Texas Couple Upset Over ObamaCare Insurance Options: “This Is Insane”

Obamacare still not working for everyone:

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71 thoughts on “Texas Couple Upset Over ObamaCare Insurance Options: “This Is Insane”

  1. I agree with WordsFailMe – these stories are now boring and useless. What this should be about is: how stupid can you be to go on to that unsecured web site and input your personal info? Oh, you must have voted for Obama!

    1. Yes. Anyone with an IQ greater than a Detroit City Commissioner knows that people are going to get hurt and neglected and cheated by Obamacare. That fact is no longer the story if it ever was.

      In order for these stories to have any punch or relevance at all, we need to know about the victim’s voting proclivity.

      If you are a Democrat and you are suffering–that’s justice and I celebrate the turn of events.

      My point is that conservatives waste their compassion and understanding on those who deserve nothing.

  2. If the Demonrat party gets complete control over health care, don’t expect treatment if you are a white, conservative, straight, Christian male.

  3. Sick of the Mitt ads. I have Netflix but refuse to watch the documentary of Mush Romney. Get over yourself. Please don’t run again. The blueprint for Obamascare is Mushcare in Messuckchewshits.

  4. I don’t want to hear anymore of these stories unless the reveal who the speakers voted for in the last Presidential election.

    Otherwise the stories have no context. Either the story is about justice or injustice. Otherwise it’s just more whining about the government and I can do that without any help.

  5. Just what we needed:
    Patient CARE Act Coming

    This how we lost the Republic: Two Giant Leaps to the Left. One Baby Step Back to the Right

    GOP Senators Hatch and Burr proposing yet another Central Government Healthcare plan to replace Obama’s Central Government Healthcare plan.

    Open Letter to North Carolina from Senator Richard “Aaron” Burr

    “When the health care debate began, I warned that the President’s health care bill was the wrong direction for our nation and North Carolina. I offered an alternative then—The Patients’ Choice Act—along with Senator Tom Coburn because health care was broken before Obamacare. Unfortunately, as a result of its implementation, things are worse today than they were before.

    Going back to the way our health care system looked before is not an option, but neither is continuing on the current course of increased costs, government mandates, and broken promises.

    The President and Congressional Democrats made many promises during the health care debate. Since the law’s enactment, North Carolinians have felt the adverse effect of one broken promise after

    There is no denying that the dire predictions from the debate have come
    true. Just ask the millions of Americans who lost the plans they liked after being promised they could keep them. Or the families nationwide who were promised that their annual premiums would go down by $2,500, but have seen premiums go up an average of 41 percent in the individual market.

    It seems like every day another employer reduces hours or stops offering insurance in response to Obamacare’s mandates. These mandates are hurting our economy and families.

    The President’s $2.6 trillion budget busting law used Medicare to fund new entitlements we can’t afford and expanded the Medicaid program—a program that nationally some 40 percent of physicians do not even see Medicaid patients—instead of reforming it to better meet patients’ needs now and in the future. As Governor Perdue warned, Obamacare’s taxes on life-saving medical products threaten our nation’s—and North Carolina’s—standing as a global leader in medical innovation.

    It’s clear that the current course is unsustainable. Fortunately, for families across North Carolina and our nation, we can lower costs and empower patients in their health care choices and decisions.

    In stark contrast to Obamacare, the Patient CARE Act, a proposal I unveiled last week with my colleagues Senator Tom Coburn, a physician, and Senator Orrin Hatch, is based on principles that will lower costs and expand access to quality coverage and care by empowering Americans to make their own health care decisions, rather than empowering government to make decisions for them.

    First, the Patient CARE Act repeals Obamacare—throwing out the burdensome, costly mandates and government regulations and adopting common-sense consumer protections, including prohibiting life-time benefit caps and allowing dependents to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26. Under my plan, no individual could be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition.

    My plan addresses a distortion in the tax code that drives up health care costs. We cap the exclusion of an employee’s employer-provided health care at 65 percent of the total cost of the most generous employer plans on the market, like union plans. Everyone with employer-sponsored health insurance under that amount won’t see any change in the tax treatment of their benefit. Unlike Obamacare’s “Cadillac tax,” which
    imposes an across the board 40 percent excise tax on the richest benefit
    plans regardless of an individual’s income, under my plan the employee’s health benefit above the threshold would be treated as regular income for that employee. And as Ryan Ellis with Americans for Tax Reform pointed out this week, my plan will produce a net tax
    cut. Every American and every health plan is taxed under Obamacare.

    Targeted tax credits, adjusted for age and income, will give individuals purchasing power and the opportunity to choose a plan that meets their specific needs. Because we lower costs through medical malpractice reform and increased transparency, these dollars will go further.

    My plan modernizes Medicaid through a capped allotment, an idea brought forward by the Clinton Administration, to provide states with predictable funding while empowering them with programmatic flexibility to better meet their patients’ needs. Under my plan, a Medicaid beneficiary could choose to opt-out of Medicaid and use their tax credit to purchase a plan that better meets their needs. Obamacare failed to reform Medicaid and put this already strained program at greater risk.

    Defenders of Obamacare claim that there are no alternatives but alternatives existed at the time of the debate and they exist today. Yes, my plan repeals Obamacare, but it also replaces it with reforms that address what was broken before Obamacare, as well as what has been made worse because of it. Opponents who incorrectly characterize my plan as the same old insurance system we had before Obamacare do so as a scare tactic because to acknowledge that there is an alternative that lower costs, increases choices, and covers Americans with pre-existing conditions is to admit thatthere is a better way than Obamacare.

    North Carolinians will find the Patient CARE Act is an alternative they can believing because we believe citizens, not the government, know what’s best for themselves and their families”

  6. Whether you sign up or not………….you are in it!! My husband’s death can be linked to this disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God forbid any of you ever enter the hospital thru the ER, have a family member there immediately. My son and I rode in the ambulance but I was unaware of the rules in this law. INSIST on having your loved one “ADMITTED”. I said before on here that my husband was in “Out patient/Observation”. THEY DON’T TAKE CARE OF YOU, they “observe” the patient…………then they ship them out to REHAB and it has to be within 3 days or there is a penalty to the hospital.

    Please keep this mind. My husband should be home right now!!

    1. I am saddened and angry to hear this.

      It tears me up that you have to stand in your pain, alone, in this.

      Much of our family is in heathcare. It is getting worse by they day. We saw it coming for years before Obama care – this was long planned and now runs deep.

      We even hear unbelievable things coming out of the mouths of medical students. Treatments long proven to be live savers, like TPA for stroke victims are no being taught to be high risk and to be avoided at all costs.

      There are still good nurses and doctors out there but we the men and women we elected and let stand have tied their hands.

      1. Thank you. I just want to be clear also, my husband had health insurance provided by his employer,, we are not even enrolled in this dictator’s sham. He would have hated it, but I had a full autopsy performed and have my lawyer looking into it now. Someone will pay for this tragedy! If I go down, somebody is going with me!!! I will die of a broken heart.

  7. Just curious, but I just filed my taxes using Turbo Tax. They always seem to do a good job. At the end they are trying to educate you about Obamacare and it’s impact next year. I didn’t read it but does anyone know SPECIFICALLY how this will impact how we file taxes if we refuse (which I am!!) to sign up for it? I wouldn’t even answer their questions about prelim info. Thanks for the info!

    1. The site is not finished, it still has serious security issues and it is under assult by foreign hackers, non stop. In addition there are no background checks on the site navigators. California has no issue with hiring convicted felons and nefarious people with active and outstanding warrants against them.

      1. THANKS, C58. I`ve also heard that muzbros are exempt from any obligations while sharing the benefits…It`s written into the law. Sounds like Quite a deal….

      1. I just read your story.

        What everyone needs to understand that very soon they or thier loved one will face the sword of Obamacare.

        It is insidious and unseen One decision by a doctor or nurse to withhold or delay treatment.

  8. Whenever you find yourself in a discussion regarding the liberal affect on the economy with a liberal you can always shut them up by saying the following: “I’ve got one word for you… Detroit!”

  9. I’ve been telling everyone I know that voted for the fraud that they will rue the day they did vote for him. After listening to their nauseating and repetitive reasons why, I would tell them, “Wait until Obamacare goes into affect and then tell me how much you like him.” I now get to say, “I told you so!” when I hear those same people express outrage at what they discovered when they were forced off of their private health care plans and are being forced onto Obamacare.

  10. Obama and the Democrat party plans are working as planed for everyone, just take the pill or a nice cool shower in one of those nice resort FEMA summer camps and you’ll be just fine. Always Keeping in mind equality is always important. This following should help bring it into real life focus.

    1. This is pretty sick..We need to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes. When you see people being hauled off it’s time to hit the hills and join up with a Militia

        1. Obama is bumping head against the wall right now…He has gotten away with a lot but not nearly enough to make this country what he wants it to be and time is running out…

  11. I’m in Texas and, luckily, have employer provided healthcare. However, My gyno just moved to Northern Oklahoma and is working on the reservation up there taking cash only. Really like him too. He said the law was killing him so he had to make a drastic change.

  12. The surprising and disappointing thing is…they actually were surprised and disappointed…We knew all along.

  13. Maybe our liberal friends can follow this argument:
    1. Would you have voted for him if running today?
    2. Think Obamacare debuting AFTER the election was unintentional?
    3. How do you like knowing you were manipulated (‘tricked’, in lib-speak)?

    1. There are still Russians who love Stalin. Never underestimate the insane devotion some people have for the things that are destroying them.

  14. Since I was there on the mall in DC with the rest of the TEA party conservatives protesting the ACA, with our chant Kill the Bill, I do not know what to say to people like this. We knew what was going to happen and did anyone listen? No! In fact they voted to put him in office for a second term! It amazes me that people are so surprised by what they find online. I guess they believed him when he opened his mouth. Problem is, we will all be losers in the end, just the way they want it!

    1. They were all expecting free health care. Obama gives them everything for free – food stamps, section 8, phone … you name it. Why would they think they’d have to pay for “his” health care?

      1. You are completely correct on that. The woman that works the front desk where my wife gets her contacts told me a number of months ago and I quote, ” I thought we were all going to get free health care”
        I really did not know what to say. I did tell her that nothing is free funds will come via taxes, wished her a nice day, smiled and left shaking my head.

    2. It’s not believing him so much as believing the news media. ‘They’re disinterested parties just giving the facts, right?’

  15. I don’t know who these Texans are, but in such a red state did they really believe Obamacare would be cheaper than their current plan? According to the reporter, they did and that’s mind boggling.

    Have they not watch or read any of abundance of coverage on the high costs of an HMO Obamacare health plan?

    1. Not only higher costs with the Obamacare plans, but much narrower health care access. Better physicians, hospitals and treatments are now inaccessible in those plans.

      1. We have already experienced in our family. My brother-in-law went onto an Obamacare plan through work last year and it took months to get a doctor who would operate on him – just a hernia. My youngest daughter get’s her healthcare coverage through college and there have been big cuts in her coverage too.

        We spent close to a grand on her when she came home for winter-break and there wasn’t anything seriously wrong. Much of it was due to increase cost of medications that her plan no-longer covers. My wife’s new policy through work is even worse; basically a catastrophic plan because of the $12,500 deductible she now has and medication costs don’t even apply to her deductible.

      1. Sorry about that; darn auto word on tab suggested it and I can barely see it. Now on a computer, my err is clear. – thanks. I have too many friends in Texas to make that mistake.

        1. Water under the bridge, and it’s hard not to like a person who uses fat Elvis in Vegas for their moniker pic.

        2. Your tab suggested “Texasians”? That is funny!
          Can we call Texans who support Obama ‘Texassians’?

        3. I experience the same situation with my iPad. I went into settings and canceled auto correction. That feature is annoying.

          1. Thanks; when I actually saw it on computer monitor I laughed. I realized I did some wrong in additional to using auto word on tab. But with my ‘wee touch of arthritis,’ That feature helps cause it takes a long time for me to write a post.

    2. Yes, there are idiot libs in Texas, too. Not too many thank goodness. The dems would like to turn the state blue, which is why they’re against voter ID and want to legalize illegals…but I don’t see that happening at this point.

    1. I demand the interviewers to ALWAYS ask them “Who did you vote for?!” Wrong answer…piss off

    1. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the willpower to save their money to cover such an amount. So they’d be stuck in the same hole if they did need to use it.

      1. Not to mention the people who don’t have the extra funds to save for the 12,700.00 deductible. And even if they could, the plans usually only pay 40%.

        1. I watch the TV show, River Monster’s with Wade Something or other and thought I recognized that scary fish.

      1. I hate the fact that the man was elected based on his skin color without a single bit of vetting. Now, unintended consequences out the yang.

        1. Though it occurs to me that Hillary would have likely been elected if not for him. Such was the successful vilifying of 8yrs of Bush and the Republican Party. Hillary could well have managed the same coup as Obama did. The real truth about Obama is that he remains in office (and was reelected) because of his skin color.

          1. My 43 years of experience, not including the Marine Corps where everyone is either dark green or light green, is that racism is as strong or stronger than ever. I live in MD and blacks are so militant and angry that you don’t dare walk down a street without your head up. It isn’t whites that have the problem in MD. It’s blacks, sadly. Just look at Cummings and his BS

          2. It’s also funny that the deficit they try to hang on W’s neck was really caused by Obama and the DEMOCRAT congress. The democrats owned both the house and the senate from 2007 until Maobama won in 2009 so that deficit was a democrat deficit, ironically with Maobama voting FOR it all along. Facts are amazing and will set you free. So long as you are armed to the teeth with fire arms. LOL

    1. Actually they can’t. Current plans are rendered illegal by the law.
      And Obama’s exemption crap. And Obama’s 3 yr extension. That’s illegal too. Because Obama cannot legally change the law, even with executive orders. Congress passes laws. The president makes sure they are implemented.
      What a chaotic, devastating, unconstitutional mess we are in.

      1. No, you can stick with your plan if it meets all the requirements. This couple had the option of sticking with their current company (with a rate increase) and were checking out Obamacare to see if they could get a better deal. They couldn’t and so are sticking with what they have. So many don’t have that choice–they got canceled outright.

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