Trump DONATED to California AG known for her staunch advocacy of SANCTUARY CITIES

Daniel Horowitz posted this morning evidence showing Trump donated to Kamala Harris, the California AG known for her staunch advocacy of Sanctuary cities. He writes:

More recently, while conservatives were fighting the Gang of Eight amnesty bill and Obama’s sanctuary nation policies, Trump donated $6,000 to Kamala Harris, the California attorney general who is, perhaps, one of the most notorious supporters of sanctuary cities in the country. In 2014, his daughter, Ivanka, also cut a $2,000 check to the queen of sanctuary cities. That was after Harris championed the despicable Trust Act, which turned the entire state of California into a sanctuary for illegals.

This Trust Act Horowitz refers to empowered local law enforcement officials in California to ignore federal immigration authorities:

In 2012, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said local law enforcement are not required to determine immigration status or enforce federal immigration laws. She also said civil immigration detainers — ICE requests to hold a suspect — are voluntary. The entire state also operates under the Trust Act, which allows illegal immigrants charged with minor crimes to be released after posting bail or serving time.

Here’s the evidence Horowitz posted of Trump’s donations to Harris:

trump harris donation log

So while Trump was supposedly outraged over Kate Steinle’s death last year, the record shows he helped to reelect the woman who was in part responsible for the Sanctuary City crisis in Califorina that led to Steinle’s death.

Donald Trump says one thing with his tongue and something completely different with his wallet.

Read more of Daniel Horowitz’s article here.

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