Trey Gowdy exposes hypocrisy of National Park Service Director over memorial closures…

Trey Gowdy went after the National Park Service Director today and asked him why it took him over 100 days to enforce federal regulations with Occupy groups camping out in national parks but when it comes to the veterans, their memorials were closed on the first day and he can’t cite a single federal regulation requiring him to do so.


Here is a shorter clip of the NPS Director being asked about his decision to close the national parks and memorials and what kind of input the White House had in this decision. See if you can tell when he starts lying:

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97 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy exposes hypocrisy of National Park Service Director over memorial closures…

  1. His mustage almost fell off during the scorching questioning. Other congressman should take notes on how to question these weasals; Gowdy did great.

  2. Wow! gone are the days of seeing your park ranger when you were a kid as your smokey the bear cuddly-friendly-buddy type…totally Gestapo image now 🙁

  3. The problem with our so called Guvmint is that you can’t throw there a$$ in jail from non performance.

  4. Benghazi, I. R. S., Fast and Furious, Obummer Care, Debt Limit, etc…etc…etc…
    And Manchurian John say’s “I hope the G.O. P. has learned something from this” !!
    Yes, John, we have …there is no G.O. P. Party….it’s just one big Demorat Party. One big “Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponz”(Ponzi) scheme against the American People…Trey Gowdy spewing a few great sounding sentences is meaningless, when we know the party affiliation and position on Illegals….You guys …go home….We need a “New Party” !!!
    Merry Christmas to the American People From Obummer !!

  5. Hey folks, until we start marching in the streets, this kind of crap will just get worse. Complain here all you want, but unless you get up off the couch and start going to protests, nothing will happen to change the abuses.

  6. I will never respect a park ranger again. Some may say they had nothing to do with it and were doing what they were told. They could’ve protested this and didn’t. I’ll talk to them with as little respect as I possibly can.

  7. The National Park Service has the weakest and by far the most incompetent leadership of any agency of the Obama regime. Several months ago there were hearings and NPS Bosses were being grilled about all the weapons-Guns that are missing from the NPS inventory…………and it was revealed year after year gun went missing and nothing was done about it. This same jerk lied and danced his way thru the questioning..The real question is why is he still employed ? This bum should be the poster child for reason so much tax money is wasted by the regime.

  8. D’oh! I loved his comparison to the veterans’ 1st amendment rights to go see a monument they helped build to the right’s of the illegals (although he didn’t use that word) to protest at the national mall.

    Obama is a piece of crap that willfully disrespects our veterans and hands everything over to illegals.

  9. Then why were two BUSLOADS of veterans denied access to the Iwo Jima memorial on Sunday – Oct. 13th? They refilled their water barricades right in front of the veterans who were stuck sitting on the buses. ????

  10. After Obama’s victory as an outcome of the “shutdown”, he should easily become more and more dictatorial. Welcome to the Welfare States of Obama!

  11. Just put a brown shirt on this guy. We are in deep trouble and I am sure the NSA is digging deep to find dirt on Gowdey so he can be Palinized by the state run media.

  12. Did this guy start out as a chicken farmer? He has a great future when the 0 regime assumes total power.

  13. A lot of these punks in uniform – including many members of the police – never put on a REAL uniform. Instead of answering the call of duty, they decided to have a job as a civilian municipal or federal employee. When they stand confronted by Veterans, the act just like Obama does. They start feeling nervous, intimidated and angry. They start feeling inadequate. Their actions are predictable. Knowing they have authority and the Veterans and active duty personnel do not, they run their mouths and throw their occasionally considerable weight around to show who’s boss. I have very little respect for these people, to begin with; I have absolutely no respect for civilians that are disrespectful to Veterans (especially old ones, disabled, etc.) and active duty or National Guard. Had I been there, and saw one of those G-Man thugs hit an old man, I would’ve been killed, or imprisoned for my response.

  14. This reminds me of Lindsey Graham blasting the administration for Benghazi then voting with Senate Dems on confirmations. This is the RINO playbook to keep the low info conservative voter in their camp. I don’t have a problem with what Gowdy is saying, but you better back it up with good votes.

  15. A tribe of hippie sh*ts don’t catch one citation illegally camping for 100 days and the Veterans are blocked the first day.

    I’d like to see a “Million Vets 100 Day Camping Trip” on the National mall.

    You know. Just exercising our 1st Amendment rights like the OWS low life’s.
    Man! What a party that would be.

  16. Gowdy is an ex prosecutor and you can tell it. He should have given Mr. Jarvis a blind fold and a cigarette because he “executed” this weasel.

  17. Stop growing mustaches!!! I mean could you look more like a giant pig weenie creep??

    Great work by Gowdy.

  18. I can hear the sweet voice of his little granddaughter as she sits on his lap and looks up at him with adoring eyes and asks “Grandpa, what did you do when you were the leader of our National Parks? Huh Grandpa? You must be important.

    1. He probably started out as a school crossing guard and has been trying to recapture that sense of power ever since.

  19. Closing those memorials was one of the most disgusting actions by Obama to date…..and THAT’S saying something. While at least it isn’t permanent damage, it does set a terrible, distasteful precedent.
    And as I’ve said before, even if he didn’t directly order the closures himself, we know for damn sure he didn’t order them back open, which he undoubtedly could have.

      1. With highest respect to the Coolidge name, I think it is more disgusting to have $17 trillion in national debt, up to $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and an administration that works to abandon our traditional friends and supports our traditional enemies.

  20. I have lost all respect for the Director, National Park System. He’s a flunky for obama. No doubt about it in my opinion!!!

  21. Jarvis: “It was all my idea, yep, just me, ’cause I’m a toady who sucks up to the boss. I couldn’t wait to be of service to mein F– the President, to tell him I was ready to poke the eyes of everyone who refuses to heil, er, obey.”

  22. Some people need to do jail time and loose their pensions, this is a good example of one of those people!

    1. Solyndra. Fast and Furious. Benghazi. MF Global. Morgan-Stanley. IRS. NSA. No one was fired/jailed/demoted by the Obama/Holder regime over ANY of these previous scandals. And no one from NPS will suffer anything as a result of this. Because they did their master’s bidding! If anything, I see promotions in their near future.

  23. This dummy didn’t seem to realize that he was being questioned by a former prosecutor!! Gowdy knows what he’s doing and he gets them every time.

    1. Enjoyed Mr Gowdy’s questioning of this jerk, the sad part is this NPS fellow played dumb like the rest of the (can’t remembers) moronic replies from these yes ems. The whole lot are shameless. As Americans very sad, orders are no excuse for failure to remember your place as an American.
      Trust and power is loaned and both can be taken away.

  24. So, under his twisted 1st amendment argument, if the veterans had been protesting at the monument it would have been allowed. But because they were there visiting, access was denied with barricades. What an ass! Under normal circumstances, he should be shamed from public life. But, he’s perfect for the BHO administration.

    1. What Benghazi hearings? What IRS hearings? What Fast and Furious hearings? What NSA hearings? What …………………on and on

      1. I wish we heard as much about these scandals as we have had the abortion & gay rights agendas forced down our throats. Only the immoral issues are front & center in this sodomistic administration. Bath house barry’s got to cover for his “boys”, dontcha know!

  25. Where has Trey been during this fight? Conspicuous for his silence and absence! Another grand stander like Issa.

    1. its also important to note his comparison of veterans to occupy and not veterans to the illegal immigrant amnesty rally. this is because gowdy is pro amnesty for illegals. he doesn’t want to risk that lobbyist bribe money coming into him for destroying America with amnesty.

        1. how would you know if there has been no vote ? Levin called him a RINO………that’s good enough for as you say ” low information conservatives ” . Do what Levin didn’t do , watch the sub-committee hearing and listen to Gowdy’s questioning . Here’s one……… it legal to deport someone born in this country ? If that someone is a minor can you expatriate that individual to maintain the family ? Who is awarded custody of minors whose parents have been deported , and who is finacially liable for the welfare of the minor ?
          Silly little details proferred by someone who respects the law . Gowdy isn’t afraid of Levin , go ahead Mr. Producer line him up . Then have Levin answer those three questions that i just posed .
          Don’t vote for whomever you don’t want to for whatever reason you can conjure . When someone is found guilty absent any facts , what’s that called ?
          Levin refers us to the founders . The founders never solved slavery………….all men and women fail , Gowdy has and will , I think that he should at least face justice with some defense……….especially for merely asking questions .by the way he’s one of the 144 nays last night , Boehner , Issa , McCarthy and Cantor (?) were all ayes . His point about the House voting on an issue and not going to conference should be applauded , some might call it the will of the people . Strict constitutional definition , right Mr. Producer ?

      1. Surely if you think hard you can do better. Most have been trying to get them to stand together and fight. Gowdy has been silent.

  26. So so so very sad that no one — and I mean NO ONE — is being held accountable for such unAmerican behavior. It isn’t as if this is lawful and/or unlawful — it’s a hateful display of contempt for America. So so so very sad.

  27. In the second clip the face palm with the guy behind Jarvises right shoulder tells the whole story, unlike the “answers” Jarvis is formulating on the fly.

  28. Well fine. Is anyone going to jail? Being fined? Losing their job?

    No? Well what is the point of even having these hearings?

      1. Exactly right. Gowdy talks tough … nothing happens. So?

        Whether it is Benghazi, the IRS hearings, Fast and Furious, etc, all talk no action.

        Do we need a Special Prosecutor for at least one scandal?

        1. and nothing will ever happen with the IRS, republicans are very happy with the IRS suppressing Tea Party groups.
          the behavior of republicans recently proves how much they despise conservatives and the tea party.
          never a penny to the rnc/gop/rove type pac at any level, state, national, county etc…. it will go to the mccains, mcconnells an pete kings. none of it will ever see a conservative campiagn

        2. I don’t think anyone in either House has the balls to publicly go against obozo for very long because of the tint of his skin…I am soooo very SICK of all the “we must be politically correct” BS!!

      2. They watch what McCain and Graham have done and figure they can get away with the same thing. Conservatives need to unleash primary hell on these charlatans next year.

  29. I have to take my at off to Mr. Gowdy. He’s a bulldog when he grills these sycophants of the Obama regime. Mr. Jarvis disgusts me that he would allow the occupy hippies and anarchists to camp and smoke pot and then close open air monuments. He needs to be fired !

  30. Issa to Jarvis: “The promises you make have no value”

    Pt 1 of today’s hearing.

    I hope more of the hearing will be available later.

    If you watch pt 1 of the hearing you see the demosocialist party members will do nothing but obstruct.

      1. So aside from causing trouble here what are you doing to change things? I hear what you are saying, don’t get me wrong, but we have to be constructive otherwise we are being self destructive. I get you are not a fan of Gowdy, even if he is grand standing he is doing something. Shinning light where it needs to be shined is active and positive.

        Yeah we all wish more was happening, but the biggest threat conservatives have is being shot from behind, look at the senate and see what destruction is done by such behavior.

        Pick up the flag, get back in the fight, take the little victories when we can and if you come up with a plan, any plan please share it!

        1. Well, I didn’t think I was causing any trouble, just what do you mean. I am attempting to distinguish between real, hard fighting constitutional consrvatives and big talkers. If these guys were serious they would have done what Mark Levin and others said from day one, appoint two special committees of Congress to investigate the IRS and Benghazi with special prosecutors. Endless hearings with no consequences are good for profile raising perhaps but are inconsequential.

          1. I hear you, however drawing any attention to the left at this point is a step in the right direction. We have to get people thinking.

            Our system has been perverted for sometime now, some are going to take time getting back on target while others are bombing away against Our enemy. Some of those finding their place could end up being great allies.

            Even with committees things will only go so far, the left will not attack their own, unfortunately unlike those elected to the supposed right, unless the left are willing to abide by Our laws, which they aren’t, only so much can be accomplished.

            We need more on our side in office, best not to alienate those that could be an asset in the not so distant future… One step at a time, we will get there. It will not happen overnight even though we wish it would. We are in for the long game, just as the left has used against us.

            That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold folks accountable, we should and must! We also need to acknowledge when they do anything to shine light on the left and help right the ship… Could they do more, we hope so, but then so can we…

            At this point Gowdy may be fishing, waiting for the tides to turn before casting his net and filing charges… Would be nice to think so, the odds of making things stick would be better under more conservative control!

      2. Just curious why you need to attack people with your comment about the gullible conservative base. I personally don’t care what you want to watch. Your opinion really means zero to me.

        Have a good night.

  31. Mr. Gowdy needs to do all the questioning of hostile- Democrat- witnesses. He’d make a great Atty. General- or anything else.

      1. He’s a man of principle. His opinion wouldn’t matter as AG- only the law. You’re thinking of Holder, Gary.

  32. Trey For President. This man does not put up with anyones BS. I am so glad he is from SC. He is not my Rep, But I will be going to his District to help him on his Next Election No doubt.

      1. He said 2 weeks ago he was against it. He was for a Bill that had some parts of the amnesty in it for children born here. But he has since changed his mind. The last time he was in the District here he had a meeting with a lot of people here and they gave him and earfull. He listens to the People he represents just like Cruz and Paul.

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