This guy explains really well the problem with Facebook…

I’ve written a post on this recently, but this guy explains the problem with Facebook much better than I could.

Don’t worry, it’s not a big bore. It’s quite informative:

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41 thoughts on “This guy explains really well the problem with Facebook…

  1. I actually understood that. Considering my lack of understanding of all things internet, that’s rather impressive. Thank you, Scoop.

    Although I don’t use fb. I use email to contact friends and family, and youtube for entertainment. So who needs fb? And tweets are so short they have no value to me.

  2. I like the THUMBS DOWN but we really need an ENEMY button too.
    That would be for
    proponents of AMNESTY
    we can ‘monetize’ it by charging MOYERS for being a JERK. etc

  3. Facebook sucks. Orlando sucks. This motel doesn’t have Fox News but it does have all the lib krap, that sucks. Being right up the road from ‘St. Trayvon land’ (Sanford Fl.) sucks. Daughter is in the hospital for cancer surgery here, that sucks. As you might be able to tell, I’m NOT having a good day. :-/

      1. Thanks folks. Yup, this is stressing me out. I’m the ‘Agent Orange’ survivor. I’m the one who should have cancer, not my kid. :-/ Being in a real liberal area, on the ‘wrong’ side of Fla. waiting for all this to go down, isn’t doing much for my mood either.

    1. Hey tin, I will pray for your daughter. I have a daughter and I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Prayers are going up.

      1. Hospital called, she’s in surgery now . About 4 hours before I’ll know how soon we can leave and go back over to the ‘sane’ side of the state, probably tomorrow. :-/

        1. As others have stated my thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter. I can only imagine the stress and angst you’re dealing with today. The only thing that is important is your loving support for your daughter and helping her recover.

          God bless your daughter and you and we’ll be praying for both of you.

        2. Will say prayers for her to have a good outcome and full recovery, and for you too. I know how hard that is waiting and worrying!!

    2. Yeah Model T, all of your friends on FB are praying for her.
      Since FB is still useful to me, I still use it, when a better system comes along, I’ll use that one.

    3. I just went through a cancer scare with my oldest daughter, it was scarier for me… I think, than her.

      1. She’s taking this (and the double mastectomy she already had), in stride. Her husband and I are a wreck.

        1. It’s so hard on the family. I too have had cancer surgeries, we try to stay strong so everybody pulls thru some what intact. Families are amazing.

    4. This year is off to a terrible start (I miss my hubby) 🙁
      You will be in my prayers. Special one for your daughter.

      1. OH NO! Debby, I am sooo so sorry for your loss of your hubby. I feel like I know you more than a casual poster as we have posted here together over the years.
        Please accept my condolences.
        Stay strong.

        1. Thanks so much. I feel the same about you and all the rest I look for when I come here. I’m trying to stay strong, but the loss just wears ya’ down. He is everywhere here yet no where that I can find him. Just empty clothes and empty chairs. I am not any fun to be around as you can see.

          I do have a new kitten though, he is great company. My husband named him Mugsy. He says, “Hi”.


  4. I wonder how many people who pass me on the freeway with their faces in their smart phones are on Facebook? Like texting and video games, I think FB is just another electronic addiction for some folks.

  5. That’s what I thought. So all of my shares from this page and the blaze is just sending it people who already believe the same thing.

  6. Facebook is capitalizing on the massive common people database to generate revenue for themselves…Facebook users are feeling the intrusion when they operate in the intended usage of the system…every time I like or share, I and my family and friends who could care less about what I like are forced to see information based on a like or share….

    I am feeling used. I want to quit Facebook, but I don’t because it keeps me in touch with my family that are thousands of miles away.

    They have a captive audience…just remember that something that started out as a college lark has turned into a spying, personal information MISREPRESENTATION grab for profit! It is too bad a good idea fell to corruption and greed…instead of keeping long term profitability due to a good product..they are destroying it for the quick BILLIONS!

    1. Nothing wrong with profit, but I’ve gone back to the old-fashioned telephone and email to keep in touch.

    2. What we need is a friendlier replacement, without all the skullduggery.
      You get that, and Facebook will become the new My Space.

  7. WoW!

    Way more complicated than I thought and who would actually pay to promote a personal post?

    I never understood the facination people had with updating their status thru out the day repeatedly.

    I kind of like keeping my private life private.

    1. I HATE people telling the whole world their opinions or goings-on!! Who the heck cares enough to read this nonsense?!?! ….sadly my wife

      1. OH NO!

        My 60 something year old sister was plastering photos of OUR family, and labeling them… and I had to kibash that.

  8. Another mistake this guy is making is treating Facebook as a content provider’s main platform. It’s not, and really can’t be. It’s for promoting and networking. You put your content on a separate platform, like this website, or youtube or iTunes.

  9. The reason youtube views generate income is ads. Period.
    Facebook pages don’t all have ads. I guess some do?

    They have to monetize somehow. Promotion is a good choice, because only people desiring promotion really care about it. It’s like an ad, but not.

  10. Facebook is in business to make money. Apparently that comes as a shock to this young man. My main beef with FB is that they make it hard to delete an account.

    1. It’s not that they’re making money, but how they’re making money: by restricting the freedom/utility of their users, and making them pay to restore that freedom.

      It reminds me of how my banks (BofA, Wells Fargo) used to treat me; like a mark. I got tired of that and moved to credit unions…I’ve never regretted it.

      1. Hm. So a banking analogy might be: you get free checking for 6 months, but then you have to pay for it, even if you keep a high balance.

        I knew about this ‘dying out’ factor before, but it’s a good reminder that if I really need to let a group of people know something, I need to email them.

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