This is a great example of why Trump calls CNN “FAKE NEWS”

Today CNN has an exclusive report alleging they have email proof that proves Trump Jr. lied about there not being a follow-up to the meeting with the Russian Lawyer in 2016:

The British publicist who arranged the June 2016 meeting with Russians and Donald Trump Jr. sent multiple emails to a Russian participant and a member of Donald Trump’s inner circle later that summer, multiple sources told CNN, the first indication there was any follow-up after the meeting.

The emails raise new questions for congressional investigators about what was discussed at Trump Tower. Trump Jr. has for months contended that after being promised he would get dirt on Hillary Clinton, the brief meeting focused almost exclusively on the issue of Russian adoptions, saying there was no discussion with the participants after that session.

They continue with their ‘proof’:

An email from Goldstone to senior Trump aide Dan Scavino, now the White House director of social media, reveals a previously undisclosed topic that was discussed at the meeting. It encourages Scavino to get candidate Trump to create a page on the Russian social networking site VK, telling him that “Don and Paul” were on board with the idea — a reference to then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Trump Jr.

One source says Goldstone pitched the idea to Scavino as a way to connect with the many Russian-Americans who use the site. Another source said Goldstone presented it as a “cute marketing idea” and was passing along the idea for an acquaintance at the Russian social media site. That source also said Goldstone mentioned the idea at the end of the Trump Tower meeting, as everyone was leaving, though Goldstone continued to push this proposal in emails in the weeks following.

A source familiar with the matter says Goldstone did not talk about the meeting with Trump Jr. after they left Trump Tower. Trump Jr. has said he did not follow up on the meeting.

First, it clearly states that Goldstone was trying to pimp this Russian social media site as people were leaving the meeting. Meaning the meeting was over.

Which means that the subsequent emails about this weren’t a follow-up to topics discussed in the meeting at all.

Secondly, it states that Goldstone didn’t actually email Trump Jr. about this, but rather Dan Scavino.

And remember, this blockbuster email reveal is about Goldstone trying to get the Trump campaign to create a social media page on a Russian social media site, to help out a friend of his.


CNN writes that Trump Jr. was asked about this in his hearing yesterday:

The emails from the publicist, Rob Goldstone, were discovered by congressional investigators and raised at Wednesday’s classified hearing with Trump Jr., who said he could not recall the interactions, several sources said. None of the newly disclosed emails were sent directly to Trump Jr. They are bound to be a subject during Goldstone’s closed-door meetings with the House and Senate intelligence panels, which are expected to take place as early as next week.

Perhaps he couldn’t recall the interactions because the emails weren’t even sent to him!

CNN also adds this:

A CNN search of VK pages could not find any indication that such a page was ever set up.

The page was never even created in the first place.

So let me get this straight. Because Goldstone was trying to pimp his friend’s social media site at the end of the Trump Tower as people were leaving and then afterward in subsequent emails – emails that weren’t even sent to Don Jr. in the first place and never ended up with the creation of any pages on this VK social media site – that all of a sudden this is blockbuster proof that Trump Jr. is lying?

Give me a break.

This is exactly why Trump calls CNN and other media FAKE NEWS, because of phony baloney articles like this.

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