‘The judges are NOT above the PEOPLE!’ – Ted Cruz proposes Constitutional amendment to reel in Supremes

Ted Cruz up and proposed a remedy for the continued abuses of the Supreme Court that we’re seeing, but it’s a pretty extreme one.

Watch below:

From the Washington Post:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has proposed a constitutional amendment that would subject Supreme Court justices to periodic judicial elections in the wake of rulings that upheld a key portion of the Affordable Care Act and affirmed gay couples’ right to marriage.

“I am proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would subject each and every justice of the United States Supreme Court to periodic judicial retention elections,” Cruz said Saturday, during a speech in Des Moines, Iowa. He also called for such elections in the National Review on Friday.

The proposal from Cruz, who once served as Supreme Court clerk, comes as he is trying to position himself as the presidential candidate of choice for conservatives and evangelicals who disagree with the court’s decisions this week. The Texas Republican is using the rulings to paint himself as a stalwart defender of religious freedom, opponent of same-sex marriage and reaffirm his pledge to abolish the Affordable Care Act should he win the presidency.

Cruz is also using the rulings to reemphasize his assertion that he tacks far to the right of the rest of the 2016 GOP field when it comes to social issues, a point he started making in the wake of a controversial religious freedom law Indiana passed in March.

“Sadly we’ve seen several 2016 candidates in response to yesterday’s decision saying it is the law of the land, we must accept it and move on,” Cruz said as the Des Moines audience booed. “When Republican candidates are standing up and reciting Barack Obama’s talking points things have gone seriously wrong.”

Wow. I know many would be happy with this, but a Constitutional amendment is no joke. It would take a hell of a lot to get it done. But at least Ted Cruz is one of the few trying to find solutions instead of blindly accepting our judicial fate.

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