This has to be the Tweet of the Day…

IOTW gets credit for this fantastic photo:

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60 thoughts on “This has to be the Tweet of the Day…

  1. Wonder how many robberies have occurred in that walled community since Trayvon was shot. Bet none.

  2. Damn, I’ve seen that thug from the hood in Chicago.  And I’ve heard him indulge repeatedly in race baiting and encouraging the leftist gang (their colors are red) to do the same.

  3. That’s a good tweet, but Ted Cruz tweeted the meme, “I don’t always drink beer… …But when I do I am being indoctrinated by Obamacare ads,” in response to Obamacare’s ad campaign using alcohol-related events.
    Of course it is a good idea to advertise there, because no one would support Obamacare if they weren’t drunk.

  4. “You people have no idea how tough it is for me to have to live every single day with the crazy-a$$ cracker half of me. It’s him that makes me do the wacko things I do. Now get off my back and let me go on vacation.”
    Signed, Barry Soetoro (oops, I mean Obama. See what that honky makes me do!)

  5. I should have been given the honor of this story.. I tweeted this July 10th! Thanks for nothing, Right Scoop.  lol  I kid.. 🙂

  6. I guess only blacks can attack, have self-defense, and any rights……..everyone else I guess should just die…..
    to the left, if Zimmerman was the one killed, would they also threat to riot, if Trayvon wasn’t found guilty……, they are racists……………….

  7. Really wish someone with the wherewithal would research just how many black kids Trevon’s age have died violent deaths in America since Trevon. Then give specs on the race of the assailants (because its so important in this case). And spread it all over the Internet. Pictures of all their faces would be a good touch also. This is all politically driven, and after all the left has put into it, they are going to go bat-$#it if it doesn’t end up going their way.

  8. If Obamao hadn’t politicized this case it would be nothing more than a local news story.How many black kids died this week in Chicago at the hands of other blacks?Great tweet

    1. 57thunderbird I don’t miss one of those gangbangers and am thankful they cannot produce any more either.

    2. 57thunderbird NBC was publicizing it even before Obama – and NBC doctored the phone call, too .

      1. PNWShan 57thunderbird CNN lied and said he called Trayvon a coon and ABC airbrushed the injuries on the back of Zimmerman’s head when he was taken to the police station for questioning right after.
        And, as you said, NBC doctored the video to make it sound like it was Zimmerman’s choice to bring up race rather than a direct response to the dispatcher’s specific question.
        So I cancelled my dish coverage. If all the stations are going to lie about something this serious and ruin a man’s life in the process, I decided that not one more cent would leave my wallet and benefit them. Not one more penny for these corrupt and malicious media frauds.

    1. Keyes Hey keyes, speaking of twitter, I know you’re not on there, but there is another site I revisited earlier this week. Been a member since January, but was inactive. You ought to try it out, it’s all Conservatives, kind of like twitter, only way better.  🙂 It’s a great place. You don’t have to if you don’t want to though.  But here:  There’s a few of us over there now!!

  9. I know its witty and all. But I still really can’t stand that face. 
    The rendering of it in the Bible mini series is, to me, immeasurably more endurable than the real thing.

  10. Public Service Announcement:
    If you plan on rioting after the Zimmerman verdict, please remember that barack is the top gun salesman of all time, and ammo is now available at gun shops.
    In other words: we’re stocked up.
    Store owners in Florida?  Stocked up.
    Homeowners in Florida? Stocked up.
    Hispanic Floridians? Stocked up.
    Law Enforcement? Please. Why do you think there’s been an ammo shortage till recently?
    Regardless of what you think, Self Defense was not on trial.

    1. WilliamMorriss Only if you live someplace where there are no Black-Irish thugs. You could get stabbed!   ;-/

      1. HAVEIMISSEDSOMETHING WilliamMorriss  Hope they don’t bring a knife to a gun fight

      2. HAVEIMISSEDSOMETHING WilliamMorriss 
        Nah, most of them couldn’t read it anyway..or if in doubt, have it printed in cursive.

  11. @EricaRN4USA Get ready to lose your license my dear…it doesn’t matter how dire the nursing shortage in this country is, my dear…
    BTW: :):) Right On!

  12. Don’t forget the Community Organizer Obama, the only thing potus is good at is stirring up turmoil and chaos. 
    Would they ever organize and spend money for protest if Martin were white and Zimmerman is black ?
    Too many lost of life in Oakland CA, I don’t hear much concern about how black folks kill black folks here from fed, gov.

  13. Who could be mystified by the idea that Obama commented on a local news story (not typical of a POTUS), then dispatched Holder and the DOJ to stir up a ruckus, giving the left-leaning mainstream press and media a story to run with?  You realize that Trayvon Martin now has name recognition in this country that is equal to Martin Luther King, himself?  BUT!  Obama’s objective:  Distract us all from Benghazi, the IRS scancal, DOJ snooping, failed foreign policy in Egypt, Syria, Iran,… And check it out,… He did it at Taxpayer expense,… Oh man, are we gettin’ hosed, here…

  14. Exactly because this prez is the most radical, most racist, most liberal to ever set foot in the white house. Have you heard him say anything to calm the fears of a possible riot? No because if Zimmerman is innocent this is exactly what this racist wants. This powder keg has been brewing for a long time now. It’s going to explode. This has potential to get real ugly.

    1. clubgitmo As much as I’d prefer it not, I say “let it.”  Like I said (humorously) in a post the other day, we all have to get used to the fact that regardless of what we do, what we say, what we think we’re ALWAYS going to be racist based on the definitions of the Left and Mainstream Press.  I’m just getting comfy with my newfound racism.

      1. E Lee Zimmerman clubgitmo To hell with the communist MSM and the left. This whole entire trial has been drummed up by the media and the clown in the white house. They asked for it and they are going to get it if there is rioting. They are responsible IMO.

    2. Their keg, their powder and they are going to light the fuse.
      Pray for justice for George Zimmerman.

      1. Stehekin912 Sometimes you have to let the animals out of the cage and settle the pecking order.

    3. clubgitmo Don’t forget divisive.    I am thinking(praying) that all of this backfires on him.  People are beginning to notice that he is a first class racist even the stupid ones.

      1. BetseyRoss clubgitmo With all due respect most people are afraid to call him a racist. It was apparent before he even got elected and see what type of church he attended. Divisive? Heck yea. All part of his Aliinsky upbringing. The man is despicable in my book.

  15. And, if he complains, it was him, himself, who said that if he had a son, he’d look a lot like Trayvon Martin.

    1. pajamakat Please don’t ask, now the visual is there and my stomach is queasy after just having seen Bam-Bam…

    2. pajamakat 
      “Where’s Holders’ hoodie pic ? And Sharpie Sharpton and Jackson ??”
      Sharpton’s butler forgot to pack his ‘hoodie’ for the trip to Florida. 😉 😉

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