Today is Stand with Hobby Lobby Day

Hobby Lobby is embroiled in a court battle for their constitutionally protected rights to freedom of religion because they are being forced by Obama violate their faith and pay for birth control and abortifacients in health care coverage they provide for their employees. And because of this Obama administration dictate in Obamacare they are subject to over 1.3 million in fines every single day they do not provide this coverage. Most of you who follow us know this very well as we’ve been covering the ongoing court battle and how Hobby Lobby has been blocked at every turn by judges who apparently don’t agree with the Constitution.

So, today is stand with Hobby Lobby day which means you should go to your nearest Hobby Lobby and buy something from them to show them that millions of America support them in this fight.

Read this article by Todd Starnes for more on Stand with Hobby Lobby Day.

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