Ted Nugent on CNN: If you wanna stop illegal gun trafficking, arrest Eric Holder

Ted Nugent reacts to yesterday’s proposed gun legislation on CNN, explaining what he believes really needs to be done. He ends the interview by telling the host that Eric Holder needs to be arrested if we want to stop gun trafficking.


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76 thoughts on “Ted Nugent on CNN: If you wanna stop illegal gun trafficking, arrest Eric Holder

  1. Go back to the times when the colonists were being subjected to the unjust edicts and declarations of the crown. We’re way past that point now. When was it necessary for the German Jews to stand up and revolt, before gun registration or after? If you want to give them a few more decades to fully implement their unjust policies of evil, fine, but just how many decades or centuries after that should we wait to contact you and confirm it was high time for “violence”
    Each of us has to make that decision based upon what he/she believes they can take no more. I may just wait it out in lawn chair with popcorn and gun in hands viewing the calamity of liberal policy…..should make better entertainment than any possible reality show today.

    The nation shudders uncontrollably as President Obama hands the microphone to
    the terrified mother of one of the murdered children of Sandy
    Hook. There is a hushed disbelief as the crowd slowly realizes
    that our fearless leader is actually standing on the crushed skull of the dead
    child. It seems Barry enjoys as much altitude as he canpurchase at the expense of the grieving
    parents. It helps him to look down on everyone. He would fit right into any
    neighborhood AA meeting where they admit to knowing nothing of human
    relationships. Our boy Lollypop doesn’t make friends with the devastated
    families, he takes hostages. You see as a victim of severe childhood abuse
    himself, Obama knows nothing of the warmth of human kindness. He never learned
    how to make relationships. His primary relationships are with nicotine,
    basketball and cocaine. The communist inspired Democratic
    Party admits that their unconstitutional gun grab would have done nothing to
    prevent the murder of the children but the power gained over the average
    citizen is truly intoxicating. They know full well that the 2nd
    Amendment was designed specifically to protect us from them.

  3. I love how the argument for the liberals shows an overwhelming love for laws, but an aversion to the implementation of the laws. And, an utmost respect for those officials who break the laws. An unenforced law in my book is a law broken by the judicial system. Yes, Ted is absolutely correct – Eric Holder should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

  4. Nobody
    willing to take one for the team.  The Left may want to have such an
    excuse, perhaps the question to ask is what is the risk in forcing their
    hand?  Is more time helping them or us?
    That is a
    toughie.. I could see a one-off event like icing this guy, however, as
    helping them. A lot.  It will help them because they will report it as
    another reason for no guns.  But say guns aren’t used, then they push
    the “dangerous-right-wing terrorists have to be stopped” because next
    time it might be a gun, or a bomb or whatever. Its will give the the
    thin veneer of  legitimacy they crave to go after the right wing as if
    they are are criminals. Not that they won’t anyway, but there is some
    truth that a guerrilla resistance requires a population to be on their
    side so that someone noticing their activities won’t report them.  I say
    “some truth” because we know most libtards will believe anything the
    government puts out- they already consider us all terrorists, criminals,
    and evil – which is why they have no fundamental concern for our rights
    and no fact or action will change their mind. That type is willing to
    kill millions of us and not blink an eye, knowing that by doing so they 
    usher in the great Utopian tyranny of Socialist Marxism. We are second
    class citizens by virtue of not agreeing with them, and that is all they
    need ( or want) to know. .. but in Urban areas that squishy middle
    might make the difference between  a successful operation and a bust.
    the original revolutionary soldiers were already quartered in peoples
    homes in Boston and the harbor  barricaded ,  and still no one was
    shooting.  – it was only when they actively moved to disarm the
    countryside did the war start- and even then many of the men assembled
    at the Old North Bridge saw smoke and believed the British had set towns
    on fire. Confusion and high emotions help to start wars, but  only
    because they  bring to surface what has been smoldering a long time. 
    The longer Patriots wait, the more soldering there is. The more people
    who are directly affected by the tyranny get angry. Even the libtards,
    suddenly paying 20K a year for  LESS coverage with no subsidy – when
    they were promised they could quit their job and make macaroni pictures,
    but Pelosi, will be disillusioned. probably not enough to fight, but
    enough to want to disassociate themselves from the rubes and not take an
    active part. The longer this plays out, the closer the dollar comes to
    collapse, the closer the EBT laden armies of the left are to not being
    able to buy food, the worse everything becomes and less support the
    regime has.
    For the time being the public perception is
    important. One of the perks of Obama winning re-election is that
    reasonable people (including the reasonable but ignorant, low
    information squishy middle) will place blame on Obama for the costs, the
    economic slowdown, the fascist totalitarian laws etc.    Of course, at
    some point, Obama might set up a false flag to try and blame Tea-party
    terrorists to distract from all of that.  If that works, and public
    perception is lost, there is absolutely no reason for Patriots  to NOT
    go ape-sh*t – which may be why Borat  hasn’t  done it yet – fearing that
    a false flag may be heard as the shot heard round the world, and will
    trigger a wholesale rebellion. And yes, A patriot taking that shot 
     <MIGHT> set that off. Might bring to the surface the smoldering
    anger. Or it might not. But its certainly very easy to paint Patriots 
    as the bad guy – acting before the tyrants  actually try to take the
    guns -actually march upon Lexington and Concord. .  Its still their
    move. Patriots have shouted and continue to shout Molon Labe. So far,
    they have only dared to send strongly worded letters about gun permits
    being revoked.  As Sayet said- first you have protest. Then you have
    civil disobedience. The killing only begins when the government comes to
    enforce their meaningless bits of paper.. to silence dissent, to
    confiscate property for not paying taxes, because they think you
    shouldn’t own guns or whatever other reason. Declaring the intent is
    certainly treasonous and in a rational world this man would stand trial-
    but our republic and the rational world are gone. Patriots must, for
    the moment, wait.  Borat is the one on the time line. It is he who is 
    loosing power and credibility  each day as the dollar nears its end and
    the economic situation grows worse. It is he  who has to sell another
    international war to the American people, most of whom believe “war is
    never the answer” .   It is he who will be forced to irresponsible and
    desperate acts of theft and of violence and of persecution  as they take
    arrest prominent talk show hosts and conservatives,  seize  bank
    accounts and 401ks, and attempt to take guns. . . Patriots  must strike
    when the iron is at its hottest, and it gets hotter each day, and I
    don’t think any of us see a break in that trend nor any event that might
    reverse it.
    I do wish some of these asses would  just
    quietly disappear. Maybe their bank accounts go empty. No one knows what
    happened.  Maybe he ran off with his mistress to some beach… No
    statements are issued. No one takes responsibility. No crime scene,
    weapon , witness, or body is found.   Police investigations turn up
    nothing. Not that I am advocating such actions – merely exploring a
    hypothetical case, that would punish the treasonous bastards without
    doing a lot of damage to the cause. But they will get theirs when the
    time comes. They all will. Even if that time doesn’t involve us and they
    are standing before God in judgement. 
    If a full-on Civil
    war broke out, the cities will come under siege, and the populations
    within I am sure would be very critical of the Patriot resistance. Not
    having food, water, electricity, sewage, fuel  or law and order will do
    that.  The point is, they will only be angry at the resistance so long,
    till the point becomes moot. 80% of the people in Urban Areas are people
    who voted to deny others their rights, and as such deserve no mercy. . .
    They act like children, so its tempting to think of them as being
    nothing more and ascribe them a sort of naive  innocence in their
    actions- but they ARE ADULTS – ADULTS who made the DECISION to refuse
    adult responsibility, who made the decision to ignore the arguments and
    warnings of the Patriots, who made the decision to ignore common  sense,
    reason and thought and decided to try and bully the rattle snake. 
    Don’t Tread on Me was their warning. They deserve no pity or mercy after
    deliberately taunting the snake and daring the snake to bite.   The
    other 20% Patriots  can hope are smart enough to see the writing on the
    wall and plan accordingly.

  5. Note at about the 4:58 mark this talking head says…”if there had been a background check, and that had shown up, he MIGHT not have been able to get a gun.”  these progs will go to any length to continue taking our liberties.  the new proposal will do NOTHING to prevent the murderous acts of these people, nothing.  since when did criminals or the criminally isane, abide by the law?

  6. All one needs to do is look at dissolution papers, nearly all have some type of “abuse” allegation, vast majority being false on their face.  Nugent is absolutely correct about the protective orders.  In my state you can get one if a stranger sneezes at you.

  7. I’ve never seen Lefty Burnett treat a conservative that respectfully, she must be a Nugent fan.

  8. …………dont’a cha love her madly……………want to meet her daddy………………..
    sorry, when a song comes to mind it has to come out.
    Love Ted Nugent and agree on arresting Holder!

  9. News Flash:
    Guy in  NY get’s guns taken away over what turns out to be a ‘clerical error’.
    I’ll rest Ted’s case for him. 😉

  10. The shooter in Newtown was not some guy a lil depressed.
    He was so seriously mentally ill and could not function in society   He should have been put in an institution to protec him and society   Instead they gave him meds and put him out with the rest of us
    Samething in Colorado, Arizoan, Virgian Tec……These people should never have been able to be denied guns, cus they should have been in an institution all along

    1. Mokadoka You are right of course about him being mentally ill but that is not why we got all the dead children.  We got them through advertising to the mentally ill places where they can kill to their hearts content with no fear of the police stopping them until they set a new record.  That is why they died.
      It was stupid to keep all the mentally ill confined.  First of all corrupt doctors could put people there out of spite or for reasons having nothing to do with the persons health.  Secondly the drugs are much better now days.  Third very few mentally ill are actually dangerous.  Fourth criminal gangs are dangerous and are responsible for the vast majority of all crime including murder in America putting them in prison does help.
      Most homeless are mentally ill.  They are mostly harmless.  They sure do not belong in a facility against their will.

    2. Mokadoka And the Newtown parents knew it. The Newtown parents sent their children to that school knowing they had voted against continued armed security they enjoyed under a federal grant.

  11. Ted Nugent is 100% correct and if anything Ameicans should demand that Holder be turned over to Mexico to be tried for Murder

  12. You cannot give doctors and the government blanket authority to declare people mentally ill and thus unable to own a weapon. The number of mentally ill people who are an actual danger to society is very small. Yet, there will probably be some doctors encouraged by the government who will decide that it is not safe to allow some of these non-dangerous people to have a gun. This whole mental health BS that so many conservatives are willing to accept will cause innocent people to lose their rights; it will cause patients to distrust their doctors, and it will cause people not to seek the help they may desperately need because they fear having their rights stripped from. What will be the results? How many people will commit suicide because they don’t get the help they need? We need to stop buying into the notion that there must be a fix to all problems. We cannot create a utopia. Many times the solutions we come up with just cause greater problems.

    1. Gtrjag You are so right.  I have known many that were really helped by medication and did not commit suicide.  Take away the help and they not only will commit suicide but some will commit murder as well.  It will make the problem worst which is probably why they are pushing for it.  It will strengthen their position that no one should have a gun.
      Doctors making mistakes kill many times more than all murders and suicides combined.  Guess we should make it illegal to be a Doctor. This is how crazy their “logic” is.

    2. Gtrjag My local news just said 1 in 4 in my state is mentally ill.  I wonder if we have 25% registered Republicans

      1. OneThinDime Gtrjag Whenever I hear this stuff about the mentally ill, I am reminded of the Soviet Union. Many people who opposed the regime were declared mentally ill and put in horrible ‘hospitals’ where they were kept out of sight, drugged, and worse.
        If the pyschiatrists associations can in less than a generation declare homosexuality normal and healthy and those opposing it phobics, and if some psy. groups can come out and say that conservatism is a mental disorder …. then No, I do NOT WANT psychiatrists able to take away someone’s rights.
        On the other hand, what does one do about a Holmes or Lanza? How can we guarantee that the truly criminally insane are locked up and the merely politically incorrect are left free?

        1. PNWShan OneThinDime Gtrjag There is one thing we know about Holmes and Lanza, both of their fathers have connections to Obama!

  13. I’m noticing many of the comments here and it seems clear that most are forgetting that Obama, Holder, Jarrett and others are BLACK.  They are “fireproof.”  They would NEVER be arrested.
    Look at Gosnell.  His lawyers are already implying that racial bias has played a part in his arrest.  When you are black, the politically correct race card always plays in your favor against the white “aggressor.”

    1. FredDeRuvo You can ignore my reply to your post above, you addressed it in this post, Gosnell and the media black-out for black abortionist.

  14. But Ted, poor Eric Holder is BLACK.  According to political correctness, that makes him a “victim.”  You can’t go around arresting “victims.”  It’s just not…PC…

  15. From Rand Paul via email minutes ago:
    Yesterday was a long day…
    And as you probably heard, Harry Reid sweet-talked and twisted-arms to break my filibuster on his gun control bill.
    You and I fell just nine votes shy of defeating President Obama’s gun control initiative before it even started.
    We may have lost the first battle, but the war really begins next week.
    And the outpouring of support and action by friends like you keeps me energized and hopeful you and I may prevail in the end.
    This is not the end of the fight, but the beginning.
    I expect this battle to come to a head early next week.
    In the mean time, we MUST ratchet up the pressure on all of my colleagues in the Senate.
    That’s why it’s absolutely critical you sign your Gun Rights Fax Petition IMMEDIATELY.
    Ken, Harry Reid has already revealed our worst fears to be true.
    The Toomey/Manchin expanded background checks bill — which sets up more of the infrastructure needed for a national gun registry–, the Feinstein Gun Ban, and all kinds of other Reid/Schumer gun grabs WILL come up for a vote.
    And it could get even worse!
    That’s why it’s vital YOU and I pump up the pressure on Senators to vote against ANY gun control bill.
    So please agree to take action TODAY by signing your Gun Rights Fax Petition.
    And please agree to your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, or $35 TODAY.
    Your generosity will help me bring even more freedom-loving Americans into this fight.
    I will keep you up-to-date as things unfold.
    Thank you for all that you do.
    In Liberty,
    Senator Rand Paul
    P.S. The battle for the Second Amendment heats up next week, and it’s VITAL we ratchet up the pressure on my colleagues in the U.S. Senate.
    So please sign your Gun Rights Fax Petition IMMEDIATELY.
    And please agree to your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, or $35 to help me fight to protect the Second Amendment.
    Like Rand Paul On Facebook
    Paid for by Rand Paul for Senate 2016.

  16. Even if Holder is arrested Nobama will find another scumbag to replace him.
    All these braindead lying cheating politicians don’t have the IQ to figure out how to stage a coupe de tat’. Soros and his massive think tank goulag is where the real problem is. We need massive amounts of money so we can buy whatever we want in the democracy where the majority, in this case the “bought and paid for” majority gets whatever they want!
    Good place to start nonetheless Ted!

      1. hbnolikeee masmpg That’s why we need massive amounts of money so Holder will agree with US. Dems love bribe money. I think they get off on doing all they can on the edge of legality, and they can’t resist the temptation.

  17. From Senator Coats via email just a few minutes ago:
    Protecting the Second Amendment
    I believe it is both the duty of our government and society to work together to protect children and keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and those with mental illness issues who could cause harm to others. I welcome an open and fair debate on sensible ways to do that without punishing law-abiding citizens for exercising their Second Amendment rights.
    This week I opposed a procedural measure to proceed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s firearms legislation (S.649) because the bill goes too far and expands the government’s power to regulate, monitor and control the American people’s constitutional right to bear arms. I am working with my colleagues on proposals to improve our current background check system and the enforcement of current laws. Additionally, while we cannot prevent all acts of violence, we need to work to address the mental health gaps that exist in our society.

    1. PrinceofPeace The first paragraph from Coats is politico-speak, which says nothing.  The second paragraph isn’t a whole lot better.

      1. FredDeRuvo PrinceofPeace I see some good things in his letter.  Grassley is introducing a bill such as this, which I believe is bi-partisan, which doesn’t touch law-abiding citizens but puts the emphasis on mental health, reporting of the adjudicated mental health cases and emphasizes mental health care.  Let’s see what it looks like.

      2. Thought of one other thing on Grassley’s bill.  He is increasing funding for school security.

  18. Does anyone really think that F&F was Holder’s idea? Certainly, he is responsible, but who really came up with the idea, presented it, and carried it out? F&F was about getting guns to our government’s cartel buddies. Tracking them to see where they go was the cover story. It is no different than our government running drugs. There is always a military or law enforcement excuse, but the reality is that our government runs guns and drugs regularly. If Bush’s government does it, then the excuse for it is legitimate, but when Obma’s government continues it, the excuses are not legitimate. This is the ignorance of two party bias, and this bias is an engineered one throughout society by those who present us with information. There is a controlling factor behind the scenes that the puppets in government (congressmen and women and the president) cover for, and take the heat for when needed. Congress and the executive branch exempt themselves from laws that we are held to for a reason, and that is to protect their blatent, ongoing criminality. That criminality is not limited to passing laws, or immoral behavior in their personal lives.

    1. I want answer back on every point you’ve stated but I think I will in where President Bush is concerned, you are mistakened, the project that President Bush started was stop dead in its’ tracks, Before obama got elected into office the first time. That fact has been Confirmed servial times that is a fact.  Over the past few years I have heard many people in the more liberal media of all forms stat the the statement you have, and that is F&F was just a contiuation of a project began by President Bush, but as I said that has been proven to be a false statement yet from time to time its’ repeated.  If you will do a little reach on the two projects and you’ll find the truth.

      1. That is what I am talking about. When you do the research, who is the source of the information. Conservatives tend to listen to Fox news, their pundits, and government documents. What I am referring to is an historical pattern of behavior that requires me to consider that these sources are carrying the “official” story that is designed to deter the public from considering the pattern of behavoir that would cause people to questiong the official story, or even the “government” documents. Don’t we know about the gun and drug running that took place in Vietnam? Don’t we know about the drug running in south America? Don’t we know about our troops being forced to protect poppy fields in Afghanistan. What do they expect us to think, that they don’t have any clue where the opium ends up? The US is the biggest market in the world for it. Government has been running drugs and guns through the CIA, and now the FBI for sure, for many years, yet we are supposed to believe that when a republican takes office, it ends? Sorry, but I can’t be that gullible.

        1. Thanks but I wasn’t intereted in the many pionts you made, not that they were or not factual. I was only speaking directly to your point where you stated President Bush program was Fast and Furious and that obama and holder only continued a President Bust program. That is where you are misinformed. I’ll say it once again, President Bush’s program was shut down. obama and holder started a new program it is, was, is, and still a unsettled case called,  “Fast and Furious”. Remember Officer Terry and other boader patrol officers were murdered because of that fiasco, crime.    So yes Holder and Obama both should be Impeached , Holder should be in jail. Obama out of office. thats’ fact. Sorry if it hurts but thats fact. They both broke the law and then tried to cover it up.They are both criminals because of their dual unlawful actions. I think its call a conspiracy or maybe since it cost at least 3 Americans their lives based on lies, just as in Benghazi Libya, where 4 Americans where murdered, its’ possible, it can be called treason.
          You may want to cosider having your documents authendicated, after all you and I both know where the information from obama and holder comes from and what its based on, and it ain’t factual facts.
          sorry for any typo

        2. TIMERUNNERSC As I understand it, the Bush program, Operation Wide Receiver, was a co-op between ours and the Mexican government to track firearms trafficing through rfid tags or some similar technology. The tracking devices were eventually discovered by the people that they were tracking, destroyed, and that made the operation a failure.
          Then there’s Fast and Furious, of which the public only has partial knowledge of, because Obama decided to issue an executive order at the last minute to withhold full disclosure of the operation. ugh

        3. libertifirst Why don’t you watch the Congressional hearings on Fast and Furious. The facts came out there.

        4. Lives4Freedom TIMERUNNERSC Operation Wide Receiver was done in conjunction with the Mexican authorities. When the guns crossed the border, the Mexican authorities continued to track them.  The difference with Obama & Holder’s Fast and Furious is that the Mexican gov’t was NOT informed and the guns simply walked across the border and were used to kill thousands in Mexico and our Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jamie Zapata.

    2. libertifirst When Bush did something like this, it did not go as far as Holder’s.  No guns walked across the border.
      I believe that Fast and Furious was designed by the feds to create an EXCUSE for more gun control.  When they were found out, they obviously had to scrap that idea.  When the Aurora, CO and Sandy Hook tragedies occurred, the feds latched onto those like glue!

      1. I tend to think that there are ongoing operations within the different branches of federal law enforcement that span over miltiple administration periods. The true job of the CIA is to destablize countries, and sometimes entire regions, then set up the stage for war, or overthrow of sovereign leaders, and installing preferred leadership in those countries, who are usually well connected criminals. Just look at the situation in Afghanistan. Their president is linked to the drug trade, our military protects their drug trade, and opium production has increased ten fold since we’ve been there. We’ve done much the same things in South America, and now we are seeing it on our southern border with the Mexican cartels. The border is left wide open while Mexico and the borders states are thrown into chaos by those that our government supports. We know that our government has made many deals with the cartels down there, and they also seek to keep state and county law enforcement from dealing with it as they ignore the mass murder that takes place above and below the border. All of this has taken place for much longer than Obama has been in office. The US is now being destabilized as many countries have, and that is because we are close to being shut down as a constitutional repulblic, and an economic super power. The southern border and the cartels are just tools to achieve a task.

    3. Hmmm, if you can’t see the difference between what Bush did and this crap, we don’t have much to talk about.

  19. Arresting Holder only solves only 1/2 of the problem, we need the arresting team to arrest both Holder, Obama along with his party to completely solve the crime coming out of  DC.

    1. TIMERUNNERSC There would STILL be too many criminals in our government, not to mention that Biden would then become president.

  20. Well, Holder – Valarie Jarrett and Obama’s sock puppet – can not make a move without approval from the powers that be. So it one wishes to arrest the dufus, Jarrett and the brat must also be taken into custody.

  21. My opinion differs.  Ted Nugent should have said we don’t need these federal laws because the states already have laws.  He should have said that this bill, if passed, lets the camel’s nose inside the tent of future federal gun confiscation. 
    He should have said that it is extremely important to not “mess with” the second amendment.
    Other than that, I thought he was great…..nice teeth, too!

  22. My opinion differs.  Ted Nugent should have said we don’t need these federal laws because the states already have laws.  He should have said that this bill, if passed, lets the camel’s nose inside the tent of future federal gun confiscation. 
    He should have said that it is extremely important to not “mess with” the second amendment.
    Other than that, I thought he was great…..nice teeth, too!

  23. How come I always see Ted on CNN or MSNBC and hardly ever on Fox?  It’s like he wants to be in the belly of the beast.

    1. Conservative_Hippie  
      Because when he appears on Fox, CNN and MSLSD say he’s ‘preaching to the choir’.
      And yes, he does like being ‘in the belly of the beast’. It’s too bad we don’t have more common sense conservatives with his guts. 🙁

    2. Conservative_Hippie Ted wouldn’t waste his time with Big Mouth Bill Blowhard. Did you see how he shouted down Fox contributor Laura Ingram over his stupid “bible thumper” remark when she called him on it? I caught just a bit of it as I was skipping by. Fox News can bite me.

  24. I would include Obama, all of his administration and most of the US congress in that arrest order.
    We the People have little to NO representation in DC. It’s time to lock and load.
    I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees under a communist dictator like Obama.

    1. mikeinidaho I understand your sentiments, but I’m not sure we’re there just yet.

      1. Conservative_Hippie mikeinidaho It’s not far off.  Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime, but King Barry said he was going to “fundamentally change this country.”  And he has.

      2. Conservative_Hippie mikeinidaho That’s a load of BS. We’re there and way past that line but if you want to wait it out the wait German Citizens did during Hitler’s march towards absolute power, well then, happy thoughts.

        1. That’s my worry to. It’s going to happen, and the sooner the better.
          Where do you think we are, warp? I’m thinking about late 1936, Hitler really started moving after the Olympics. That means a year or two more for gun control to be fully in place and no more than three for confiscations, media blackout, and the more ‘dangerous’ of us to start ‘disappearing’.

        2. famouswolfKristallnacht! We had our little problem with left wing nutjob psychos that belonged in institutions but weren’t because of the left’s ignorant erroneous policies that keeps them on the street as ticking time bombs so that they(left) can use them as a crutch steal our gun rights. The parallels are almost to close to imagine as each moment in history one incident was used as a crutch for another.
          We now have a segment of society that worships at the feet of a dictator, totally ignorant of history, totally ignorant of all the ramifications and totally dependent of the government. As it was with them in preparation for the take over, the children will be indoctrinated to believe that der Fuhrer is the next best thing to the savior, Jesus Christ. Just look at how and what’s being taught in schools. I can go on but I don’t want to bore.

        3. famouswolf This is the catholic plan, just like catholic hitler did after the pope pius gave him millions to carry out their tyranical agenda to take Jerusalem. Make no mistake the papacy will take Jerusalem and the world won’t have a clue what hit them. Everyone is looking in the wrong direction! THE DARK AGES ARE COMING AGAIN VERY SOON!

        4. warpminefamouswolfI will go on, this should wake up everyone in USA. You failed to mention the gang relocation programs of the 90’s that put criminally violent gang members in every peaceful city and township across the country. And what about the “war on ???” drugs bring more drugs, terror brought US more terrorists including peaceful american citizens, soon to come a war on GUNS? which will bring guns of every shape and size out of the woodwork. 
          I’m glad you mentioned shools PLEASE read the “educate amerika act” http://www2.ed.gov/legislation/GOALS2000/TheAct/index.html which our fearless super IQ Komrad Klinton and Kohorts forced on our children without parents batting an eyelash. And just look at our children today. Ask a 15 year old what the constitution is, or ask a 4 year old how to put on a condom! THIS IS TRULY SICKENING!


        5. warpmine Conservative_Hippie mikeinidaho Hiow do we know for sure when the time is ripe for violence?  You say we’re past time?

  25. The Senate  has no right to pass laws that infridge on the Bill of Rights. They need to amend the constitution to do this but they’re too arrogrant. These Senate clowns vow to uphold the Constitution of the US. They wouldn’t know what’s in the Bill of Rights if I smacked them in their heads with the Constitution. 
    Ted Rocks literally.

  26. I love Ted. I look forward to being his roommate in whichever re-education camp I’m sent to.

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