The 10 DUMBEST signs from #MarchForOurLives anti-gun protest

The worst of the worst. The #MarchForOurLives event took place today, here in the United States as well as places like London and Copenhagen for some reason. And while a lot of dumb things were said on stage, and many dumber things were said in “man on the street’ interviews, the dumbest thing by far was the dumb signs.

So let’s look at some, then. Not just “some” though, the absolute high-fallutin’est, what-in-tarnation-est, absoulute dumbest protest signs we could find, picture below. The top ten. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

And if you have any other good ones, to the comments with you! Share!


Not even clever.


Exactly. Except also a thousand guns and five hundred thousand bullets. But besides that, yes, just a pencil.


Asinine AND offensive to gay men who owe their lives to armed self-defense against hate.


You also can’t bring guns to school. What’s your point, mom who forced this kid to carry this?


First of all, at least spring for poster board. Second of all, this is both dumb AND violent.


Stupid and gross. Nice how it’s a kid carrying it. Classy.


Yeah guns don’t get background checks, people get background checks. Which is funny because people are the people who shoot people. ps> neither a gun nor a uterus have rights. Their owners do.


This is dumb and evil. Yes, I said evil. That’s what I mean. This is evil. Not funny but evil.


Uh, wat. What even… ???

By the way, diversity came up a lot on the stage. Because this was a leftist protest and that’s what you do, even when it has nothing to do with anything.

Anyway, onward to…

1. These weren’t in any order so this isn’t “the dumbest” it’s just another dumb one.

Maybe these kids should be studying spelling and grammar before they spend their time studying left wing talking points, hmm?

There you go, ten dumb signs. I’m sure there are plenty more so feel free to share them below.


… okay one more. I almost didn’t include it because it’s so sad and makes me so angry I didn’t even want to call it dumb. But it’s too horrid to leave unmentioned. So here, if you’re compiling a list of the WORST signs, the most egregious and awful, this should top your list.


Anyway, carry on in the comments, which I am sure will be a disaster.

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