The NBA threw the book at Donald Sterling, bans him for life. But is it fair?

Here’s the lowdown on what the NBA doled out to Sterling:

FOX NEWS – The NBA threw the book at LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, banning him for life, fining him $2.5 million and raising the possibility of a forced sale of the team over racist remarks he allegedly made to an ex-girlfriend that surfaced on a tape recording.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement at a New York press conference after Donald Sterling, the Clippers owner, told Fox News that the team is not for sale and he had no intention of selling the team.

Silver, who succeeded David Stern as NBA Commissioner in February, said the league concluded its investigation into the matter and interviewed Sterling. He determined that the voice heard on the audio tape obtained by TMZ was indeed Sterling’s and called the comments “deeply offensive” and “harmful.”

Let’s get a couple of things straight. I think we can all agree that Donald Sterling is a racist at least in some capacity and that his remarks were reprehensible. The man clearly has issues with race on a level that makes other people uncomfortable.

But I have to admit, I come away from watching this NBA press conference very unsettled. It had all the feel of the outrage mob beating the crap out of Donald Sterling because they disagree with something he said. And they are so proud of it.

But it just doesn’t seem fair.

After all, where are the allegations that Sterling made racist remarks to a player, a coach, an owner, a league official? Where are the allegations that Sterling ever did anything wrong to someone or some thing within the bounds of the NBA league? There are none to my knowledge.

And yet he’s banned for LIFE from all things NBA and may have his team sold out from under him because of a private conversation he had with someone, a conversation that was never meant to be public and had nothing to do with anyone except he and his girlfriend?

I’m sorry, but this just isn’t right. And where does this end?

At the rate our society is moving, the outrage mob is just going to get hungrier and hungrier. Soon, disagreeing with gay marriage or believing that homosexuality is a Biblical sin will get you the same sentence that Sterling just got. It will be said to be as bad as making racist remarks.

If Sterling had actually said or done something wrong within the boundaries of the NBA league or if he did something criminally wrong, I could understand this better. But he didn’t.

He simply has a personal view, reprehensible as it may be, that is out of line with mainstream thought in America; a personal view that hasn’t even been known to have interfered with his ownership of a NBA team. And yet for that personal view he is condemned and cast completely out of society without an inkling of a second thought, to much fanfare and applause.

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240 thoughts on “The NBA threw the book at Donald Sterling, bans him for life. But is it fair?

  1. You all should get a copy of “The Overton Window,” by Glenn Beck. With this President and his administration, we are one step closer to it becoming reality.

  2. Last time I checked, thoughts and opinions were not illegal. Do I agree with his thoughts and opinions? No, not in such a sweeping way. As to people I dislike, I’m color blind. For me, it is black and white – I either trust you, or I do not. Race, color or creed matters not at all. As far as I’m concerned, this is just a blow up of oversensitive, race baiting shield rattlers who stand on the battle field all by themselves, longing for the old days. What took years to bring together, only took the O admin five short years to tear it all back to the 60’s. While we have a President who only voices his opinion on injustice to HIS race and not for America – well, there is a problem. But, since I have an adverse opinion, as an Irish American who’s family came here after the American Civil War, I must be a racist. When we listen to fools, the Mob rules.

  3. It’s far worse than unfair. It’s reprehensible. Free speech not Sterling are what’s under attack and only the ignorant don’t realize they will be next if they disagree with this madness that’s overtaken our country.

  4. What Mr. Sterling said is despicable. There is no argument.

    I do find it rather alarming that we can no longer assume private conversations are private.

    I also find it more than a little hypocritical that all was fine with the NAACP (for at least the 2nd time) and others who must have known of his character until this tape came out.

  5. Imagine – all of this without a trial! This is the left’s bogus concept of “hate crime” and how it will be used against anyone who doesn’t conform to their morally bankrupt causes.

    This isn’t law, it’s tyranny.

  6. As common morals, customs, and language are integrated throughout our culture, our interactions become more predictable and the case for centralized control is weakened.

  7. I am choking on the hypocrisy of the players, ESPN, and the media in general. If this was known, then what is the difference between then and now? The public at large knows. I even heard one idiot on ESPN this AM liken Donald Stirling to Rush Limbaugh.

    He is a democrat donor. Is it okay as long as money pours in, and it can be hidden? The players knew but took his millions to play. Now they are outraged?

    The NBA can kick him out. That is the free market at work. We can shun people who we don’t like. Don’t go to his games, don’t buy the t shirts, don’t play for him. But don’t act like it is a right to play for the Clippers, or attend games. Stop watching ESPN. The Atlanta Braves suspended John Rocker for stupid comments and people screamed first amendment. It is not. The Atlanta Braves are not the government.

    For every fan and every player expressing outrage; walk away. There are no laws allowing racist practices. But there will always be fools. We can marginalize them in everyday life.

    But, unlike the players, it may come at a cost. The players, NAALCP, ESPN, and fans may have to pony up. Will they?

    They didn’t.

  8. This was all designed to sell the Clippers to Magic Johnson, and cutting the Owner out of the team. Sterling was set up by his paid whore and friend of Johnson’s.

  9. The most deeply disturbing thing about this to me is the way this Sterling guy was suddenly fallen upon by a mob of faux-outraged, self-righteous progs who knew all along he was a bigot. Next is the BLM going to surround his land? The IRS going to audit him? Or will the government just let the mob do the work here? Something is going on behind the scenes that will reveal itself at some point.

  10. I had the same reaction as Scoop. If you don’t hear similar racial language in pro basketball on a regular basis, then you have to be deaf.

    1. This is so true. If a group of people devalue themselves, then how do they expect others to act towards them? Why do they protest when others devalue them?

  11. He should have used the word “apartheid”. Then all he would have to do is issue a non-apology apology and everything would be ok.

  12. It’s communism – NFL is going down a similar road.He’s what an owner or manager or player? I don’t watch the NBA. He’s been affiliated with these groups for ages – why would you do that if you’re a racist?? Doesn’t make sense. Sounds like Palin syndrome.

  13. I know its late. I’m headed for a soft pillow myself. But before you go to sleep, to prepare for another day, think about this one thing. Even though you may think this multimillionaire is a despicable human being, stop and think for a moment.

    In his public performance of his duties, as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, did he ever make a racial statement? No, he did not. He ran his business and paid his black basketball players obscene salaries, to do what they do. They are all millionaires themselves, because of this man. They wouldn’t be driving Mercedes and living in mansions, except for this man.

    This might be a good time to take a look at what Freedom really means. He may have his own opinions about black basketball players. But he never voiced them publicly.

    That is the real gist of this whole debacle. What he does in private, he does in private. That applies to all of us. What he does in private, is his own business. All you can judge him on, is what he does in public.

    All he has done in public, is to pay a number of Black athletes enormous salaries to play a game. He gave each of them a lifestyle they would never have been able to afford otherwise. Racist that he is, he never made any of those feelings public. Someone had to steal those thoughts from his private conversations, and make it public, in order for this whole thing to be what it is.

    I take a very strong view of private thoughts. I know how to behave in public, thank you very much. But my private thoughts are my private thoughts. They are mine. They belong to me. It is the same with the owner of The Los Angeles Clippers. This whole thing was rigged from the beginning. It had to be. This had nothing to do with racist comments. Somebody wanted that team. Magic Johnson keeps popping up on the radar. We’ll see.

    One thing is for sure. This whole thing was planned in advance. It was orchestrated. Of that, I have no doubt, whatsoever.

    1. Everyone around him was only too happy to take his money. Wonder if any of them will be returning said monies?

    2. Very nicely stated. And I too believe that there is more here than currently meets the eye.

  14. 179 comments, on what someone said in a private conversation. A conversation that was meant to remain private.

    If we have come to this, then what have we become, as a nation?

  15. Stop it. That would be my advice. There is nothing further to be gained by this conversation. Whatever comes of it, it has nothing to to do with the future of this country. All it is, is a distraction. A distraction from all the other real problems we are facing.

    1. Actually Gene if someone can be punished for the way/what they think, be it right or wrong, especially when those thoughts/comments were not meant for the public at large then we do have a major problem.

      A problem of neighbor telling on neighbor, selling out those of “The wrong kind of thought”, that seems to be an increasing problem in Our Country!!!

      I see your post further down, EXCELLENT!!!

    2. It doesn’t matter. When this peters out, they will just find a story about a missing plane to spend a month on. Oh, they did that already.

  16. Let’s get this straight
    Magic Johnson and company want to buy a bball team..
    Magic is seen with girl that’s makes audio tape..,
    Audio tape is made by vindictive soon to be ex girlfriend
    Tapes released
    Owner know being forced to sell due to an illegal taping of his personal feelings.

  17. I’m going to take a page from Hillary’s book. What does it matter, at this point? Why don’t we just get back to the real problem, which is this Obama, “out of control,” Presidency? Can we do that?

  18. Here is the real problem with all of this charade. Several of you have mentioned it already. It is nothing but a senseless distraction, from the real events that are happening, that threaten our freedoms.

    It gives the media something to talk about, instead of what Obama is doing. What Obama is doing, is far more destructive to this nation, than anything the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is doing.

    Its a distraction. If the media is fixated on this, Obama and Hillary get a pass on Benghazi. God, we have become such a corrupt nation. Jefferson and Franklin and Madison would be puking right now.

    i have no respect for this current government, nor any of its leaders. I will reserve further comment, until I see the results of the next election. It better be a good one.

    1. You nailed it in this comment. it’s just a distraction for a slow news day. Who cares about the economy, Kerry’s insult to Israel, 0’s mishandling of Russia, the BLM, the IRS and on and on when we have a (gasp!) bigot in our midst? Chains! Whips! the stocks! Pillory him in public! The whole thing is nothing but a circus that has gotten too much attention.

      1. To the average American, anything that comes out of Hollywood is far better than the drama that is actually playing itself out in Washington, where real criminals, not fake Hollywood actors, are actually committing crimes against this nation and our Constitution.

        To these people, Benghazi is boring, because it has simply been dragged out too long, courtesy of your President and the Senate he controls. Americans no longer deal with in depth stories. They deal in soundbites. If a commercial on their plasma is more than two minutes long, they change the channel.

        But they will sit and watch a Football or Basketball game for three hours and drink a sixteen pack of beer in the process. Go figure.

        But a good comment, Doctor. It looks as though everyone has moved on. I don’t know if we solved anything with this thread. Probably not, would be my guess. I guess we didn’t fail for not trying.

    2. You are not wrong, but sports itself is a senseless distraction. That’s why they put the games on when most men aren’t working and run lots of beer commercials. In the day, there is Ellen parading the celebrities women are supposed to worship, and they show lots of Weight Watchers commercials.

  19. Silver, married for 50 years, the girlfriend sleeps around with multiple others.

    Sleazy. The racial remarks are the small stuff. The adultery and fornication is obscene and…. unsanitary.

    Wonder how many STDs get passed around among this crowd of ‘players’?

    1. It’s rumored Magic Johnson is interested in buying the team, didn’t he pick up something?

  20. I believe I thought I heard the new and improved commish say something along the lines of ‘It doesn’t matter how the tape was released, we know how Sterling feels and it’s unacceptable’, again I was at lunch when I listened to this and may not have the quote right. Just because the guy is an idiot, this lynching (yes-I said it) seems a little overdone. Honestly, I don’t watch the NBA and truly don’t care, but what does bother me is the fact the man owns the team, and because others do not care for how he feels, they will run roughshod over him until he sells. Unlike the commish, I don’t talk about the NBA as if it’s ‘historical’ founding made our world a better place. Now back to the news…

  21. The Democrat Candidate for Mayor of Bellville, NJ, has just made comments far worse.

    #2, that he allowed himself to be seen with this young lady tells me he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and may have a history of making questionable decisions.


  22. I think those that are condemning him for being a racist or an adulterer or foolish are completely missing the point. The left in this country are trying to enforce thought conformity. Anyone who engages in ‘crimethink’ or ‘crimespeak’ (terms from Orwell’s 1984) will be punished.

    1. I am coming to the same realization. This is more about, “behavior modification,” than anything else. This man, or any one of us, for that matter, has the right to be a racist in his or her own private moments, and make no mistake, these conversations took place in private moments, like it or not. That they were then exposed for everyone to see, is immaterial. It was a private conversation.

      How would you like it, if all of your private conservations were exposed for all the world to read? Not very much, I would guess.

      All of these incidents like this that seem to keep happening, have a purpose. A design, if you will. They aren’t just random, is what I am trying to say. They may not be planned, specifically, but they are planned in the sense, that when they happen, they are taken full advantage of. By the media, by the Liberals, by the Communists you don’t believe in.

      Ordinarily, I would say it is simply part of our move to the New World Order, but a large number of Americans still don’t believe that is actually happening. In spite of that, it is actually happening. That’s why you have this man for your President. That’s why he is busy reducing this country’s importance on the world stage. That’s why he is busy decimating our Military, closing bases. That’s why he is no longer responding to the threats of other nations. Because he is simply a puppet. Someone else is pulling the strings and programming his teleprompter.

      As marcus just informed you, this is “thought conformity.” This is Communism.

  23. …a jealous rant by an old lonely white guy and it played right into the hands of the SLUT for extortion purposes(recorded why ?). But the old white guy said F U to the Black Mexican SLUT and her extortion game. The TRUTH will be known,


  24. Whenever stories like this pop up, it always turns into a competition for who can be the “most outraged.” I always get the impression that the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of this world get perverse pleasure out of these incidents.

  25. It is not about what he may or may not have said or done, it is about “the transformation of America”, what we like, value, watch, and where we spend or leisure time and money… It is about others controlling someones life, speech, thoughts, it is COMMUNISM, not Americanism!

  26. I think we can all agree that Donald Sterling is a racist at least in some capacity

    You thought wrong. He had a relationship with a black woman. That doesn’t prove he’s not a racist anymore than a few words prove he is. Has he gotten in front of a camera and stated categorically that black people are subhuman? If that’s on tape, go ahead and play it. Otherwise all we’ve got is a guy who doesn’t like his girlfriend hanging out with black people. And who knows why that is but all the wagging heads and slobbering tongues have done, is pull a typical talk-show kangaroo court Alice in Wonderland travesty of justice. So, sentence first, verdict afterwards!

  27. The 2.5M fine is but a drop in the bucket to Sterling. He doesn’t have to attend any games to be an owner and I am betting that the owners in the league will never agree to a forced sale because they could be next.

  28. They just took Sterling team. Why can’t he go to racial diversity training like everyone else. This was a set-up by the ex-girlfriend. That’s what happens when you are doing sinful things.

  29. She set him up just like Delilah with a pair of scissors, and any 80 plus guy with a 30 year old girlfriend is setting the script of an ID channel movie They guy is way beyond his 3 score and 10 but I for one will not be casting he first stone.

  30. I really don’t care about pro sports, but Magic Johnson wants a pro basketball team and will become the new owner of the Clippers when all is said and done. With Spike Lee out in front and leading the charge against Sterling for expressing his opinion as hateful and more importantly, “illegal”, the “new normal” of race relations continues to chip away at the 1st amendment. This has all been staged because Magic Johnson is a huge supporter of Obama and now wants his payback.

  31. For those people here who are commenting, “Who cares?”, you’d better care.

    Situations like what Mr. Sterling has gotten himself into are heavily symptomatic of freedoms and liberties being slowly destroyed.

    If Mr. Sterling can simply say something in private and have it result in his losing his job, then were does it stop when it comes to your opinions and views?

    Are your views and opinions so “just right” and sacrosanct that you won’t eventually be judged, condemned, and sentenced as Mr. Sterling has been?

    This is truly dangerous to freedom and liberty.

    As for myself, I don’t at all agree with what Mr. Sterling said but I will defend his right to say it.

    1. I don’t know man. These comments aren’t about ordinary views and opinions. These comments are about hate. Hate of a group of people base solely on their race. Can’t we all agree that there can’t be any tolerance for this?

      1. I understand what you’re saying, but don’t forget how utterly dangerous this is. See my comments below.

        Who is to say what views are “ordinary” and what views are “hate”? You? Me? Snoop Dogg? Barack Obama? Oprah Winfrey?

        Who decides what is tolerable and what isn’t?

        The subjectivity inherent in everyone is nothing but a fatal trap for all of our liberties and freedom.

        I say again: I don’t at all agree with what Mr. Sterling said but I will defend his right to say it.

        1. Yea, I agree. I have always been against “hate” crimes for the same reason. I don’t think you can penalize someone for their thoughts. So killing someone because you don’t like their race is murder, just killing someone for their car.

          However, this is different than the examples you gave. Those examples speak to general society. In this case, Sterling voluntarily joined an organization and agreed to their bylaws and codes of conduct. The violation of those are what is being punished. If he was just some guy spouting the very same words from a soap box, I would be first inline to defend his right to (a) have those opinions, and (b) express them. I do not agree with them at all, but it is his right.

          1. How do you feel about comments like, “typical white person”, BHO speaking of his grandmother?

            How about one race being able to use a specific word while another race cannot, and if that race that cannot does… well then all hell breaks loose and that person or persons are made to pay heavily for it. While the race that can is patted on the back and told, “keep it up it diminishes the hate that word conjures”?

            We have the right to speak Our mind, even if it offends. We do not have the right not to be offended.

            The double standard, the fake outrage and offense are not acceptable, it is the creeping of the removal of Our rights, in this case Our 1st Amendment. The communist have infiltrated Our institutions are making their play.

            Those that buy into the PC crap that clinton brought upon America are fools whom no not their rights an are gladly giving those rights away! They too will fall pray to the ever changing language and game of acceptability that are sweeping Our nation from Our thoughts to Our actions.

            We see the PC police stepping up more and more regarding what is acceptable, well the PC police are not acceptable and we as freedom loving Americans need to run these communist down and send them scurrying like the RATS they are!

            This all goes back to Our schools and the lies they have been teaching Our young. Our young are getting older, many are adults now and they believe the “PC police” is okay, they believe the lie– We have to fix this problem NOW!!!

            1. Of course you have the right to speak your mind. But not in my house. What if I came into your house and started preaching to you something so vile that you can’t stand it. And I insulted you and your family, etc. You’d ask me to l leave. That is what happened here. It is not illegal to have the opinions that Sterling does. The NBA is just saying, “not in our house”.

              1. Of course he didn’t speak in the NBA’s house… So no your analogy doesn’t work here!

                What he said was said in private and not meant for public ears. In other words what he said could be construed as being said in his own house with respect to expected privacy. As distasteful as his words may be even you agree he “has the right to speak his mind” especially in his own house…

          2. I agree with what you say.

            The question then becomes what Mr. Sterling, as an owner of the organization, agreed to in his contract and then punish him accordingly, no more.

            Mr. Sterling must be held accountable for his actions according to his contract. Anything more than that is stepping on freedom of speech.

            But, second, don’t forget that Mr. Sterling was saying this in private to one individual — under the assumption that it was indeed him on the recording — outside and away from the organization. It also appears that the individual has used that private information to betray Mr. Sterling. Did he know he was being recorded?

            I repeat. I consider what Mr. Sterling said unacceptable; however, the circumstances under which we found about what he said and the reaction to what he said are, to me, equally unacceptable.

            1. Ahhh, now that is the part that is difficult to justify. These comments were not public. They were made in private. I agree that that is a good argument.

        2. This is the problem with hate crime laws, they try to gauge what’s in a person’s heart, and that’s impossible. And who defines what hate is? According to some the beliefs that Christians have held for two thousand years are now considered, hate. You see where this goes. I agree it’s a slippery slope when you are now accountable for what you say in the privacy of your own home.

      2. No we cannot agree. Tolerance for those outside the mainstream is fundamental to a free society. Consider the words of Sacramento Mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson, “I hope that every bigot in this country sees what happened to Mr. Sterling and recognizes that if he can fall, so can you.” This is not going to end with racist comments. We can already see the demonization of people who disagree with Gay mayor and Islam. If you dare do disagree with the mainstream, watch out. The mob will come for you too.

        1. This isn’t about his rights in society. This is about the code of conduct of an organization that he joined voluntarily. I agree that people are free to have these opinions and express them freely in our society. And everyone else can act accordingly (i.e. associate with them, not associate with them, do business with them or not, etc.)

          I agree with you on that.

          1. What part of his job violated those rules of conduct? Is it in his contract that private conversations with his girlfriend should be scripted by the organization that he works for?

            Furthermore, does your boss and the company you work for have the right to tell YOU what to think when you are at home in the privacy of your family? Can they require you to maintain an audio surveillance of your home to ensure that you comply with their way of thinking?

            The slippery slope gets steeper and steeper every day.

            1. I agree it is a slippery slope. But he is attempting to apply his views on his team by saying who should be brought to the games, etc. An NBA owner is a public figure. His opinions and values reflect on the NBA. He isn’t an employee of the NBA. He is a part of the NBA so his private views are relevant.

              1. Just for clarification:

                First of all, if you listen to his comments, he was NOT saying he didn’t want them coming to the games. He said he didn’t want her coming to the games with them. There is a big difference.

                Secondly, it has been known about his opinions for some time and nothing has been done. He wasn’t applying his views on his team. He was applying them to his girlfriend.

                Thirdly, he donates heavily to black causes, his girlfriend is part black, the tape was an illegal recording, and I suspect foul play here, as Magic Johnson wants to own the team and Sterling’s wife, who he is divorcing, owns 50% of the team.

                All in all, the story stinks.

          2. This is cultural problem. My argument is not a legal one. I am not saying saying whether or not the NBA has a legal right to punish Sterling. I don’t know enough about the NBA to comment on that. What I see and what I find reprehensible is the media and the left using the mob to lynch a man for a privately stated opinion. This is just another example of a politically correct society where you will conform or else suffer the consequences. Today it’s David Sterling and race. Tomorrow it could be you and Islam or me and gay marriage. When you lose your job because of your beliefs you might see things differently.

  32. ~~ I wonder what sort of verbalization’s have come forth from many/most of our “so called” leaders….in a moment of private speech between a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/brother, sister/sister, brother/sister, Dr./patient, Pastor/congregant….the list goes on and on etc etc….!!!
    But in 99.99 percent of the time never goes past the 4 walls.
    Anybody wanna buy my business before I get Non-PC caught privately thinking out loud….!!!

  33. Who cares? Really I’m tired of the nation getting tied up in so many irrelevant side bars when the fabric of the nation is under assault. Everyone is made to care about this but we have no national discussions about the direction of the country except on sites like RS.

  34. “I’m sorry, but this just isn’t right. And where does this end .”

    Read George Orwell.

  35. Scoop, I agree with your thoughts 1000%. Where will it end & it is all being orchestrated by the left like a hungry pack of wolves. And since when can’t someone say how they feel in private? Scary stuff coming our way folks. I’m not agreeing with his thoughts but he is entitled to them & unless he deliberately hurt someone he should be left alone.

  36. In a socialized NBA I really don’t care that an 80 year old billionaire dating or married to an attractive young black woman who was allowed to sleep with other men is a racist or said racist epitaphs.

    I don’t care how the players, especially those who accepted the Jewish racist’s money/pay, as they became multi millionaires or are on their way to becoming ones are upset by these remarks. In fact I doubt anyone involved in this soap opera could care less and have heard far worse in their lives.

    This whole drama disguised as news affords news outlets, sports announcers, the NBA, the players and reporters to shout their outrage while maintaining their political correctness facade. I have no doubts that someone wants to buy a team and setting up an old Jewish man with the popentency to state racists comments was the easiest way to achieve that objective.

    If they want to go ahead and steal this team by breaking the 1st Ammendment, let them. The perpetrators of this action will still pay the old Jewish racist some $700 million and those on the team will probably get bonuses to help pay to deal with the horrors associated with this total hypocritical facade and rather good publicity stunt.

  37. While I don’t agree with what he said and he should be able to say it in private, he stupidly put himself in that position, set up or not and then his girlfriend uses it get back at him – his arrogance caught up with him maybe and all hell broke loose over it.

    1. You’d better care.

      How Mr. Sterling has been judged, condemned, and sentenced by our society speaks volumes about how our society has “evolved” when it comes to judging people and to what extent they judge them.

      If Mr. Sterling finds himself in this position because of a privately expressed opinion, you and I and everyone else in this public blog could find ourselves in a similar or worse position.

      Oh, and by the way, if you are without sin, by all means, cast the first stone.

  38. You know, I think what this man said is despicable, totally unacceptable.

    But to ban him for having an opinion that EVERYONE KNEW HE HAD but just now got publicized…….they’re opening themselves up for a HUGE MEGA lawsuit.

    His 1st amendment rights to speak his opinions – which were NEVER UNKNOWN TO THE NBA ETC. – are being violated. And the NBA is abetting this.

    What are we going to do now – create a litmus test: if WE (the PC leftist = WE) think you are raaaaaacist (or sexist, or bigoted, or a homophobic, or a xenophobic, etc. etc. etc.), you will no longer be able to own or run your business, no longer be able to engage in free assembly, or speak in public?!?! Sounds like they just need to make him wear a red “R” (or “B” or “H” or “x” etc.) – or make up a little badge of silver chains (or something small and identifiable) to SEW ON ALL GARMENTS – to identify the “Scarlet letter of raaaaacism” which MUST be worn wherever ANY PERSON labeled this way to wear. Unbelievable!!

    This man’s views are abhorrent – but what the NBA are doing is unconstitutional in a free society!

  39. It used to be that we were held accountable for our actions, but now we must also be held accountable for our thoughts as well. At least those thoughts that don’t align with a tyrannical government.

    What is the next line? Off with their heads?

    And where will it end? Will we soon be condemned and convicted for future crimes against society?

    This man, racist and reprehensible as he may be, had a PRIVATE conversation with his girlfriend. He has committed no wrong in his public actions or his job, but yet loses that job FOR LIFE.

    Can we ban Obama or any of his flunkies FOR LIFE for having private thoughts against white people? It seems to me they have very public thoughts against white, conservative, Christians every day and are praised for it.

  40. At daybreak, [Yeshua] appeared again in the Temple Court, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them. The Torah-teachers and the P’rushim brought in a woman who had been caught committing adultery and made her stand in the center of the group. Then they said to him, “Rabbi, this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery. Now in our Torah, Moshe commanded that such a woman be stoned to death. What do you say about it?” They said this to trap him, so that they might have ground for bringing charges against him; but Yeshua bent down and began writing in the dust with his finger. When they kept questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “The one of you who is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Then he bent down and wrote in the dust again. On hearing this, they began to leave, one by one, the older ones first, until he was left alone, with the woman still there. Standing up, Yeshua said to her, “Where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, sir.” Yeshua said, “Neither do I condemn you. Now go, and don’t sin any more.
    — John 8 (CJB)

  41. Yes he is a racist. But He also has freedom of speech. Any American should have a right to state their opinions, feelings freely regardless of how it affects anyone else. If it is offensive an apology is appropriate. Banning for life, taking away someone’s livelihood, is wrong. Those that are offended can tune out, withdraw advertising, quit the team. But when people become afraid to speak their mind anywhere, it is game over for everyone.

    1. No offense, but you can’t go to a corporate board meeting and curse out your boss and expect to come out unscathed. You should be free to express your opinions about the government without hindrance, but a private organization can make any rules it wants to. The 1st Amendment deals with government because they are the ones with hard power, and when they get out of control, tyranny results. Nobody tells my pastor what to preach, because it is is a private organization.

      That’s why the Black Panthers, La Raza and the KKK still exist today. You don’t join them because you want to impose your views on them, you join them because they share your philosophy. Every private organization has it rules, and they are meant to followed, as far as they stay within the overarching law.

      1. You’re very right, but situations like this can very quickly get out of hand and lead to governments’ creating laws that, little-by-little, cause our freedoms and liberties to rot away.

        Prohibition is an excellent example. So many families were being affected by alcohol — wives beaten, husbands abandoning families — that people pushed for the government to do something about it. Well, they did.

        So what did we end up with even after Prohibition — the law of the land, by the way — was repealed?

        It became the catalyst for the creation of the massive, over-reaching federal government we have today.

        And, don’t forget, the government is really the people. We use government’s power to protect an individual’s rights from the government and from the people.

  42. I do not agree with the nba comminssioner, so he should be banned. We live in the USA..a person has the right to be stupid and say stupid things..wait until you say sonethibg stupid in private and they come after you. Hope Sterling takes the nba to court because they are now disscrimminating against speaking and venting in private.

  43. His comments may have been racist but they were said in private not public. I know free speech doesn’t always come without consequences, but I get a little uncomfortable when someone can be destroyed just by something they say or believe. Maybe it was justified in this case, I don’t know. But next time it could be Christians or Conservatives who treated like pariahs because of what they say or believe. Also there is a double standard here, black liberals say racist things all the time and nobody bats an eye.

    1. Bingo!If this had been a black owner saying this about white players you would have never heard a whisper in the MSM.

  44. Just one question.How does this affect your daily life?As soon as somebody can answer that question then maybe I will care.Otherwise,not so much.

    1. It’s just another “shiny object” for the left to distract us from the epic failure of the con man and what is happening to this nation.

      1. Agreed.I am a little disappointed to see so much traffic on this thread,when saving the country is of the utmost importance.In my mind this takes a backseat.

        1. I don’t know about that. This issue goes to the very heart of what we are trying to do to save this country.

          The Constitution stands for our freedoms and rights to express those freedoms. When a tyrannical government can dictate what our thoughts are, there is no Constitution left. There is no freedom of expression left, no free thought or ability to disagree without severe repercussions.

          If this way of thinking becomes the norm, our great nation and everything it stood for is doomed.

          1. I understand where you are coming from Nuke,but people have known for years about this guy’s attitude toward blacks.This is one individual and in no way reflects the attitude of the nation at large.It just seems to me that this is just another distraction cooked up by this woman and the MSM to draw our attention away from more important issues.Just my opinion.I know it doesn’t mean much.

            1. No, no. Your opinion means a lot and I understand where you are coming from. I see this as another incidence where they are slowly changing that attitude of the nation to be more progressive PC.

              I am in no way a racist, and I never use the n-word, but I still think it is outrageous that the thought police can tell us that word is not allowed by white people.

              Next, the word of God will be prohibited because it offends atheists (they’re getting close to that now). Then voting for the unacceptable party will be a crime against society, punishable by fines and imprisonment. Lastly, they will tell us how many children we can have and anyone attempting more will have them automatically aborted.

              How much closer to the core of our fight can we get before the fight is lost? This one small incident may well be central to all we fight for.

              Of course, you’re right about always watching the other hand. We all know Obama is famous for the bait and switch and the Friday afternoon news dumps. But I think we are now fully aware and watching every move they make.

        2. Nukeman is right. This is a thermometer of the country at large. The frenzied mindset to punish this guy and the way the NBA handled it is representative of WHY our country is getting out of control. Because Americans no more care about the rule of law, than they know the law. Nor do they want to follow it. This mob mentality is why we’re here. Mob think, mob indifference, mob “moral” outrage when it suits the whim.

          Show me one household in America where comments about another race have not been said (regardless of the reason) and I’ll show you a network sitcom. When a black player goes on a tirade against rich, white, conservatives one day, what’s the league gonna do? The right answer is flinch.

  45. Who cares?Once again the POTUS sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong and this situation gets blown out of proportion.The guy donates to the dem party.

      1. Yep.If the rancher could have just greased their palms with enough greenbacks,they would have left him alone.

  46. Good he deserves what happened he settled many lawsuits cause his f*cking mouth reguardless he still is a billionaire but maybe he can go buy a hockey team that would be more of the type of sport to his liking

  47. He said black people should be brought in with his paid escort and sent of pictures of her with other men, Magic Johnson in particular, who has aids.

    This was a set up. Magic Johnson and backers have offered to buy the team…threatening the NBA it is how their retrieve their racist reputations….was Magic behind the set up…

    Is this the new REDistribution??

    The hysteria, particularly at FOX with Dierdre Imus apoplectic…yet her husband Don joked about “Nappy Headed Whores”.. I believe…never seen anything closer to the Salem Witch Trials

    The racist Charles Barkley stating this is our sport?? Really? So they get to steal a franchise? Well how about the Universities are our sport?

    President Commie has said NOT one word on the KNOCKOUT GAME where hundred of whites have been attacked and hurt by blacks and several whites KILLED!!!!! Where is that conversation?

    Any bets that HOLDER and OBama will own a piece of the team wit

    1. How do you set someone up to make comments like that of their own volition – that’s a pretty wacky conspiracy

      1. Sterling was known for his lousy race insensitive remarks– his oddly racist behavior ..
        .Odd, because his girlfriend (if that is what we’re calling her) was a black/Latino woman. She was recording him , one might consider, just so this firestorm could be played and others buy his team, in a fire sale, …it is no accident that Magic Johnson and his syndicate made a bid today…and now have the NBA itself cornered as a racist organization for tolerating Sterling…though at the same time Sterling is THE LARGEST DONOR to the NAACP…thus, if Sterling is
        a racist, that he too is a major donor to black organizations should give pause…
        Perhaps he is simply an old man steeped in yesteryear …who finds it humiliating to have his paid prostitute out with other men…black or white. That he objects to his girlfriend out with Magic Johnson, and Magic ends up bidding for the team today….makes one consider if Magic and others didn’t put the girl up to recording Sterling. She certainly led the conversation to talk of blacks and race…the was a set up….for redistribution of the mans team…race now trumps private property rights….Any bets who else are in the owner syndicate?
        Smacks of the same bs as taking the GM dealerships away from Republican owners and redistributing them to Dems

        1. Mac McCarty with Vernon Jordan received 6 agencies though had no experience in the car business…agencies that had been owned for generations by others

        2. The league can’t force him to sell. the owners association can, because that is in the contract governing his original purchase.

          The government, further, isn’t taking anything away from him, so property rights aren’t exactly at stake.

  48. People have known this guy felt this way for 10 to 15 years.This is one individual person,which is in no way a reflection of the majority of America.This is simply being played up due to the fact that we have a black president,excuse me,half black president in the White House.What I find sad is that this thread has more posts than the Benghazi thread.Sorry.

      1. If Magic Johnson obtains the Clippers, by these means, then this team will forever be tainted, and doomed for failure, IMO.

        1. Do you think the bulk of the fans that pay money for this care?

          They don’t.

          Bread and Circuses is what they want.

    1. Precisely. Don’t you just love how indignant the NBA, the NAACP and all the Black (and White) ‘talking heads’ have all of a sudden become over a man they have known everything about, for years. 😉 😉

    2. This is important. What is sad is how in the once free united states of America, people can be destroyed for what they say, stating thier be,ifs, opinions and feelings. This I Orwellian. When people become afraid to speak their minds, they are silenced thru fear. Is this acceptable? It is a very important issue.

  49. I couldn’t agree with you more Scoop. This is a massive distraction and plays RIGHT INTO THE HANDS of the racist Demoncraps and criminal MSM. What he said was ugly but it was said in private and doesn’t affect ANYONE. It wasn’t hurting anyone and it may have been obtained illegally (I’m speculating). So for this, he is raped by the PC Police? Banned for life? Seriously? The fact that everyone is blowing this out of proportion proves America is getting past this racism crap. Only the flaming liberals and Demoncraps are perpetuating this – for their own purposes. So here’s an unnecessary witch-hunt… the mob captures the ogre and burns him alive. Meanwhile, John Kerry who said something FAR WORSE – on an international stage – is completely ignored. You’re right Scoop, this bodes very poorly for the future of America. I hope he sues the NBA and wins – not because he’s a swell guy (he’s not)… but because this sets an insane precedent. The same thing happened to Paula Dean (who I despise). I don’t see anyone going after the white-hating racist blacks who are also saying wrong things (in fact Holder protected the NBP leader in Philadelphia on voting day)… double standard. So now we must wonder, where does this end? What new depths will this liberal (lack-of) tolerance go? Yep, I hope he sues them and wins.

  50. Sterling is a BIGOT not a racist, IF he was a racist, there would be NO black players on his team, nor would he okay his gf to sleep or associate with black men, black players, NOR would he even be dating her.

    My big issue with the whole Sterling issue is the inability of people to differentiate between racism and bigotry. Words have meaning.

    Here’s your definition of “Bigot.” Does this not fit Sterling perfectly?

    When someone screams “racist” ask them to explain the difference between racist and bigot, then stand back. Their head is going to explode.

    Racism is vile. The word “racist” ought to have a heavy impact. It means nothing now due to extensive misuse and overuse.d

    First paragraph is my comment, all others are from Neal Boortz’s TweeTs on TwiTTeR and he nails it, IMHO.

  51. I have a solution. Get the brightest minds to come up with a comprehensive questioner coupled with a lie detector to test the wealthy and powerful like how they do drug testing, we can start with Obama, Reid, Congress, Clinton, Hollywood, Main Stream Media down to Organizations, Wall Street etc.

      1. It could also test for “Love of Country” in Obama’s case and have a general setting “Lying Corrupt Hypocrites” for Congress. I don’t think much Democrats would survive that test.

  52. Athletes rape, beat their wives, use illegal drugs and make insulting, racist comments all the time..for decades. Magic Johnson got aids from cheating on his wife. Its like a claim to fame how many women an NBA player can bed while married and not a single word is said. Then this racist makes comments in the privacy of his own home, which were illegally taped and they throw the book at him?
    Mean while the secretary of state makes anti semetic remarks in public and no one said a thing.
    This is disgusting, so we are not holding people accountable for what they say in their own home, we are throwing the book at someone with regards to social issues. I cannot wait until the next NBA player does something wrong, how about al the athletes and ex athletes that have gone on anti gay rants in public…the list goes on and on and on.
    I hope he fights this in court because there is no way this witch hunt can be legal.
    Do not get me wrong, what he said was dispicable but does not warrant this kind of over the top reaction by the NBA and by the media.
    Hello an ex player just came out and said they should make an “all black” league??? Is that not racist? Any better then saying I don’t want you taking pictures with black men and posting them on the internet?

  53. I agree. And he has the right to a personal viewpoint even if it is racist
    and different than what you and I might think. His viewpoint is based on
    his personal experiences just like the rest of us. And none of us are perfect. He had a good relationship with those who were black on
    his team from what I have heard.

    I also have a problem with the tape itself. It never should have been leaked. Was that not “illegal”?

    Lifetime ban for an 80 year old. OMG!

    Look what the mob mentality did to Paul Dean. She admitted that years
    ago she may have uttered the “N” word and for that she lost her business?!

    When will some one lose their business or career for making racist comments against whites, Hispanics, Jews, Asians, etc.?

    However, what I did find humorous is that one former black NBA player
    suggested that the blacks form their own black only league. NOW, they
    want to go back to segregation?! Holey moley!

    Perhaps Obama and his band of merry thugs will purchase the team;
    you know, like “Government motors”.

    1. …”one former black NBA player suggested that the blacks form their own black only league”…

      They do it in Congress with the Congressional Black Caucus. I’ll bet if they tried to create a Congressional White Caucus, there would be lifetime bans for those politicians.

  54. You all make good arguments on both sides, but I’ll go with Scoop on this one. This reaction to something said in a private conversation was way over the top.

  55. But it just doesn’t seem fair.
    A filthy rich billionaire,
    in Los Angeles ( a city full of beautiful people) ,
    and all he could buy for himself was this hideously ugly chola ?
    He deserves this punishment 😉
    I’m sure even his butler’s gardener buys better looking hos for himself !

      1. You’re not questioning anything, you’re acting like judge and jury. Typical double standards and blindness from leftists.

  56. It sounds like it to me you would like to be able to get away with your anti-gay views. You are acting like he is being arrested and sent to a re-education camp. I don’t think you get what free speech means. You are more than welcome and allowed to say whatever you want, whenever you want. But there are consequences to that.

    You don’t get that the NBA kicking out Sterling is free speech. They are a private org who decided they wanted to kick him out. This isn’t confiscating anything. If they were, they would have taken his team themselves and sold it (which, actually, according to NBA rules that Sterling agreed to as an owner, they are allowed to do if they want)

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think people who say this kind of stuff should be distanced from. We should not be embracing racists. Unless, you think we should…

    Why is it always the right who defends these old, white men and then hate it when they are called homophobic and racist?

    1. We are not defending him. He’s your kind.

      What about his gold digging girlfriend who set him up? What happens to her. She is just as corrupt.

      1. What does “my kind” mean? What is my kind?

        Why are you so concerned about what happens to this woman? Is it because you are defending this guy?

        It sure sounds to me that the person here defending him is, well, you.

        1. I think Sterling is a low life. I think the same about this slimy con artist gold digging woman.

          I thought Sterling was a low life before his remarks.

          1. Same. But the fact is she recorded him and that recording has been released. So the whole “what about his girlfriend” topic is pretty moot at this point.

        2. Your “kind” are the liberal left wing nuts that are destroying everything good about this country.

    2. What on earth are you crowing about? Nobody here has defended what he had to say, everyone has condemned his actions/words.
      Where were you when Robert Byrd, a SITTING United States Senator was using the N word…..did you call for his resignation, sanctions….anything?

      1. You can’t say “I condemn him, but….” and then go ahead and proceed to defend him.

        Where was I? What does it matter where I was? If you really care, sure I condemn him. But what does that have to do with a what a private organization decides to do?

        Byrd was elected. If you are really concerned, the proper comparison would be the Senate deciding to vote on removing him. Why didn’t the Republican majority in 2000-2006 decide not to remove him?

        1. You really have no idea what free speech means do you? Of course you can disgree with, even condemn a person’s comments and defend his or her right to express them. Statists just don’t understand that, which is why they exhibit the totalitarian mindset.

          1. You obviously think free speech means you can say what ever you want and there are no consequences.

            You throw aruond these terms you obviously learned through Mark Levin. I bet you carry around a pocket Constitution and think you know everything about it, but you obviously dont

    3. No one is defending his racist statements you ignorant tool. We are defending his right to make those statements and not be separated from his property.

      And the NBA can make all of the stupid rules it likes but if they are not legal to make in the first place they are null and void.

      Now tell me why do YOU defend the likes of Spike Lee and others making continual racist statements?

      And tell us why YOU defend the law breaking to get the recording and Magic Johnson’s underhanded business dealings and tactics?

      You really are not a critical or even deep thinker. What you are is part of an angry ignorant mob who cannot handle freedom.

      1. lol you call me not a “Deep thinker” and you’re talking about crap you have no idea what you’re talking about. Familiarize with the most basic of NBA rules and then get back to me.

        You also keep bringing up free speech in your other comments. I don’t think that means what you think it means. Mr Sterling can say whatever he wants. There is his free speech rights. But the NBA, a private org, has 1st Amendment rights also. They can kick them out.

        You also don’t know much about law. Null and void? He signed an agreement with the NBA. There are many, many, many instances of owners being forced to sell out their share of the team and being removed from the organization. I would like to see you defend Marge Schott.

        Why are you worried about the circumstances so much? It sound to me like you are upset this racist got what was coming to him and you think you are next.

        1. And you keep saying the same thing over and over with the depth of a teaspoon.

          Listen up tool. Contracts get tossed out by judges every single day because they were not legal to make. It’s not a hard concept to understand. Contracts must be made within the bounds of criminal and civil law.

          And I know full well what speech means so stop repeating over and over ” I don’t think that means what you think it means.” This is not the movie ‘Princess Bride’ and quite frankly if you have to quote a movie constantly then critical thinking escapes you as you have proven.

          As to the 1st Amendment nothing in the Constitution provides for a man being separated from his property due to his free speech rights. Now if people want to boycott, not buy tickets, etc then I think that is fair. What you and others don’t seem to understand with your very selective outrage that in America you have a right to be a racist buffoon if you like. Just ask any leftist politician. The latest just went on a racist tirade over Clarence Thomas.

          Don’t get me started on Spike Lee and others like him.

          P.S. Answer the questions I asked.

          1. lol… you really need to stop talking about which you know nothing about. These contracts between owners and the NBA are iron clad and signed by notaries and approved by the court before they even go into effect.

            why do you keep bringing up “contracts can be voided.” So nothing matters?

            gosh, you folks will defend this guy to the end… i wonder why?

            yes, I wouldn’t want to get you “started” on spike lee, you might drop a few n-bombs.

            1. No they aren’t. Contracts don’t go before a court to get approved and regardless anything can be contested in court. And it is apparent you are clueless as to the role of a notary.

              Now answer my questions moron or STFU.

              1. lol, you dont know what youre talking about. and you had no questions…

                Answer mine: So contracts mean nothing?

                1. He’s a waste of your time, just like all left wing nut jobs….he’s a paid troll or his mommy got sick of his whining today and sent him to basement with her IPad.

            2. So you jump to conclusions, make judgments on the posters here because you WANT and NEED conservatives to be the racist you people are all day every day.
              Projection is your best suit, we get that.

            1. All the loll’s tells us your mommy is making you stay in the basement today.
              You haven’t an original thought in your empty head.

              1. No he hasn’t. He has the thought process of maybe a 13 year old who watches too many cartoons.

              2. Says the guy who unapologetically defends a racist. You obviously just want an excuse to say the n-word and get away with it, as if you haven’t your whole life anyway.

                1. You’re a liar. See, you just proved our point about you…thanks a bunch. Now, I’m sure mommy is calling you and stop picking your nose…it’s a bad habit….
                  You’re a waste….


                  Ok dumb dumb. Any more poo you need to fling?


                2. Look, ma’am, you can say the n-word all you want. (I am sure you already do in the pleasant confines of your trailer) But in the civilised world, we don’t use that word and get away with it.

                3. Yes, and you can look stupid all you want (I’m sure you do in your mommy’s basement all the time), but you don’t lose your job for life for doing it.

                  You miss the entire point of the outrage. It’s not to defend a bigot, but rather to defend the belief of the Constitution against the thought police who will come for you long before they come for us.

        2. Speaking of knowing nothing of the law and the ‘rules’, you exemplify such a person. The NBA just made up the ‘rules’ to suit their position on this situation.

          1. The NBA leadership, for better or for worse, can do whatever the hell they please. In fact, they really don’t need a reason to do anything. I am not trying to be rude when I say that, so please don’t take it that way, I am just telling the truth of the matter.

            I am sure that their reasoning behind this is to make up for past offenses.

            1. And that explains why you are a progressive who has no morals. NONE! You just make crap up as you go. Explains why you don’t understand the law as well.

              1. lol, where do you get that i am a progressive? Just because i am not a RWNJ who defends racists?

                You think that contracts mean nothing and you tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about.

                Please tell me a case where a team owner was removed and had it reversed in court?

    4. Only consequences if it is contrary to the politispeak of the leftist elite. That is really what you mean isn’t it?

    5. Who said anything about embracing them? One can call someone an a$$ but still defend their rights to be a$$es.

  57. its a thought police issue (not a free speech issue) and is wrong.
    there are questions about his senility and the legality of her recording him and coaxing him to say this but those are secondary issues.
    he seems to be a despicable person yet nobody should have the power to forcibly take someones franchise over their thoughts. Didn’t we learn this with chik-fil-a?
    I don’t see anything saying he did anything against his team besides being stupid enough to cheat on his wife with an embezzler. pretty sure they were just fine taking his money..

  58. We all have determined that his comments are greatly disturbing and the words out of his mouth clearly paints him as a racist. Lets not forget that apparently those in the NBA and others in the country were well aware what this man was long before this rant. What this does for those who tried to hide his beliefs is provide cover so that they can exhale a sigh of relief that they will not be found out as condoning his conduct. It is only a palate cleanser for those trying to get the nasty taste from their mouth after engaging in an oral gratification all these years for his conduct. The NAACP will have a long way to go to remove that taste from their mouth since they were ready to give this man an award on 15 May.

  59. The video I am posting has 2 photos in it that are very graphic, I just want to warn everyone but I feel this video should be seen, we all know of the violence in the inner cities, this is a very strong, moving presentation.

    From Tyrone Muhammad, Licensed Funeral Director in New Jersey – This is why black people shouldn’t be focused on Donald Sterling

  60. A KKK member becomes a senator….says the “N” following the word white on national TV and what was thrown at him?
    But, then he was a democrat. Double standards are their life’s work.

    1. Isn’t Sterling a Democrat? (I’m sincerely just asking, since I heard somewhere that he was–Drudge??)

        1. That’s the democrat spin. Where’s the proof?

          I don’t believe it. He’s a Jew living in LA. They ain’t Democrat.

          And I am fed up with Democrats controlling the spin.

      1. Good question, he may be. But, he is not a sitting U.S. senator. His opinions and lifestyle, as wretched as they both may be, were spoken and lived by a private citizen.
        That old goat Robert Byrd never had to move a pen on his desk in retaliation to his equally vile comment.

  61. The question shouldn’t be whether it is fair. We know progressive politics and world view is not fair, not even remotely.

    The real question is…is it legal?

  62. Who cares if an owner of a private organization is banned by a private organization.

    This country is going to hell in a hand basket courtesy of Progressive Politicians of both parties. And some of these political decisions that harm the citizenry are race-based.

    That being said, here’s a non-PC view.

  63. What I have a problem with is the double standard. I believe I read that Magic Johnson, or some other sports figure, called for the formation of an all black league. Imagine if the NHL did the same? Should Sterling be punished? Yes, but a lifetime ban is a bit harsh. Although given his age that may not last all that long.

  64. I have no problem with this punishment. Yes, it was a private conversation. Its public now. Its only public now because he was out cheating on his wife. If hadn’t been that kind of guy he wouldn’t be in the situation he is. He sunk his own ship. He brought this on himself. Also, when he asks that Magic Johnson not be brought or broadcast at his games that is racism in the sphere of the NBA. I would not expect those guys to have to work for a man that challenged their dignity as a human.

    As with almost everything in life there is a flip side. It is a very slippery slope. The precedent set could be disastrous.

    1. He and his wife have been separated for years from what I hear.
      His wife is suing the girlfriend for something or another. The girlfriend taped the conversation and aired it in public via TMZ.
      Look at her – she looks like a sleeze bag that was taking advantage
      of a rich 80 year old man.

      1. “Taking advantage of a rich 80 year old man”….now that’s a laugh and a half. Must be a case of serious stupidity but since he’s a ‘Rat, it’s par for the course. Oh and screw him anyway for being a rat.

      2. That “girlfriend” of his was a gold digger and set him up. Served him up. His poor judgment made all this happen. He was saying this to a woman with low character, to say the least, and should’ve expected something to come down the pike considering a lawsuit was being prepared against her by the wife. The guy is an idiot.

        Something else ticks me off. Is he a “white Jew”? The guy is Jewish. Not white. Last time I checked Jew’s were a minority also. I haven’t heard anyone but Skip Bayless mention that.

        1. 80 year old men who are wealthy and can afford
          them are susceptible to hot, younger women who are gold diggers. Brings to mind Anna Nicole
          Smith and her 90 year old husband! Remember
          that one?!
          Wait until the movie on this one comes out!

  65. I don’t know what he said, and dont want to know.
    If the guy made racist remarks, whatever happened to what all PC groups advocate for and make him take ‘sensitivity’ training and pay a fine.

    But Scoop, you’re right on this. I’m sure the guy’s a racist pig, but this was a private (or so thought) conversation. Zero tolerance, one strike you’re out. How many racist things have others said in public or private- all skin shades to each other, including remarks by Jackson and Sharpton, and they’re still making money off carpetbagging.

    The issue here isn’t this guy being a racist jerk, the issue is making an example of him and paving the way for future perceived hate crimes.

    1. By the term racist, he’s not but bigoted, you bet and is there a difference? Once upon a time in America, there was but today it’s all blurred today at the requests of leftist everywhere. Up is down, patriotism is terrorism etc….

      My father, had he been alive today was part of this generation and I understand why they thought like this. He wasn’t a racist, bigoted to some degree, but wasn’t a racist. Want to see what a racist looks like, go find a picture of the pos King Shabazz or whatever his name is, from the NBP that intimidated white voters in Phili years ago.

      1. I should have said bigoted. You’re right, there is a difference and I tried to tell someone else the same last week.

  66. Agree with the Right Scoop 100%.

    This also does have the smell of “set-up” all over it. It also seems that NAACP awards are for sale.

    Consider this: 1. No one is being forced to work for Sterling. Maybe they should all quit. or 2. Maybe Sterling should just disband the team.

    1. Set Up…Paid company is with Magic Johnson, then Magic offers to buy the team today…with the caveat the NBA can pay for their sin of racism by selling it to him, Magic and his syndicate Guttenberg…this is the SECOND TIME HELL ACQUIRE A TEAM THIS WAY!

  67. Forget about what he said. Everybody has an opinion and they’re entitled to it. Here’s my question: how is this legal? How can they take property from someone for something he said? I agree, that is just not right.

    The next time you voice your opinion to someone in a private conversation, an opinion that may not be politically correct, remember that this could happen to you too. Would it be fair to take your house because your neighbors don’t want you living there anymore after they found out what you said? Don’t say it’s different. It’s not.

    What angers me is that the players call themselves “nigga” all day long, without ever thinking twice about it. It has no meaning to them. Except, it seems, when the words are spoken by somebody who’s white.

    1. They probably had their lawyers review the contract he had with the NBA and they concluded that what he said violated the terms.

    2. You need to familiarize yourself with NBA rules. The NBA is a private org and there are rules. One is the commissioner is allowed to kick you out. In fact, they can take the team if they want and sell it, but that is only a consequence for other, more serious offenses.

      Are you seriously conflating players saying “nigga” to an *owner* thinking he, well, owns the players like they are his property?

      1. Of course not. The owner of the team owns the name and the franchise, he has the right to make employment decisions, but he doesn’t “own” anyone.

        That said, there does seem to be quite a bit of hypocrisy going on here. I wonder if a black man had said something similar to his white girlfriend would there be such an uproar?

  68. The old cod is 81, isn’t he? How much life does he have left? LoL. Seriously though, this is about freedom of speech and even freedom of thought. Today we are living in the the PC equivalent of the Salem Witch Trials.

    1. VERY good way of looking at it! That’s EXACTLY what this is! A secular version of the Salem Witch Trials! Guilty by association. Guilty by admission. Guilty because you rub me the wrong way.

      1. I have heard blacks use the term “nappy headed” so it must be exclusively used by one who is also black.
        I’m not saying I approve of it by any means, but I think it is another double standard.
        And today, it doesn’t feel that any old white man is given any grace whatsoever by any of the groups be they gay, black, brown, red or yellow.

  69. Please, can we not make this guy to be a focal point of discussion?
    He’s an adulterer, first of all. As a Jew, he should know better than that.

    Here’s Proverbs 7:21-23 —

    With persuasive words she led him astray; she seduced him with her smooth talk. All at once he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter, like a deer stepping into a noose till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life.

    It’s a private institution. Let them do whatever they want. I too was also angry at the Mozilla issue. But that is very different. It had to do with religious values and someone choosing to spend their money where they see fit.

    A man with this kind of perspective deserves everything he gets. I don’t really care about racism in this country. Just keep it away from me and my area of work. He doesn’t like minorities? No problem. That’s between him and God.

    However, those minorities that work for him, deserve to have a say in this matter. BTW, Who cares about this guy anyway? It’s just a bunch of millionaires fighting for power.

  70. Agree with you. The sports world has become part of the dictatorial, self righteous, leftist elite. Interesting that some of the black players in Basketball and Football make racist remarks regularly and get no sanctions, except perhaps for a warning in the most egregious cases. Freedom of speech is very much endangered.
    Perhaps some noticed that in Britain a candidate for the EU Parliament was just arrested because he quoted from Churchill’s late nineteenth century book The River War. Churchill was describing Islam and its adherents and his words have been proved prophetic and prescient. The arrest was based on the contention that some who heard him were ‘offended’.
    Like all the faux outrage about Palin’s ‘waterboarding’ remark.

  71. It was probably overreaction, but I have no sympathy for Sterling; he’s a sleaze bag in the first degree!

    1. Just the photo of him with the fake hair, fake skin fake Barbie doll. The whole LA liberalism do as I say not as I do mentality just catching up with him. What goes around comes back around.

    2. So I guess all sleazebags should not be allowed to speak. First they came for the sleazebags but because I wasn’t a sleazebag I did nothing. Then they came for…………… Well you get the idea. If people want to attack him verbally that’s their right under free speech but punitive actions as we’ve seen will not apply just to sleazebags.

        1. Geez! I guess I better wear my glasses and cut back on the caffeine before I respond to others comments. I misread your original comment entirely.
          I can’t believe how nicely you answered me after my tirade. Don’t know why but it strikes me very funny. It’s like when a kid spouts off and the parent patiently calms them down. I guess that makes me the kid in this instance. ha ha

        2. Sorry for overreaction to your initial comment. I really read to much into it. I to have no sympathy for him.

  72. I agree the punishment does not fit the “crime”. Many men feel they can control their girl friends. This was about that. Not a single allegation he was ever racist in actions with his team just his personal life.


    Oh, I’m sorry, I thought we were talking about racial hatred….

    1. The tape was scripted. Both Sterling and the GF are reading lines, Listen to it carefully , the GF’s acting is horrible
      This was all a scam BY STERLING to force the sale of the team to scr ew Sterling’s wife who is currently suing the GF
      The NBA leader Mr Silver and Magic are in on it.
      There is no way that a two time NAACP award winner who is a Democrat left wing nut, is being attacked by the powers-that-be because of the contents of that lame tape.
      Sterling couldnt sell because of his disgruntled wife and now she will go along with the sale.
      People need to stop and think
      This all sounds idiotic because it is a scam
      Sterling is a lifelong Democrat donor, has two NAACP awards, a black girlfriend, has given millions to causes, is friends with Magic (according to both of them) while claiming he doesn”t want Magic’ picture on his gf’s Instagram.. Then a Adam Silver “bans” a the most profitable team owner from the NBA?
      It all seems absurd because it’s a scam to force a sale to rip of Sterliings’ disgruntled wife

      Even the notion that the coach of the team is speaking about it in the public against the owner is absurd

  74. I think the NBA is racist anyway. They sign on a hugely disproportionate number of black players over asians, whites and hispanics.

    They seem to be working on more homosexual ones but maybe more of them just need to come out of the closet.

    1. If I were a good liberal wouldn’t I be wondering where the racial equality is in the NBA?

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