‘Throuple’ degenerate Katie Hill is lying about why she resigned, and the media is helping her

Yes of course Katie Hill is now going around lying about how she was the biggest victim ever when she was caught banging her underlings. AND the media is helping her spread the lies.

It wasn’t the photos. It was the UNETHICAL BANGING, George! This is so pathetic. After years of the #MeToo vigilante social justice brigade stringing up anyone who had the slightest unsatisfactory interaction with a woman, we’re supposed to look the other way when Katie Hill does it. Why? Because she’s a Democrat.

What the holy hell is she talking about?! She’s pretending she didn’t do anything wrong and she was wrongly singled out. You know how other woman can avoid what happened to Hill? They can AVOID ABUSING THEIR POWER IN ORDER TO BANG THEIR UNDERLINGS.

AND what the hell is this about “breaking” her “silence”??! She’s been talking about it ever since she resigned!

It’s. Incredible. Seriously. You know, I really don’t like how so many on our side have tossed honesty to the wind in the war against the left, but it’s really tough to ignore that the left lies on a regular basis for their degenerate ends. Go to hell Katie Hill.

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