There’s something screwy when people are more appalled at Ryan Lochte than Hillary Clinton

On the Rush Limbaugh Show today, Mark Belling made a great point about the Ryan Lochte story that’s definitely worth listening to:

Belling’s main point is just how hypocritical it is for people to be so upset at Ryan Lochte but at the same time are willing to give Hillary Clinton a pass and a vote for president!

Getting caught in one lie about one incident down in Rio de Janeiro can affect your ability to get endorsements. Lying for all 70 years of your life and all 40 years of your public life, though, can get you elected president of the United States.

There’s something warped about that. There’s something really screwy when we get angrier with a swimmer for concocting one story that got out of control than we do with a presidential candidate who lied to our face again and again and again about matters pertaining to foreign policy and national security.

Lying is her M.O. It’s the thing that she does.

Yet many of the people appalled at Ryan Lochte, who’s a goofy swimmer with changing hair color, are accepting of Hillary Clinton!

This is only a snippet. You should really listen to all four minutes. It’s very good.

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