“That is an absolutely ABSURD manipulation of what I said!” – Mike Lee slaps CNN Chris Cuomo

Mike Lee was interrogated on CNN this morning by their resident hack Chris Cuomo about comments he made to Breitbart about Section 702, political espionage, and Susan Rice.

Cuomo was accusing Lee of suggesting that Rice had committed political espionage, but Mike Lee pushed back hard:


Lee maintained that he’s always said that he doesn’t know the facts or evidence of what Susan Rice did and that he’s not conflating the two. But he does have concerns about Section 702 as it relates to the government abusing its power when it comes to intelligence and American citizens. And it’s not absurd to think that could have happened here, especially because it’s happened so many times in the past.

But Cuomo takes it a step further, accusing Lee of suggesting that Rice has to prove the unmasking of names wasn’t politically motivated in order for him to believe that she’s innocent.

That’s when Lee slaps Cuomo for manipulating what he had said:

That is an absolutely absurd manipulation of what I said. That is not at all what I said!

Lee goes on to explain once again that he has always maintained that he doesn’t know the facts and will wait for it to be investigated.

So how does CNN represent this interview on their tweet about it? By suggesting that Lee walked back his espionage remark:

[email protected] steps back from Susan Rice espionage remark: “I don’t know what Susan Rice did. I don’t know the facts”

Here’s the actual tweet:

But Lee did no such thing because he never accused her of political manipulation in the first place. Once again CNN is manipulating what Lee said.

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