The Herman Cain does late night!

Herman Cain had a fabulous interview tonight with Jimmy Kimmel and I must say it was very inspiring. He came out strong, saying that the accusations from today were totally false and said that he was going to hit it hard tomorrow in his press conference. And much more!

The entire interview was excellent:

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54 thoughts on “The Herman Cain does late night!

  1. The whole issue about the Cain advertisement where the guy was smoking at the end is just another attack by the politically correct elites. I do not smoke, but the last time I checked it is a legal substance. Smokers have made a life choice…maybe not smart, but to make an issue over this is just stupid!

  2. This is too funny. Is this the same blog that got all offended because I made a comment about the size of Bill O’Reilly’s penis?

    Can can I say “dick” now since Herman Cain can make lewd jokes on national TV and it’s been proclaimed “inspiring”?

    1. Nope, this is a different blog.

      There were zero lewd jokes here by Cain….even if you are speaking of the bigger, thicker, pizza thing or whatever it was. If anyone was lewd, which they weren’t IMO, it was Kimmel.

      So there.

      1. Cain makes a pretty good joke about Gloria Allred at the 1:38 mark. He even throws in the leer and squealing laugh so everybody gets what he can’t think of hiring Gloria Allred to do for him.

  3. He has a wonderful sense of humor. I think that he is the guy. Definitely authentic… also not afraid to admit that he does not know something and take advice from people who know what they are talking about.

  4. Yay! This was very good and entertaining. I laughed several times. It felt good, like a good laugh should 🙂

    I am also glad that Herman’s wife seems to be handling this well.

    Often what is meant for evil, works out for good. I read that in the Good Book.

    1. I’m with you, Miriam:

      These are his statements made in less than 72 Hours:
      1) I would have Muslims on my staff (Muslims are allowed to lie to Infidels);
      2) When asked about it? States that he “Misspoke (sp)”; in other words, he didn’t understand Muslims UNTIL
      someone corrected him then he understood his error and said he Misspoke.
      3) In the next breath, he still hadn’t learned from his first mistake and Changed it to — they can give me an Oath
      (same mistake–Muslims allowed to lie to infidels);
      4) I will have homosexuals on my staff;
      5) Until politics he held Hard-line stance on Homosexuality as a sin
      Homosexuality is a sin and a choice. Cain betrayed himself and his religious beliefs in order to be elected? Oh, My!
      6) He apologized to Mexico for voicing “I will put an electric fence on the border.” (Hmmm, apologizing for America, sound familiar?

      You can see the comment at the following URL:

      Herman Caine’s campaign is being bank rolled by,”Skull and Bones”!
      – Slick Corporate Salesman
      – Skull and Bones Pilsbury company
      – Worked for Coca-Cola
      – God Father Pizza – Pilsbury Company
      – Pilsbury Cartel – founding memmbers of Skull and Bones!
      – Pro Torture
      – Federick T. Gates involved and involved with and helped start David
      Rockefeller organizations
      – Held Position at Federal Reserve

      Dig in check him out for yourself, then you know that you know, how the
      Globes are manipulating!

  5. I gotta say, if the man was totally guilty of what he’s been accused of, then there’s no way he pulls off that interview sounding as crisp, relaxed, and confident as he did.

    No way.

    Having wrote that, what if he is guilty? Well, if he is, …he’s the best damn actor in the entire history of acting–I mean, all the way back to the first successfully faked ‘O.’

    A man who can act that good, hell, …he could face down Ahmadinejad, Putin, and Kim Jong Il, all at the same time. And have them thanking him, after.

    Kimmel should put him on weekly. This is better than Mexican professional wrestling.

    1. Also, if he were a serial harasser, I doubt he would keep doing it unless he actually had some conquests. If any of those “conquests” come forward, then there would be some fire to these accusations. Until that happens, this just looks like an Alinski hit job.

  6. I was about to Herman Cain fatigue, but that was a good piece.

    He and Jimmy must have met in the green room before the show. They seemed to have a great rapport. I have liked Jimmy Kimmel since he used to give away Ben Stein’s money.


  7. Great job Herman. Give ’em heck!

    Ms. Buyalick did the morning show rounds with Ms. Allred today. I never watch these lib talking mouth pieces, but I’m sure she spewed her claims and the media was all too willing to give her air time. Even money says that she will be on the next season of DWTS.

    I also just saw a headline that Krauthammer doesn’t think Cain will survive. I’m sure Rove and O’Reilly are also getting their jabs in. This is war. Right now it’s the people against the GOP establishment and elites. Next fall it will be the people against the socialists. The people MUST win both.

  8. TRS, could you please delete Five Dancing Israelis’ comment above at 02:41 and block him permanently. Thanks dude. PS A “Report Abuse” option button to go w/a the “Like” and “Reply” buttons would make such requests as mine a lot easier and discrete. God Bless bro.

  9. Still love him. . .and WHAT IN THE HELL does his Possibly being a Playa have to do with his being the republic nominee? I think people can see through this. Really shows how threatened people are.

  10. OMG this guy is so completely likeable! This interview was very entertaining. Herman being Herman. I can’t wait for him to take a position of strength in this firestorm.

  11. I am so glad Herman Cain is standing up to this. So far none of the allegations have any substance whatsoever to them. I believe Cain is an honorable man. He has the truth and the Lord on his side.

    Stay strong Mr. Cain.

  12. Effective immediately, all liberal extremist progressive organizations will contact every woman sexually harrassed by Jesse Jackson and Sharpton and pay them to say the villan that it was really Herman Cain. They have to find some way of keeping up this ruse for another six months.

    Maybe by then they will figure out that each one has a tendency to increase contributions to his campaign, so he can get out of the gutter politics.

    1. I don’t like Cain for reasons I’ve explained, but we don’t need your liberal crap on here. Go back to racist LSM where that is more acceptable. Republicans have too much class to talk like that, something you couldn’t possibly relate to

  13. Cain is awesome in this clip! Cain can take control here if he wants to. He is very convincing you must agree.

  14. Wow! Herman Cain can definitely stand up to enormous pressure.

    He is proving his presidential chops.

  15. One thing arrogant negros all have is the ability to lie with a straight face. And then, no remorse when caught. Cain is just a typical jive ass niqqer. Snoop Doggy Dog with a necktie.

    1. He also doesnt want to come across as a standard politician in the usual red or blue… He uses other colors to help identify him as a political outsider.

      1. The gold ties are his campaign ties. If you saw footage of his book signings and some of his speeches, when he wore ties they were always some other color. But it’s always gold when he appears as the candidate. It’s the old-school executive in him – gold is his power color….

  16. Now IF Mrs Cain wants to run for a Senator from NY, we will know that all these allegations against Mr Cain are true…no further proof needed.
    Until then, it is —

  17. Herman Cain married to the same woman for 43 years, who are you going to believe, him or the lefty thugs who have hijacked the democratic party?

    1. Well, that alone doesn’t absolve him of any guilt. The Clintons have been married for 36 years. Is there anyone left out there who doesn’t think that is a marriage of convenience?

      That being said, he was really good on Kimmel’s show. You wanna give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, for someone to be that cool under fire, he either knows he’s innocent of all of this, or he’s pathological. I’m inclined to go with the former given what everyone who knows him best has said about him.

      1. Agreed that he is not absolved of guilt simply by staying married. However, there currently is no concrete evidence. Hearsay. That’s it.

        Innocent until proven guilty.

      2. Imagine having to defend yourself against the charge. How would you do it other than to say, “Its not true!” You can’t offer any proof other than your life. I look at Herman’s life and I look at the accuser’s life and I have to make a decision, “Who is telling the truth?” I believe Herman!

        1. As the mother of two young men with a husband in the business world I worry about them putting themselves in any position where a “he said/she said” could ruin their lives and careers. But if they avoid women, they’ll be called sexist. They can’t win!

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