‘This would be a… federal declaration of war’ – Cuomo on Trump quarantine [Updated]

Andrew Cuomo told CNN that if Trump went along with his plan to “quarantine” New York, New Jersey and Connecticut that it would be a federal declaration of war against the states.

Dang. Libs turned all pro-States Rights pretty quick, didn’t they?!

So here’s the deal, a lot of people are blowing this quote out of proportion. If you watch the entire interview, you can tell that Cuomo is downplaying even the possibility that Trump might do that:

UNfortunately there are WAY TOO many keyboard warriors out there eager to yell “COME AND TAKE ITTT!!” at the drop of a caps lock key, and so this stuff gets a little nuts.

First of all, as they point out in the CNN video, we’re not even sure what Trump means by “quarantine” because he was very unclear about it. Does he mean a total lockdown? How would that even happen? No one knows.

Cuomo gives a tons of reasons why Trump isn’t gonna drop the hammer on New York, and he sounds like he’s really trying to persuade him against it. Trump promised to make a decision one or the other today, and so far, there has been no decision. In fact, Cuomo has been actually very quick to give Trump credit when it’s due so far, and the same has been true of Trump for Cuomo.

SO put away them AR-15s, no civil war today, sorry. And wash your hands.


El Presidente in his wisest wisdom and transcendent leadership, decided against the “quarantine” of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

And then the CDC issued a travel advisory:

HOORAY! Civil War averted!!! For now….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That should be it for Saturday unless a second Civil War breaks out, so go ahead and have an open thread. Here’s some comment fodder to consider for your quarantine musings:

Watch until the end, it’s worth it:

Wonderful. Take care everyone. Share our posts, comment a lot, be good to each other, and wash your hands.

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