‘They need illegal aliens to FILL the CHURCHES!’ – Steve Bannon slams Catholic church

In an interview with 60 Minutes that will air soon, Steve-o Bannon says that the Catholic Church advocates for illegal aliens because it needs illegals to fill the seats in the churches, and they have an economic motivation.

Watch below:

I have to admit that I have heard my Catholic friends defend illegal immigration on this basis, that without it, the Catholic church would suffer.

“This is not about doctrine, it’s about the sovereignty of a nation,” Bannon says, himself a Catholic, but rejecting the guidance of the bishops.

Bannon is right of course. No country should be forced to abolish its borders because a church tells it to. “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar” has been taken to mean that religion and politics are separate. I think that following Christ rightly means we have sympathy for those with a difficult plight, and we try to ease their pain. That has nothing to do with law, that has to do with charity. And Americans are very charitable with our prosperity in helping those who in pain, and that includes the downtrodden of other countries.

As an aside, it’s very interesting to hear him just talk. I’m reminded that it was the sainted Andrew Breitbart that handed the website that bore his name to this hot mess. And you can kinda hear the Breitbart in his speech – it’s manic and wide-ranging with big ideas, just like Breitbart was. But there’s one big difference – there’s an anger, and a meanness. A pusillanimity that Breitbart never exhibited. It’s like this guy is animated by it, by a perversion of the brilliance that was Andrew Breitbart. Makes me miss him that much more.

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