The untold story of gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina

A great video by the NRA on how guns were confiscated by police officers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

Understand how history repeats itself with today’s persecution of Christians in Islamic countries and compare to the plight of the Jews in Nazi Occupied Europe. Click here for details.

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228 thoughts on “The untold story of gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina

  1. In knowing the history of the past century or so, we who are educated to this history know the dangers of giving up weapons. But this Katrina story shows just how incrementally our guns will be confiscated. A catastrophe here, a hurricane or tornado there, a false-flag shooting elsewhere, and in come the jackboots to take weapons from law-abiding people to “protect” them from the thieves they claim are coming to steal them!! Amazing. Wouldn’t want to leave the guns in the hands of the law-abiding person who might shoot a robber breaking into his house!

    And no receipt!? Gee, did this guy ever get his guns back? Did he have to hire a lawyer? Had the guns been destroyed? Or, perhaps, sent across the border to Mexico…?? We know our government has a propensity to do just that.

    Our problems with progressive liberals (p.l.) is that they sincerely believe that they know best what you and I, the lowly people, need in the way of cradle-to-grave care. They think we cannot be left to our own devices (the way you would not leave a 2-year-old in a front yard alone–he could run into the street) because we might make a decision that does not turn out so well for us. (Ever heard of learning by experience–a hard teacher, but most of us are good learners.) Next, the p.l.’s know that we won’t LIKE being told what to do and might fight back. Therefore, they must take our method of fighting away from us (we might hurt someone). This would have happened by the British in the colonies, but England was just too far away to make it happen against the early settlers of the U.S.

    Once the guns are gone, then the loud-mouth conservatives and Christians (sometimes they are one and the same) will be removed from harms way, so to speak, and placed where they can no longer influence the less well-educated.

    A ploy that has been used for almost a century, but heavily changed starting in the late sixties & early seventies, was to “dumb-down” the school children by failing to teach them history, the Constitution, and a moral standard of behavior. Christian values are a moral standard–not a state-sponsored religion. Christian values are based on what a loving God wants for us and are related to having a RELATIONSHIP with God through Jesus. This does NOT have to be taught in schools–only the VALUES of Christianity–don’t steal, don’t murder, honor your parents (so you may live a long life), don’t covet your neighbor’s stuff, etc.

    Well, here we are with half of the population of the U.S. fully dumbed-down and believing that someone/everyone OWES them their living because life just hasn’t been fair to them. And they vote. And because they ARE uneducated, they cannot THINK and ANALYZE the lies being told by government officials and published by a complicit media. (Do the media think their lives will be spared when people are being hauled off to FEMA camps or murdered in their homes by the thousands?–as in Nazi Germany? No, since the truth will finally dawn on them, they will start writing the truth and will ALSO be either hauled off to a FEMA camp or shot.–as in Nazi Germany.)

    Thanks for listening.

  2. America will remain free only as long as their is an American citizen behind every blade of grass armed with his rifle.

  3. I had not heard of this. I am infuriated that law abiding citizens were searched without just cause let alone had their guns confiscated. I hope there was legal action taken against the police.

  4. Further reading of blogs and comments reveals that they are saying ‘we have to strike while the iron is hot’ or else the window of opportunity disappears. But one guy, while having misgivings about all that , nevertheless wants the democrats to succeed – ie, Feinstein, Schumer, Cuomo. Too bad Feinstein is doing EXACTLY what Hitler did in 1938. And another blogger does not want to hear it. But that is what she is pushing. Feinstein is blissfully unaware that the rule of thumb in America is that if anyone threatens the Bill of Rights – get more ammo. That’s what Americans do. The libs can not comprehend this, because they have no clue about why the Bill of Rights exists. To them, it has no historical context – that might require reading something. And if they did read history, they are told it is just dead white male racist sexist homophobic bullying slaveowners. Moyers was blabbing that Americans obey the law – like americans ought to turn in all their guns if Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein says so, just like in Australia. MEMO TO MOYERS = The Second Amendment IS THE LAW, bozo. And it says “…. shall not be infringed”. But he doent like that part. He also does not like that it is a hassle to change the Bill of Rights – it would take an amendment. In fact this proves that he is lazy. The WCTU got out there and fought for the Prohibition Amendment for decades. He can’t even muster enuf energy to do what the Women’s Christian Temperance Union did ! What a wuss.

  5. I was looking at some academic blogs. I don’t want to call out this particular guy, but wow do they imbibe the commie religion, and ignore common sense and basic facts. This dude was blabbering about lobbying by the NRA and thats the only reason guns haven’t been banned. Another was saying they have money because of some weird aspect of washington beltway stuff. Right, uh huh – it has nothing to do with 4 million members, most clamoring for a defense of the Second Amendment. It is like those caught up in psychobabble. They construct their own little liberal bubble, with their own language. This morning NPR had all sorts of anti-bully stuff, like they all get their talking points in line, and saturating the air waves. Everybody has to twist themselves into a pretzel to accomodate their priorities.
    I have a simple question for the gun ban types: What if americans got disgusted with the violence in the 1920s and banned guns in 1929. How do you think things would have developed ? In their fantasy world it would be like england or australia and things would be just fine. Ah but in 1929 there was a crash and a world wide depression. duPont tried to overthrow FDR, and soon commies were infiltrating the federal government. The fact is – the rest of the world does not stop while they have their attention focussed on banning guns. With our constitution, the wackos can go only so far before americans say enuf is enuf, and are taken seriously because we can escalate out the wazoo and don’t take no for an answer, and we pay attention to what is going on. ( unlike the nitwits who would vote for Mussolini. )
    The idiots do not see the creation of power vacuums. In fact they don’t care because a lot of them are just left wing revolutionary types who worship Lenin. They love being ‘subversives’ . Now they think it is a respected profession ! They treat Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore like Nobel Prize winners. The big philosophical difference being that america is a product of the Reformation, and not the product of the French Revolution, where the Jacobins wanted to exterminate half the population.
    If there is a culture war, then we should be converting them, rather than them converting us. These twits post comments like ‘i have a right to live’ … well duh. The problem is that the dude who used gasoline and two matches to set the Happy Land Social Club on fire, burning 87 people alive, was not so concerned about your ‘right to live’, and anyone who watches TV or listens to radio is perfectly aware of such things, so how can they be so inane ? Yet they have their little bubble anyway. They make comments as if reality does not exist. These are the kind of people who permit dictators to come to power – and thus are dangerous. One blogger said ” I don’t want to hear about Hitler’s Germany.” Ok dufus – hear about Lenin’s Russia. It took less than a thousand Bolsheviks to overthrow Kerensky and create a police state which murdered 50 million and made everybody miserable for 4 or 5 or 6 generations and still is a mess. Why should these jerks even be allowed in this country ?

    1. Most of them do not live in the real world. They do live in a bubble and they are not held accountable for their decisions an actions. They have been taught that their feelings are valid and matter more then truth and facts.

      The gun debate is a distraction. These people do not sleep. They do not take holidays off. They are constantly working undercover to push their agenda. Look at the recent union rules outcome for an example. We need to fight the fight, but it doesn’t take everyone 100% of the time. They know this so they send out their little “assault” teams while they keep advancing their troops. We need to become the “Continental Army” and start fighting our own skirmishes on our terms where and when we choose.

      If one looks back over the past few years they will see every battle has been dictated by one side, controlled and orchestrated. In almost every case one will see that behind the battle, undercover they accomplished something else far more valuable then the skirmish at hand. Every skirmish has been a distraction!

      We need to take control, side step their skirmishes, decide where, when, and what!

  6. What about a Million Man open carry in D.C.
    We could have David Gregory MC the thing…just a thought.

  7. I saw this video in 2005 or 2006, shortly after Katrina. I was appalled. We didnt get back in until the first weekend in Oct. 2005, but I can assure you that this wasn’t happening in suburban Jefferson Parish. People were taking turns sitting on their roofs all night armed with shotguns, rifles, and handguns. The signs said “You loot, we shoot” and this was authorized by then Sheriff Harry Lee. (may he RIP) Dad and I wore our guns on our hips while we worked on the house in our deserted neighborhood.


    I’ll see you all next year Please God! It’s been a pleasure knowing you and I hope we get to continue our friendship! God Bless you! See you next year (aka tomorrow 🙂 )))

  9. There would be some dead mofos if they come to my door, I don’t give a $hit who they the worthless assholes are! This is un.f..king.. believable!

  10. The first time I was personally witness to gum confiscation was in 1978 right here in America. A small town sheriff had experienced a murder committed by a known illegal immigrant given amnesty by Jimmy Cater as about 13.5 million were. This murder caused this sheriff to seize, NOT CONFISCATE over 400 weapons own by responsible, upright citizens. We learned later that he had been issued orders from the States Attorney. A recently elected admitted socialist and democrat whom later was appointed U.S attorney general by Carter. His name is James Civiletti. This is when I decided that the only way anyone would ever get my personal weapons of feeding and protecting, was from my cold rigored corpse! Here it is 34 years later and we have a Muslim social communist in the oval office. Placed there by the likes of George Soros, Peter Lewis of Progressive insurance, Warren Buffet and other ubber wealthy billionaires interested in global control. Now you nay sayers think what you think but by this video and many others that have surfaced since the late 70’s, the presumed conspiracy is factual. The Government had gone rogue and is now rabid like a poisoned animal. It has intentionally lost it’s grasp of the “RIGHT THING” or “WE THE PEOPLE” for they’re personal interests. DAMN THE TORPEDO’S, FULL SPED AHEAD. If you cherish this Country and what the founding father had intended it to be, you will stand against tyranny and oppression. Tell these marauding jackals that we will not go down without a grievous fight. Stand up for what you Mother and father worked, fought, and died so hard for to give you. For every person that has ever died to keep America the freest Nation on this planet. The criminals now run the country and are allowing they’re soldiers to over run our towns, cities, counties, States and now our Nation. Police are no longer effective as they have become more of the problem than the solution to the tune f about 90-95%. A very small portion of officers are decent. No attorney or politician can be trusted, nor should they ever had been. This is OUR COUNTRY and we have allowed it to become lawless and a dirty laughing stock of the planet. Time to change that folks. For those of you out there that are good decent law abiding folk, arm yourselves. Go to that school and help protect our kids. You see a person being tormented or robbed, step in and doing something beside the puppetised, “I DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED” This is not an angry Man speaking to you. i am a person whom has fought for my country as my creator had asked me to. I have four great kids all out on they’re own. However in reality when push comes to shove, they believe that they must bow down when THE MAN COMES! That man wants to hurt or even kill my kids and yours. This is not what the Father whom signed the second most important document meant for it to be. PAUL REVERE LIVES IN ALL OF US!

    1. BB, great post.
      Sorry to hear your kids, like so many people, are willing to be enslaved. Most of those willing to do so thinking things will go on the same as they are. They fail to see things are being changed, if staying the same was the goal there would be no need for them to capitulate.

      Yes, everyone willing to be free needs to be prepared. When asked if they have something by any official they need to say “NO”. They also need to be prepared to stand their ground. If they see officials directing crowds turn and move away, do not go where directed. People need to think for themselves and learn that when someone else takes control of your well being your well being is what they decide it to be. Where to sleep, when to sleep, what to eat, when to eat, what to wear, what work, to do, to live and to die.

      People laugh and say it will never happen here. But it is happening here. Currently they are imposing it through laws and czars. Cities and towns, counties and states, telling the citizens what oils to cook with, reuse shopping bags, rain water is not theirs. These things and many, many, many more have already been done.

      Most people are distracted with their daily lives, they give up a little here and there. They don’t see it as affecting them, not really, if anything an inconvenience. They don’t realize what in total is taken from them. They don’t realize the takers are embolden by their success. They have no idea what else they will be asked to hand over.

      People that fail to prepare, the freedoms they once had seized. They are nothing but slave’s who’s value is what it can do for their master. History is full of this cycle, they wag their tail for their master that throws scraps to induce loyalty.

      1. Thank you and they were programed to believe in lying down as the screwalls have so brained washed so many since 01/03/79. That is the date in which the Department of education went into business. Thanks wholy to James Early Carter Jr. So since that time the schools have been busy place Manchurian type idea’s in the heads of our kids. For the last three years of they’re schooling my wife and I home schooled our kids. We both truly believe they are way better off for it.

        1. I agree the department of capitulation has done its damage. What is worse is the teachers themselves, not all of course, they don’t question whats and whys of their doings. It only takes the indoctrination of the young and a few generations of voters and the communist have wage an incredible battle.

          If we can teach people to think, not feel and they will loose. If we can teach people to question, its simple ask why, then ask why again and repeat asking why until the logic fails…

          I’m sure home schooling helped, and strengthened the family too even though it may not always seem that way. People have to go their own way and find out for themselves…

          Keep up the good deeds my brother.

  11. The second most important thing the Founding Fathers thought we needed as a free people, right after freedom of religion, speech, press, and the right to address our government, and peacefully assemble.

  12. What is sad is if we had a patriotic news media stories like this would get attention and investigations demanded, but no we have the U.S. versions of Tass and Pravda.

    I hope in 2013 more and more people stop listening to the MSM.

  13. Two points struck when I watched this video from this side of the Big Pond:

    • all the people who had their legally held guns confiscated were white;

    • all were honest, law abiding citizens – because not one of them lied about their guns.

    Is any more proof needed that this is about disarming people according to skin colour? or do we really believe these policemen would have dared to break into the homes of differentially pigmented people like this? Wouldn’t they have accepted the lies, and retreated without illegally held guns because of … waaaaacism?

    1. During the LA riots, the police did nothing to protect the citizenry from roaming gangs of black er… gangs from destroying property, breaking into homes and shops and stealing everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor. The Koreans business owners in Koreatown banded together, armed themselves with (gasp)Assault rifles, took up positions on the roofs of their businesses and drove off any gang like activity that threatened their lives, business and livelihoods. The police are a “response” team to a crime, not a crime prevention team. That’s why the 2nd is so important. When seconds count, the police are only minutes or sometimes hours away.

      1. Yes to all of that, Wolfie – but for me, from outside the USA, the most important point of the 2nd Amendment is that the Founding Fathers meant this to enable the people to stand up against a tyrannical government. They were so prescient, and I hope you all post that video far and wide: this is what a tyrannical government does, this is what it looks like!
        If people (leftie do-gooders) don’t want to arm themselves – fine, they’re not forced to do so. Let them live with the consequences, as during those riots. Their choice.
        But don’t come crying, don’t come free-loading to those people you’ve been vilifying for owning guns when the going gets tough!

      2. And when law enforcement has been given the #StandDown order from Barky Boy. Remember #Benghazi, exercise your 2nd Amendment right, buy lots of ammo and remember that cash leaves the least of paper trails.

    2. LOL…its not for the reason you think, though your reason is a big part of it! The gang bangers, drug dealers and criminals are now MORE heavily armed in some cases than the police themselves, so…if given the choice, who guns are YOU going to go after, those who would probably hand them over for a receipt, or those who are going to give them to you ONLY when you killed them enough times to TAKE them? Our cities are armed battle grounds now, and no cop I know is going to volunteer to go into them and get themselves blown up for something they already know, isn’t going to happen…ever!
      The bad guys aren’t give theirs up, for any reason, the good guys shouldn’t be made defenseless to the will of these same bad guys! Obama is a dumb-ass AND a COWARD, he knows the above, yet won’t say shit….he KNOWS the inner-city YOOTS aren’t giving theirs up but he has to look tough on guns….his assholishness is going to eventually get a lot of good people killed, but he doesn’t care…NO dictator in history ever has!

      …and good luck!

      1. Barky Boy wants to use Chicago’s gun control as the model. From his words, he wants over 500 AAs killed each year in each city. Now that sounds like a plan, let them kill each other off. I’ll remain armed and be on the roof defending my property if necessary. There is a lot to be learned from the Korean business owners during the riots.

    1. Mental Submission Probability Gauge. How far can we push these people? I am going to repeat “fair share” & “shared sacrifice” until they believe it is altruistic. Then I am going to come for the 401k accounts. A minority of American have these accts and these accts represent a treasure trove that is needed to insure fairness.

      1. Ironic that obama and HIS comrades have yet to mention a word about when and how they plan to re-distribute THEIR wealth, huh?
        You think his little Island retreat is a coincidence? Think again….Hawaii sits quite a ways off shore and can hold a whole lot of people while shipping to the mainland the “undesirables”, which gives them an untouchable almost impenetrable haven/ fortress without a wall ever being built to block the pretty views….complete with a fully stocked naval War base….most countries couldn’t approach the Islands, none of us can either!

        1. Hawaii is penetrable, remember Pearl Harbor? He can run but he cannot hide, his ugly mug, hers and they brats as well are much to easy to recognize

        2. Islands make a terrible refuge from war. One blockade brings the whole thing to it’s knees, especially with a population that large.

          Nearly everything in Hawaii is imported. Amazingly, even some of the pineapple juice and sugar. A simple, 8-foot 2×4 is shockingly expensive by mainland standards.

  14. if guns are not for personnal protection. why do ” bodyguards” carry them? I DARE any anti gun person to forego any armed protection. no gun, no bodyguards with guns…no local LEA with any weapons around. ..lets just see if they even have teh balls to leave their own houses then….
    i Highly doubt it.
    this show intense arrogance and overflowing ego to think “they ” deserve that kind of protection and no one else does.. they are not better then or more importatnt then any one else on this planet.

    1. How very quaint, Mr Edward. The fault with your argument is reality and logical. They were both suspended on Jan 20, 2009.

      1. When you think about it, laws are just words and they mean nothing unless there is a will and a willingness behind them.

        What is it, I wonder which will send Americans over the edge?

        1. Sans a constabulary and a jailer, laws are, correct, just words. Selective enforcement of the law is abdication of the Rule of Law, which is where we are today. Welcome aboard. CFR is 134,000+ pages filling 19 ft of shelf space in WDC. The law provides a tripwire for the government apparatchiks if they chose to indict someone for something or extract the desired behavior by just threatening to do so. The financial meltdown of 2008, which the government blames on Wall Street, resulted on zero indictments from the DoJ AG, the highest law enforcement office in the land, thus proving my point.

          1. LOL, I tried to explain that last to a lib-tard-cong yesterday, NO-ONE on Wall St was ever charged, not even investigated because they ARE obams’s primary supporters and if any one of them goes down, so does the whole house of cards! Just like no-one will ever be charged with smuggling machine guns to Mexican drug gangs, same thing, they support barry, he’s not cutting off that money train, no way, no how! Now apply that to ALL of the fiasco’s they’ve created and you get a much larger picture, then add to it the HUGE Hawaiian Islands as their final fall back/ redoubt position, where “millionaires and billionaires” have built obama a really nice house…how do you approach a government that is ON an Island, surrounded by thousands of miles of water AND has its very own Navy?

  15. I watched this years ago. It never got press coverage and kept on wondering why it didn’t, since it was during G.W. Bush’s presidency and the press abhorred Bush. Oh wait, when it comes to something the authoritarians agree with, Democrap or Republicant, they will sit idly by and remain silent. The bigger question is, why did people allow it to happen? Perhaps it was in the name of “public safety” and “protecting” the Americans in the area? Yeah, right. So they roughed up an old lady for exercising her Second Amendment rights, who cares, eh? We have seen what our benevolent government is capable of. This is just a foretaste of what may happen soon.

  16. They want us disarmed individually The same libs want our military to disarm. Maybe they just don’t see anything worth fighting for – period. I happen to disagree.
    I am happy clinger!!

    1. The gov’t is trying to make it easier for the Moooslim Brotherhood to take over our country. Hundreds of millions of guns, lots of bloodshed before that happens.

    2. Make no mistake about it, they know all about things worth fighting for. They just don’t want those of us opposed to their Communist ideals, armed and doing the fighting. 😉

  17. It is starting.

    I’ve been in law enforcement 31 years and I’ve never seen anything like it

    According to a Lieutenant in a North Carolina police department, law enforcement is preparing to take away our 2nd Amendment. Law enforcement in North Carolina have already begun training with military drones.

    Governor Perdue of North Carolina has been selected by Barack Obama to help enforce the martial law scenario. The Lieutenant expects gun confiscation to begin within the next 2 to 3 months. He also confirms that a contrived economic collapse is about to occur leading to martial law in America, as early as the beginning of 2013.”

  18. The really sad part of this video is that they were relieved of their weapons when they needed them most. In the middle of chaos. I wonder how many were killed or were rob of valuable resources as a result of this UN-Constitutional gun grab?

    1. That’s what I was thinking. The time the guns were being confiscated was the time they were needed most.

      I also have a very hard time wrapping my head around resisting the police (some are my friends) if they demand my gun (which I don’t have btw – I live in NJ).

      I would normally feel that this type of legislation would never pass, but after Novembers “O-2 The Sequel” victory, I am not as confidant. In fact I am scared.

    1. That’s okay, we legal citizens will just obtain them ILLEGALLY the way criminals do. If a government acts to break the moral and social contract, we citizens have a right and obligation to overthrown them using any means at our disposal.

      Eliminate the Second Amendment? The law already does that for criminals, yet they already and still have firearms.

  19. I stopped in Gander Mountain Sporting goods in Mooresville NC

    There were NO RIFLES left in the store

    I am afraid what is going to happen soon

    Will the US become SYRIA #2?

    There will be hell to pay!

        1. Yeah fingerprints and photo ID for guns but not to vote.  I hope she and her husband are at the front of the line for registration, confiscation, fingerprinting, etc.  Perhaps she’ll choose the shade of yellow for the star this time.

  20. I haven’t watched this yet… But since I haven’t seen anyone comment on the role that area Pastors had in the Katrina gun grab… I guess I’ll have to watch it and dig the other one up.

  21. We all knew this coming…the MFer hasn’t even been sworn in for round 2 and already he’s talking gun grabbing

  22. I will repost as needed. You can copy and post as you see fit.

    We must fight leftist attempts to destroy the Second Amendment. We cannot wait until confiscation legislation is a reality. We must move to secure our liberties before the left uses tragedy to strangle us into slavery or worse.

    I call on conservatives to plant the seeds of success. We all have friends and family that serve in our armed forces or within law enforcement agencies. These are the individuals that leftists will call upon to disarm the nation.

    Plant seeds of success through conversation. Pick up the phone, send an email, meet face-to-face and have a frank conversation with every member of these units that you know. Be straightforward and ask this question: If you were ordered to take the firearms from our citizens what would you do?

    Engage these folks before hand. Plant the seeds of revolt in their minds now before orders are issued and training kicks in. If these folks are mobilized under orders they WILL revert to training and obey orders. Seeds of doubt must be planted before hand.

    Furthermore, many of you know high ranking officials in many of these units. These officials are the key to success. They will have the authority over and loyality of our defense and protection forces. Have private conversations with them. Ask them what they plan to do if ordered to imprison or confiscate. Ask them how their fellow commanders feel. Encourage them to quietly seek out like minded officials. Encourage them to consider the gravity of their actions before they are forced to decide how they will respond.

    Good luck and let’s win this before it become a national tragedy.

    1. Many cops and service members call in to the Alex Jones show. Many of these same people are spreading the word throughout the police force, and the military. The problem comes in where we have had foreign troops training to do this on US soil. Canada has a pact with us to assist in case of an emergency, and they are not the only ones who will show up. Our troops will continue to do it overseas, and others will end up doing it here.

        1. I was just responding to Richard concerning spreading the word, or information, about gun confiscations to the police an military members. I have actually asked my sheriff about it.

          The rest was simply about who would be doing the confiscating. They won’t be able to get enough cops to do this, and many will simply not want to take the risk for something that is not right to begin with.

          Our troops have been doing house to house raids in the middle east for a long time now. My brother in law explained exactly what they did in Iraq. I believe that our troops will largely kept overseas, while other countries “help” our government in a national emergency, or martial law.

          They will likely continue to attempt gun control until we have massive civil unrest, then they will take the guns by force.

          1. So you think Canada will side with Barky Boy over Americans and use their military to seize our guns and kill us?

            1. I believe that this is how it is set up. The allied nations (governments) will assist each other in “keeping the peace”, when the financial systems collapse. I make the assumption that this will be what causes the need.

              The National Guard is set up the same way. In case of a national emergency, they would be sent outside of their home areas to follow orders against other states. They know that guard and military members won’t do certain things at home. Much of our national guard gets deployed overseas, so they may not even be consequential to this scenario. The militias were nationalized for this reason. They are at the beck and call of the CIC, ultimately. We have no local protection force against foreign or domestic enemies any longer. The public being armed was obviously not the only thing that the founders had in mind. Militias were to be locally trained an controlled. They are now just another arm of the federal military.

              Katrina was a test for the federal government to see what would happen in a real scenario. They were successful in getting local law enforcement and national guard to stuff and cuff law abiding citizens while disarming them. FEMA stood down local rescue people, then gave all the orders.

              I am a prepper because I know that a major shutdown is coming. I don’t know exactly how, or when, but the signs are all there. Their tactics are well documented, and backed up by their actions. It is not hard to see the progression of the planned collapse and shutdown of the US over the last twenty or thirty years. I don’t believe that it is all just coincidence, or and unplanned progression. It is too concise, and is fraught with deception to accomplish it. The treaties, the legislation, indoctrination, etc. all works toward this end. Each administration upholds what the last had done. It goes back and forth across party lines. Everything that they do ends up serving the purpose of shutting down the country. This includes massive spending. They don’t care about the destruction of currency. They are using it for all that it is worth, while it is worth something. Both parties are funding socialism to create a dependence, while shipping our industries outside of the country. The American people will be left dependent and weak. They will be unable to help themselves when this all comes to fruition. They will lay down their guns for food. They will be owned by private banks who used our government to enslave us for generations to come and get us to sign away our property and freedom. They will finalize it by declaring the US a failed state, and now under the “protection” of global government forces.

              Global governance is the goal. It is also the biblical outcome to the whole scenario.

          2. My guess id that they will start using gun buy back programs, programs in public schools to urge children to “work” on their parents like the last generation of school “worked” on parents about smoking then later abut global warming.

            It’s a subtle but effective technique.

            1. I think that they know what will happen if they go too quickly with it. They know about the frog boil situation. I also think that they know that they will never get them all, like Britain and others. Too many people won’t give them up, and it is politically almost impossible to do. They will get blow back from certain states, also. I think that a national emergency of epic proportions is their ace in the hole. I believe that the mass shootings of late were staged, and therefor wonder how far they will go with that technique. I fear that we will have a large scale nuke attack where they detonate them above ground. They are shutting this country down, so I don’t see much of a limiting factor to this kind of tactic. The political elites would all know when and where, and would be safe.

              I hope that they just use the global financial collapse to implement martial law and the subsequent disarmament, rather than a nuke attack. I don’t see a way out of a financial collapse, and it seems more likely that they will use that instead.

              A financial collapse would cause such chaos that they would have easy pickings, except for the people who are ready for it. They are targeting them right now with their DHS national security briefs saying that anyone with more than seven days worth of food is a possible terrorist.

              I know that it sounds insane to many. Call me insane, I suppose.

              1. I don’t think it’s insane when you wake up one day and figure out you’ve slipped into a minority. Then you wake up the next day and figure out that you’re part of a targeted minority.

                Being forewarned is not the worst thing that can happen to a free man. You are not worried about what you need to do. You’re just worried that you are the only one that’s awake.

                Far as I’m concerned, that puts you at the head of the pack if the SHTF or as a quiet, confident and pleasant neighbor and patriot if it doesn’t.

                1. Thats where my name comes from. I may not be able to pick off a gnat of a flea’s a$$ like you claim, but I can still group three rounds in a center mass at 100 meters with open sights! I don’t think that’s to bad for a 67 year old, white, married(with original wife), heterosexual, male with six grandchildren?–left the other stuff off–

              2. I don’t think you are insane at all. I do have to hope that there are enough people in this country prepared and willing to take out the other team if it comes to that.

            2. And then they will use the children to “out” their parents on gun ownership. And it shall be easy to accomplish.

              1. Just like the Nazi’s got the children to spy on their parents and report if they were saying “bad things” about “The Party”, etc.

                There was a story I read a long time ago and I can barely remember it. But it was about a boy who was forced into the Hitler Youth (remember, joining wasn’t optional after 16) and he overheard his family badmouthing Hitler and reported them. The SS shot the family, issued a warning to the town, and put up a statue to the boy as an example of the idealism. The people tore the statue down, and I (think) killed the boy for betraying his family.

                I wish I could remember the source, it’s about 30 years since I read it.

          3. In VietNam and probably in WWII, house to house fighting, digging out the enemy one by one on his own turf, was the worst and most dangerous.

            But I watched the films about the Marines in Fallujah, incredible stuff, and note that their entry and take down strategies are incredibly efficient. Four men enter and cover all areas in each room, then move, as a team to the next. Seems like the military goes far out of its way to engage in these types of actions since the rules of engagement are so quickly “engaged” when you are bashing down people’s houses.

            Pretty tough to defend against this organized aggression when its happening in you face and, while this kind of expertise in US Marines gives me nothing but pride, this kind of knowledge and experience and practice would give a domestic power group a real advantage in a civil action on the home continent.

            Aside: The muslims have determined that the armor and equipment worn by US troops is so effective against AK round penetration that they now only aim at the US soldier’s face in close encounters. They don’t even bother aiming anywhere else. Something to keep in the back of your mind, I suppose.

            1. I have an acquaintance who is living proof of your last point. He did a tour in the ME, and took an AK round square in the chest from a hundred meters or so, which knocked him to the ground. When he got up, the bogie ran off. Can you imagine that feeling, from the bad guy’s perspective? No wonder they are skipping the body-shot.

    2. That whole thing about the fed’s buying up all that .357 cal ammo is what finally put me over the edge. 9 mm and .38 is typical for police. The .45 cal, maybe, because .45 ‘ll stop a big sucker in his tracks. The military has no use for the .357. It’s so hot it’ll pass right through an attacker and he’ll still have ten secondstoo shoot back before he knows he’s dead.

      But .357 does penetrate car doors and windows and walls of typical American homes very easily, especially if occupants have refused refuse to open the doors when requested. The .357 can be fired from a relatively cheap and widely used handgun frame and easily carried, concealed and activated by any of the myriad of body types and persuasions who make up the TSA, NALC and other federal employees.

      1. I had a .357 for years before I knew what the balistics were like. I compared it with the .45ACP, .40, .38sp, 44sp, etc. All of these calibers are about the same in energy. The .357 is about 1/3 more energy, and peaks at the bottom of the scale of the .44 mag. The .44 mag has insane power. The .357 is basically in a class of its own conserning the popular calibers. I take it hunting, as it could be effective at close range in taking down an animal. I like the accuracy of the high powered revolver. .45acp for in the home.

        I hadn’t heard about a .357 buy by the feds. That is just strange. I knew they bought up a ton of .40 cal. bullets. Taurus has a .357 that I like in a 7 round model that I like. I believe there are eight round models out today in the larger frame size.

        1. You’re obviously quite knowledgeable about guns and ammo. Do you have a blog dedicated to that knowledge? If not, I wish you did… I’d read it. I’d learn something new with every post. Have a great New Year my friend!

          1. I just got into reloading in the last year or two. It is a fun hobby. Didn’t know a thing about it before that. Bought a new 30-06 last week, picked up some brass and bullets, loaded them Saturday, and went shooting Sunday. I like being ablt to do that, and you pick up a lot of information along the way. Reloading gets me into lots of conversations about guns and ammo. I actually haven’t spent much time on gun blogs. I like coming here to much.

            Have a good time tonight. Will probably be up late on the computer. The fireworks wake me up if I go to bed early anyway.

                1. is your friend. I have a blog there at: Which I’ve just decided to start posting to again after a 6 month er… pause.. I know… self promoting… But there are some interesting articles I’ve gathered there… Anyway, the reason I mention is you could have a blog like that, that you can add to any time you please and then post your new articles to Facebook and twitter friends… etc… Anyway… Whatever you decide… Good luck! 🙂

  23. Why is it all I ever hear from Democrats are calls for more taxes, more regulations, and more gun control. Don’t worry, the Democrats will pay your bills, tell you where and how to live, and protect you. Scary stuff, no, I mean really scary. People supporting Democrats are fools voting for their own demise. Unfortunately, they are taking US down with them.

    1. A constitution only exists in the heart of people willing to (shoot back) fight for it.

      Nobody is fighting to save Our Constitution. NOBODY!!! And Our Constitution and Bill of Rights and all the miraculous country that our Founding Fathers created is disappearing in front of our eyes and NOBODY is doing NOTHING to stop it and save Our Constitution and our dear America!!!

      And now we don’t even have a SCOTUS anymore to fight for it.

      So so so very sad.

      1. I’m SO hoping that Sarah Palin will get into the game. She has ALWAYS fought for the constitution, and to clean up corruption, fraud, and crony capitalism.

        She the ONLY one I trust to help this country.

        1. I hope you trust Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and a few others. I know it’s less than 10% which is very sad.

            1. Thank you! I love Allen West but know he will not be in office with Barky Boy does his gun grab. What what I am grateful for is that he will be on our side, our team and and already has the skill, training and dedication to lead the offense against the gov’t.

        2. I agree 100% with you for Sarah. But I am losing hope that she still has the will – or the dive into that mess. That’s the thing – we had George Washington who did not want to leave his home but did it with a servant heart and God knows during harsh times also. He had the courage to cross this river and fight against all odds.

          So what’s her excuse??? Because the Gop does not want her is enough to stop her? Because she thinks she will lose so she does not even try???

          She would have crushed obama if she had decided to run in September. She had a HUGE momentum then. She had her army ready. Money would have poured in. And the gop would have not been able to stop her. No way. But she choose the easy way out.

          I am part of those like you who KNOW that SHE is the only one who has everything to save America. But if she, at the contrary of George Washington at a time where we had a lot of courageous heroes, if she wants to stay in Alaska because it is too tough for her children to be attacked by the…poor little things…then our problem is our new depraved culture and the lack of heroes anymore.

          If she does not come fighting this time, as a third party, independent or with the gop, I am done putting her on a pedestal even though I will always think she is the only one who has the character and the quality to save our country.

          But character and executive experience is not enough and useless if you don’t have the courage to use it and fight!

          I am glad to have known her but if she decides not to do more than 10 minutes per month on Fox saying the same things over and over again, well, then her brilliance and integrity will not help anyone anymore.

          We don’t need a pundit. We need George Washington and she is the only one who comes close to that on all levels..but she seems to be lacking the courage…for now anyway.

          I know everybody will come yelling: she has a family etc…yes..but that’s the difference between her and others – she has what we need to save America. Others don’t. So if she keeps on choosing – under whatever bad excuse – family or else – to not come out of her glacier and frankly not as a pundit but as a LEADER WITH A TITLE – then she is not George Washington or Joan of Arc – then she is not a hero. Period.

          And we badly need a hero right now. Not an occasional pundit. Sorry.

    2. 10,000 likes for your post! Those unwilling to shoot back are not entitled to what our founding fathers secured for us.

  24. Like I’ve said several times before. We have been (liberally) programmed to be a nation of cowards. We have been told time and time again to cower in fear until somebody ‘qualified’ arrives to ‘defend’ us. Never mind the fact that when you need ‘protection’ RIGHT NOW, you (and those threatening you) know it’s usually only minutes away.
    Well, I’m ‘qualified’ to defend myself and not talking about carry permits and gun registrations. 😉 😉

    1. You and millions of other Americans feel the same.

      i have been shocked but pleasantly surprised to see guns sold out and on back order. Same with ammo.

      ALL the gun shows in my area have been packed, almost shoulder to shoulder.
      So have gun stores and sporting goods ALL with record sales.

      People are arming themselves to protect against a invasion or a tyranny from our govt.

      Obama and the Progressive Marxist Dems have underestimated the American Spirit.

      It is so hypocritical of them and their wealthy supporters while Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al have Taxpayer paid assault weapon bearing SS and the others private paid armed guns bearing assault weapons they all want to deny us our right to do the same to protect our property and love ones.

      They are ALL Lying deceitful despicable pandering parasitical hypocrites.

      1. “They are ALL Lying deceitful despicable pandering parasitical hypocrites.”

        You can say that again. Here, I’ll save you the trouble:

        “They are ALL Lying deceitful despicable pandering parasitical hypocrites.”

    2. Barky Boy is distracting us with Obama and is going to unleash the drones, law enforcement and military to grab guns and enslave law-abiding Americans. Those that are unarmed better arm up and defend themselves and their families.

      1. They may get the shotgun, they may get the AR-7, they may even get the .44 Mag but they are going to have to take the house apart brick by brick to find the 4th one.
        😉 😉

            1. Sweeeeet, cannot wait for March for the HUGE gun show.  I think I’ll be checking to see when WI’s is happening…..just sayin’

              1. PicK up something compact and powerful. 😉 I’m at work, trying to post on blackberry inbetween customers.

  25. It’s so easy to speak out against the violation of our rights. We conservatives are certainly an articulate lot.

    “These were police officers who went too far…” And no one stopped them and no one has taken any action since and the same white-bread, “Gimme my bargaining rights and my pension,” good old Louisiana boys still patrol the same streets, straight-faced. These police are citizens and neighbors and church members in the same communities where they confiscated guns, and they never broke stride or missed a step and they will be back whenever they are asked. No one is taking their guns….yet.

    “When they came for the guns owned by my fellow citizens and neighbors, I said nothing because I was one of them. Then the State boys came for the local boys…”

    When officers got into the homes or on the boats, it was too late to put up a resistance that had any chance of success. Those who surrender certainly do survive the initial assault, but they rarely survive the second.

  26. Which is VERY scary is : they did give up their guns!!! Agree, by force. But all the guys on Free Republic who keep on yelling that that will never works here in America if they want to take our guns should watch this video.

    Very very scary. We said when obama was elected that we will not pass whatever red line – we passed all of them without doing anything but blog – now he has been reelected and we will let all the other red lines pass like the first ones.

    No more braves. Just bloggers. And when they will decide to take the guns, they will!!!

    1. No they will not take our guns. It’s a little different in one small area with lots of traffic stops. Word will spread like lightening if Barky Boy tries this. With hundreds of millions of guns and a very small number of law enforcement, most of whom support the 2nd Amendment, never going to succeed. The libtards wouldn’t vote for him let alone get in the face of someone with a gun.

      1. What would I do with two infant Daughters?
        Here.. take the guns. I am off the battlefield.
        They pulled it off there. Looking down a barrel is enlightening.

        1. If you are unwilling or unable to defend yourself you’d better hope someone will assist you.  Otherwise, enjoy your daughters’ lives under Sharia

        2. Having 2 daughters is all the more reason to protect yourself and family using any means necessary. You owe them your protection. They depend on you. If you call the police and they fail to arrive in time… or at all… Do you think they will blame the police or you for failing to protect them? Think about it.

          1. Considering that in this instance I would be looking down the barrel of a rifle held by a Law Enforcement Officer…
            All I could say is ” Yes Sir ”
            When the good guys are the bad guys, the only contest is in the courtroom.
            All I could do is be polite and keep my mouth shut.

            1. I pray to God you are never put in the hypothetical position described above… For your daughters sake.. Have a Happy New Year. And think some more about your responsibility for protecting the innocent in your family… That’s all I can ask.

    2. The difference was in NO most that gave up their guns were made destitute by the disaster. Before they can take your guns you will be made destitute. No communication, no money, no shops, no friends, no way out…submit or die. Its the Islam way and why the Marxists running our Government love them so.

      1. And Barky Boy has all those Executive Orders already signed. The gov’t will seize your children, shut off your water and power and trade it for your guns. Once they have your guns, they will take everything else.

  27. Alarming video. I notice the last fella’s weapons were returned – probably because he followed the advise given, to get a lawyer.
    Were there any follow up lawsuits? If not – why not? If so, what were the results?

  28. “We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?” Joseph Stalin

    “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.” Joseph Stalin

    In 1911, Turkey imposed gun control and then, from 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians were murdered.
    In 1929, the Soviet Union imposed gun control and over the next 24 years about 20 million dissidents were murdered.
    In 1938, Germany imposed gun control and then over the next seven years 13 million Jews and other victims were murdered.

    The difference between The United States and other nations is our 2nd Amendment.

    I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
    George Mason

    “Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable … the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference — they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”
    George Washington

    1. the problem is so many American’s look at this and say ” oh this would never happen in America, this America ! we would never have a dictator” ! People really need to wake up because its coming, and many many people will not miss how good they had it until it is gone. Obama bankrupting the nation, making more and more people dependent on the government, weakening our military while strengthening our enemies world over…then disarm the American people and let a foreign nation invade…sounds like Twilight Zone…not so much anymore

      1. I agree. Too many people are blinded by dear leader’s hope, change and free stuff, they could never believe he’s not their messiah. Dear leader will try- but I’m praying more people will wake up and learn the truth of this evil dictator wannabe. It’s going to be ugly no matter which way it goes, but I’d rather go through the ugly that will bring us back to a Constitutional Republic the way it’s supposed to be.

        1. One thing to consider, the more military members back in the US when Barky Boy tries for our guns the better. The 1st Civil War will be nothing compared to the final one.

        2. Ugly is coming. This is just another branch of the ugly tree. We need to not only cut this tree down, but dig out the roots, too, so it will never grow again.

    2. “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.
      They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone
      under independence. The church, the plow, the prairie
      wagon and citizens firearms are indelibly related.”

      – George Washington

      “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms …. disarm only
      those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.
      Such laws make things worse for the assaulted
      and better for the assailants. They serve rather to encourage
      than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be
      attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

      – Thomas Jefferson

  29. Barky Boy will do like Hitler, have the brown shirts show up in the middle of the night and just start shooting. Remember the ghettos?

    1. That is what drug enforcement does. They get a tip that someone might have some pot, then they break down their door at 0300. Often times the dog gets shot, and nobody has any drugs. They couldn’t just show up with a warrant during the day time. It is terrorism.

  30. My tweet: New sign for my yard: This 2nd Amendment supporting American WILL NOT defend unarmed liberals.

    1. [edit-moved here from wrong “fiscal cliff” thread.]
      Yard sign suggestion: I’m a Conservative Gun Owner. My neighbor is a Liberal pacifist non-gun owner: Which house do you want to break into?

      1. Wolfie, you could make a ton of money making that sign. I’d buy one along with millions of others. Better get the patent on it right away, especially before it becomes an assault weapon of sorts and gets banned. 🙂

          1. If the collective scoopers do it, we could advertise sales on this site (ca-ching for Scoop) and Scoop could receive a little commission too. Now that’s how capitalism works, as if we all didn’t know that already 🙂

            1. That would sure beat some of the ads I’ve seen here (knowing that Scoop has no control over that, of course).

              1. No, seriously, I’m looking into it. I really think a sign like that would catch on bigtime and someone has to start the ball rolling. After all, if Obama is going to destroy small businesses, why not have one that millions would go for before I’m taxed to death on it.

                1. Best of luck.. And I don’t need any cut, that’s what I said originally and I’ve to stick to that. It will be just reward to see if anyone buys them. God Bless.

      1. If there is a brown truck with gold letters on it sitting in front of my house in the middle of the day, fine. If it’s midnight and my locked door handle is moving, beware. I can buy another front door. 😉

  31. A Liberal Democrat controlled State, notice how quickly they move to confiscate and trample on constitutional rights. The Governor at the time Kathleen Blanco should have to answer to this. Charges should have been filed against her.

    1. Keep in mind that the whole thing was taken over by FEMA. The local government took orders from them. FEMA stood down the local rescue people until they decided they could go in. The confiscations were a federal mandate at the time.

  32. There should also be Sandy victums who wished they had guns and felt vulnerable. Let’s put New York on display!

  33. WOW RS…..what a scary, scary video!…..where the heck did you find this and why isn’t it being broadcasted everywhere??

    I’m sending it to everyone I know.

    1. There are plenty on youtube. This one is included in some of them. There is more to the story as well. National guard were doing the same thing. One was quoted as saying that he worried that he might have to shoot someone who might resist.

      1. More to that story. I know people in the guard that were there during that mess and THEY weren’t even supposed to be carrying. I’d post the story but it’s a very long 2 part narrative from someone that I know. Amazing story!

        1. Wow.I hadn’t heard about that. Could you imagine being national guard and being told that you can’t carry a weapon in the US? I think that I would have to laugh when I was told that.

  34. You have nothing to fear saved for those sworn to protect you…

    “They took em. They didn’t have a right to take em, they didn’t have a reason to take em, that was the thing we did nothing wrong, but they took em any way.”

    In each case when asked if they had guns these honest folks said, “yes”, need I say more?

  35. “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.”

    – Adolf Hitler

      1. Funny you should say that; I get it a lot. I’m just being paranoid or something. I usually just say that’s probably what the Romans said right before their empire collapsed.

    1. Excellent and pertinent quote Wolfie…

      The founders of America and the ‘right of property’… aka ‘right to bear arms’… BEFORE the 2nd amendment was written on paper


      Hitler’s verbalization of the denial of the ‘right of property’ and confiscation of arms by FIRST denying the ‘property of rights’.

      Who will be the last man standing in America today in defense of the ‘property of rights’ and the concomitant defense of the ‘right of property’?

      Wonderin’ and watchin’ and votin’ and writin’ and talkin’… and preparin’.


      1. Authoritarians will use anything as an excuse to employ their strong-arm tactics on those whom they seek to impose their will upon. The present regime in power will be sure to exert as much of their authority and power as possible to violate Constitutional rights…by completely disregarding the Constitution. As a matter of fact they want to rewrite the Constitution or if they can, eliminate it altogether.

        1. Yep…

          As BHObama said, “… we are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”… from an individualist republic to an collectivist commune democracy, aka rule by an oligarcy using the democratic process.

          My comment which follows is not the only and best analysis, but history is history and the truth of history has no agenda and cannot be denied.

          For America to FINALLY fail, the 100+ year effort by the “we-know-better-than-the-Founders” progressively “social justice” Marxist putschists would need to reveal their political poker hand and “OCCUPY” the Oval Office.

          This looks like it has finally been done in the insurgent titular head of the OCCUPY movement, the Occupier-in-Chief BHObama, in addition to the 100+ year effort to implement the well-known 10 points of the Communist Manifesto… including the progressive tax on income and the tax on inheritance, aka the death tax.

          The 100 year ideological putsch to fundamentally transform America from
          the land of the free and the brave,
          aka an individualist constitutional representative republic, into
          the land of the serf and the slave,
          aka an collectivist oligarchy (rule by the few) commune,
          seems to have reached fruition with Putschist-in-Chief BHObama, aka THE “Putscher” Man.

          Oh well, that is one perspective.

          – – – – – – – – – –

          For those who might be unsure what a “putsch” is and what a “putschist” is, this will save the time of looking in a dictionary –

          This short and right on definition is from the American Heritage Dictionary –

          putsch also Putsch (poosh)
          n. A sudden attempt by a group to overthrow a government.
          putschist n.


      2. Read about Agenda 21…they don’t want us owning property! They want us all in apartment like communities where you don’t even need a car! Don’t get me started on the car thing!!

    2. We are not subject races, however much the oligarchy in Washington DC may want to view us as such. Americans have owned arms continuously since before this government was formed or even thought of, and I dare say we’ll outlast them.

    3. In what context do you tout Hitler? Are you an advocate of his ideals and tactics? What is your meaning behind posting that statement from him.

      1. First I thought you were just trolling me, then I read some of your recent Disqus activity and you seemed earnest so I’ll answer. I am hardly touting Hitler. Do people that post quotes of Washington and Jefferson tout them? My use of the quote is as a warning against big government, of whatever faction. I’ve seen others quote Stalin saying similar things, and nobody accused them of advocating his “ideals and tactics” nor do I. I’m not quite sure where you got the idea that I might be. (puzzled)

        1. If I may suggest, perhaps your next post might indicate something to that accord. This post is just simply his words. Fortunately most of the thinking world know Hitler was a insane fool that nearly pulled it off. I am only say that your stance should have probably been in there as well.

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