Trump BLAMES Iowa voters for not crediting him for paying his own way; BLAMES media for treating him unfairly

Trump has finally begun tweeting again after last night’s 2nd place finish behind Ted Cruz in Iowa. He basically starts out by accusing the media that they are treating his 2nd place finish in Iowa unfairly:

Trump was expected to win last night, especially given his double digit lead in the polls in conjunction with the large turnout models. The turnout was there, but the Trump victory was not and that’s why I think the media isn’t so hyped about him coming in second place.

But allow me to remind Trump of something he tweeted not all that long ago:

Trump then made what I would say is a bizarre statement, pointing out that voters are NOT giving him the credit he deserves for self-funding his campaign and that it’s not worth it!

Hey dude, you came in 2nd place and got the 2nd highest vote total in history. How can you blame the Iowa voters for not giving you credit for this? And more to the point, how can you say it’s not worth it? It was only one state among 50 states so far. You might win it all and you might not. That’s the gamble you take when you run for president, especially with your own money.

Honestly, it sounds like Trump is more of a sore loser than he let on last night.

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