions and situation. One R and one D, and as I have also said, this tells us NOTHING about beliefs, ONLY organizations trying to win the seat, hoping to influence the decisions that seat will be engaged in making. Two of the remaining 8 voters, are supporting one of each of the candidates, there are the very close friends of the candidates and NEVER waiver, so… 40% of the voters are now committed to a candidate, just like in real elections. 20% of each side’s voters, are committed to permanent, straight ticket, support. So, the current tabulation is 2-2. 4 of the voters, 2 each for each of the candidates listen to the speeches, they are registered to each of the two parties, and usually vote, but not always, and usually vote for the same party, but not always, and in this case they follow the normal pattern. So, now you’ve got 4-4, 80% of the votes are tabulated. 2 people remain, these two people represent the 20% or so that are TRULY independent, and will actually swing one way or that other, (about 5%-6% in reality) and the remainder that are occassional voters that often do not show up, or need to be dragged to the poll, or don’t really care, or wait to be paid in cigs, or booze, or cash. In this example, I’m going to leave the cheating out, but keep in mind the Unions, the Judges, the Dem Appointees, their state employees, their activist are generating phoney votes, throwing out military votes, miscounting, hiding ballots, sabotaging ballots, and every other thing they can to KEEP BIG GVT GOING…. that is their rice ball, WITHOUT IT… they are screwed. For this example we are going to represent ALL THAT in one of the people, by saying that one of them decided not to show up under the pressure, and stayed home, LEAVING the one person (the 5%-6% that swings) to decide the outcome. NORMALLY… all the votes come down to this small percentage of people that actually listen, actually make a decision, and actually show up at the poll to vote. At the moment, that is usually going to the Dem at the Federal level. BUT, at the state houses, it is often going to the GOP.

              (26 -GOP 18- Dem 6- Mixed)

              In this example, the one person that showed up, was NOT the Candidate’s friend, and was not any of the four that go along to get along, they actually listened, they reflected what we need at this moment, and decided: Republican.

              Ok? I’ll assume you were in there somewhere, but didn’t vote for the Dem, because those are 100% Progressive, or friendly with and FOR Progressives, and hangs out with them, and is always calling the MORE Conservative person in the room any number of disparaging name from “Crazy” to “N a z i”.

              So, in the first meeting, the person elected, the Republican votes to rollover, spend yet more money this group didn’t have, and essentially gave the Dem/Prog what they wanted. Now, I will stipulate, THAT is all true. I’m not trying to protect a “Brand”. I’m just trying to explain the voting.

              YOUR “Solution” here and many others apparently (assuming they aren’t Soros trolls trying to drive as much of the herd over the cliff as possible) is, this R failed miserably, and was actually helping the Dem/Prog. (i.e. “Treason”). You, for the example’s sake, voted for them and they for some reason, committed this treachery (again, stipulated). The solution you offer is BURN THE MFer DOWN! AND HIS HOUSE… and HIS FELLOW Rs AND… anything else labeled R!!!!!! In fact, DESTROY R COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY, including those that helped the R SOB!

              In the next election, YOU and those likewise set, have decided to pursue a moral tact, during this mathematical exercise. When the two candidates stand up THIS TIME… YOU are going to see that one is D and one is R, and having made a morally inspired vow, to NEVER AGAIN vote for R, the two candidates AGAIN… get 2 each. The Dem gets 2 more habitual, the R gets one (you and those likewise morally avowed sit down and read a magazine), the one person doesn’t show, leaving the SWING (again) looking at the tally, and trying to do the math. Its 4-3 Dems (7 accounted for), “Mary” stayed home (-1, 8 accounted for), you sat down (-1, 9 accounted for).

              So… the “Swing” no longer decides. They can vote R, and we’re in a 4 to 4 deadlock. Or D, and the Ds can win every time. There is NO MATHEMATICAL PATH… to stopping the Dem/Prog, YOUR permanent enemy, from winning this zero-sum game. The one that hates your guts, the one that calls YOU the names, the one that is going to stick you with every bill and every tab. The very one that would LOVE for you to do or say something so they can throw you from the club, or call the cops and have you arrested, or better yet, make it SUCK SO BAD… you’ll leave on your own accord so they will have less resistance during the meetings.

              The things you DESPISE the R for assisting, you have now virtually assured will happen EVERY TIME?!?!!? AND… don’t think I don’t KNOW what you’re going to say!

              1) There is no difference, ALL the things the D was going to do, the R was going to do. They are one in the same.

              BZZZT! Wrong! You just need for that to be right in order to hold the opinion that feels better.

              The R, isn’t trying to drive you from the Club! The R isn’t waiting for you to say something sufficiently aggressive or threatening so they can call the cops and HOPE you’ll resist, allowing the Cops to DO what they only dream of doing, BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF YOU! The R isn’t HOPING you’ll leave, because they will end up on the downside of THAT hate….. NEXT!

              You WANT for them to be same, because it seems to feel better, but they are NOT the same. And, I hope you don’t have to find that out the hard way. Believe me, I’ve seen a portion of it, its no fun whatsoever.

              There is a reason the people trapped behind the Iron Curtain were drinking themselves to DEATH on fermented potato, they HAD ZERO CHANCE of getting beyond THAT mathematical reality, YOU and all too many Conservatives are voluntarily walking into. And, not JUST yourselves, EVERYONE ELSE TOO!

              D- How to solve the problem. So, if you’ve made it this far, and I doubt it, but on the small chance that you or another ready make it this far, I will offer the only real solution.

              * Find the “Defective Units”, and replace them with less defective units.

              * DO NOT EXPECT PERFECTION, there is none in Humanity, and certainly NONE in politics.

              * Don’t forget to think about the Consumer Theory above, this is NOT “Steak”, we don’t get it our way. TRY… for 70%-80% of what you want, THEN… over time, with each 80%, you will eventually get better and better, closer and closer to what you want.

              * Read my “Designated Hitter” plan in this thread, it is designed to hold the R in the seat more accountable.

              * DON’T GIVE UP. Giving up = DEATH for Millions.

              IVI, over and out.

      1. Your moniker is accurate. You couldn’t be MORE wrong…EVERY American has a dog in this fight. It helps ALL of us when we have two strong, viable parties, including independents.

  54. The GOP is dead & will be buried next year with the passage of the new immigration bill from Obama. The GOP’s congressional & national leadership teams are RINO’s without a backbone nor honor. Unless conservatives &Tea Party members form a united front outside of that corrupt organization there is really no reason to keep on being played as fools.

    1. IF…. it passes. I’m not saying I know any more than anyone else, but it hasn’t happened yet.

      Also, I think Conservatives and TP (basically the same thing) are advancing. They have on several occasions now, replaced “establishment” types.

      I think the question is one of timetable. How much time is left? Given enough time, I think the TP would prevail over much of the country. BUT… “war” has a tempo, and that has to be dealt with, you can’t ignore it. AND… the clock is running out, we need to pick up the pace.

      This is my idea to fix a portion of the problem…
      “Shadow Candidate”…… or…. a “Designated Hitter” constantly at the ready state.

      The Tea Party/GOP Loyalist… should have a Conservative ALWAYS… waiting in the wings (the batting circle) for THAT seat to become available. i.e. based on the time honored, and demonstrably successful notion that… competition cures most ills.

      So… why not have a “Designated Hitter” (JD Hayworth would be a GOOD one to have on deck in AZ), that is ALWAYS waiting there as a stand in for the person currently in the seat. Lets say in AZ, the GOP/Tea Party people of that state were to organize a “Designated Hitter Campaign” to identify a better candidate than the one currently in the seat (McShame, in this case). If he keeps striking out, he doesn’t need to be at bat, he needs to be put on the bench! SO… the implication being, that we would pull your “At Bat” and replace you with the Designated Hitter after any cycle in which the current holder of the seat fails our expectations!

      In other words, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS… have someone in place and ready to go if the current “hitter” should slip too often, OR… on an issue too important. THAT… would supply the person in the seat a real incentive NOT to screw around and think that they were going to get away with it!

      Imagine how Talk Radio could take a poll PRIOR to an important vote, of all the “SEASON TICKET HOLDERS” (those with the money and who are known have made large donations) and the “Fans” (those in the trenches, rain or shine)…. and if in that state, they had two choices, ONE the guy currently in the seat, and TWO, the guy on deck.

      Then, put the question to the Fans and season ticket holders,….

      Q. Would you be willing to replace the current batter, John McShame, for JD Hayworth, should McShame strike out on this next at bat, by voting for Amnesty?

      THEN… you get the Fans and Season Ticket Holders to Call in and Vote on the Facebook page, or by some other mechanism which keeps the Soros Trolls at bay. Make sure you have LARGE NUMBERS of voters, preferably better than 51% of those voting in the next Primary….

      If they vote for swapping out the batter with the DH,….. YOU COULD INFLUENCE THEM AHEAD OF VOTES….

      And… McShame and others would need to think twice about bunting to the First Baseman!

      I suspect, that its too late to influence McShame, hes dying and knows it, and is going to take the path he has taken his whole life, dropping a steaming pile on anyone that gets in the way of what John McCain wants… it happens in Dependent children a lot. They learn Daddy is an Admiral, and everyone has to kiss my buttocks… even though I’m 12…. some of them can be vicious and cruel. In McShame’s case, it was Daddy and G-Daddy… YOU KNOW…. he made them pay!

      1. McCain is the worst rotten P.O.S. on the planet. I hope the motherpfhucker drops dead tomorrow morning – I would throw a party!

        1. HE… is very annoying and he really blew it. He COULD have set his ego aside a long time ago, picked up the leadership principals he SHOULD have learned, and made something out of himself.

          NOPE… ego and sense of privileged self-importance got in his way, AND NOW…. we are paying for it.


          FITREP DOWN!

          1. I don’t think you would ever get It passed the House or Senate.

            We MUST STOP supporting the RNC, PERIOD. They will NOT listen – they will lie, pretend to hear us, and so the same thing they’ve been doing for the last 50-years – colluding with the political party we oppose.

            We HAVE to STOP being suckers.

            1. I wasn’t going to ask EITHER…

              I’m TELLING THEM… we, the people, are going to have someone in place, for each slot. AND.. its NOT going to be they who make that choice. It will be conservatives that select and talk radio that helps vet them.

              I’ll work on cleaning up the text and making that point more clear. Thanks for the help.

          2. J.D. Hayworth tried to “unseat” McCain in AZ a while back. He failed. Somehow, starting at the grass roots level, the Republican party must rebuild. Then, at the national level the Republicans must, MUST, learn to “circle the wagons” and vote, as W.F. Buckley vote for “…the most conservative candidate, that IS ELECTABLE. (emphasis mine). Or, we can adopt a parliamentary system and become Italy. An alternative would be to “infiltrate” the MSM (Fox News, talk radio, buy up the failing MSM.) and replace the socialists within, with people that appreciate the value of Capitalism and are more “fair and balanced”. Reforming the “academic” system and ejecting/replacing the “iron grip” the socialists have in our school system, thanks to the teachers’ unions, would be a good start also! Then in 50 years, this country might have fewer ignorant, entitlement lemmings, and might come to their senses… Fat chance of that, they have discovered they can get “free stuff” by pulling the big D lever!

            1. I totally agree with the Buckley strategy. We need to emphasize that MORE…

              Also, Hayworth was just and example. My point is that… we SHOULD ALWAYS…. have the sword raised high. Right now, there is safety on these votes, because there are no “Barbarians at the Gate”.

              BUT… if the Tea Party, or equivalent, ALREADY… had a Designated Hitter in place, and was the choice of the Conservative vein, THEN… there would always be a “Barbarian” at the gate, howling to get in!

              They would tend to be a lot more careful about their votes, and a lot more respectful of our desire to have THAT vote go the way we want it to go.

              Incumbents win 95+%, but imagine if the TP had a guy lined up for McCain’s slot. We have a name. And that person, that get on talk radio each week and explain what THEY would do and why. And we all had a social media mechanism to express support for the DH…

              THEN… when McCain (or whichever RINO) is actually on the floor, ready to vote, they are going to have to think….”What did the DH get polled at the other day?”

              it would be like telling them, THIS IS WHAT WE WANT… and if you don’t help us with that, WE HAVE THIS OTHER GUY READY TO GO! NEXT CYCLE! YOU CAN BE REPLACED!

              See what I mean?

  55. The same party (D) that is being celebrated today, by many…
    is the same party that fought for 100 years to put the black man back in chains.

    1. The Dems are not the same party, anymore than the GOP is Reagan’s party anymore. Times change and so do party platforms. The past 25 years, I watched this country go backwards in many ways…including trying to put religion into our constitution…

      1. Portia, I agree. Apart from politics I’ve had the rug snapped many times but these two political parties are like rugs not snapping but nonetheless constantly moving, one more than the other.

  56. Wake up Cruz: Here is what your buddies in the House said about you tonight —–“more Republican officials to speak up about Senator Ted Cruz and “condemn him for what he did.” —- Boehner should cut out the far-right flank and work with centrist Democrats.” —-“Don’t bite off more than you can chew” Presently: The House still can give back to the Senate a deal where Obama can not grant his friends Obamacare waivers, and defund free Platinum level healthcare for Congress We all got played, after 28 years, I am done with the GOP. Going Fairfax County office tomorrow.

    1. Think about what you’re saying. If you’re done with the GOP it’s the establishment component of the GOP you’re done with, not the Conservative Tea Party wing. The establishment GOP is essentially centrist Democrats. They vote the same, think the same and spend the same. The Democratic party now is so far left it’s almost communism.

      1. Where do you consider the Republican party? just right of center? very right? Far right? Just curious

        1. Boehner and McConnell are right down the center. They may as well be centrist democrats. Cruz and his types are true conservatives, tea party types who fight for the traditions in which our country was founded. The GOP right now is slightly right of center in my opinion if you added everything up. Not enough tea party folks in the Senate right now to make a difference.

          1. “Guest copied my post!” To answer you guys, I have fought for the Rep Party for the last decade. Cruz just showed us a few days ago the tricks they have to make it look like they vote conservative. The GOP has in fact had the power to turn back Obama for years, but instead added huge Pork and gained personal donations from large Corporations. Tea Party has just gotten in their way. Now Rep leadership has isolated us with this whole thing, and with the media, made it look like we shut down the WWII memorial. I refuse to be suckered again. I will leave the GOP and take my family with me. Have fun without the Conservative/Tea Party vote GOP. Tell me how it goes converting illegal aliens into new Republicans to replace your lost base.

    1. THAT… was really, really disappointing and demoralizing.

      He had to have know a bout a billion people were watching, AND DID IT ANYWAY…. I wonder if he has plans to retire. I bet he does, and THAT is why.

      I haven’t heard that yet, but… that is the only reason I can fathom at the moment.

    2. He didn’t sell out. That is the side he is on. He did what he was supposed to do and got his reward. Good little RepubliCrat.

  57. This proves beyond any doubt that voting Republican means voting for more spending, more taxes, more regulation, more oppression, and less freedom. Might as well vote Democrat.

    1. OK, fight the Republicans every time they are wrong… and right now you have a free fire zone.
      But come on, get realistic, we of a conservative core are not going to support your democrat vote suggestion.

      1. I meant that voting R or D amounted to no difference, not that you should all vote democrat. Me, I’m voting libertarian. If there’s no libertarian on the ballot, I just won’t bother. But one thing is certain — I’m not wasting my vote on another republican.

  58. The Enemy Within

    Today, House Republicans experienced what in a military context
    would be called “friendly fire” i.e., being fired on unintentional by your own while attacking a common enemy.

    However, the incoming fire wasn’t unintentional, but deliberate, malicious,
    and premeditated! Senator Ted Cruz describes the conflagration:

    “We saw the House of Representatives stand up to defy Washington conventional wisdom and stand with the American people against Obamacare,… That was remarkable, it was an incredible victory. Where this went off track is when it came to the Senate, and Senate Republicans didn’t stand united alongside House Republicans…. Senate Republicans instead divided in half and began going on television, going on radio, going everywhere, blasting House Republicans saying, we cannot win, this will fail, there’s no way to win,… And when you’ve got half the Senate Republican caucus firing their cannons at the House Republicans it sabotages their effort.”

    Today, House Republicans experienced what in a military context would be called “treason” i.e., a bifurcation of Senate Republicans, with the unconscionable adhering to the enemies of truth, justice, and our sacred honor, giving them aid and comfort.

    “And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment” (Isa 59:14-15).


    1. OK… AS LONG AS WE DON’T LOOSE TRACK….. of the greater enemy within…. The Progressive Dem.

      If there were 50 less of those in the Senate, the RINOs wouldn’t be a problem!

      1. Not true. For example: how many government departments were eliminated during Bush’s tenure? NONE. How many were expanded? Dept. of Ed — No Child Left Behind; Medicare — Prescription Drug Benefit. You get the idea, I hope, that the GOP is just as bad as the Democrats at enlarging the reach of government, the scope of its power, and then sending us the bill.

            1. That’s what I thought….

              ALL too many people (assuming they aren’t trolls sabotaging the bridge) are happy to shot a Republican in the head when we aren’t winning, but… FOR SOME REALLY STRANGE REASON….. they’ll let the the Progressives run around murdering, raping, and pillaging the orphans, the goats, and the dead bodies,… AND NOT SAY BOOO about them?

              Weird, huh?

              1. NO, what’s weird is that ANYONE who NOT point to all the killing that Bush did for NO reason other than his personal ego and Cheney’s bank account…seriously, I’ll take a Dem over a Bushie ANYTIME…it’s cheaper for this country with fewer deaths

                1. Why do you Dems have such an infatuation with Bush? He’s been gone for five years. Can’t face the failure of your messiah so you continue to blame someone that has had no say in anything for half a decade.

        1. With who? Replace with who? And, before we get rid of THOSE GUYS….

          Give me a list of the Progressive Dems you agree to get rid of? I would like to see the list of THOSE DEMS YOU agree need to go.


        2. I think you Democrats are getting all excited about nothing/ It’s a year before the next election. This issue will have nothing to do with it because the short attention spans of Americans will not allow them to remember it. And a year from now we will have been under the jackboot of ObamaCare for nearly a year. People will be experiencing first hand the uselessness of the Left.

          Frankly, I want ObamaCare implemented because then people will know how pathetic the Left’s policies are. This failure will be wholly owned by the Democrats. Failure will be Barry’s legacy.

      1. BANK on it…but, it will be a HUGE loss for the GOP…this clearly showed the GOP for what they are…Big Business lackeys and nothing more

    2. You might have a point IF Cruz was really fighting FOR the American people…but, poll after poll clearly showed that they did NOT agree with what Cruz was doing…the American people do NOT agree with people who are on the losing side demanding that the winners go along with the losers’ demands…NO, Cruz is just another guy who wants to be president and needs quick name recognition…you will see it all come together when he runs for pres…Just another wannabe

  59. Brilliant Ideas…all of you- let’s break up the GOP into two pieces so we can guarantee that we will never hold any levers of power or win an election.

    1. EXACTLY… frustration is one thing, and if its just venting, I understand.

      BUT… there is still a war to fight, and we need to field a much larger team cause… the other guys play REALLY dirty and there is no where left to go if America falls.

      So, I agree, DON’T SPLIT IN TWO…. replace defective parts, with better parts, and don’t loose site of the MATH…

      Voting is a zero-sum game. Boycotts don’t work!

      1. I am done being blackmailed by closet democrats like McCain.
        I am never voting for any RINO ever again – its time we turn the tables on the motherpfhuckers and use their tactics on them.

        They put up a RINO, or any cock sucker that voted for this, I am writing Vladimir Putin’s name in.

        I Swear To God.

        And I wrote the RNC and all my Representatives and told them.

        You do what you want, I am not falling for any blackmail bullshit anymore. They’ve been doing this shit for 50-years.

        1. Writing in a name, causes the ENTIRE ballot to be put aside and hand counted.

          IF… the election is NOT close, they don’t even bother to count those. Just like the absentees. A write-in consigns your other votes to the shredder.

          It would be better to undervote, at least the other votes would get counted.

    2. There is no difference between the two parties. Voting Republican does nothing but allow you to tell yourself you didn’t vote for a Democrat. Either way the results are the same. we, the people get screwed.

  60. The Senate has revealed itself as America’s Augean Stables.

    Clean it out: RINO – Quislings and the OWS-Dems.

    We need more Cruz’s and Lee’s, who are actually fighting FOR Americans, not against us.

    1. correcto mundo … the CRUZ–aders …. also Paul, Rogers, Cheechetz, Corker, Blackburn, Michele B, Goudy and a number of others … pray for them …

  61. Ted Cruz is EXACTLY RIGHT! Senate Republicans need to be primaried out of Congress by conservatives!

    1. Correct, that is the way forward. You have to target correctly though.

      And, for “effect” upon the others as well. I would say there are at least FOUR that could go as soon as possible, and produce immediate positive gains.

      Full List:
      w w w . f r e e r e p u b l i c . c o m /focus/news/3072096/posts

      1) Alexander
      2) Graham
      3) Cornyn
      4) Cochran

      The six up this time around
      Alexander (R-TN)-Up for re-election in 2014-needs to be primaried
      Cochran (R-MS)-Up for re-election in 2014-needs to be primaried
      Collins (R-ME)-Up for re-election in 2014-needs to be primaried
      Cornyn (R-TX)-Up for re-election in 2014-needs to be primaried
      Graham (R-SC)-Up for re-election in 2014-needs to be primaried
      McConnell (R-KY)-Up for re-election in 2014-needs to be primaried

      DON’T GET ME WRONG…. there are others to be sure, BUT… you have to focus and aim carefully. The four I choose, are all “Red Staters” that should be easier to knock out and replace in states where a MORE conservative candidate CAN WIN…

      The two I excluded for now, are not emotional retains, they are tactical retention. I don’t agree with Collins on just about anything, but… in the Senate WE MUST WIN THE MAJORITY. We MUST get the Organizational vote, so we can stymie anything BHO tries in the last two years. Same for McConnell, I’m very displeased with his cooperation, but Coulter made some good points the other day, and dumping incumbents when we need the Senate back, is risky as it is. So… for NOW… those two, for tactical reasons only, should be retained.

      NOT TO MENTION… we still need to pick up some Dem seats, if we’re going to risk these using an “Upgrade Strategy”.


    2. Isn’t that exactly what happened to certain GOP moderates that ultimately ended up costing Republicans the Senate?

      1. What cost Republicans Senate seats mathematically means nothing if the “conservative” Senate Republicans keep helping the Demonrats achieve their objectives. Even if Republicans held 60 seats, some of these scumbag RINOs would defect on major votes and help Obama, because they are easily bought off like McConnell and his Kentucky dam project. Lindsey Graham and John McCain are two other glaring examples. If you are not a conservative, run as a Demonrat. With those Senators as friends, who needs enemies???

        1. I would imagine that the ability to get elected should mean everything. To your original point, if current Senate Republicans lose their seats to Democrats because they are primaried by someone who can’t get elected at the State-level, aren’t things worse off for the GOP? Sure, the current Senate republicans may sometimes fold to the liberals, but I would expect that you would rather have them “sometimes” side with the liberals than actually BEING a liberal… right?

  62. There is no more blue and red. There is only gray. One party – the Demoncrats with varying shades of gray – from the pale “McCain gray” to the dark “South Sea pearls gray of Pelosi”, to the dark, “almost black Harry Reid wrinkled suit gray.” This is not happening slowly, we are racing toward our demise as a country and a free people.

    1. You shot yourselves in the foot when you gave carte blanche to Bush and he spent and spent and spent and sent our troops into 2 USELESS wars we are still gouging over…try putting the blame where it belongs

      1. Please pay attention. Bush was given carte blanche with almost FULL DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUPPORT. “I was for it before I was against it.” You continue to prove your ignorance.

      2. And of course being the genius that you are Portia, you think that those drones that are flying all over the place to fight those wars that Obama is continuing are for free! Also I seem to note the lack of protest from all the favorite lefties like Cindy Sheehan and the usual Hollywood dolts about the killings done with those drones. In addition if you had even an ounce of intelligence you would understand how much money your Commie president is spending! Or perhaps it`s just your Math skills.

  63. You can measure Senator Cruz’s strength and leadership by looking at how much the leftist elite absolutely HATES this man. They haven’t seen such a big threat to their power since Ronald Reagan.

    Go ahead, let them have their Obamacare. By 2016, people will be so fed up with it that they will have no choice but to vote in a conservative.

    1. I don’t really think the left hates Cruz as much as parts of his own party. You can blame the left all you want, but the senate vote was 81-18. There are only 56 democrats.

      1. It’s not a left right question, it’s a statist vs. constitutionalist question. Too many in both parties aren’t interested in the parts of the constitution intended to limit their power.

        1. TOO many on BOTH sides pick and choose which parts of the constitution they like. The GOP has been as guilty as the Dems in this. The NRA and the GOP stand together on fighting ANY incursion on the 2nd amendment…BUT, where are they on the 1st and 4th? They don’t care, and in fact, often are at the head of the pack trying to tear those amendments apart. Can’t fight for one and not the others…ALL are important with good reason

      2. Yes, Republicans call him an extremist. The moderate Republicans had it in for Reagan, too.

        Fear not. Whenever we stand up for what is right, on any issue, you can be sure someone will hate us for it.

  64. Cruz needs to be more specific. Who were the Senate RINOs who sabotaged the House Conservative effort? Let’s see…McCain, Graham, Collins…

  65. None
    of what you’re saying will happen if job bills are passed. Do you
    think the Republicans will be on board with this?

    Would you be on board with eating your next door neighbor’s dog just because they lie to you and say it’s chicken?

      1. NO, ALL of YOU did when you rallied round Bush’s policies and wars…LOOK in the mirror for just who wrecked this country

        1. You make a lot of assumptions and ignore the support Bush had from Congressional Democrats. But then you are an Obama boot licker.

  66. Cruz, I appreciate what you did, but if you and others want my vote in the future, you must revoke your GOP membership.

    I will never vote for another Republican so long as the party stands. The GOP showed America exactly how progressive it is tonight. Conservatives have no place in the GOP.

      1. Thanks–that’s one option. A coalition will naturally form between all the outlaying conservative options. Until then, my ballot will be blank before I waste my vote on another Republican.

          1. Well, there is hope yet, at least YOU can do the math.

            Now, we need to find a bunch more that can still add and subtract, and haven’t taken drama lessons in an effort to manipulate people who will NEVER see the attempted manipulation.

          2. They WILL win again and again and again. After 2008 and 2012, do you REALLY think a RINO can get elected President?

        1. nat, you’re right to abandon the suicidal, Rovian Fallacy-minded GOP. Look at who controls that party (BTW, I’m an Independent Conservative)–McCain, McConnell, Preibus, Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy and Rubio, all of them RINOs!

          1. I joined the Republican Party specifically so I can vote in primaries against these types. If enough conservatives join and vote conservative in primaries, we will get conservatives. It will likely take a long time.

          1. EXACTLY… you can’t boycott a zero-sum game.

            If you absolutely don’t know what you’re doing, that is one thing. You would not get into an Airplane and try to fly it is you don’t know how. BUT… you could still ask for help, or wait until you can.

            THIS… should be easy. Vote for the most Conservative that can win.

    1. There are some Republicans in the Senate who think it’s still 1972. Wake up. The entire Republican constituency is conservative. If folks like McConnell and McCain no longer want to represent them, they should stand down.

        1. No, if you’re a real Conservative, you form a Conservative-only third party because a Republican will never again be President and with Amnesty about to pass the House, you can kiss the country (and the suicidal GOP) goodbye!

          1. This isn’t Europe. We don’t have a Parliamentary system. Its a zero-sum game, winner take all.

            A Third party, presumably running for EVERY seat, would assure a split down the right that would elect a Progressive EVERY LAST TIME….

            If that is what you’re trying to do it will work for sure. But, if not, assuming you’re honest, that would be the stupidest play possible in our system. It would work in a Parliamentary system though, just never here.

      1. There is no difference between the Republican party and progressives. I will vote for the least damaging candidate, unless my only option is Republican–in which case I will withhold my vote.

          1. I agree. And since voting for a Republican will also result in a Progressive appointment, I choose to vote an alternative.

    2. Where the heck have you been, nat? Conservatives haven’t had control of the GOP since well before Goldwater. So, who’s been in control? The globalist plaid-panted country clubber RINOs that’s who, rich Repubs who want Amnesty for 40 to 60 million illegals and want offshoring to continue.

    3. Thankfully, he’s not planning to do that. you win by voting for the Cruz types. Look how much three in the Senate and about fifteen in the house have influenced this debate. And we’ve already gotten rid of several entrenched Republicans over the past two national elections. Another cycle like that and suddenly Cruz and co will have the numbers to control the agenda.

      Starting a third party from scratch will take far too many election cycles to have any impact.

      The one possibility for a third party would be for Cruz, Palin, Lee, Paul, and all the Conservative radio hosts and columnists to have a meeting and announce solidarity to form a new party NO MATTER WHAT. That might have a slim chance. As it stands, none of them are prepared to do that.

        1. Yeah, I’m hacking in a hotel. Gotta get back to work, though.

          Looks like a very good night to be working instead of watching the news!

      1. Not a chance of getting ay of these elected…when will the Republicans ever learn? And I am one of them…but I am a pragmatist…I want to win…

        1. The legal climate was totally different. Now to get a new party on all fifty states’ ballots is a herculean task in itself. Ross Perot couldnt’ get on all fifty states ballots. Only the Libertarian party has that capability now. Maybe the Communist party. Any “new” party will take years to get it done, unless (as I wrote) all of the top conservatives get on board, no matter what.

      2. “Influenced this debate”…yep, that’s exactly what Cruz wants you to think…so, what did the GOP get from their antics? They got less than nothing because he effectively hurt their brand and Obama got everything he asked for…but, keep pretending Cruz was successful…he is loving YOUR ignorance

        1. With each of these attacks you prove how scared the Left is of Cruz, et al. You know that people are waking up and coming to their point of view. As a Leftist that scares you because what they represent is freedom. Freedom scares Leftists because freedom requires personal responsibility. The Left is incapable of personal responsibility. That’s why they need government to help the needy for them and tell them what type of light bulbs to buy. Keep it up. We can smell your fear.

        2. You believe what you want. It’s how leftists operate, after all. No facts, just talking points, hatred, and the desire to try and bully people.

          Detroit is calling. They want to thank you for all you’ve done to help them.

      3. Up until a week ago, I agreed with you.

        The GOP is progressive, and influences its members to vote progressive. I will not support a candidate who is beholden to a progressive party, regardless of how well he talks the talk.

          1. Get back to me when the GOP represents conservatives. My experience has shown me that the party is anti-conservative. I don’t care if the GOP fails–as far as I’m concerned, they have utterly failed already.

            The opportunity for your party to receive the Independent conservative vote has passed.

            1. I don’t have a “party”

              But a third party is not going to work unless all the top conservatives get on board. They show no sign of doing so.

  67. The Republicans can be damned. I am done supporting these half-assed hucksters and self-serving cowards, who talk with a forked tongue nearly as badly as Obama and Reid, and who enable ignorance and rampant plutocracy by providing the illusion of “choice” and “democracy” to the dumbed-down electorate.

    We have a soft totalitarian govt that’s fast becoming a full-blown totalitarian govt, and with few exceptions, the GOP clowns are greasing the rails on which the hand-basket travels in its rapid descent.

    This political party is dead to me. It’s beyond repair. The GOP are butt-boys to the radical and godless Democrats and to the obscenely propagandist MSM.

    The likes of Cruz are, ostensibly, a rare exception within a party that has clearly lost its mandate.

    This is a party of jackasses who are in irrevocable self-destruct mode.

    1. I am done too.
      Will be changing party affiliation to “Conservative”.

      There is a giant shitstorm-about to arrive in the US.

      Better buy some beans and bullets.

      1. The problem with that, though I do understand the frustration, is that all influence in the Primary is lost. I’m not saying one vote is a lot, but many people together voted Cruz in over the Establishments choice, it does in fact work, when organized. Rand Paul, same thing.

        If its left UNORGANIZED… it never works.

        That is WHY they are all so afraid of the Tea Party, its actually on the correct track. No one worries if your stumbling around in the “wilderness”, your not a threat to anything important. BUT… when you get up next to the “Control Panel”, you start asking questions, you’re taking notes, you’re talking with compatriots, THEN…. they get nervous.

        Cause…. they KNOW that is the correct way to get in the seat they really, really… don’t want you to have.

        Need to bump more of the Progressive/Liberal/Collectivist OUT of their seats, and put in their place:

        A) Conservative (Dem or Repub).
        B) Republican.
        C) RINO.
        D) Independent
        E) Communist/Anarchist

        In that order.


        1. I know were you are coming from, and I recall President Reagan explaining how to steer the Republicans from within.

          I have not pulled the trigger on this decision but the message must be sent to the McConnells and Boheners of the party that their kind can not stand.

          Frustrated beyond my expectations.

          But the shitstorm-statement… it is on it’s way, get ready.

          1. Totally agree….

            Would offer also, the next best message we could send them, would be to replace one or more of these four:

            Full List:
            w w w . f r e e r e p u b l i c . c o m /focus/news/3072096/posts

            1) Alexander
            2) Graham
            3) Cornyn
            4) Cochran

            These are all “Red Staters”, that are in fairly Conservative States, THAT…. we still need to retain (for organizational purposes), but could do with less risk and really drive the point home if they were to get swapped out.


  68. Benedict Arnold has nothing on these rinos. Run as a democrat if you aren’t conservative. Rubio, Ryan, McConnell if you want amnesty run as a democrat. It just became harder to run as aa republican for you.. I am registering as a republican so I have some say in the primary election. Good riddance.

  69. The Liberals are cheering, and do not even realize what was hidden in this bill:


    The Democrats finally got what they always wanted . . .

    . . . the return of SLAVERY to America.

    1. The same party (D) that is being celebrated today…
      is the same party that fought for 100 years to put the black man back in chains.

  70. What do you guys think of Newt saving the Republican Party? Cruz and Newt have something in common. He is an anti establishment, constitutionalist, and have strong backbone. He was trashed by Carl Rowe and other career Republicans. Had not for Romney’s vicious attacks, Newt may have won the primary and would have been a more tougher challenge for Obama. He is now posturing and getting the moderate’s attention in CNN programs. I like to see him revive the conservatives and run for the president.

    1. It is a bit early to think of presidential elections for me. Let’s focus on 2014 and especially the two GOP leaders who have primary challengers.

      1. I hope South Carolina has a good GOP primary challenger for Lindsey Graham. There must be at least one good conservative in South Carolina who can take the fight to Graham. If he were defeated in the primary it would send shock waves across the GOP and maybe even wake a few of those RINOs from their D.C. induced stupor.

    2. Yeah, Newt was more appealing than Romney (marginally so), but don’t forget Newt’s yammering on about a “big tent” that would be inclusive of the treacherous racist vermin Colin Powell, and his ilk.

      Romney actually surprised me with a certain level of backbone and poise during the campaign. Then there was Chris Christie who latched onto Obama with a full-face servitude, apparently trying to undermine any momentum the GOP candidate had.

      Yeah, that’s some party we have “representing” us.

      1. Not mention his sitting on a couch with Pelosi to push climate change and running around the country with Sharpton to promote who knows what. And then there’s his use of democrat talking points to push amnesty.

    3. I always thought it was the GOP that was going after Herman Cain with those accusations. They did NOT want a conservative, black successful businessman to become the next nominee when Romney was per-ordained.

  71. Why do our politicians hate this country? The debt, deceit, they perpetrate is un godly and immoral. They suck! Truth is my fellow Americans with the big hearts and emotional ties to giving away the tax dollars are to blame. Fully 1/2 of America Sucks.

  72. The establishment Republicans have been ignoring their base for years and killing the party. Now they are at war with the conservatives that gave them the House in 2010. The GOP will be taking a bitter pill come election time.

  73. Hey Kelly Ahole senator from New Hampshire. Now you can tell your kids how you helped add to their debt in the future. Please, please, please NH, get her out next election. She is a LIAR.

  74. Impeach John Boehner, Mitch McConnell. These jerks suck. I also am giving up on Cornyn and doubling my support to Ted Cruz.

  75. I knew that “somehow” the President, Democrats and the Republican Congress would agree to a deal on the gov’t shutdown, and by extension, the default. (Coming back in January, by the way). Democrats are lying because we have plenty of tax money coming in to pay the interest on our debt, preventing default, but, of course, that’s not the point. The point is TOO MUCH economic “inside baseball” stuff would have been revealed to too many people as a result of a default. I knew that would NEVER HAPPEN. I predicted it. And Lord knows, we can’t have Joe Sixpack and Susie Soccermom discovering that, too.
    It’s the same reason that this country’s has had to take “continuing resolutions” (instead of a passed budget) to fund the gov’t for the last 7 years: if people actually could find out what Democrats AND Republicans are stealing from them in that hidden budget, Americans would revolt. That’s why in 7 years, there’s been NO budget… just “continuing resolutions.”
    Add to this, the level of the debt ceiling “mysteriously” staying at $16,669,421,000 for over 150 days– all this subterfuge is nothing less than a conspiracy; to hide gov’t malfeasance– covering up the real economic horrors that are awaiting us all… underneath our rotting
    Fed banking/big gov’t welfare fail/public-sector-unions system.

  76. I think I’m going to take my ball and go (to my new) home… TO BELIZE!!!!

    Their national language is english and it’s still close enough to the United States so that I’ll see the fiery orange glow on the horizon that used to be my country.

  77. ATTENTION right NOW. I’m not going to put up with foul mouths from anyone. New people here – READ THE COMMENT POLICY. Scoop Regulars, please do not respond to trolls. I’ve HAD IT! Consider THIS the only warning!

  78. Congratulations, Republocrats.

    Your children and grandchildren will curse you for generations to come.

    1. Damned if they do damned if they don’t. Dems extort them for “holding” up the American people. Their constituents curse them for not listening / not doing their job. The Dems won today for smacking the Republican party. The RHINOS won today because they smacked the Tea Party. As Howard Dean would say YEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

  79. I really think there was no win to be had here. Ted Cruz applied a nice tactical charge into the fray but only for the value of a delay. All the leverage we applied was with a knife and us holding sharp end – cutting off our fingers as we applied pressure. The pain of the shutdown should have been in the president’s court but it fell on the Republican Congress because Democrats are much more articulate with the public and are better strategic planners. In the end the Republicans are more split than ever. We have conservative pundits pounding the Republican congress that rode into the valley of death. The Democrat base is solidified and hates Republicans even more (if that is possible).

    I wonder if a strategy that was never considered might have worked: Pass the bill to lift the budget, back off killing Obamacare and with a note of protest send the bill to the Senate — BUT — with a rider that REQUIRES ALL provisions of Obamacare be implemented immediately — that there be absolutely NO Exceptions for anyone (nobody can get an exemption – no union, no company nobody) – that there be no exclusions of any group or special treatment . I think that would rock the public with a demand for repeal. And they would HATE liberal Democrats. Then even liberals would catch the drift of how damaging the thing is and repeal would be demanded. (or not). But that is the best I can come up with on short notice. What would be YOUR strategy?

  80. I hope you’re wrong, and that the guts of the Constitution are tougher than any of us can know, but unless God intervenes, or has done so, I’m afraid you’re right.

  81. I don’t get it. The President has 1/3 the power and his base is unchanged and still hates conservatives. The Senate is controlled by the Democrats another third of the power. All the Republican controlled congress could do is bark at the end of a chain – and even then, the controlled message of the President and the media dumped all the noise of the shutdown back on the Republican Congress. There never was a chance to win here. But the barking felt good. The voice was heard. THE REAL PROBLEM here is … TOO FEW REPUBLCIANS came out to vote in the last elections and LOTS of OBAMAS liberal democrats DID come out to vote. YOu can’t blame a weak Republican hand in Congress (especially the senate) for what the voters did to themselves. So what is our strategy now to gain seats in the House and Senate next time around?

    1. The voters didn’t do this. There hasn’t been anyone to vote for at the top of the ticket for a very very long time.

    2. There isn’t a plan. This was all about assuring far right backing to avoid primaries. That is a plan for being around 42 in the Senate….not taking over. If INSTEAD they had just waited and asked every American that is paying more for Helath Insurance under Obamacare to vote Republican to end it…. we’d win. Now…. we lose.

  82. Ted Cruz read Ludwig von Mises at age 14.

    98% of Americans do not know who Ludwig von Mises is or that capitalism left USA in 1933 or that tyranny of majority (democracy) has nothing to do with a free society….

  83. Cruz needs to stop focusing on America, and start focusing on Texas.
    America’s toast. Done for. We might not have defaulted today, but we will. It’s a financial inevitability.

    He can still play a role in preserving his state, however. And he should do so.

  84. Despite the fact that 50% of the American people support conservative policies, many of them don’t vote and they are not represented in our government, which has now resulted in the destruction of our constitution, our prosperity, and our freedom. “What can the righteous do when the foundations have been destroyed?”

  85. The guy is right. Say what you may but in “The Game” he was right. Now, Mitch McConnell just signed his Removal (really Mitch? 2 billion for a dan in East BuFu KY but not a Dollar for the I-&1/75 Bridge that has needed a Billion for 10 years and you said “No Earmarks…Tolls are the only way” Really Mitch? Say Hello to Senator Grimes (D) folks. Mind bogglingly stupid move. Every time people pay a Toll on Mitch’s Bridge they’ll remember this. Result: A more Democratic majority in the Senate. AMAZING. And still the Republicans can not communicate a message. Mitch could have included 1 Billion more for that bridge… and guaranteed re-election. What the hell were you thinking Mitch????

    1. The Republicans have had NO ONE that can “Create A Message” since Lee Atwater. What the Hell. And I’ll say this to the FAR FAR RIGHT Conservatives who think things are fine and dandy with this week’s events…. why didn’t you keep your mouths shut and recruit the best WINNABLE candidates for 4 Senate seats in Red States?? Then we’d have full control. But Nooooooooo … instead… you’ve resigned all of us Republican “moderates” in districts voting 60% Republican…. to Obamacare and now… a lot worse in 2016-18. Far Right hasn’t learned what Jane Fonda and the Far Left learned…. “Shut Up and Donate Money” and your POV will win out. GET THE FREAKIN VOTES FIRST AND THEN YOU RULE. Ugggggh.

      1. No such thing as far right. There is centrist conservatism and then there is leftist RINO and the Democrats.

          1. Halfway between sane and insane.

            Like being willing to let the plane crash at an angle, instead of straight down: it’s a compromise between straight down and level.

            1. K-Bob,

              LOL – and now for the political def – and guarantee conservatism will not be found there . . . . .

      2. Even when they put together electable candidates, the establishment Republicans refused to support them. Look at what they did to Sharon Angle in Nevada. Granted it was a long shot, but she did beat out the establishment RINO in the primaries. So what did the Republican establishment do? Gave her almost no support in the general election and in another race, the RINO that lost in the primary to a TEA party candidate campaigned for the Democrat. Some of the Rinos that are losing in the primaries are even running as independents and splitting the vote. Democrats get thrown from the party for those kind of actions, the Republican party throws them a party for helping to lose the seat. The establishment Rinos wanted David Dewherst, but the TEA party conservatives let the voters know that he was a RINO so he lost the run off in the primaries to Ted Cruz. Too bad McCain has so much liberal money backing him in Arizona. The outcome this week might have been different if JD Hayworth had been able to beat him in the 2012 primaries.

      3. Republican Moderates?. You must mean Constitutionally traitorous, big spending, big government, crony capitalist/Socialists. You must all be PURGED!

        1. Yea for the Purge… oh whoops… we’ll then have 36 Republicans in the Senate…and Obama/Reid can instill a liberal majority with open immigration for the next 2 decades. Oh yea…. this was well worth the Purge. I’ll say it again….Mouth Shut….Put Millions into 4 state Senate elections….and BAM…. it all gets reversed. Now…. the liberals completely win for the next decade. Please tell me the Seats that will now swing Republican?….(crickets)…. I’d rather sleep knowing I was in on a plan to actually effect change then to just trumpet my conservative credentials. All that you will achieve my friends is assure that the first THIRD PARTY leans Conservative and guarantees Liberal dominance for decades.

          1. I’m so glad you admit to the treason to the Constitution and all the rest.

            Conservative principals will win if you and your lot ever actually embraced them instead of giving them lip service only, and that only during the primary season.

          2. Conservatism wins when it is given a chance. Try it some time.

            Your kind tried to undercut Regan in his drive for the Presidency and you still undercut his winning principals whenever you can. (But then again you wouldn’t know a principal if it bit you.)

            RINOs have already guaranteed Liberal dominance for the last TWO decades and will continue to do so for all foreseeable futures in which they have controlling say in the republican party.

            RINOs talk “conservative” only during the primary’s and race left the rest of the time. They are only too happy to surrender to socialism and violations of the constitution at the first hint of media displeasure.

            Principled conservatives are like Charlie Brown falling for Lucy’s football trick from these false republicans over and over and over – – – – NEVER AGAIN!

            We will either purge the RINOs or bolt. Surrender to us now or follow the Whigs into oblivion and suffer full Totalitarian Progressive Socialism for eternity, because divided neither of us can succeed.

  86. Term limits NOW!

    One Term. No Benefits.

    The American people never have to go through another reelection campaign again.

    The real power will be stripped from the political parties and returned to the people.

    No one on welfare is allowed to vote until they have been off welfare for one year.

    All voting will be in person and with at least two pieces of picture identification.

    From this point forward, every incumbent is serving his/her last term.

  87. The Republicans and We the people will pay a heavy price for their cowardice. They are letting Obamacare slip through the crack and they know exactly what they are doing. The question is why are they doing this. Why are they letting the socialists incrementally undermine the government of the US. If they are knowingly doing this then they are TRAITORS!!!!

  88. Agreed! I support Cruz 100% and would like to get rid of the RINO’s and several DEMs like Harry Reid and Pelossi among a few. I’m literally sick of them.

    1. This whole episode is playing well to the Democrat gameplan. The conservative factions are breaking up into little pieces with no strategic plan to gain seats in the house and senate.

  89. ————-
    “…The challenge is not to replace Obama but with who. It’s not enough to just change up the uniform, if we don’t change the team and the game plan, we won’t save our country…” – Governor Sarah Palin, principled American
    The socialist Democrat cult has rolled submissive Republican dolts for over 100 years into accepting their corrupt use of government to selfishly take what they fail to provide themselves in free markets.

    Governor Palin, Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and many more Independent Conservatives show the political willpower to stand against these selfish advocates who are consumed with passion based legislation inconsistent with statesmanship, responsible defense of liberty, and honest stewardship of the public treasury.

    More Rino trophies with each election brings us closer to home of the free again.

    1. Quoting a quitter who bailed on her elected duty to the people of Alaska- just the kind of leader we need… no wonder we cant win an election

  90. Establishment Republican Senators NEVER want to lose their gravy train. And they will sell out America for their posh benefits and Louis XIII.

    As for me…

    I AM VOTING ANTI-INCUMBENT, including a personal friend.

    The message is CRITICAL!

    1. I too, have a US Senator as a personal friend. He has always voted very Conservative until the Gang of 8 immigration. He then voted to fund Obamacare and I’ve lost all respect. He’s been there too long and he’s turning into one of them. Senator Roger F. Wicker…you’ve lost your respect with the Conservative community. Have no fear though, the RINOs will open their arms into their camp. I’m ashamed of you.

      1. One think I have observed is that the RINOS tend to vote with the crowd. Even RInos would be marginally OK if they had a majority of fellow Republicans in their chamber to bolster their weak backsides.

        1. Unfortunately, more and more Republicans are showing themselves for what they are…and they are becoming the majority, if not already. First thing we should do to ALL in Congress…don’t pay them! Go back to the days when it was an HONOR to serve your country and you had no hidden agendas when you took office. If you didn’t feel patriotic enough to serve for free, you didn’t serve. We got only the BEST people then and we would today if it was still the case. Today Congress is a ‘career’ where people go to enrich themselves. When money is thrown at them, these people are too weak to avoid the temptation and just go along to get along. Sad, but true isn’t it?

  91. The country is sinking fast…we can’t even compete with most western nations let alone Asia;our schools are failing and we are at the bottom when it comes to math,science and/or basic skills…our “leaders” don’t care,in fact they figure the dummer we are,the better.Obama and the democrats/rinos are the final nail in the coffin,so sad!!

    1. Politicians want to dumb-down the people so they can control them. If people were educated as to what politicians are really doing behind closed doors they would rise up and change it. Since they don’t know, the politicians continue with their propaganda to continue to get us to vote for them and keep them in power. I say enough! Vote all the bastards out and only vote for a person you believe will work to correct this horrible course our country is currently on.

  92. Hey cruzie. The dude you campaigned for in NJ? LOST. You know Obama care? it was opened on Oct 1st. The same day as your ‘shut down’ show. guess what? We in the GOP are not into you anymore. Start your own party, andtake your freaky followers with you.

    1. No worries. We who have recently left the GOP trust Ted Cruz. Assuming you are in the GOP (5% probablility) – good luck winning anything without your base.
      But, in reality, your probably trolling. And, to be honest, your employers expect more inspiring posts than that.

    2. I agree on a new party.

      Today’s Republicans have replaced the Democrats of 25 years ago. (Care to compare policies of 20 years ago?)

      When Americans have real choices, MANY moderate Democrats will move to a 100% moderate Republican party. The 10% Marxist Democrat fringe will become obsolete.

      Then the debate will be between TRUE Liberalism (not Progressivism) vs. Conservatism.

      Democrats depend on a two party system for survival. Once there are options, they will be exposed for who they really are.

      Bring it on…

      We WILL take that challenge!

      By the way, the only honest mommie in you is paid by Mommie Jones!

      BTW… Conservatives don’t use the old “dude” moniker of the 60’s. We grew out of that long ago!

      Liars abound!

  93. Sold out is a understatement. I would call it outright treason after reading this crap.


    Auto debt increases unless you have a super majority 2/3rds vote in the house. WTF

    All you guys who have been supporting the old guard saying its only tactics we all have the same end goal. Well how you like those apples from YOUR boys?

  94. My moniker, “GOP CONGRESS,” was created before the 2010 elections not because of a strong support for the GOP in general, but for the strong support of the party that stands for REAL republican (small ‘r’) principals, which is the Constitutional framework put forth by our founding fathers.

    Unfortunately, the GOP Congress is neither GOP, nor a constitutional Congress. I may be retiring this moniker soon, as I don’t see a way out of this.

    1. How narrow is the gate and strict the way that leads to life, and few are those who find it!

      Vote TEA and allow a few more through the gate!

  95. The voters can start by replacing McConnell, Cornyn and Graham with actual conservatives during the primaries. The phony Graham is already turning slightly right in anticipation of the primary. He is no different than McCain was during his primary race with J.D. Hayworth. Turn right to get elected and after he is safely in for another six years go back left. The big risk is that the new “conservative” candidates talk like conservatives then become a bunch of Kelly Ayottes after the election. People like Ted Cruz with strong personalities and strong convictions to go with it are rare indeed.

    1. Better to take a chance with a new candidate who appears to be conservative than to go with the RINO you know is a GOP surrender monkey. … and a darned site better than letting the dems win back the house or more seats in the Senate.

  96. This guy has gotten away with so much $hit is unbelievable;stimulus,Solyndra,Fast & furios,IRS NSA,Benghazi,recess appointments,Odumbocare,quasi-amnesty.deficits,joblessness,gas prices,debt,lies and on and on!!

    1. The problem with McCain is that the liberal left are pumping millions into his campaigns every election cycle solely to insure that RINO vote. He votes 80% with the Republicans, but only on stuff that has no real value. He sides with the Democrats on EVERY major piece of legislation that comes along.

  97. Got to find out out how to get rid of my GOP card…….”send my credentials to the House of Detention”!…”When the musics over”…..LOL

    1. I had a “the end” moment with the republican party a while back and “broke on through” to the libertarian party of florida. I might lose elections but sometimes you have to go back to what works rather than what this “ship of fools” in Washington is offering now.

      1. LOL…we are all “Riders on the Storm” and have to ride this out for the time being, it was “5 to 1” in the New Jersey election tonight, from here on out we will have to “Take it As It Comes”……

  98. In my opinion, we need more Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, and GARy Johnson nuts and less Graham, McCain, etc RINOs. The Republican Party will go the way of the dinosaurs if RINOs stay in charge.

  99. I’ll bet all the conservatives/Republicans that stayed home in 2012 and all the Gary Johnson nuts wish they didn’t vote for an irrelevant party that will never be elected dog catcher. It’s too late. The 2012 election has sealed this country’s fate.

  100. Without the Tea Party the GOP are just a bunch of wimpish losers. Vote those losers out…. McConnell, McCain, Graham, Cornyn all need to go. They are big business politicians who put campaign donors and their own re-election ahead of the best interests of the American people. They have sold us into the slavery of an oppressive government tyranny that will own us through our healthcare.

  101. Pathetic excuse for a party. Sickening cowards. Why even bother if you are not going to hold on to your principals? Thanks for letting the thug get his way again. Useless bunch of losers.

  102. Well,when our once great country is lost,there’s really no other place to go,i fell really bad,and to think that all the fools that voted and still supporting this idiot have no idea of what is coming is very frightening indeed!!

  103. I hate to say it, but I’ve seen this pattern of the GOP for years! I used to be the biggest GOP cheerleader around, but after GW Bush and the 2008 election, I saw the truth. The GOP did everything they could to sabotage any reforms.

    1. I don’t get the people like you that still don’t get it. Where has Romney been to fight for the Conservative cause? That’s right, no where. He’s trotted out to bash people trying to stop something that was copied from his own Romneycare!
      I don’t believe for one second that Mitt Romney would have done anything to change Obamacare and he sure would be passing amnesty as soon as he could too.

      1. Telling a person you disagree with that “they still don’t get it” isn’t gonna do much to convince them they are wrong. If there is no difference between Obama and Romney then what are people complaining about?

        1. Um, if you like to know it is the senate and house on this thread not the “Oh where was Romney when we needed him” thread. Please feel free to hold your energy until that thread comes available….however you may be waiting a very long time.

          By the way, Romney wasn’t much of a fighter over those >100% votes coming in Ohio….he seemed to get off the stage as fast as possible.

    2. Time for a new party. Republicans are done. They have intermarried with the Socialists and are simply hanging on to their bennies and perks.

        1. My vote doesn’t count for squat in the elections now. There is no representation, from either party.

        2. You have got to start somewhere. Doing the same thing over again and expecting different results is . . . . . never mind

  104. Not convincing enough, this is the country at stake. If you want to control or guide a country, then you’d have the following necessary. Obviously this is better taken up in 2014, if they made a law they can undo it. Nobody cares whether the house and senate stand united, because the people is the only thing needing uniting. These fools are unnecessary if talk radio is more informed than they are. Do we need to sit around waiting for another book from somebody before the country can be ridden of these bags of bones or what?

    1. I don’t get what you are saying. The GOP in the Senate wanted the House to fail. If they would have supported the House, the possibility of at least making big business, unions and those in Governent themselves would have to follow the same law.

  105. The GOP are a bunch of cowards. And look at that crying sissy, Boehner, taking credit for a “good fight” that was nothing but craven surrender to the affirmative-action parasite currently defiling the White House. Scum surrenders to scum.

    And now these cowards and traitors will give amnesty to millions of third-world savages and import millions more at a time when we are in the midst of the worst Depression in our history; a Depression caused by the government. These liars and cheats have the gall to tell us we are in a recovery.

    Our government is now officially the enemy of its own country. We owe them no allegiance. They have no legitimate power. All they have now is force. But they are no less the enemy.

  106. The Repig Party is dead, The old guard are now officially democrats, A new party needs to arise and combat the incorrectness of DC.

    1. As a Conservative, I feel like I must step back and acknowledge that you, of anyone, have earned the right to call me and 50% of the American people (who will forever honor in your service to our country), Repigs.

      But still I do wonder if ad hominem the attacks at those who differ with you politically is the best course of expression given the badge and sobriquet you’ve chosen to comment under.

      Maybe so. It’s a new world. Yesterday’s “Military Man” is the new “Yo Dude”.

  107. I already wrote the Senate Republicans and told them to take me off any fundraising list and why I would not support them in any reelection bid.

    To filibuster your own side…how self-defeating is that. Not one dime from one from any that voted with the Democrats.

  108. Paul Ryan also contributed mightily to this defeat by muddying the waters when there was momentum to delay the individual mandate.

  109. Johnny Boy McCain has done more to damage and destroy the GOP than any other politician in the history of the party. McCain, Graham, McConnell and Corker should seriously consider changing parties now, before their seats are up for re-election — McCain should just get lost.

  110. McCain, Graham, Cornyn, McConnell, and a few others need to come out of the closet and admit they’re Democrats.

  111. Never in the history of the U.S. has 1 president F’d up so bad as the current lunatic we have sitting in office right now. That man is a disgrace, ignorant, loud mouthed, dishonest POS and I have no doubt our founding fathers are rolling in their graves right now trying to figure out why he was elected in the 1st place by a bunch of gutless, low info group of parasites that are only concerned about being able to lay in bed all day and sponge of the taxpayers. These are the type of people that make the U.S. the laughing stock of the world right now. It’s sickening to know that these generation of vipers don’t believe in getting out there and getting their hands dirty to support themselves instead of being so brain dead and manipulated by an illegal roach as president. The only bright side of all of this is that Obozocare will fall apart on it’s own weight in the future. Go get a job and support yourselves you low info moochers.

      1. And ovomitcare just assured that our economy will fail, and soon. People better be preparing, otherwise get “victim” tattooed on your forehead.

    1. “That man is a disgrace, ignorant, loud mouthed, dishonest POS”—- Dan, Dan— take it easy—- you’ve really nailed exactly what and who you are, but that kind of honesty’s gonna take you a while to ingest.

  112. Democrats ALWAYS stick together like glue. Republicans obliviously do not value party unity.

          1. Yes, it does. But I guess you would not know what it is to fight hiding behind someone’s skirt. Pfffft.

  113. Well, this CAVE was the LAST NAIL IN THE COFFIN for the republican party. They just SPIT in the FACE of the majority of us that were left HOPING they at last had found a pair in their sack, only to find out they don’t. The next letter I get in the mail from the GOP asking for a donation, I’m going to CRAP in it and send it back. Time for a third party, period, end of story.

    1. It wasn’t the Republican party it was the Senate Republicans.

      The House stood firm. Let’s give credit where credit is due and blame where it should fall….on Senate Republicans…not even all of them but a core group.

      Do not support a single one of them in 2014.

      A third party plays right into what the Democrats are trying to do. Fracture the Republican party and take the spoils. They have also worked overtime to discredit the Tea Party as a viable option from day one.

      1. Sorry but the House folded when the Sen Repubs come up with something undermining them. The Speaker does not have to let the bill see the floor just as Sen. Reid in the Senate, especially since such bills must originate in the first place.

  114. Cruz is absolutely right. Although, we should have known in advance that the likes of McCain, Graham, Chambliss, etc. would have let us down. When they said that the Cruz plan won’t work, they meant that they would ensure that it won’t work!

      1. Problem is, more than half of America couldn’t spell “is” if their life depended on it. ” I feel your pain”.

  115. Thanks to Senator Cruz and Senator Lee and others who fought the good fight to do something about our growing debt that we are leaving to future generations. Now it’s time to replace some of the “old guard” who seem to have lost their way….and can’t remember why they were sent in the first place. They’ve been in their jobs WAY too long and need to go. And now I read where McConnell got a $3 billion kickback for Kentucky in the deal. Truly disgusting!

  116. McConnell, McCain, Cornyn are all Reid’s fools!

    Gutless leaders one and all…. Remember their names and gut them.

    1. And note the special funding included for their states in this bill. Billions of dollars for a dam in McConnell’s state while the problem is overspending in the first place. It is disgusting.

  117. Cruz made his point and that point is that the Republican party as it’s made up right now, is a go along to get along party and has no intention of representing conservatives. The Republicans in the Senate, not surprisingly; caved, not one concession was given by the Democrats. Nice job elitist Republicans. Cruz has a bright future among conservatives. The Republican party is apparently content to play second fiddle to the Democrats, just so long as they don’t have to contend with us embarrassing conservatives and Tea Party members.

  118. These “republicans” are fools. They are so desperate to be popular, they cave every time. When are they going to realize they will never be media darlings and they will never be popular or beloved by the press. Until they get it through their thick heads, they will continue to be the democrat butt boys.

    1. Poor Pauly Ryan thought he was the big cheese – for 5 minutes. Then the real players took over. Anyone spanked by dimwit Biden should just go away.

    2. They know it. They’re content with their lot in life, to be the party of insignificance. They’re resigned to defeat and so are grabbing whatever crumbs they can while they can. Those who are Senators like the trappings of their office. but they’re embarrassed to be associated with conservatives, especially of the Tea Party variety. So they sue for peace with the opposition as though the Democrats won’t savage them at every turn. Fools, scoundrels and scalawags.

  119. It occurs to me that with the way this battle for Liberty is ending, BHO has secured himself as a not so lameduck. He (they) will be continuing to roll over the people and trample the Constitution until he leaves office. They are transforming America at an alarming rate, they have the momentum.

    We hope to slow them down in 2014 but they will be rushing to beat the vote. Amnesty will the Christmas gift to the American people this year. The scandals will stay buried because we will be looking the other way to stop amnesty. We will be unable to stop it because they will corrupt the process again in ways we do not know.

    I am not a pessimist, but this is the D and BHO pattern. They cheat as Satan always does.

  120. Cruz,Palin and Lee you have sown a tempest. We American vets will hold you accountable. You cleaned out homeless shelters, finding bums and handing them Confederate flags and vet caps. Vets are don’t represented by trailer trash who are slovenly dressed and unshaven. We do not wave flags of the enemies of our nation. We gave an oath to protect and to defend our nation from enemies foreign and domestic. We will never incite insurrection. Palin, Cruz and Lee join in living lives of ill repute.

    1. The only people carry confederate flags are progressive plants. The democrats have always been the party of racism and always will be.

      1. This is true if you study the history of the south and the way democrats voted against racial reforms. But that takes an educated person to actually know history and understand its impact on our country. We are in a very sad place as a country.

  121. We were sold out yet again…that’s all there is to it. The “We’re saving our powder for the next big fight” crowd are just cowards who will NEVER fight, that’s their retreat motto. Have been lied to for the last time; done with the GOP for now and forever. Get ready to be sold out on illegal immigration as well. Bye guys!

  122. The latest i heard(thanks to the British media;U.S media is an Odumbo extension) is that only 51,000 people has signed up for Odumbocare…that’s not even a sell-out on an average football stadium!!

  123. Wow! Cruz got the trolls out on the net, trying to kick him when he is down. He has the weight of the GOPe and Dems and their media coming down on him.
    To paraphrase another hero of mine when she was in a similar situation: He’s ‘not retreating; he’s reloading.’
    The statist’s trolling of Cruz is a very good sign for us: The liars fear him.

    1. If one measures worth by the despicability and vehemence of one’s enemies then Ted Cruz has the earmarks of greatness. He’s not being attacked so viciously by the left because his efforts failed, but because he remains a threat to them. He has my support for 2016.

      1. …so be it,but when the country goes down in flames,blame yourself and the likes like you for your stupidity;sometimes i wonder why those great WW2 veterans and every veteran really fought for?…so the loafers can get free stuff?…really?

        1. I”ll be ok – market loves this spending. That’s the thing, the separation of classes has never been greater – and the sheep can’t figure it out.

          1. And who is in charge during the widest gap in history? Right… Rich have gotten richer under President Stompyfoot. The poor have been prevented from gaining any ground, and just flat out been unable to get better.

  124. He is absolutely right! Ted Cruz for president! I would enthusiastically support his candidacy. I will also immediately work to unseat Sen Lamar Alexander of TN in next years election.

  125. This man not only sees what’s happening, he’s not afraid to call it what it is. That’s about the last shred of integrity the GOP has left – its so-called “leadership” has none and will have no more support from me or millions of other extremely angry conservatives. Cowards can die a coward’s death – take that any way you like.

  126. Look,the house demand was watered down to delay Odumbocare FOR A YEAR,it’s hurting the folks,they’re losing their healthcare provided by the employer because they can’t afford the boondoggle that Odumbocare is,employers are cutting personnel to under 50 employees or less than 30 hrs. per week in order to avoid Odumbocare…and STILL Odumbo won’t comprise,electing to stick it to average Joe instead;but you know what’s ironic?,Odumbo’s core base(the ililterate,dumb-down/lowdown) are the ones who will suffer the most!!

    1. No more delays or byes on Obamacare. It all should be implemented as written immediately. The American people will chew it up and spit right back in the faces of Obama, Reid and botoxed babe.

  127. The republican party has committed suicide. What passes for leadership has told its constituents to f*** itself. If you are a white working taxpayer, here is the bill. All others, extend your hands, palms open.
    BTW, goodbye America.

  128. Because it’s all about republicans, and to hell with the American people. Party over everything.

    1. Perhaps it is about your individual freedom, vs. BIG GOVERNMENT.

      We know how BIG GOVERNMENT has worked throughout history.

      Oh yeah… they teach “self worth” in government schools today, rather than the rude facts of history.

      And of course you don’t get the truth from hyper-wealthy comedians that pretend to be your “friend”.


  129. Even Alan Dershowitz, a diehard Democrat, commented on the brilliance of Sen. Cruz when he was in Harvard Law School and most recently made this remark:

    DERSHOWITZ: I think he deeply believes what he’s doing. I don’t think of
    him so much as a tactical or strategic thinker. He’s deeply principled.
    He thinks he’s doing the right thing. That doesn’t mean it’s the right
    thing, and he’s very hard to get off that principled argument. I saw
    that years ago when he was a student. He was not a compromiser. He was
    not somebody who tried to make friends by accepting what was then the
    political correctness of the day. If you want to defeat Ted Cruz, you
    have to appeal to his principles not to his tactics.

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/10/15/dershowitz-very-strong-argument-what-ted-cruz-doing-deeply-unconstitu#ixzz2hwHK0PxS

    1. Bingo, now liberty lovers know who to vote out in 2014. A very fruitful 2 weeks. In the next few months campaigns will begin spinning up for 2014 and those incumbents who need to go have been exposed before they can get too much of a head start on their challengers.

    2. Precisely…

      He flushed the rats and roaches… and scared the HeII out of the Democrats.

      That is why they co-ordinated the attacks with the Corporate Media Monopoly against Mr. Cruz.

  130. Surprise…McConnell gets a $2 Billion earmark in the package for a dam. Of course HE didn’t request it…

      1. I think it’s more likely graft – certainly acts as campaign fodder which directly benefits him.

        1. Which would equal a BRIBE… payment for voting in a certain way… Something illegal about it for sure, if it was private business it would be called RACKETEERING!

  131. Look for the lame stream media to do the dirty work for the democraps and try to destroy Senator Cruz any way possible just like they did with Sarah Palin;this man brings fear in their hearts because he tells it like it is plain & simple!!

  132. Ted Cruz may have made one of the most Important political moves in recent history. He exposed the fact that most establishment Republicans are really big government liberals.

    1. Well said, the Republican masks have been ripped off the faces of these sellouts and revealed for who they truly are!

  133. Is almost unbelievable how senator Cruz was torn apart trough the lame stream media by RINOS like Mccain,Graham,King;but the man didn’t waiver one bit,that’s the kind of leadership we badly need in this country if we have a real desire to save her for future generations of Americans!!

    1. When you know you are right… It’s easy to take the hits.

      That is why Obama has to blame everyone and everything else!

  134. Nobody has to switch parties or do anything stupid. Its very simple. If a Republican candidate doesn’t have tea party or libertarian support. Dont vote for them.

  135. Cruz fought. Flimsy Glans and McCain didn’t. Line were drawn. Now we know. This shutdown garnered a clear perspective of the sides.

  136. They all are members of the same country clubs, sipping Louie XIII.
    They put their kids in the same elitist private schools and vote to not
    live under laws they FORCE on the American public. They all receive untraceable “campaign contributions” and Americans cheer for “THEIR SIDE”!

    Takers, kids and fools keep re-electing those Lawyer Politicians that only care about their bankroll and power over you!




  137. Wait until you see the Republican non-turnout for the next exection. If the Tea Party doesn’t have a candidate many of us won’t vote.

      1. But they have a few crazy policies that hurt them.

        I am a firm Libertarian because I agree with 90% of their ideas. The 10% will never allow them to advance.

        Until they wake up, they will never be a major player.

          1. Both parties are 100% in favor of a drug war and having the highest prison population on the planet so I have a hard time agreeing with ether on much.

            1. And there are people like me – a “Right Libertarian.” Strong defense. High value citizenship. Natural rights start at conception.

              Sounds ‘Conservative’? It is. However, I also want DC to be ‘constitution sized’ – which, besides other things like most ‘Departments’ abolished, also means that the major social issues should be dealt with at the state level. And even then, as much as possible, left to the individual. As long as one doesn’t infringe on the equal rights of another.

  138. You know the DNC doesn’t go after their own… at least publicly. The problem with the GOP is that the strong are being lambasted by the spineless corrupt cry baby’s and the strong are being lectured that they should just comply. Ah… no!

  139. Make no mistake folks,Cruz is the real deal and i would be more than glad to give him my support in any way possible…great man!!

    1. If Cruz runs in 2014… I will commit $100.00 / month…

      Call it Conservative Insurance!

      If Hill wins… it will cost much more than $100.00 / month…

      FOR LIFE!

      1. Unfortunately, he can’t run for president since he wasn’t a natural born citizen. It doesn’t matter if his mother is or not.

        1. Unless and until the Supreme Court rules, or a Constitutional Amendment clarifying the wording is passed, there will always be doubt. But in the current accepted definition, both are eligible. It DOES matter if a person has a parent citizen since, if they do, they would not have to go through “naturalization” to become one, thus they are a natural-born citizen.

          To clarify, this applies to both Obama and Cruz:

          If the BC’s for each man are real and genuine, they are both natural-born citizens.

  140. Make sure you change your party affiliation to non-enrolled and never cast a vote on the republican line. Even if you like a republican candidate, do a write in vote for them. Casting a vote on the line is the equivalent of a campaign contribution to the RNC.

    Don’t forget #defundtheGOP

    1. If you’re thinking of voting libertarian, or for some new party, know ye now that Ross Perot got 18.91% of the 1992 popular vote, and… no electoral votes. I’d give a lot to *know* a firmly conservative politician I could help. However, he or she would have to be new to politics, or in a first term in some government. After one full two or four year term, most of them are tilting into corruption.

      1. then it doesn’t matter. Because voting GOP is the same as voting DNC now. I have never voted for a democrat in 32 years…I’ll not vote for one just because he has an R behind his name.

  141. Republicans keep getting burned by RINO’s and frauds while Democrats willfully accept getting burned and blame Republicans and Global Warming.

  142. RINO’s figured it out they are dead meat in 2014.

    Thus they are giving us hell now.

    They have awakened the sleeping Giant. The Conservative majority of America.

    1. When?

      Obama received less votes than in 2008.

      Conservatives did not turn out.

      That is NOT coming together!

    2. no we didn’t. The Rhinos tore apart the men that were standing fast. The chickin poop fool rhinos like mccain and mcconnell. I will do everything in my power now to tear the GOP apart. Any true conservatives will need to leave the GOP. First the revolution against the GOP then we can move forward. I am sure the dimwitocrats are salivating that this is happening but once there is a true conservative party they will never see another president with a D.

  143. When the RINO party calls for support or a donation, I’ll tell them to drop dead, and tell them why. Snitch McConnell, McLame and his poodle Graham may as well be democrats. Cruz showed more smarts in the last week than those 3 in their whole political careers. The House and Cruz served them up victory on a platter, and they choked. Now the RINO’s and Noob-io will rush to ram through Amnesty. Resist, and don’t give up hope.

      1. I have 2 poodles. Most affectionate dogs I’ve ever had, love ’em to death.

        Graham, McCain, & the other RINOs.. erm… not so much… primary all of ’em eligible for it in 2014

    1. Cruz knew he could not defund ObamaCare, but he focused the UV light on it just as it was about to “roll out”.

      Cruze is a long term strategic thinker. He has significantly harmed Obama’s, ObamaCare (and Democrats) as it continues to be exposed for the corrupt failure that it is proving to be.

      McCain, et. al. Are either “short term” strategist…

      Or part of the enemy!

      Take YOUR pick!

    2. He was also composed and respectful in the face of fools and embarrassing childish name calling. He was a real gentleman.

  144. Time to turn off FOX (Krauthammer and O’Reilly).

    They pretend to be true Conservatives, but when it’s nutcracking time they side with RINOS! They savor the seductive power oozing out of Washington!

    George Will is the ONLY true Conservative on FOX… His time is limited!

    As for me, I am going to C-SPAN and the Internet!

    1. they no longer can claim to be conservative mouth pieces. We are taking over, they are meaningless now. They fear a third party more than democrats because they won’t have credibility any longer. AND I DONT CARE IF WE END UP WITH 5 MORE OBAMAS WHILE WE GET THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY GOING. EVENTUALLY WE WILL WIN OR THE WHOLE COUNTRY CAN GO TO HELL UNDER DEMOCRAT TYRANNY.

  145. Senator Cruz earned my respect in a huge way,stood his ground and fought for the American people for what is right and just.I don’t care if he was born in Canada or planet Mars,HE IS AN AMERICAN PATRIOT WITH MORE PRIDE & PATRIOTISM THAN THE FRAUD OCCUPYING THE WHITE HOUSE AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED!!

  146. Time and again conservatives refuse to break away from this failed Party, Republicans. We fall for the ruse, lesser of two evils. Don’t vote third party because Democrats will win.

    Nothing could be clearer to me, Republican’s are Democrat enablers. They do not represent conservative values no matter what they say. They are liars on par with Obama. They sold out and are taking all they can get.

    We conservatives need to bite the bullet, trust in faith and pull away. No matter how hard it gets, who gets elected we must Never again trust the Republicans to support our values. If we have loved leaders like Cruz, Lee, Paul, Palin who refuse to leave that failed party we must wish them well and move on.

    1. When a TRUE Conservative party emerges and defines the difference in Personal Freedom and Big Government, most moderates will join in.

      Why would any moderate vote for a McCain, knowing he is a liberal cloaked in Conservative clothing.

      1. … because they’re “moderates,” and that means they don’t stand for much of anything. They travel the easiest road they can find as long as they can make some money along the way.

      1. Let me tell you something right now: If McCain had been elected in 2008 or Romney had been in 2012, nothing would be different.


        1. Absolutely and as long as people engage in wish fulfillment thinking that it would have been different, these same traitors will be returned time and again.

          1. i am afraid you may be correct. People confuse religious persons with conservative dogma. you can have religious conservatives or religious liberals. Hell dingy harry is a mormon too.

        2. I bet Romney would not be aiding and abetting our enemy or allowing christians to be killed.Not to mention taking God out of everything.Romney is more American than McCain.And obama isn’t even an American!!

          1. Romney doesn’t drink caffeine or alcohol, has been married to the same woman for 44yrs, gives much to charity and still some religious bigoted Republicans couldn’t vote for him because he is a Mormon.

            1. the biggest give away that romney isn’t conservative is the rhinos like him too much. he is a rhino…you dont become the governor of MAss if your a true conservative. He couldn’t get elected in Salt Lake, I live just north of there in the middle of tons of mormons and many of them think he is too liberal.

              1. i dont care if my president drinks alcohol, coffee and had three wives. I didn’t say he needs to be strictly religious, I said he needs to be conservative…that has nothing to do with religion when it comes to administrating…it means smaller gover, lower taxes, business friendly…simply get the gov out of my life.

                1. Religious bigots – great talk about being “clairvoyant”? You do not seem to know what you are talking about.

                  Then again conservatism is based on morality.

                2. “What’s so bad about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, that between 1.5 and 2
                  million Christians might vote (or pledge to do so, at least) for Jesus
                  as a write-in candidate ? Bill Keller explains,”

                  “If Mitt Romney is elected, he will be the fulfillment of his cult’s
                  polygamist, pedophile, racist, con artist, murdering founder Joseph
                  Smith’s “White Horse” prophecy that Romney and all Mormon’s believe.
                  That prophecy says that the United States will facing great economic and
                  social unrest, a Mormon will be elected President, declare a national
                  emergency and set aside the US Constitution and enact a Mormon


                  Yes. Religious Bigots.

                3. So the guy is quoting Mormonism belief and is a bigot. Great, don’t quote the Bible then. You may want to get up to speed on Mormonism while you are at it.

                  A person is not a bigot if they vote their religious beliefs. Last time I checked that was a political right.

                1. mass is so far left romney probably looked like reagan, but our nation isnt as liberal as mass. Put romney in salt lake and he looks like a flaming liberal.

                2. Would Mass be better without him, well let’s see since he seem to be spineless and willing to surrender to the legislative branch most of the time and willing to say “it is the law” instead of fighting against it….wait doesn’t that sound vaguely familiar? Why it is a statist dressed in GOP clothing

            2. I guess if a Satanist ran as a “GOP” you would jump up and down and vote for the person no matter what, right?

              You may want to walk back that “bigoted” junk. Since when does disagreement on religious beliefs is = to bigotry.

      2. A leap of faith, friend. That same leap all of us take in our careers when we chose to move on to the next level or stay where we are.

        I believe where we are is intolerable. What say you?

        1. I hate it as much as the next guy. But, cutting off your nose to spite your face only hurts yourself. If “conservative” Republicans and religious bigots would have voted for the moderate Mormon instead of staying home, we wouldn’t have to worry about Obama.

            1. I am not from Kentucky or Arizona. McConnel and McCain don’t represent me and I don’t expect them to. Kentucky is the only southern Republican state to set up their own Obamacare exchange and they have the highest Obamacare enrollment at 5%. McCain is from a state that will become a toss-up state in a few years. Those are the states they represent.

          1. Yeah, good luck then. Let’s recap shall we? GW is the second highest spender in US history, Obama #1 but does that make you feel good? You are cheap if it does. 2 wars at once, sort of ignorant isn’t it? GW almost lost Iraq because of the inept Rumsfeld, thankfully he resigned and victory prevailed until Obama took over.

            The House was lost to Democrats and Pelosi in what 2006 or was it 2004? GW never insisted on funding anything and Pelosi rode that cow home, they are still riding it. GW was way to close to Saudis, our enemy. He talked about Fannie and Freddie but as leader he failed. In 2008 his leverage failed him and TANKED the economy. Is that what a Conservative leader would do? No, GW was his daddies boy, establishment. So in 2008 RINO’s lost the public, both houses and the Presidency. Liberals pushed through all their agenda because people like you refuse to see the truth. Look at the Speaker, he has caved at every crisis, Obama won every single one including today and tomorrow Amnesty with the help of Republicans McCain, Graham, Rubio, Ryan… All those you feel are worth voting for in case who gets in??? Somebody worse? Wake up fool

              1. If that us what it takes to finally organize a Real opposition party python that us the price we must pay. Better now then never because it ain’t working. 7 million illegals, up to 22 million speculated will vote Democrat because they Steve their interest. Who serves ours? All of establishment Republicans have signed onto amnesty. Do you want to know why? Because somebody convinced them that if they actually Pay taxes we can forestall insolvency. Forestall, get it? They kicked the can hoping to get out before it happens. Can you just up and leave? I cannot. They betrayed you and I. What shall you do now that you know the truth run from it or do something? The darkest night comes before the dawn, we made this happen by our blind obedience. We must suffer now in order to live better later.

                1. I don’t blame Obama, Bohner, McConnel, Mccain – or anyone except my representative. I blame the ignorant voters that voted for them. We will be rid of Obama in 3yrs and still be stuck with the same core problem – an electorate that has been raised thinking they are entitled to everything. Until you can fix stupid, you are living in a fantasy world. This generation is stupid.

          2. Maybe if the “Establishment” did not SHOVE their candidate down peoples throats, or change the convention rules, or prevent the Iowa vote totals from coming out on time, or…..Romney did himself in by not attacking Obama when he should and my goodness talk about using kid gloves in the last debate.

            Romney is a big joke and would not have done a single thing to change Obamacare.

    2. i too gave the repubs a chance this time…I was a fool…they are nothing but libtarded light. I should have thrown my vote behind the libertarians rather than waste it. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

    3. We’re already a party without a home. I suspect that we are a much larger party that we realize. AND, the republican and democrat parties suspect it, too, and are both trying to prevent the rise of a real opposition party.

  147. McConnell worked a $2 billion earmark into the deal for his home state of Kentucky.
    Now you know the cost to bribe the Senate Minority leader of the Senate.

    Boehner has surrendered faster than the French did to the Germans in WWII.
    He will forever be remembered as the king of the cheese eating surrender monkeys.

  148. All I have to say is 2014. Toast even if you have a (R) by your name – Definitely if you have a (D).

  149. A new party? Ross Perot got 18.91% of the 1992 popular vote, and… no electoral votes. The game is firmly rigged to keep amateurs out and looking in.

    1. This is not the America when Ross Perot ran…this is a broken nation in more than one way…and it is time for a 3rd party when the other two are working together AGAINST the ‘real’ American people!


      1. Their cumulative IQ surpasses most of today’s leaders (both parties), including the “chosen one”!

        1. I want no part of a party that denotes a name of one group or another…such as…

          The Libertarian Party
          The Conservative Party
          The Green Party
          The Constitutional Party
          And that would include the name…’tea’ party!

          I want a party name that encompasses citizens from all these parties…but who wants to mainly unify to save America.

          We want individuals in this party who want what these other parties want…but that encompass even more of what America has stood for and will continue to stand for.



              I have come up with a name for this new party after watching the great series…THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION…shown recently on the Military Channel.

              After the battle at Charleston…when Washington’s army suffered so badly…it somewhat deflated the drive of the patriots…but not all!

              There rose up a band of patriots…from outside the regular military…that became known as the ‘PARTISANS’ who fought battles not put together in military tents of the
              Generals…but by bands of American patriots…outside the military who stood for America…when it needed help in standing.

              They pushed forward against the English…oppressors…with fervor and resolve…to send them back to England from whence they came.

              They never gave up and never gave in…they had one goal in mind to preserve this great and new nation…for future generations…including our families…and generations to come.

              They had a clear vision of victory and they and the military at that time…fought through terrible odds…to forge this nation into the greatness it would become and sent the English packing.

              When that last ship left to go back to England…what a victory that must have been…and those PARTISANS…helped to make it happen…by standing together…to get it done.

              That is what we can do with a third party… of PARTISANS…from all walks of life…from all parties uniting together…in unity to save America…for our children and their children and future generations to come.


          1. The Constitutional Freedom party is just that. To bring this country back to a Constitutional Republic which was intended. If people don’t want that, then we’ve failed to keep what was given us and we’re no longer the freest country in the world.

                1. All in all in the end…what we stand for is the most important…and all I am saying is that there are a few parties…that are already in existence like the Constitutional Freedom Party…but they have never…ever made an impact…and we need to start fresh…starting with a new name that all from all parties could identify with.

                  I gave my reasoning as to the name…and what they did…to acquire that name during the Civil War…and I think we ‘real’ Americans match those patriots in dedication…and commitment to keeping America free…that is why I like it!

                2. Yepper, lets not give any party a try or tip of the hat….sounds like one of those senators today who stated that the GOP failed just like I said it would two weeks ago.

                  Nothing like prophesying one’s own defeat, eh?

                3. This one is fresh. We just began in November of last year and have grown considerably. But no one’s going to twist arms. We support candidates who are running on all tickets if they adhere and show strength in Constitutional conservatism.

          2. Huh? I’m sorry but that is making no sense whatsoever. The last time I checked the only thing that can unify America is to go back to the founding documents. If not, you have nothing

      2. Are there really an “other two,” or have they in effect merged into the Greedy Party? I’d vote for any of the four you named, plus Rand Paul, but I’ll watch them pretty carefully, not with any distrust, but to see if I come to believe they can make a HUGE difference.


          1. Let me enlighten you…if I can.

            Long, long before there were COMPUTERS….there were
            TYPEWRITERS…where TYPING was done. Now COMPUTERS still require TYPING…and the rules for TYPING…override the rules for COMPUTERS…because it came first and set the precedent for all to follow.

            In the TYPING world…when you have an important point you want to EMPHASIZE…you TYPE it in CAPS…to stand out…from the rest!

            YOU GOT THAT?


            1. Hmmm, well here in the 21st century there are no more typewriters but computers and the last time I checked there was no social medial connected to typewriters so get off your duff and start learning the etiquette of social conversation via computers or go back to your typewritter and type/mail a letter to someone who cares…

              1. Well…now…Bubba…you got that right…there are very few typewriters left…but there are plenty of KEYBOARDS…with keys for TYPING…are there not…Bubba?

                STOP MAJORING IN MINORS…you got anything important to add to this thread or not…if not…give it up!

                1. Really, let’s recap: I was being polite, helping you understand the 21st century, so that you would be “heard”. Instead, you go out on a limb talking about the “law” of the outdated typewriters and your complaining about the majoring in the minors.

                  Please do all of us a favor – reread your post while looking in a mirror before hitting the button. It may help you in the long run.


      2. Or maybe if RINO Bush did not raise our taxes Parot would be a non-factor…but then the “read my lips” has new significance.

    2. Ross came across as a nutcase. Not true, but he acted fringe.

      Lee and Cruz are not nutcases and can effectively articulate their true positions… In spite of the Corporate Monopoly Media.

    3. when the GOP keeps losing and they have to put a D behind their name to win maybe theyll get the hint.

    4. Ross Perot was his own worst enemy. One must remember that he wasn’t doing that poorly until he couldn’t make up his mind….

  150. Get rid of McCain and alllll the other libs in the Republican Party undermining it. Or get out and run right over them and move them into the Ocean. And don’t let them back in, leave them on an Island with the snakes Pelosi and Reid and all their buddies. One or the other. McCain and the rest of the traitors including Carl Rove flinging us into slavery have to GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That’s the best plan we’ve got. Take control and be ruthless about it or there will be no more GOP at all.

    1. I agree. I would also point out though that in a sense Cruz is the RINO. People forget that the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln, you know, the guy that murdered a million Americans for the sake of seizing power from the states and centralizing it in DC. This has been a long time coming. Since Reagan basically the GOP has not done anything to advance the cause of freedom or small government. The Democrats are worse granted, but we act like this is new. It’s just taken a while for us to open our eyes.

    2. Better to throw out the rinos and keep the structure. Inside the party or outside the party (a3rdpty)still would have to beat rinos and democrats.

      1. if possible, which if we can sure lets do it…not convinced it can be done. probably need a third party.

        1. The demopcrats are one complete party, if the republican party is split, one half being republican and one half being ? that is 2 halves of a no win solution. Republican party must be changed.
          If we can’t win as a party we sure can’t win split x two. Remember the 2010 elections, it can be done, we can win and replace the RINOS. That is the key.

          1. I wont participate with people who betrayed me…I know who I am. If the nation only has 5 percent that think like me then we are doomed…So be it…ill not compromise to the point we all have to agree to this lunacy…this is not freedom…not at all.

  151. McCain and Graham exemplify why Conservatives did not support him for his Presidential bid.

    Pseudo-Conservatives attacks on Lee and Cruz are destroying the Republican party to maintain their grip on a once great political party.

    As long as they attack other Conservatives, many of us will work to defeat them OR we WILL stay home in 2014.

    The corrupt Republican catfish talking out of both sides of their mouths, yet supporting the American march to ever growing BIG GOVERNMENT are destroying the GOP.

    They, along with Democrats are seduced by their power… at Americans peril!

    There is an option…


    Step up Ted, Mike and Rand!

    1. One cannot stay home and not vote. I don’t care what your reasoning is,
      there is no way a republican of any stripe is as bad as a democrat. The
      more we elect conservatives, the larger the opportunity to turn around some
      leftover rinos. The weak ones will eventually jump on the conservative bandwagon if the group is large and powerful enough; even if just for self preservation. If one votes democrat there is no opportunity. If one stays
      home and does not vote, it is a vote for the democrat.
      A sports analogy: If you don’t shoot at the net you never score (hockey and soccer), if you don’t swing the bat you have no chance of having a hit.
      Hold the line! Vote for conservatives.
      If people do not start using their brains, I am going to have a coronary! LOL

      1. You keep voting for the D-lite rhinos after 30 yrs.of voting for the least of two evils (esp. the last 15yrs)I`m done with the GOP
        I`ll take my vote and Money to a third party

        1. Then you’re just handing the party over to the RINOs … not a good idea. We desperately need to take over the GOP, not hand it over to the democrats for all time. Vote conservative, true grit conservative!

          1. so far he has stood tough, it is impossible to know if his true core values are being reflected, however it appears to me that he withstood public criticism from both left and right the entire leftist media and about 25 percent of the nation. The rest of us…well we should respect that he stood fast and if he runs for higher office we should support him. We really just can’t know…if in the end he is a liar too then this nation is truly doomed unless we rise up against the people who have overthrown the Free American Citizens of our nation.

        2. yep, slowly like a boiling frog they have moved left, we kept voting republican like the good little mindless lemmings that we are. Thank God we have awoken.

      2. Yet, the “vote for the least evil” how is that working??? Is McCain really better than X?

        A second party is a must and we need to work at it now, not later. The GOP has no love for conservatives, doesn’t the 2 bil earmark speaks to trying to keep McConnell in power? Do you not remember the rule changes done at the convention?

        Let’s start working the other way, support and vote for those who are lovers of our Constitution no matter if they are GOP or CFP or other party affiliation. Forget the “RINO” they will never ever ever ever change.


  152. These GOP idiots wanted the free government insurance and sold us down the drain for pennies. I dare then to have a vote in the Senate for the free ride now way they will put their name on a vote cowards.




    Call them America…and tell them of your displeasure…your disgust…and your dedication to throwing them out!


      1. What needs to be done…is for sitting members of Congress to defect…and start it…that way it will have a kicking off point right out of the stall!


            There are always catalysts that propel men/women to do what once seemed impossible to make it possible!

  154. ===================================================
    Bye Bye GOP.
    You win, you get what you wished for.
    Hope you are prepared for YOUR eternal 3rd Party status

    1. There is little precedent that shows third party success. I’m afraid we are in for a very long transformation back to reality. The GOP has went to crap but a third party will have trouble.

      1. Actually third parties have in the past been very successful in other countries such as the UK and canada and of course gave rise to the GOP. I believe times are as dire and events a cystalizing as those which have changed dynamics in the past.

        1. Probably…

          Just another recent government school graduate… living in mommies basement, getting news from a comedian and voting a living rather than working.


          he likes it!

          1. And the EXACT reason why GOP is becoming irrelevant. Alienate people. No I work. I pay taxes (probably your SS and Medicare) but go ahead and keep making blanket and ignorant statments.

            1. you once again have no clue. WE are not the GOP. We are the alienated former GOP voters…We are not interested in becoming friends with the enemies of freedom. Now do you get it?

        2. Of course not. But you can’t shut down the Gov’t and threaten the debt limit because you have a problem with a law that was passed.

          1. and yet it is okay not to fund the fence, enforce the law of our boarders???? Get a grip! By the way, it was your president that was holding the nation hostage not conservatives but let not the facts bother you too much.

            1. You need to go back and learn how our Government works. You CLEARLY, don’t know or have selective learning. Sorry to be coarse but I cant’ respond in kind and certainly not seriously to your response.

      1. Democracy is two man and a women stranded on an island… Voting on tonight’s entertainment.

        Is that what you REALLY want?

        We are a Constitutional Republic…

        Or were!

      2. Democratic republic of North Korea.
        Democratic republic of Cuba.
        Democratic Republic of China.

        That is Democracy.

        Thank God we are not that.

        1. Yep, this representative republic has deteriorated into a democracy, and democracies deteriorate into socialist states, and on down til they reach tyranny in all its “glory.”

      3. keep telling yourself that. Bet you were the first to complain when the house held up this until the rhinos caved. That was democracy too. cept you cried like babies when it workd the way it was supposed to. What just happened to us has nothing to do with libtards. It is between us and the GOP who betrayed the conservatives in this country. We already know the dimwitocrats are low information takers…first we deal with the GOP then we deal with the libtards…all things in good time.

        1. What a thought provoking and mature response. I especially liked the “dimiwitocrats” and “libtards” references. And you call them low information voters? Pfft. You do your party more harm than good.

          1. I would not portend to attempt to provoke thought in someone so obviously void of any. What party would that be? I currently after rejecting the betrayers of the GOP, no longer have a party…what is pfft? if you’re really are trying to come across as though my comment was not worthy of comment…then why did you? Silly nonthinker…you have revealed your true nature…

      4. Personally, I don’t care what the outcome was… It’s the deal making between the bought off politicians that’s killing the Republic of the People. If you call that democracy your mistaken yet, you’re free to be mistaken in my view. Cheers.

        1. It’s called politics. Look at history. Hamilton bought off Madison and Jefferson to get the votes in order for the Federal Gov’t to finance and service all debts incurred by the States during the Revolution. Furthermore, look at the 13th Amendment. Do you realize how many goodies were given out in order to get Dems to vote for that?

  155. Hey, I know, tell the GOP all the money they got/get from kickbacks will be worthless soon unless they fix this *hit >_>

  156. Ted Cruz needs to be immediately expelled from the GOP…he makes me sick to call myself a registered Republican

    1. Bingo. And he is wrecking the party. How many Republican congressmen in close districts (ohio, Pa, New York) are now concerned about being re-elected? Tea Party is destroying the GOP. If GOP loses control of the house, you can pit it directly to the Tea Party and their nonsense.

          1. here is my new rule GOP liberals are not my friend. I swear to attend to the business of identifying repulicrats from conservatives. Just because you are a GOP follower, does not mean we agree…contrary…unless you think Cruz is good..then you may as well be a democrat cause you follow gop leaders who are really liberals with an r.

        1. Way to dismiss real issues they brought up. Look at NJ, bringing Palin in was just the last nail in the coffin for us against Booker.

      1. Ted has it all right. I know he set out on a battle that had little chance of winning but now after listening to him for a few months I put him at the same level as Reagan. I know that is steep but he has it right. He wants to save the country and those that ridicule him are asleep. We have to follow his direction or we are all finished.

      2. You know nothing about the Tea Party. You only parrot the lamestream media. A third party is in order and I for one will totally support Tea Party Candidates. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE TEA PARTY!!!

        1. I know that they waged a battle they couldn’t’ win and in the process alienated a lot of voters. Politically it was an awful (and dumb) move and I only hope it doenst’ cost the GOP the House. The last thing I want is for the Dems to control everything again.

          1. People are sick and tired of the status quo. The polls now show that only 13 percent of the American People feel the country is moving in the right direction. I pray there is a third party. I would love LOVE for conservatives like me to move to the a third party. I believe CRUZ put the American people over politics. He showed guts and integrity. Unfortunately the Washington Establishment is so strong, but with Cruz and the other conservative young bloods we have hope to save the REPUBLIC.

          2. omg, a battle they couldnt win because they were betrayed by the GOP who should have been leading the fight in the first place. I blame the GOP for being such puzz wads. They didnt alienate me, for the first time I am throwing my support to them . I too was once a duped Republican party voter…we won’t get fooled again…

          3. Right!! Boehner has given Obama everything he wants and now is giving him the purse strings of the Federal Gov. Please get out of the Beltway and back to reality.

      3. Over a Dozen RINO’s lost in 2010 all we ever hear about is the one Tea Party the RINOs attacked and voted against that lost.

        RINO’s voted for Harry Reid and gave him six more years. Go to his party and get the hell out of the GOP. That is where your damn heart is.

      4. The GOP will lose the house because they have just betrayed and disenfranschised the largest part of their constituency. Whatever happens in the next couple of election cycles to the GOP is their fault. Tea Party may just save conservatism in this country. It will be painful but worth it in the end if it succeeds. the current path we are on will only end the worse possible way so we have nothing to lose.

    2. If you don’t like the republican Party RINO, then get the heck out. I am soooo sick and tired of you guys destroying the once great Republican Party. Looks like a third party is in order and after voting Republican for years, I have finally had enough. You guys are soooo disgustingly CRUZ/LEE 2016.

      1. unfortunately they have powerfull collaborators and routing them all out may be difficult if not impossible.

    3. @Israfel, hey what exactly did Mr Cruz say that was so offensive? I’ve been offended for a while with the RINOS and democrats for obvious reasons, so tell me where did Mr Cruz go wrong then offended you? please take your time no hurry I’m making a fresh cup of coffee, so take your time. It’ll take me a minute I like cream and sugar with my java.

    4. Yea we have won every big election under the GOP and have trillions in debt and the country is going down and down. But Cuz is the problem. Can’t wait for a another Doyle,McCain and Rommey the owns the liberal press pick for us

    5. nice…so you are a registered republicrat…the little brother of the leftwing dimwitocratic party. Must be proud to be so blind.

  157. Now, Obama is going to give a speech between the votes. The only reason is to stick a knife in the Republicans and TP. All Politics, all the time – it is the Chicago way. What a jerk.

    1. Well he has completely routed the RINOs so he feels entitled to take a victory lap or several.

  158. Who is sicker than Democrat politicians?
    Who is sicker than RINO politicians?
    The people who voted for them.

  159. According to a report this evening, a hot mic picked up Obama and Biden making fun of the new health care law. Looks like the president just gave Ted Cruz an early Christmas present. http://goo.gl/Dqnhbx

    1. That’s not a news report. It’s satire. The Daily Rash is a satire and parody site. In their own words, “Nothing here is very true.”

      Believing something posted on The Daily Rash is like believing something on The Onion. Wanting to believe it or thinking it’s believable does not make it so.

  160. Leaving the GOP after 28 years. My voting for the lesser of two evils RINOs (Romney and McCain) are OVER. I will bring my family with me too, and a few friends with me. If Levine forms another party, I am all aboard. As of now, Independent and staying home.

    1. You have thousands and thousands of others right with you. We will kill the GOP by voting independent and create a party that defends the Constitution.

    2. My family left with me six of us voted against Romney. But we did vote for two Tea Party Republicans.

  161. Is this it?

    Are the House Republicans now basically road-kill?

    Have they essentially surrendered all their power not only now but for everything else in the future?

    What is going to happen next time we have a crisis like this?

    Are Obama and his Democrats going to get what they want far more easily and just walk right over the Republicans?

    1. I feel abandoned and I feel like I have no representation in Washington. Our Constitution is being destroyed now by the republicans who were supposed to represent us. What a bunch of weak individuals we now have in the GOP. Time for a new party.

  162. The problem is and has been the US Senate since Barry O came into town. No budget passed or even debated by them. Its time to throw them all out. The problem is special interests and pet pork lead people to re elect scum like Reid and McConkshell. Its a shame too.

  163. I want Ob☭maKare GONE but I do not see how the Repub Senators backing the House would have gotten anything done to end Ob☭maKare. Reid would never let any such thing come to a vote and even it he did and it passed Obama would veto it!
    I salute Cruz for standing strong against Ob☭maKare and speaking out against it but the budget was not the way to fight it. Sure the House determines spending but they alone do not pass a budget and implement spending.
    BTW, the Senate did behave disgracefully!

    1. Of course it was the way to fight it. 0care was a huge increase in taxing and spending and was what all ‘Republicans’ ran against. It was precisely the best issue on which to take a stand. It would have worked except for the craven RINOs who attacked their base, capitulated.

      1. HOW would it work? HOW could the Repubs get anything passed when there is no way Obama would sign it and no way Reid would even allow it to get that far. Plus, we have the media spewing propaganda against us.
        Take a stand to what end?? All you seek to do is protest with zero chance of success. I see no plan for success.

  164. I am not voting GOP in 2014. We need some kind of new Constitution party. F all those Fing losers that are supposed to ‘represent’ us in Washington. I hope registered republicans destroy the 2014 republican ballots by voting independent. Our Constitution is being destroyed by the tyrant Obama, his gestapo, and now the GOP.

  165. “I was laughing at Boehner — until the mail came today,”
    www dot mercurynews dot com/nation-world/ci_24248486/obamacares-winners-and-losers-bay-area

    Will you Obama-loving low-information scvmbag be laughing too? I can’t wait to see the expression in your face when you finally manage to sign up on the Obamacare website.

  166. A point that Mark Levin made, but that some made have skimmed over: Obama just got everything he needed tonight. From now on, he’ll whisper, “Crisis,” and the U S will turn upside down and give him whatever we might still have, and he might need to deal with the crisis. He: “Another trillion, children.” We: “Yes, Master, immediately Master.” Unless we don’t cave, but if we try, “No!” may come out as the frightened whisper.

    Harry Reid is on the tube. Excuse my barf.

    1. My thoughts exacly. Nothing the GOP can do will change my mind of voting independent in 2014. Time for a new party that actually defends OUR Constitution.

      1. Not me…..most Independents vote with Democrats…

        I want a completely New Party…..and it will happen…

        1. I want a completely new party as well. Are you saying that we don’t need to kill the GOP first by voting independent?

          1. No I don’t think we do….

            There will be a new party, brought about because of the Tea Party, it will be neither Democrat nor Republican…and this party will do what is right…

  167. The Republican Establishment has done it again. Okay, now that they’ve come up from their normal Senate bicycle rack position, we’d better see some improvement. If not and we hear that Mr. Cruz, et al., and over half this party are to blame for any failure of todays performance? Goodbye RINO’s and goodbye GOP for me. I’m done with this.