This may be the DUMBEST thing ever to air on MSNBC about Trump

Yesterday, after Nicole Wallace said that Trump was talking about the extermination of Latinos, another idiot on their network said something just as dumb, if not dumber. It has to do with Trump lowering the flag at the White House to half-mast after the mass shootings this weekend.


Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI assistant director and NBC News contributor, actually made the tremendous leap from Trump lowering the flag to half-mast to ‘Heil Hitler’. He claims that Trump is going to keep the flag at half-mast until the 8th of August, otherwise known as 8/8, which he says is a very important day for White Supremacists. Figliuzzi suggests that for them 8/8 corresponds to the eighth letter of the alphabet, the letter ‘H’, and thus 8/8 means ‘Heil Hitler’.


Now Figluizzi says explicitly that he is not implying that Trump did this intentionally, but that he’s either getting bad advice or that he’s ignoring good advice from his advisors. Either way, he says Trump’s going to be raising the flag back up on ‘Heil Hitler’ day for White Supremacists.

It’s really just amazing the lengths that these Trump haters will go in order to tie Trump to White Supremacy. It’s Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids!

To quote Caleb Hull on Twitter: “Trump broke these people.”

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44 thoughts on “This may be the DUMBEST thing ever to air on MSNBC about Trump

  1. Oh good grief. Seriously? I feel bad for the good FBI agents who are trying to solve crimes and having to put up with officials attempting to sabotage Pres Trump and also this fruitcake.

  2. And then there is cavuto on fox pushing for a recession. The media are fear mongers to the max.

  3. On August 8, 1960 the song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” hit #1 on the charts. Coincidence? I think not. Just more evidence that Trump is a nefarious mastermind.

  4. And did you know that if you rearrange the lines that make up the word Trump, and curve and turn them a bit, you can morph them precisely into Adolf?

    ‘course, you can also make them into Jesus so I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK.

  5. My, my, isn’t this guy special (at least that’s what he’s hoping for) so, I’ll give it to him – sir, you are especially special to think up such a stupid, arrogant, thing to tag your specialty of ignorance to my and many, many, others wonderful President Trump. It’s inconceivable that person of your character should be on any video, newspaper, or whatever, and need to go hide in a hole somewhere to hide your embarrassment and the Demoncrat Party’s imagination of lies produced out of the pit of Hell. How in Hell do you sleep nights?

  6. It’s difficult to pick out the dumbest thing said on MSNBC when all their programming is proven to kill brain cells.

  7. They really have watered down the Nazi and Hitler analogies haven’t they? Let me just say that if you have to resort to calling the person you disagree with Hitler or a Nazi, then you have already lost the debate. I don’t think there is a sane person among us that thinks Trump is any where near the same zip code as Hitler and to suggest he is makes you look like a total lunatic and does more harm to your cause than it helps.

  8. Why, it’s almost like a conspiracy theory ….

    So, how long can this hold the title for “Dumbest thing said about Trump?” There’s a lot of competition.

  9. Maybe they’re backtrack and say it’s 9/9 for Nein Nein and claim Herman Cain was a racist with his Nein! Nein! Nein!

  10. Ya know…for people who love to claim how everyone else is racist and white supremacist they sure are in the know of all these little things. I’ve never heard this 8/8 reference before. There’s a lot of references the left makes that they say are are part of the WM movement. Maybe it’s because I’m not one so I’m way in the dark but for them to know these many things makes it fairly clear they’re down wit da lingo.

  11. What’s scary is this came from a Former FBI Assistant Director. This is not the FBI of the Efram Zimbalist, Jr. days. (:

  12. I really hope someone talented (that leaves us out, just sayin) is keeping careful track of all this stuff, documenting everything very carefully, with video and audio proof, and then compile it in one giant indictment of the Left and what they have done.

  13. Maybe Trump should keep the flags at half mast in memory of the death of the journalism and the news media until 6/21 of next year.

  14. He’s right. I spent the entire year of 1988 secluded in a cave. Nazis were everywhere. They would drive by in their Olds Delta 88’s and taunt me to come out. But I wouldn’t. They then tortured me with piano music, all 88 keys. I finally stuck my head out and said “Heil Hitler”, and they left.

  15. Any truly dedicated and passionate neo-Nazi knows 8-8 is “F-F”, since “H” is the tenth letter of the German alphabet. The umlaut shreds this guys theory.

  16. New Ice immigration raids at food processing plants. News says that Trump is moving along with his plan on illegal immigration.

  17. Flat out, the STUPIDEST thing ever uttered on television in the history of the medium. If there was a Hall of Fame of Stupid, this would greet you in the foyer.

  18. I hope that Ted Cruz is somewhere deeply entrenched in writing an epic verbal take down of the insanity as of late, red flag laws & gun rights….as only Ted can do.

  19. I really don’t care what people say about the lying con man from New York any more. If that Con Man and Republicans pass red flag laws then I am through with the GOP. I will vote for conservatives who fight against red flag laws but I will never ever vote for a lying Republican that goes along with them. Especially after what conservatives went through with IRS targeting. Red Flag laws will be another form of targeting conservatives.

    Lindsey Graham should be voted out of NC for pushing a national red flag law.

    Sorry for being off topic but I am just venting.

  20. The level of stupid keeps plunging to greater depths. Among MSM outlets the level of stupid is clearly incalculable, every time we think they’ve reached bottom, they go deeper. The real danger lies in the fact that these people actually had positions of authority, that’s scary.

  21. Is this guy even aware he’s speaking on a network with the initials, “MSNBC” which if you convert to words would mean, “Mass Shooters Network of Brainwashed Communists”

  22. While nutters are making thes statements about Trump, Trump is assisting libs by saying there is an appetite for background checks and we will have big ones or some nonsense. Is the GOP/Trump really going to make this their 2020 rally cry while leaving the crisis at the border worsening daily?

  23. Finally, definitive proof that Trump is a white supremacist! This is the smoking gun, early October surprise the dems, libs, and NT’ers have been awaiting!

  24. I wonder if Hallmark makes a card for Heil Hitler day?

    I’ve seen other inclusive cards for 4-20, 5-4, MLK day, IP day (Columbus day), Administrative Assistants day, Kwanza, etc. What will I send to all of my white supremacist friends and co-workers?

  25. This guy definitely should be committed to a padded cell. May God help us and save us from the mentally deranged among us. They are all over our TV screens these days.

  26. This is scary considering these people worked for one of the highest level law enforcement agencies in our country.

  27. Who in the world besides White Supremist scumbags even knows this kind of crap? The Left has to have some type of research team that scrutinizes every single blink and nod and sniffle and word and action by Trump and then Googles away until they find some obscure offense to slam him for committing.

    What a bunch of loon bags!

  28. After seeing the headline, I was prepared to argue that whatever it was couldn’t top the extermination bit from earlier but now I got nothing.

  29. That’s a “former Assistant Director for FBI”???? NOW that’s chilling!! The FBI just keeps showing how a horrible incompetent deep state organization it is. It must be cleaned up! Mueller, Comey, Strozk, Paige, McCabe, etc…

  30. Is this the same FBI who was trying to figure out if the song, Louie Louie by the Kingsmen has a naughty word in it?

  31. Every single time I think to myself “This is it, we have reached peak TDS. They can’t possibly get any more ridiculous than this!!” Some moron comes on MSNBC or CNN and takes us to a whole new definition of “STUPID”… It’s like a “Hold My Beer” Contest on the left these days…. I shudder to imagine were we’ll be by the end of the week… Ya’ll realize we have over a year to go to the election and these people are already rabid, frothy mouthed lunatics…..

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