The 22 Republican Senators that voted against the Violence Against Women Act


This is a chart made by Think Progress, a lefty blog, who obviously takes issue with these men who voted against VAWA. So, because they have penises they aren’t allowed to think for themselves? Is that what this chart is suggesting?

Well I think it’s a great chart and we give these Senators a big kudos for standing up for principle and voting no.

In case you aren’t familiar with what the Violence Against Women Act really is, here’s Julie Borowski to explain to you that it has nothing to do with violence against women:

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110 thoughts on “The 22 Republican Senators that voted against the Violence Against Women Act

  1. To these 22 Republicans and those who occupy this short list of like-minded citizens. Many of us appreciate your vows to continue voting with the minority and not doing your own thinking… great job and keep up the good work!!

  2. “Nothing in this title shall be construed to prohibit male victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking from receiving benefits and services under this title.”

  3. Those godless liberal evolutionist secular humanists are hypocrites who pretend to ignore the fact that the greater number of aborted/murdered/killed human babies in the womb are FEMALE, little women-babies, whose lives have been destroyed by either saline solutions, chemical abortifacients, curettes, or plain dismemberment before being thrown into a garbage bag or in a closet as “left-for-dead railroad kill” under the tracks of the “pro-choice-N.O.W train.” Godless liberals: Know this, you hypocrites! Abortion is the most abominable, vilest, and deadliest “act of domestic violence” against ALL WOMEN and against ALL HUMANITY. With the help of Almighty God who endowed us with inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton must and shall be overturned! God bless all pro-life workers and laborers, and God bless the United States of America!

    1. ForgivenBuilder– Its nice to see such dedication to a cause, but I must ask you– how many unwanted children are you loving and supporting because they were born to parents who did not want them? How many children with disabilities are you raising because they were born with problems to a mother and father who did not want them? How much money and time do you donate for the care and nurturing of unwanted/abandoned/orphaned children???

  4. I don’t think a man should be a fellon for losing his cool at some times. We already know how to pick up the phone and call the police if it gets bad .But no law will change that .I think this is just another way someone has come up with to make money off of the issue. Women aren’t so weak we always need the law in our buisness!! I just wish our Senator’s had voted NO on this to!!

  5. This young women really knows how to get a point across! We need to hire her to explain things to the other Republicans that actually voted for the bill.

  6. Always beware of laws with titles like “Mom And Apple Pie Act” or “The Basket Of Kittens Act” or “Jesus Would Totally Agree With This Act” because it almost always hides something that’s no good. It’s emotional pornography and using the heartstrings to take hostages, i.e. “OMG, if you don’t vote FOR the VAWA you must be FOR violence against women!!!1!!” American politics suck.

  7. To all of you naysayers belittling these Senators for voting NO on this bill I suggest you READ THIS BILL before you pass judgement on someone for their opinions!

  8. Shameful….that’s all I can say about the democommies tactics.

    They have making scapegoats down to a fine art.

  9. So does this bill make Islamic “honor killing” a hate crime — or is that 1st amendment religious freedom ??

  10. Every time these bills come up for renewal the dems add more language to make the law even more left wing daring Republicans to vote against it and be branded as racist or misogynist. Boehner should just let it die or at the very most pass a renewal of the law with no changes and tell Reid take it or leave it.

  11. surely we have to read this thang, to see if it has the key provision that will send Nanny Nancy to prison for impersonating a woman?

  12. Using a kid to do this video was necessary, because anyone who actually read it, knows that it very much does address Violence against Women; with particular changes in law protecting Native American Women.

  13. Using ex parte allegations a woman can steal her husband’s half of family assets. This is an unconstitutional scam used to bring down the traditional family. Domestic violence is practiced about equally by both sexes equally though the feminists will deny the truth. This is not a federal issue but rather state law enforcement but the fems need federal funds to perpetuate this hoax. Kudos to the Republicans that see through the scam.

  14. Don’t let the name fool you. The freakin’ thing is LOADED with pork spending and other such waste. It’s how these guys get stuff done. They can come up with the Fuzzy Kitten and Puppy act, load it up with stuff irreverent to the bill and try and pass it. Anyone that votes against it “Oh my god! You hate fuzzy puppies and kittens!”.

    1. There’s also stuff in there that makes it easier for women to ruin men’s lives who haven’t done anything wrong.

  15. I know it’s unpopular but a lot of your rights have been taken under the name of protecting you against sex offenders. See the case that the current SC Justice Roberts argued for Alaska before he became a justice. Your ex post facto rights were taken away in one fell swoop. If they can do it to sex offenders, they can do it to you. What was the case. The a person convicted of a sex crime and has finished his sentence can be placed on a registry ‘ex post facto’. They got away with this by saying, ‘it’s not a punishment’. It’s just an ‘administrative’ thing. Like getting a drivers license. Wake up people. They always start by taking the rights of people you don’t like, then it just moves on to you….eventually. We have to face that we have a bad government right now. Have for quite a while. And it’s all going to come back to haunt our children and their children, big time. Stop giving up your freedom for perceived safety.

  16. Good for these men. We don’t need special legislation for anyone. That’s not constitutional. Are these women, or perpetual victims? Which is it? They are always playing the victims, yet they want everyone to believe they can be police officers and firefighters. Which is it?

    1. And fight in front line combat units. They also think they can compete with men on 25+ mile forced marches with an 80 pack, 200 rounds of ammunition, and a rifle turn direction 90 degrees march another 15 miles and go into a firefight with no rest, no sleep, and no hot food, oh and no little toilets to sit on to relieve themselves. Yeah RIGHT!!!!!!

    2. And fight in front line combat units. They also think they can compete with men on 25+ mile forced marches with an 80 pack, 200 rounds of ammunition, and a rifle turn direction 90 degrees march another 15 miles and go into a firefight with no rest, no sleep, and no hot food, oh and no little toilets to sit on to relieve themselves. Yeah RIGHT!!!!!!

  17. Just because a bill is NAMED something does not mean THAT is really what it is about. What was in it that they voted against it for?

    1. You should watch the video if you haven’t already. She’s really good.

      But in essence, they very broadly expand the definition of domestic violence and make a redundant Federal law for a crime already handled by the states.

    2. You mean “The Affordable Care Act” doesn’t make healthcare affordable. How is that possible? The name of the bill says it is going to be affordable.

  18. We should be asking why our politicians cannot introduce and pass legislation in an honest manner.

    And we should be asking 77 Senators why are they dishonest and wasting our hard work and money as well as time.

  19. Julie Borowski YouTube chanel TokenLibertarianGirl – check it out. This video is soooo good its great! Love the read past the name on the Bill. She must be talking to Pelosi and the rest of the Congress critters. If they would do as they promissed maybe a few of U.S. citizens could get a chance to read a Bill before they vote them into Law.

  20. Love this young conservative lady.She did a fantastic job!We need many more young people like this.

  21. Any ‘law’ that singles out or ‘favors’ one ‘group’ over others is unconstitutional! Equal means no favoritism. BTW – what part of Article 1, Section 8 enumerates a power for such a law? The federal government was not granted an police powers…

  22. Thank God someone had common sense within the Republican Party by preventing homosexual and bisexual women from further emasculating men by depriving them of equal protection under the law.

  23. My first reaction ,before I saw the video,was that those republicans are crazy.This is exactly what the democrats want people to think.The republicans should put some ads to explain their votes and why they voted against.Democrats are masters to disinformations

    1. I’m going to watch the video now, but there must be a flaw in your understanding of the Constitution for you to feel this way. The federal government has no police powers, so violent crime is for States to deal with. For the federal government to treat us equally, it cannot single out one group for more favorable treatment than another. Isn’t violence against men just as bad as violence against women?

  24. Republicans Yes

    Alexander, Tenn.; Ayotte, N.H.; Burr, N.C.; Chambliss, Ga.; Coats, Ind.; Cochran, Miss.; Collins, Maine; Corker, Tenn.; Crapo, Idaho; Fischer, Neb.; Flake, Ariz.; Heller, Nev.; Hoeven, N.D.; Isakson, Ga.; Kirk, Ill.; McCain, Ariz.; Moran, Kan.; Murkowski, Alaska; Portman, Ohio; Shelby, Ala.; Toomey, Pa.; Vitter, La.; Wicker, Miss.

    1. williamm,

      Chambliss is not in the picture above. We think you mistakenly identified Jeff Sessions, AL in the top row for Saxby.

      as Chambliss is one of our Senators.

        1. for sure as…Georgia’s two are not depicted in the picture, which we expected. as they are just up in DC for the fraternity smoozing. Chambliss, had the audacity to say that Susan Rice didn’t lie, but she wasn’t telling the truth. Which infuriated us, so we called his office and asked his assistant, whether he had been drinking, and she spoke to me like how dare you ask a question like that. As in, do you have a hang over from some party– heck you don’t know. I told her, that being that he had been a lawyer before he became an elected Senator, that we thought he knew the difference between a lie and not telling the truth…especially with as many times as Susan Rice had gone on so many Sunday So Called News Shows with her Video Caused Benghazi speech…

          We’ve called him out on so many things its unbelievable. We didn’t elect these people to smooze, or become a gang member…Constitution is their toilet paper after they’ve been to a party or big dinner and they have a hangover and the have to clean up after themselves.

          We are looking to find a Constitutionalist to bring back the once Great State of Georgia!

  25. Wow. Knowing the 10th amendment means what it does shows that you are light-years ahead of the people slamming you in the comments.

  26. Sorry O/T Inland CHP is reporting suspect Dorner has been using smoke grenades in a confrontation with police. San Bernardino County/ Inland CHP has a live scanner feed of an active shooter incident believed to be Dorner.

  27. The billionth hypocrisy of the left! The real violence against women is the allowance of late term abortion or any abortion on the basis of gender! Can’t get more violent than killing a female infant, can you?! The last thing I want fighting for my rights is the federal government…they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag! Tell ya what, let me keep my 2nd Amendment rights, and I can guarantee you that my ability to defend myself will not cost taxpayers, millions of dollars on a worthless law!

  28. By “Think progress”, I take it they mean “Think communist”, because 10 times out of 10 that’s what “progress” means to the Left – Any motion towards the Left’s ultimate ideal of communism.

    This is just one more log thrown on the fire to fuel the Left’s agenda to destroy America and replace it with a communist state. Everything they do is geared towards that aim. Everything.

  29. “A redundant law”…..perfect. In a sane world we wouldn’t need a written law telling people to not beat up our wimmin folk. It’s a given. It’s like passing a law making water wet. Apparently the Progressives need the obvious enshrined in law, because they lack the normal moral compass telling them to be nice….they need Gubmint to teach them what their parents wont…..

    1. They have to keep up their justification of their meer existance and pay going…and there is a base of potential voters that use the term “Victim”, and are in so many facets of this country it is astronomical…

      as in Oppressed vs Oppressers

    2. Wouldn’t it really be great if we were able to get some of these asinine pieces of legislation Repealed!?!?

  30. Love this young lady, Miss Julie. She’s attractive, well-spoken, modestly and effectively dressed for the video topics. There are some neat young conservatives out there posting good common sense talks, songs and satires on Youtube.

    1. Congratulations to her parents and teachers, bringing up a young woman who can think and communicate. Job well done!

  31. It’s not the graphic designer’s fault that all 22 who voted against the act are men. Men who fight tooth and nail against the rights of women on a regular basis, by the way. This post is poorly-worded, and poorly thought-out. But, it’s okay. Growing up is tough, little guy.

    1. What are you talking about? And whom might you be writing to? Please re-read what you just posted please, so that we might have a “clue in” as to what you are attempting to say in this forum.

    2. Did you watch the video. Did you read the Bill? Do you think a bunch of fat cat politicians (suits and pantsuits alike) can help you or anyone else by taking your money and giving it to their fat cat cronies?

      If you want to remain weak, ignorant dependent on these crooks in DC rather than stand on you own two feet, go right ahead and be a useful idiot slave to your masters in the Beltway. Around here people think for themselves.

      1. I don’t think Syreeta’s internet reception is all that good. It must be that bridge overhead.

        Think Progress must love legislation like this. They seem really into misleading labels.


        See what I mean? They neither think nor lead to progress. A more appropriate name for them would be ~Non-sentient Digress~, but would they be as popular? I don’t know. How popular are they now?


        1. It’s the same thing as passing a bill that is entitled a Hate Crime, depicted for a certain group supposedly.

          The thing is when did a Crime become Love? You know the opposite of Hate?

          Dang, sure wish they’d pass out the new condensed version of What Were These Idiots Thinking!


    1. It looks like your meds may be defective, or you may have a metastatic liberatoma – go to your local emergency room stat!

    2. And also, if you weren’t just a drive-by, bomb thrower, you might have retained commenting privileges. But you haven’t, so “adios,” yourself.

  33. I like what I see! “Republican gentlemen who saw through the sly politics of the bill, ….” I don’t see Senator McCain, who seems to be out there still yacking about his conservative values, yadda yadda yadda. I’m also apologizing for my state, where my two senators are wishy washy women, and ignorant to boot!

    1. Which state would that be? Washington? California? New Hampshire?
      I identify with your comment as my two wishy washy senators are women also and ignorant ideologues to boot. (Patty Murray & Maria Cantwell)

      1. I don’t think our two senators are wishy washy. They have spines of donkey leftist steel. Never seen a hint of conservatism in either of them.

    2. Yeah, me too, but I can’t say I’m surprised TN’s losers aren’t on there. I am frankly suprised to see Lindsey Grahamnesty on there, it’s a lot easier to hate somebody when they’re consistently bad.

    1. Here’s a trick question: “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Or for the libbies: “How many democraps does it take to screw in a light bulb?”
      NONE! Because they prefer the “squiggly” lights!

      HA! ๐Ÿ˜€ HAHAHAHLOLOLOlololololol!

      *sigh* oh, I crack myself up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. She’s cute… great video!

    Based on many of the people I see up there who voted against it… if I knew nothing about it (and honestly, I don’t know much about it – the video helped), I would still stand against it based on may of those above who also stood against it. Furthermore, if Think Progress is for it, then I’m against it.

    Typical Democrap nonsense. Name something to deceive the dumbmasses and then let the corrupt, liberal, lapdog MSM mop up those who oppose it. We’re not going to fall for that anymore. Better yet (Queue Twisted Sister): We’re not going to take it!!!

  35. LOL…great vid! This is how the Left operates their propaganda. They don’t want people reading and thinking. Critical thinking is a critical problem in today’s society, particularly among the youth.

    1. My daughter is 16 and is in the middle of preparing for the SAT. To get into most any college you want, you need a score of at least 1600. Did you know that mathematics alone can get you a maximum of 800 points on the test and CRITICAL READING can also get you a max of 800? Most colleges focus mainly on those two scores – meaning they have to be high – in order for acceptance consideration.

      Funny how Critical Reading is so high on the meter and yet many colleges and almost all the media spreads out crap and propaganda like this.

      1. Hillsdale College or Patrick Henry. Two great conservative institutions that teach young people to think, debate, achieve.

      2. A friend of mine volunteers at a local university to sift through the initial massive volume of applications. He said they each got five piles of applications to rank. Only one pile was those who passed the test scores. The other piles were “special considerations”.

    2. chatterbox365,

      the only thing critical in the Left’s propaganda is Critical Race Theory, Black Liberation Theory, Saul Alinski…always Obama’s Agenda…day in day out!

  36. She is terrific! If I had a couple million dollars — or whatever it costs –I’d pay to have her entire message, all 2.5 minutes of it, broadcast all day everyday for two weeks on every cable and network TV station in the country. Ads, commercials, you get the idea.

    Now why can’t the Rush Limbaugh’s and other Billionaire “conservatives” get together and get it done. This lady needs a spotlight and lots of air time! And I love the southern twang.

  37. The feminazis rail against Republican gentlemen who saw through the sly politics of the bill, yet ignore Islam’s far more cruel and unjust male chauvinist pig-ness, rapes and violence against women… just like the shameful sham of a United Nations does.

    1. What are you talking about? This bill has NOTHING to do with the UN. So we can’t pass a bill to protect our mothers and daughters because there are Muslims in the UN? What kind of ridiculous logic is that?

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