Trump couldn’t have PROFITED if he made ties in the U.S. instead of China! – Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes had a very impressive entry into the “which Trump supporter can say the stupidest thing” contest today when she tried to justify the Donald’s manufacturing of ties in China while excoriating others for doing the same.

Watch below:

So it’s OK for Trump to make ties in China because he couldn’t have made a profit off of them otherwise…but… it’s evil for other companies to do the same, and they have to stop. What?!

Not only that but she seems to pull some import gap numbers straight out of her Obama, and no one corrects her because Trump advocates lie so much they can’t keep up. She said that American imports pay 40 times as much in taxes as Chinese imports to America do, but according to Politifact, she’s wayyyy wrong. But I guess when you jump on the Trump train, you have to leave your brain behind. It was a light burden for Hughes.

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