“The blood of American patriots cries out!” – Louie Gohmert calls for Select Committee to investigate Benghazi

This is awesome. Louie Gohmert stood outside the U.S. Capitol today and called for a House Select Committee with subpoena power to investigate the Benghazi terrorist attack, saying that the blood of American patriots cries out for the truth.


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121 thoughts on ““The blood of American patriots cries out!” – Louie Gohmert calls for Select Committee to investigate Benghazi

  1. You guys got to keep up with the hypocrisy, (I mean ‘news’). 😉

    News Flash: 
    (Black) Linebacker pulls family from flaming SUV = ‘Hero’. 
    (White-Latino) pulls family from overturned SUV = ‘Staged’ to make Zmmerman look good.
    Family saved by Linebacker will no doubt appear on TV to thank him.
    Family saved by Zimmerman wishes to remain anonymous, because of ‘threats’.

  2. Don’t think Boehner wants to do anything.  Makes you wonder whose side he is on – the American people or the Obama anti-American regime.  Think the latter.   Boehner needs to go.

    1. Conniption Fitz I believe that is entirely possible.  Boehner is a traitor to America – just like Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, etc. etc. etc.

  3. Where is all this “outrage” getting us?  RINO’s and conservative poseurs are falling like dominoes on a daily basis, and still no one has been held accountable for Fast and Furious.  Other than Ted Cruz, is there anybody out there?

  4. QUIT WASTING TIME,…GET ON WITH IT, people are dying and the longer that POS stays in office the worse it , more government waste and our country is dying her…HURRY UP!!!!!

  5. Benghazi is the real scandal that leads straight to the White House the rest is just noise to distract the public’s attention. IRS was intentionally leaked. because they have covered their tracks to prevent it getting back to POTUS. I suspect same is true of Snowden / NSA. Seems likely that information was intentionally leaked. all of this stuff dilutes the resources going after Benghazi. Same for current furor over Travon Marten. and predictably POTUS is now calling all of scandals manufactured. There are so many concurrent ones it almost seems plausible, but we need to realize that White House is generating them.

    1. sartras 
      Spot on.
      Unravel this scandal and all the others will suddenly become more important. Imo, this tragedy is ALL the pResident’s fault and will completely bring him down if the truth gets out. And yes, I want him brought down!

  6. Cover up is the MO of this administration. Mr. transparency himself AKA Hussein, should have been a cat. He is after all so damn good at covering sji- up! Just sayin’.

  7. For those who believe that it’s been a long time ago–there’s no statute of limitation on murder.

  8. You know? I can’t help but feel really bad for our troops who died in Benghazi, I know TRS posted this yeaterday and only 88 Americans have a response. Folks sorry but that isn’t good, speaks badly.
    I leave at that.
    God Bless America

  9. Obama’s new butt-buddy, Boehner won’t let that happen. The Republican Party is no better than the Dems and as far as far as I’m concerned, both parties can go to hell. I’m voting for true conservatives or no one at all, period. A pox on most of the denizens who inhabit the sewer known as DC.

  10. Former Congressman Allen West was also at this event and he criticized all those Congresspersons who’s names were not on the petition as being part of allowing this cover up to remain in the shadows.  Well, I declare that Allen West is worse than that, he refused to help the Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigation by not giving them a platform to get their evidence into the main stream.  He also refused after his defeat and as a citizen when approached by the investigative team stating he had political aspirations and he didn’t want to participate in the exposing of the Scandal of the Century.  Some hero he turned out to be.  See details of his betrayal below.

  11. Just got an email from Rep Steve Stockman (R-TX) who said a Democrat office leaked the names of the Benghazi survivors, they are now being intimidated and because of this the Congressional hearing on their testimony has been cancelled.

  12. Part of the investigation should focus on Mohammed Morsi and his alleged involvement in the Benghazi murders. The investigation should also focus on a alleged deal between Morsi and the Obama Adminstration to trade Ambassador Stevens for the Blind Shiek which went horribly wrong.  http://bit.ly/15fMgU1

  13. I thought the Senate had investigated … oh, wait, now I get it. A traitor must be tried and, if found guilty, the appropriate sentence applied. And the Senate hasn’t the courage to impeach, try, and appropriately punish the first black president. So what the heck, let’s get someone else to start another investigation. Kick the can down the road….

  14. Unless the Lord intervens their is only one other way to get the country back on the right footing, that is to impeach Obama and put Erick Holder in prison, where he belongs.

    1. @TIMERUNNERSC There is another way, but I’m afraid there are not enough true patriots left to pull off a Second American Revolution.

      1. mikeinidaho  I get  your point but we both know we Americans never to say never ((:

      2. mikeinidaho No, there are not. People aren’t mad enough yet. You have to let them have a bellyfull of Obamacare and Socialism and economic collapse. Finally, and only then, are they likely to GET IT THROUGH THEIR THICK SKULLS: It doesn’t work!

        1. steprock mikeinidaho     You are absolutly right!!! The Appathey is astounding. I am really afraid of what is happening in the USA. As a Canadian I reallize what happens in the USA has a profound effect on us up here.  I have written many comments. I think I got the Bengazie scandal right but missed the Moise connection. I just wish every one would keep on topic.

        2. That’s just it, El_sea, the Obama Administration has woven a very tangled web. Follow the vibrating thread, you’ll eventually pass by all the carcasses to the bloviated bloodsucker! :-

      You are absolutely right… it’s one thing to pray and you also need to act. Did did not bring down Goliath with a  Psalm, he first dealt with him and then wrote the psalm.

  15. Long time ago? There’s no statute of limitation on murder. 0 should be held accountable for his complicity.

  16. By the time they get to something useful Obama’s term will be over.  I don’t care, we need the truth to come out for those that have fallen because of Obama’s disgraceful actions….or lack of.   The Democrat party needs to go down with him for doing everything they can to interfere with the investigation.

      1. TIMERUNNERSC  Agreed, but we better bring them down soon because they aren’t far from succeeding.

        1. kong1967 they are much further from succeeding than they realize, but then, they are democrats.

        2. TIMERUNNERSC  Yeah, but they hit milestones that aren’t going to be reversed….ever.  It’s possible to reverse them, but not likely.   Obamacare, for instance.  Once it collapses the health care system and they force a single payer system, that’s another milestone.  They are irreversibly fundamentally transforming our nation into something we don’t recognize.  Our children will not know what the nation should be, they will only know what they experience and accept as the norm.

        3. kong1967 TIMERUNNERSC Accept as the norm…that’ the biggie there. And only know the whitewashed history they are fed.
          We homeschool. ‘Nuff said.

  17. Why has America lost it’s way…. John 8:32
    “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”
    Your leadership is in bondage and selling this great country out. I am an Australian and very very concerned for the US… I recall a powerful statement by a father of a marine killed in Afghanistan and he said this “when you cover up the truth you become part of the lie and the time has stepped up for you Mr Obama to step up or step down”.

    1. paw WELCOME to the Right Scoop paw !!! John 8:32 is a Personal FAVORITE of mine. It is also etched in stone above the entrance to the Tower on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Your points are Most Appreciated and will NOT go unnoticed. Well Stated!!! Peace be with you and yours….

  18. One of a very few good men in political office I can stand behind with confidence! God Bless You Rep. Louie Gohmert! Bring justice to these heroes that were left to be murdered by the Islamic Terrorist scum! Obama and Hillary should be brought to justice for this! They knew and could have made the call to send in help but chose to sit and watch these men die in real time! ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITORS! Hang em HIGH!

  19. THANKS for posting Scoop. Is there any way we can see what Col. Allen West had to say ??

  20. I respect Louis Gohmert, what does this accomplish? Speeches and symbolic actions are ineffective when the crisis has reached this point. Split off from the party, and pose a political threat to both parties. Nobody on the hill is listening to you.

    1. applepie101 There was a march on DC today demanding justice for the fallen 4.  What does it accomplish?  Justice for 4 men who were murdered because the potus gave a stand down order.

      1. Orangeone applepie101 Remember: the murder of one man, Franz Ferdinand, started a whole flipping war.

        1. steprock Orangeone applepie101 And we have impeached presidents before but never one for murder. How many is Obama up to now?

    2. applepie101 
      These co-sponsors of H. Res. 36, 161 strong, need to come en masse to Boehner’s office and kick him out for obstructing the formation of a select committee on Benghazi, for giving aid and comfort to our nation’s enemies, i.e., the progressives in both parties.
      It’s time for a mutiny. Get on with it. No more playing nice with the feckless, weasel leadership: Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy (CA). It’s obvious Boehner has no intention of blocking Obama on anything. The Speaker has made himself irrelevant. Unseat him; send him out to pasture in full tar-and-feather suiting.

  21. Ironic isn’t it that Heartfelt Hitlery felt such “heartache” for the family of Trayvon Martin in the wake of the GZ verdict because they had lost someone to violence, but this duplicitous, evil, conniving, narcissistic, scumsucking harpy has been absolutely silent on the deaths of the men who gave that last full measure of devotion for their country. The same men whose lives, her department was responsible for, the same men whose blood is on her filthy, rotten, fetid, wrinkled, greedy, hands…

    1. doofuschmartz Great rant!  And where are the gay pride people to protest the death of a gay ambassador?  What were they given to keep them silent?  Perhaps a SCOTUS decision?????

      1. K-Bob notpilgrims Actually I’d like to see a Special Prosecutor.  There was one for Clinton’s misbehavior but not for 4 dead men?

    1. notpilgrims I’d suggest a re-listen to Louie Gohmert and to Rep Wolf.  # of House Committees, hearings behind closed doors, secrecy, 5 minutes to ask a question and move to next committee member.  A Select Committee is essential.

    2. notpilgrims
      “Hasn’t the GOP already been investigating Benghazi for a while?????”
      Don’t you mean, “Hasn’t the GOP already been ‘stonewalled’ by the ‘transparent’ Obama administration on investigating Benghazi for a while?????” 

  22. Here is an update as to how far along the 2 year criminal investigation has gotten.  The investigation team is in Washington DC and they have had a few meetings with high ranking Congresspersons where they were able to present what they have discovered in those 2 years.  Below is a 5 minute summary of what has been happening. Obama will not survive this upcoming investigation.  The summary is concise and up to date.  Maybe Right Scoop will finally begin to cover this Scandal of the Century.

    1. Laurel A  
      If in fact it can be proved that Obama, himself, gave the stand down order, this is truly grounds for impeachment and there are enough veterans and patriots that I believe this will bring him down.  So far it is the only thing.

      1. DavidZimmerman2 Laurel A They will be thwarted at every turn because they are afraid of race riots.

        1. Laurel A DavidZimmerman2 I think they were floating the thugvon to see what kind of racial riots would occur. I think that gave us all we need to see.  If the bloody MSM would ever do their job and expose Benghazi for what it was, impeachment would not only be started but would finalize when the GOP takes the Senate in 2014.  Even Johnny Roberts would be unburied from whatever Obama has on him.

      2. DavidZimmerman2  If I may David. JSOC, (Joint Special Operations Command) and each respective member of our Special Operations Community, utilize a CBA (aka Cross Border Authority or Cross Border Authorization) worldwide, as needed. One person, and ONE Person only, can grant or deny a CBA; the President. Hence the Outrage of the members within “the community”. Peace be with you….

        1. Thanks for that explanation, TexasPGRRider. That completely explains the nature of their outrage! I intend to share that eye opener. No wonder they were so emotionally distraught during the hearings. This should answer the question of “who” without a single word having to be said. Wow, I have never served, and your explanation just floored me. It’s always easy to make the assumption – thanks for the indisputible fact!! 🙂

        2. DawgfanInFL  You`re welcome Dawg. Don`t be surprised if it is made public that on the night in question, not only did we have assets in the area, we had assets In Position….

  23. We all need to attend Town Halls during their break and make our voices heard loud and clear!!

  24. I appreciate the sentiment. I hope he succeeds.
    However, more words, no action. When will this be prosecuted?

    1. Let’s hope sooner rather than later, and if not than with a changing of the guard in 2014. That goes for Dems and Republicans alike.

  25. The day I see a call for a select committee on the infiltration of
    the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House and all major US government
    institutions will be the day I really whoop and holler.  Gohmert was
    shut down about it along with Bachmann regarding Huma Abedin by Boehner
    and the mental grifter Rino McCain.
    You go Gohmert!Grifter: 
    A con man and swindler who builds relationships with his victims before
    beggering them of all they own.  That’s exactly what McCain has done to

      1. PVG Las1  
        I am an Australian and I I wrote to McCain and told him a few months ago his time is up.

    1. Las1 TONS of turbin cowboys have infiltrated All sectors of America. Thank Goodness we`re becoming ever more aware on a daily basis !!!!

        1. DawgfanInFL  
          Thanks DawgfanlnFL
          I did also take the liberty to write to John Boehner. I get the feeling it may rattle his comfort zone for him to know that even in Australia some folk view him as a weather vane.

  26. I love the sign in the front with SOS on it.  If it were a flag, I’d fly it in front of my house.
    Below the American flag of course.

    1. DebbyX 
      What does the SOS stand for? I know what my mom use to call a dinner she made, SOS….and if it’s referring to the Obama administration, it may still fit. 😉

      1. badbadlibs DebbyX I too remember what your mom was referring to.My mom used to call it that too. :-)And you’re right.It is very fitting.

      2. badbadlibs DebbyX : )           My dad used to tell me about the food they ate while in combat, that too had the initials, SOS!
        I’m sure your mom was a better cook than that.

        1. DebbyX 
          Yes, actually she was a really good cook. My dad also told me about the SOS he ate while in combat. He continued to like the SOS, but he would not touch Spam…and that coming from a man who ate gefilte fish.!

      3. badbadlibs DebbyX When I was growing up, SOS meant Save Our Ship, it was a distress signal many times sent by Morse Code; I have also heard it to mean Save Our Souls…

      4. badbadlibs  In this instance badbad,  “Special Operations Speaks”. As they pan out near the end of the video, you`ll see the words printed under the letters. The spear on the banner is also a symbol for “Special Ops”. SOS can also stand for “Special Operations Squadron”; ie the 427th SOS….

  27. I have the utmost respect for Louie Ghomert!One of the most principled conservatives in the two Houses of Congress.Thank you Mr. Ghomert for keeping the light shining on this travesty.God bless you.

    1. 57thunderbird AMEN 57!!! We have a sayin` down here 57; “He plays dumb Good”….

  28. May 13th 2013 National Review
    But it does not have the support of Speaker John Boehner, his leadership
    team, or House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa —  although
    majority leader Eric Cantor is open to the idea. “We’re waiting to see
    what comes from the excellent oversight work done by our committees, and
    will continue to review with our chairmen the next steps,” a Cantor
    aide says.
    THis is why sh it doesn’t get done.

    1. Go to Canada Free Press (.com) and you will see an article on a group that is trying to defeat Boehner in Ohio.

  29. Why is this so difficult. What am I missing?  What is the hold up?  Do it!  Do it!  Do it!  The families of those who were sacrificed deserve answers.

    1. Orangeone A Deaf-Mute would make a better speaker. But Louie rocks! My dog on my avitar’s name is Louie.

        1. DebbyX WilliamMorriss Orangeone  4 yr. old photo, but he’s still doing great. Thanx

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