Transgender student files complaint over Christian University not allowing him to live in male dorms

I hope this Christian university in Oregon stands firm. This is getting ridiculous:

CAMPUS REFORM – A female-to-male transgender student has filed a discrimination complaint against his Christian university, claiming the school must allow him to live in men’s dormitories regardless of its theological principles.

George Fox University released a statement on Friday claiming that allowing the student, named Jayce, to live in on-campus male housing would interfere with its efforts “to be a Christ-centered community.”

“Our residential facilities are single gender because of our theological commitments,” it continues.


The Oregon college told the student that he could, however, live with other male students off campus or in his own on-campus apartment.

But the student said this is not good enough.

In the complaint, filed with the U.S. Department of Education on Thursday, Jayce’s attorney alleges that the college is violating Title IX regulations which require equal treatment of the sexes at schools that receive federal money.

Jayce’s mother has also launched an online petition demanding that the school change its mind.

“Being a religiously-affiliated school does not mean having to be unwilling to hear Jayce’s story, see past preconceived notions of sex and gender and respect him for who God made him,” it reads.

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53 thoughts on “Transgender student files complaint over Christian University not allowing him to live in male dorms

  1. Mom says ” respect him for who God made him,” ?

    God made him a girl ! Respect the Birth Certificate.

  2. My church in Oregon was associated with George Fox. The Quaker denomination there has no spine. They’ll fold like a house of cards.

  3. SCOOP,
    If Jayce was born FEMALE, then why does the headline and body copy you use refer to HER as “him” ? Does she/Jayce have male genitalia or not?

  4. This is clearly being done to advance their agenda in the courts because it had to be allowed in the dorms – off campus was not good enough!

  5. This is what it is going to come down to. These people want to take the Christian religion and the Bible and make both of them illegal …. all in the name of ‘fairness’ and ‘policital correctness’.

  6. RULE #1 (when dealing with the duplicitous, lying, filthy vermin aka ‘democrats’… CALL THINGS WHAT THEY REALLY ARE – not what the “pc” media does.

    She is a SHE… not in any way,, shape OR fashion a “he”.

    Call them what they are (you can at least name the gender/race without being ‘vulgar’)… the enemy be DAMNED.
    -CM Sackett-

    1. Oh, but it’s getting so exciting, will they get there before the batteries run out?!?! *yawn*

  7. You know what anyone would give to get an apartment for themselves?

    That is how you know there is an agenda, hence, lawsuit, hence scumsuckers behind this.

  8. you know, if they are calling themselves transgender, then how about a dorm for all transgenders

    1. Colleges aren’t stupid. They know that the cost to invest in something for maybe five people on campus is a liability not worth the time. You’re going to overcrowd normal people into dorm rooms so some sexually confused deviant can have its feelings validated? That makes no economic sense.

      But then….most universities are given over to the IDIOTology of liberalism so what do I know?

  9. His or her or whatever it is, alleged rights don’t trump religious freedom. I’d tell it to pound sand.

  10. I feel for this woman and her mother. Gender identity issues are a rough problem to have, so I can understand the mother hoping for the university to have mercy on her child. But this whole “respect him for who God made him,” business is probably the single most aggravating excuse ever given. God didn’t give your daughter a faulty body, or a faulty brain. Sin did that.

    So while I hope that this university will treat Jayce as a child of God, and reach her with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help her through her sins and failures in a merciful, Cross-focused way; I don’t want them to cave in and pretend as if ignoring her sin will make it any less sin. The Law hurts, that’s what it’s there for, and it’s why Jesus had to die for us.

    (It’s been three months since I last posted? Where did all the time go?)

  11. America has morphed into a country of freaks, fairies, queers, its & whats. I also smell a lawsuit here. If they let “it” in and if someone, anyone said or did something to offend “it” the race card will emerge and guess who always wins that one!

  12. The bottom line is this individual is not white and there will be a problem all the way around. Race and sexual preference are being thrown in our face at every turn. I believe the University gave this individual alternatives.
    The question is, why did this individual choose this small Christian University? Some sleuthing needs to be done to uncover the reason because this university is not cheap. Who is bank rolling the cost of the education. Follow the money…

    1. Bingo! There is an agenda here from start to finish. A good rule
      of thumb is to always follow the money!

  13. If you have girl parts you live with the girls. If you have boy parts you live with the boys.

    Any questions?

  14. I agree with everything you posted Scoop, except the ‘ridiculous’ part, we are past that and now into scary…shudder.

  15. What is a transgender student doing at a Christian university? I pray the schools stands firm.

  16. I hope they understand that after Chic-fil-a, Firefox and Duck Dynasty, people are sick of it. Just say no! That’s it. Don’t do a press conference or a TV interview trying to explain yourself to some MSM paid tool who is just trying to F you up. Many many heterosexuals who are cool with gays getting married and such do not care for the bully BS. The request is ridiculous on its face without saying anything. Just say no.

  17. Why are you trying to confuse your readers by putting “him” in the headline? This girl needs some serious psychological counseling and you’re not helping by feeding her fantasies with headlines calling her male.

  18. Poor homosexuals… they have nowhere else to go to college, or to hire photographers, or to buy wedding cakes, etc. then Christian stores and colleges. Poor babies. This is like rabies looking for someone to bite… this is a WAR on the morality and soul of America. These twisted abominations are an infestation and can’t just leave well enough alone… now they’re militant. They prey upon anyone that doesn’t embrace their vile and grotesque affections. Lovely. I’m all for helping them become unconfused, moral, and saved… but when they’re militant and going out of their way to crush and ruin… then I’m 100% against them. Just like Islam. Just like Nazism. Just like Communism. Evil always takes on another guise to fool the weak and unwary…

  19. This is so confusing! Is this a guy or girl. Please Jaycee look down and tell us. Do you have male or female genitalia. Then apply at the school according to what is there. Then you can sleep, relieve yourself, shower, in the facility where other people with same attributes do. That in itself should solve the discrimination problems as post surgery transgender people will just apply as what they are at the time of application. I want to be a bird, but I am not one so I cannot fly with geese, I have to walk among humans and turkeys.

  20. This is why this country is going down the drain. The federal money given to these schools is now being used as a cudgel against them. The mother sends her kid to a Christian school, and then wants to go around and impose her own “values” on the school.

    This is one reason why schools like Hillsdale are immune to this stuff — 100% privately funded.

  21. Penis/no penis. How difficult is that to follow? There are reasons transgender guys with penises should not be in a female dorm (university legal liability for rape). So, to be fair, in the opposite case transgender girls without penises should not be permitted to live in all-male dorms. Also as a Christian private university shouldn’t it be allowed to follow its faith?

  22. Will the Gaystoppo throw a hissy fit and demand the president of college to step down. Ya know, it’s about time that people stop stepping down and start stepping on.

  23. The faggot applied there and was accepted there. It knew beforehand that it wouldn’t be allowed to live in the mens dorm. More crap from the worthless left.

  24. It’s time to build a modern version of a leper colony, rather than change the rules every time a new freak show comes out of the woodwork.

  25. It’s ORE-GONE…Kalifornica 2.0…They’ve been in a self-induced (D)epression for 40 years and are BROKE. But, they’ll want this PRIVATE school to build a $100 million campus for the “IT’S” of the UNIVERSE..

  26. The “gaystopo” will not stop until they “FORCE” their views in every remotely Godly institution in this country.
    The courts are stacked with liberal lunatics, so they will succeed, sadly.
    They aren’t satisfied with acceptance they insist on APPROVAL of their sinful lifestyles.
    It’s a huge disgrace the democrats have brought on this country.

    1. I even say they aren’t satisfied with acceptance OR approval. We must now celebrate them. To not do so is hatred.

      1. You hit it! I got into an argument with a teenager who said that very thing, “if you do not go to a Pride Parade you are a bigot’ I laughed at her and told her she better come to a parade that I was having for Christians lest she be a bigot, she stuttered and stammered and had nothing to say after that.

        1. Show her this photo and see which one she would want her children to attend. She’ll wise up soon enough., I hope.

          1. A photo to back up my posting above! Yep, that
            is what their parades look like. Can you imagine
            any other group getting away with this stuff?
            What happened to getting arrested for public

            1. It’s just awful….what can I say….They must have sex on their mind all the time.

        2. Have you ever watched a gay pride parade?
          If not, be glad you haven’t. I went to the one in
          Santa Barbara for a few years (sister lived there)
          and the debauchery was shocking, then laughable.
          I recall a phone call from my sister one year prior
          to my visiting, stating that the Mayor has mandated
          that they wear clothing (now) in the gay pride parade!

          1. I have not, we have one in our area though and apparently it is tame, but I have read about the one in Toronto that makes it acceptable to have nudity and sexual content..makes my tummy turn.

          2. In Chicago they just call it the “pride parade” now and the city fathers are trying to get them to tone it down and make it more acceptable to the sheeple. Of course, Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel is the mayor now…

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