Texas Guv Abbott finds a way to pay for the border wall, and it ain’t Mexico…

Texas Governor and general bad-ass Greg Abbott discovered how to pay for Trump’s border wall, even as the costs have tripled in estimation.

The article posted is just about the estimated costs of the wall ballooning to more than $20 billion.

The proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall will reportedly cost at least $21.6 billion– blowing far past earlier estimates– and could take more than three years to finish, according to Homeland Security.

The estimated costs were expected to be presented to DHS Secretary John Kelly in the coming days, Reuters reported Thursday, citing an internal report at the agency.

BUT, since Trump has already threatened to withhold funds from “Sanctuary Cities” anyway, it behooves us to see if Abbott’s suggestion is feasible.

CNN Money says that we could garner $10 billion from New York City ALONE:

Should Trump carry through on that pledge, his home city of New York could stand to lose close to $10.4 billion in federal funds, according to budget documents sent from the City Council Speaker’s office. Among some of the biggest recipients of federal funds in the city are the Department of Social Services, the New York City Housing Authority and the Administration for Children’s Services.

Oh look here’s $6 billion more:

Santa Fe stands to lose about $6 million in federal funding, or about 2% of its annual budget, city officials said

UPDATE: Clearly this was a mistake, as Santa Fe gets $6 MILLION, not billion. We have fired the intern who made this mistake and sent him back to Belgium. #BuildtheWall. We regret the error.

Both of these cities’ leaders have said they will defy Trump, so there’s $10 billion already!

Oh look here’s $1.6 billion from Chicago!

An analysis by the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, a Chicago-based bipartisan think tank, said Trump would need Congress’ approval to yank all of the city’s federal funding, which is expected to total $1.3 billion, about 14 percent of its 2017 budget.

I mean, I’m pretty sure we can GoFundMe the rest, right?

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