Trump cites Daily Beast to prove Cruz wrong – Daily Beast editor says NOPE!!!

El Trumpo is still stinging from Ted Cruz ripping him a new one after he insulted Heidi Cruz, but his latest lame attempt to push his narrative flew back in his face – again.

He tried to cite a Daily Beast writer in order to exonerate himself from the charge that he had anything to do with the National Enquirer piece smearing Cruz:

Here’s the video in case it doesn’t load up for you:

But unfortunately for el Trumpo, he’s WRONG about that. And an editor of the Daily Beast corrected him on it:

Now this might be difficult for Trump fans to read, so please read the following slowly, or get a non-Trump fan adult to read it slowly for you: if Rubio supporters pushed a story, that doesn’t automatically prove that Trump didn’t have anything to do with that story. The two are not mutually exclusive. Trump could have helped get the story out AND also have had help from Marco Rubio fans who were pushing it out too.

So sorry, Donald. You’re wrong again.

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