Tim Scott tells Hannity what really gets under his skin about attacks on Black conservatives…

This is probably one of my favorite interviews with Sen. Tim Scott as he talks to Hannity about attacks on black conservatives from ‘leaders’ in the black community, specifically about the one from the NC NAACP president. He’s less dismissive about the attacks than he has been in the past however he does call out the NAACP president for not standing against the policies that are leaving families and children in poverty. He also tells Hannity what really gets under his skin about these bigoted attacks but you’ll have to watch to find out:

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65 thoughts on “Tim Scott tells Hannity what really gets under his skin about attacks on Black conservatives…

  1. Love the “is the Tea Party racist?”, “YES!” How so? : “Uhh….” Its amazing that the Dems are able to hold onto to the black vote, with so little to show for it other than the conformity and ignorance based allegiance, while much of the black community crumbles and is stuck in permanent poverty, under exclusively Dem pol ownership.

  2. NAACP has sold out the interests of their people for crumbs and symbolic nothingness in the service of the Dem party. The Dems absolutely owned the poorest and most urban black communities, and has hardly been a benefit.

  3. They got Congressmen Elijah Cummings, Keith Ellison, Sheila Jackson Lee, Charles B. Rangel and Maxine Waters.

    We have Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, and Allen West to mention some. I like our side of independent conservative African Americans who moved out of the progressive plantation.

  4. So it’s racist to stand against abortion?

    So let me see if I can understand this in non-thinking liberal-marxist terms.

    According to BlackGenocide.org, “on average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States.”

    “Minority women constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, but they underwent approximately 36% of the abortions.”

    “It has been estimated that since 1973 Black women have had about 16 million abortions. Michael Novak had calculated “Since the number of current living Blacks (in the U.S.) is 36 million, the missing 16 million represents an enormous loss, for without abortion, America’s Black community would now number 52 million persons.”

    Yet, it’s TEA PARTIERS who are racist because they want to stop abortion? Then someone should stop them! They want to prevent “black genocide” and baby murderers! THE HORROR!

  5. I think the NAACP, like labor unions, is a vestigial organization with its irrelevant halls now occupied by socialist-driven forces.

  6. Couldn’t help but notice that Reverend Barber looks kind of thuggish, not what the usual reverend looks like. Perhaps that’s the culture of today’s NAACP? Those examples of why the Tea Party is racist speaks volumes about the followers of obama and black culture in general. Bunch of zeroes.

  7. Sean, don’t relegate your guests to a small postage stamp sized space while showing a full screen of someone not your guest. All you guys and gals do it. It’s an insult to your guests and causes many of to tune off.

  8. Tim Scott seems like a very decent fellow. Trouble is, he’s a conservative and he’s black. Why a so-called pastor can’t recognize him for the former, but smears him for the latter, is truly disgusting. And, in fact, lacks any notion of basic humanity. A “pastor” my rear end.

    1. What do think the devil will choose to look like when he walks the earth. this person that calls himself a religious order can fool many but most of us that are not so easy to impress see right through him

  9. What seminary gave “Dr. Barber” a doctoral degree?! The man is barely able to speak clearly other than to spew hatred for those who won’t stay on the demoncrat plantation with him. What an ignoramus! That is what is held as an example of God’s disciple by the left? Sad. The NAACP only represents those willing to be useless victims and willing to keep them stupid and helpless, so that they can spoon feed them lies and give them “free stuff” as a reward for remaining hopeless. It’s a threat to them to have anyone think for themselves or heaven forbid, want to help themselves out of poverty!

  10. Wow, what a scary caucus that group looks to be….. and of course there has to be two token white woman rushing to be seen as a support for this garbage. Its simple we either rise above this low life mentality or as you can see those that are left with a life of blaming others for their misfortunes and basic weaknesses to be a good person in the life God has given them.

  11. Funny that the NAACP idiot said that the language he used in reference to Tim Scott is language used by many pastor’s. Unbelievable. I would like to walk into his church and flip the tables and pews over. He isn’t a man of God. He is using his position to spread hate and pad his own pocket. Would Jesus speak of Tim Scott in this way? Every church that behaves this way, which is of the devil, should have every Cross rescued out of there and the building burnt down. Those building’s and its members are a monument to everything Jesus despised.

    1. I don’t know about any church being of “the devil”, but I’d suggest this so-called pastor isn’t of any compassionate church that I know of. Churches, in my understanding, have no political or racial interest particularly. They’re places of God—that presumably don’t make any racial or political judgments. We’re all naked and helpless in the eyes of God. So apparently this “pastor” is nothing but a phony and fake.

    2. I met a black woman at a Bachmann rally during the primaries. She had recently moved to town from California. She said she had not been able to find a black church she wanted to attend. When I asked her why she said every black church she’d gone to was spewing hate toward the white man like Obama’s “church”.
      Very disturbing.

      1. If you listen closely, Barber (Reverend, my butt) tried to use a lot of big words. Among these he threw in “upsetness.” Then the lady talked about “Dr. Barber” when referring to him.

        I was being sarcastic about this.

        1. Yup, I caught that. Another ‘plantation intellectual’ like Sharpton and Jackson. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  12. Many people can have the facts shown to them, proven to them and will still refuse to acknowledge that their views are self proclaimed and not based in fact. Subbing for a teacher recently, a young student was presenting a paper on the U.S. Budget and the massive amounts of money spent to maintain a military. I asked, as any logical person should, did he search the percentage of budget used for the military. This student showed the amount of 250 billion used to maintain a strong military. The amount was never supported with a any citation, so I asked him again what percentage of the U.S. budget is used on the military. His answer surprised me a little, he said, and I am paraphrasing here, “I know it isn’t a large part of the budget, but I don’t care, any money spent on the military could be better used on providing college at a lower cost.” I pulled two graphs that showed 17% of the U.S. budget is used on national defense, and one that showed how since 1959 to current that the expenditure on national defenses has steadily gone down, while the budget for social programs, in harsh contrast has steadily gone up. I wish I had the time to post those graphs here, but I don’t. These people see nothing but what they want to see, plain and simple.

  13. Ventriloquist dummy for the GOP. Uh, yeah. Very few blacks dare using their own minds by disagreeing with the DNC. It is normal for there to be varying opinions among every type of group, but the DNC doesn’t find it drone-like that 95% of blacks vote for Democrats? Shouldn’t they be labeled the ventriloquists for the DNC for not using their own brains to formulate an opinion?

    1. Welcome to Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’. :-{
      β€œI’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years”
      [Touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs, LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One]

      1. Ah, so that’s what that was. I heard that comment the other day and didn’t know where it came from. Thank you.

        1. Oh, that isn’t all of it. He was takling about having to give “those uppity Ni**ers something”, when he said that. If I can find the whole thing, I’ll post it. With all that’s going on (since Obama became President), all the stuff Lyndon Johnson (D) said, is getting harder and harder to find, (imagine that), πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

          1. Yeah, imagine that. This is hard evidence about the intentions of liberals as opposed to claimed reasons. They don’t want to help blacks at all. They want to keep them in their place on the Democrat plantation.

              1. Yes they did, and sometimes I wonder if blacks (by majority) will ever realize what the Democrat party is doing to them.

                1. Oh, it’s going to happen, (I might not live to see it). There are more and more outspoken Black conservatives coming out each day and the totally unreasonable attacks against them are beginning to look like what the Democrats (not the Republicans) did to Blacks in the 60’s. ‘Kids’ (by nature) are anti-establishment. Well guess what? Liberalism is now the establishment.
                  We White kids of the 50’s and 60’s listened to ‘Race music’ much to the frustration of our especially Democratic (Roosevelt loving) parents WE brought about the success of M L King and others.
                  Obama and the Democrats have set back ‘race relations’ a generation, at least.
                  When the generation after me (I’m in my late 60’s) are in the retirement homes, and the younger Blacks see what ‘plantation suckers’ they have been played for by the left, things are going to get really interesting for the liberal left. There is one ‘law’ even the left can’t defy, gravity. When the energy to swing the pendulum of justice from one side to the other, finally runs out (which it always does), it stops in the middle, πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

                2. You just might and by the time you are my age (68), you will completely understand the logic behind what I said above, because you will have 1 more generation of ‘observation’ under your belt. Bet you thought Elvis Presley wrote this. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

                3. Bet you thought Janis Joplin wrote this. In the beginning, we (White kids) were all listening to ‘white washed’ Black ‘R&B and ‘Blues’, that was called ‘Rock N Roll’. πŸ˜‰

                4. OMG, that sucks….real bad. I hate rap. Vulgarity doesn’t offend me but it doesn’t belong in music, especially not where young kids are listening to it and looking up to the artists singing it. They talk about women like they’re trash, whores, and pieces of meat. No respect for anyone, yet that’s what Obama chose to have as WH entertainment.

                  It’s not just the vulgarity or song lyrics, it’s not even music. It’s trash.

                5. Nope, I never listened to Janis Joplin. Listened to some of Elvis, though. Big Mama has a strong and good voice, too.

      1. Thanks. I missed everyone here as well. I didn’t miss the frustration of Obama being King and constantly up to no good.

  14. Rev. Dr. MLK Jr, quote: “I think people in Mississippi ought to come to
    Chicago to learn how to hate.”

    Democrats, the Party and people of Slavery, of the old Confederacy, of the KKK, promoted and legislatively institutionalized Segregation via Jim Crow laws, Voting Poll Taxes, Literacy Tests, etc, etc.. ie; Racism, Bigotry, Hatred, Intolerance towards Blacks. Yet, the black community rewards them with their voting loyalty?

    John Hawkins, quote- “How is it that the party of Lincoln, a party that led the way in opposing slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching, the KKK, poll taxes, led the way on integration and voting rights for black Americans, and top percentage wise, voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act in greater numbers than Democrats is now only getting about 10% of the black vote? ” unquote

    “How Democrats Exploit Minorities” -“The Democratic Party Is The Greatest Criminal Enterprise This Nation Has Ever Seen” http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/07/how_democrats_exploit_minorities.html#.Udej0Ov07v4.twitter

    But thank goodness there is a new resurgence of young black conservative people actively engaged in politics today- Smart, Intelligent, extremely educated young conservative Republicans, and not just people like Tim Scott, Mia Love, and Allen West who are already in the political arena fight, but also of today younger generation, people like Chelsi P. Henry, who are the future of not just the Republican party, but of America.

    1. I know, black and latino Republicans are rising up against the false attacks. When I hear people like Tim Scott and Allen West speak or when I see a great amount of young black and latino conservatives on Twitter… it makes me excited about the future.

  15. This crapola against Tim Scott and the constant claims Tea Party people are racist, you’re racist, we’re all racist has just gotten old. I think it’s time for a new word.

    I’m tired of having to combine words to describe people like:

       Al Sharpton (professional race hustler)
       Maria Cantwell (Harassing Redskins to change their name)
       Samia Shameem (Claiming Honor killing was due to American Racism)

    …and the list goes on for days. Race Hustlers; Poverty Pimps; Race-baiting sleazebags… It gets tiresome having to always type two or more words. They need a label.

    I came up with “Raggots” which is a combination of “Race Maggots”.

    Enter your candidates here. Vote for the best one with your like button.

          1. Mmmm. Needs more emphasis on the act, itself. It needs to sound extremely derogatory without involving the usual words you can’t say on TV.

  16. How sad watching the folks being asked whether the TEA party is racist or not. They can even imagine how dumb and uninformed they actually are. And the white lady with the long blonde hair….. Living in Oregon I know 1,000’s just like her. She is one gigantic clichΓ©!!!!

    1. The reactions of the people to David Webb’s questions are one of the primary signs of group-think, i.e., accepting, believing and/or doing something as everyone else and having virtually no idea why.

      And liberals, socialists, and Democrats denigrate the intelligence of conservatives.

      1. “The reactions of the people to David Webb’s questions are one of the primary signs of group-think, i.e., accepting, believing and/or doing something as everyone else and having virtually no idea why.”

    2. Oregon eh? I hear there is a good candidate up there. Dr. Monica Wehby, a pediatric neurosurgeon. Reports say she raised $500,000 in about 1 month. Any thoughts on the race and if any of the GOP candidates could defeat Jeff Merkley considering he only won by less then 60,000 votes in 2008?

  17. As a conservative, I ask the Lord’s blessings, protection, and prosperity on Sen. Tim Scott.

    He is truly a Daniel in the lion’s den.

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