Trey Gowdy RIPS INTO Comey, says he’ll apologize ‘WHEN IT SNOWS IN HELL’

Trey Gowdy absolutely unloaded on Comey on Fox News and it’s pretty awesome.

Transcript from the Daily Caller:

“You should aspire to more in life than simply skating by without having been indicted,” Gowdy said before noting that perhaps Comey should give back some of his “‘Higher Loyalty’ speaking fees.”

“The criticism here is that if somebody else had done this, they would be in handcuffs,” Chaffetz noted. “They would be going to jail, but is Lady Justice being fair and right here, and is he being held accountable?”

“I would tell my fellow citizens this: We have to have other ways of meting out accountability other than simply indictments,” Gowdy said, observing that Hillary Clinton had a “consequence” of losing the election despite not getting indicted. Comey, Gowdy said, got “dinged on both of the major investigations he was handling in 2016 by the inspector general. That will be the accountability and that’s what history will remember about Jim Comey.”

And from what we’ve seen, there’s going to be another report that might get Comey in a lot more trouble, so perhaps he should tone down the sanctimony a little bit.

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19 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy RIPS INTO Comey, says he’ll apologize ‘WHEN IT SNOWS IN HELL’

  1. Trey was being kind by saying Comey got dinged twice.

    Ever since that July 7, 2016 press conference when Learch stood in front of the cameras and insulted our collective intelligence by absolving the witch of her treasonous crimes by using the mind numbingly pathetic excuse of lack of intent. His insulting bald faced lies that day will go down in history as one of the most egregious acts of outright injustice in our history. To make matters exponentially worse he illegally overstepped his authority by conducting that meeting when it should have been his boss, Loretta Lynch that gave the press conference.

    I expect that federal prosecutor, Durham’s final report will provide the necessary conclusive evidence to indict Comey and everyone else involved in Obama’s manufactured Spy Gate hoax.

  2. Doughboy is a criminal fraud . won’t apply and enforce the law at all against vermin like Comey, much less higher ups like Lynch, Mills, and. of course the most odious criminals, Obama and Clinton. And what about Trump’s part in this.. appointing Sessions, Wray, and now the rodeo clown hunting for Nigerian internet frauds, Barr. Trump has to be involved, he is not stupid, and this is obstruction of justice that the Dems won’t touch.

    He also did not protect Epstein, who the world except for the criminal and corrupt, knew was at great risk. I could not care less about Epstein, he was a central figure in one of the most despicable crimes possible, child rape, and sex trafficking, slavery for sexual assault. But Epstein knew who else was involved and might help break up these nests of vermin, including the Clintons and others notorious figures. Barr, not a stupid man, got the result everyone expected, Epstein’s death in jail. Guards sleeping, perhaps with drugs, multiple cameras malfunction and if only one worked the truth would be known, and autopsy results which are common to murder, not suicide, but Barr says nothing to see here.

    We Are Ruled — Department of Justice Won’t Seek Justice Against Comey
    Ali Alexander headline.

  3. Anyone catch Judge Jeanine’s open tonite? She ripped him a new one. He won’t be able to (figuratively) sit for a month!

  4. There are a lot of scenarios that can hurt our country, some of them could
    actually destroy the U.S., the greatest Nation ever put together by man, but the
    ones that will do the most harm originate from within and we are now facing
    such a threat, the breakdown of our Laws and equal justice for all.

    1. Nonsense. It is patently ridiculous to say that Gowdy is spineless. The only spineless cowards amongst the republican party are the establishment GOP RINOS.

      The notion that somehow Trey Gowdy was supposed to bring the criminals in the Obama administration to justice when he was on the various republican lead Congressional committees speaks to a lack of understanding of the limitations of Congressional committees’ powers.

      Obviously you need to be reminded that the chairs of the republican lead committees, Gowdy, Chaffetz, and Issa were prevented by Constitutional law to prosecute individuals. Congressional committees do not have prosecutorial powers. Committee Chairs are required, by law, to refer to the D.O.J. to prosecute cases.

      What you Gowdy haters obviously fail to take into consideration is the simple fact that Trey and every other republican committee chair were in a Catch 22 situation when it came to relying on the D.O.J. to prosecute their cases. Every republican Congressional committee chair’s referrals for prosecution were shelved and ignored by Obama’s two uber corrupt A.G.’s, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. It is because of those two traitors as to why no one in the obama administration was never held accountable.

  5. Gee, Trey Gowdy ripped into Jim Comey. Gosh, whatever will Comey do now? The GOP has a number of roaring tigers, unfortunately every single one is made of paper.

  6. that’s what history will remember about Jim Comey.

    I’m going to use this as a defense at my next criminal trial.

    “Look your honor, I know I killed all those hookers and set that orphanage on fire, but the truth is that history will remember me as an fire-loving hooker killer. Indeed, I will find my accountability in the pages of time as those who read of my exploits will recoil in horror and disgust – and in that reaction, I will find my justice. Now, if you’ll please bang your gavel and let me go, I’ve got a book signing to get to.”

  7. Comey tone down the sanctimony? When hell freezes over.

    Comey reminds me of the crooked Senator played by Ronny Cox on Stargate SG1. Senator Kinsey? Same kind of sanctimonious b.s.

  8. Good interview with Gowdy. Sounds as though St. James the Comey won’t be getting an apology from Trey anytime soon. Nor from me.

  9. If only Trey “all hat, no cattle” Gowdy had been a part of some type of political organization with the ability to conduct oversight as well as hold government organizations and federal employees to account. If only.

  10. Since we can’t all be too big too jail like Hillary, Comey, et al, can uncle Sam at least hand out “get out of jail free” cards to every law-abiding American?

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