This is WHY Bibi Netanyahu won his election in Israel

It’s just amazing how many idiots there are in the world who just cannot grasp the reality of their situation despite how apparent it is to everyone else. In this case I’m talking about a former Knesset member who basically called for the destruction of Israel to much applause from her J Street audience, according to Algemeiner.

Marcia Freedman, a proponent of liberal Zionism, called for a Jewish homeland where Jews live as a PROTECTED MINORITY among the true and rightful owners of Israel, the Palestinians. Dhimmis. She doesn’t believe the Jews should have their own state, and believes all would be well in this fictional utopia that she paints.

This is why Netanyahu won, to keep people like her out of power. Because most Jews understand the reality of their situation and know that their only means of long-term survival is to be a protected majority in the state of Israel. Delusions like this from people like Freedman would spell an end to that, but fortunately Jewish voters came out to keep that from happening.


Also note who she is sitting beside on the stage. Peter Beinhart, a frequent pro-Palestinian guest on CNN who Ben Shapiro took to the cleaners last year.

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