Time releases its finalists for Person of the Year and you’ll be facepalming at most names…

Time released this morning it’s finalists for Person of the Year and, as you probably expected, the list is full of left-wing bias :

Colin Kaepernick? The man who made the disrespect of our flag and national anthem popular among cry baby football players who think cops are racist?

And Dreamers? Why on earth would this group even be a finalist? What did they do to deserve Person of the Year?

Kim Jong Un? Seriously? They want a fascist dictator of the worst kind the Person of the Year? I have no words.

But the big one for the left of course, is Robert Mueller. After all, what better way to give Trump the middle finger than to make the special prosecutor investigating him for Russian collusion the Person of the Year.

Also, if you click on the tweet and read the responses, leftist twitter is salivating to have Mueller win. Which is really stupid when you think about it, because Mueller hasn’t yet turned over anything even remotely close to collusion, which is what he was appointed to investigate.

But whatever, the left hates Trump so they’ll probably go with him anyway, which is what I in fact predict will happen.


Yes, yes I totally forgot that Time says their list is based on the person who most influences the news. I blame Mondays.

However, I don’t think that is the perception and I do think they use this as a cover sometimes to push their biased agenda.

Look, if it’s just the person who influenced the news the most, then it has to be Trump. Hands down.

But as I suggested above, I think they will end up picking Mueller – not because he’s influenced the news the most, which he hasn’t, but because right now he’s still the greatest hope liberals have for impeaching Trump.

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