Terrible brawl caught on video in daycare

This brawl actually happened in the baby room of this daycare. At first I thought there was a baby in the stroller on the floor that the woman kicked in the head, but I think it was maybe a baby doll given the non-reaction to it of the standing girl. Either way this brawl should have never happened and put all those babies in imminent danger.


The little baby clutching the woman on the back of the legs seems to say it all. According to Fox News, “The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning launched the investigation Thursday, after surveillance video surfaced.”

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20 thoughts on “Terrible brawl caught on video in daycare

  1. The lady in blue kicks a kid at least twice, and possibly pushed its head against the cabinet, you can see the head poke out the other side. Watch the video again.

  2. Even if none of them were physically hurt, this was a severe trauma for them. Such brute savages as the brawlers in this video should be jailed and should never be allowed near any children again, not even their own.

  3. Let’s see….black women brawling with the man and putting all the children in more danger, and the white women are protecting the other children from danger. Does that sum everything up for you?!

  4. it is unbelievable that people act and live with such hostility. We should campaign for a calmer, gentler society. Anger gets you nowhere…

  5. I would like to slap the sh** out of people like this. I’m not kidding at all. Not in the least. Children are to be protected. Children should never have to witness things like this and stuff like this just shows how our society has given the OK and even encouraged people like this to procreate. Its sickening.

  6. Stupid. No violence around kids. Actually, no violence period unless you’re acting in self defense of yourself or someone else in danger of being physically beaten. I’ve had my own fights in the day, but not since I grew up.

  7. I lose pride in my fellow man daily it seems. More and more braindead liberal inbreds surround me by the day. Welfare society leeching off the system, The takers now outnumber the makers. If it feels good do it mentality. God Help Us and Merry Christmas! 😀

  8. In a culture where the murder of children in the womb is tolerated its not surprising to see them being endangered as infants and toddlers.

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