Trump explains his rationale for sending Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine

In an interview with Geraldo Rivera yesterday, Trump explained his rationale for sending Giuliani to Ukraine instead of someone from the administration:

DAILY WIRE – “Was it strange to send Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine, your personal lawyer? Are you sorry you did that?” Geraldo Rivera asked Trump in an interview for the “Roadkill with Geraldo Rivera” podcast Thursday, as reported by CNN.

“No, not at all,” said Trump, describing Giuliani, as he has multiple times in the past, as a strong “crime fighter.”

Trump then offered a succinct explanation of his rationale for turning to Giuliani for such a task. “Here’s my choice: I deal with the [Former FBI Director James] Comeys of the world, or I deal with Rudy,” he said, citing his “very bad taste” for the intelligence community, with which Trump has been in a longtime public feud over how they’ve handled his 2016 campaign and the early stages of his presidency.

“So when you tell me, why did I use Rudy, and one of the things about Rudy, number one, he was the best prosecutor, you know, one of the best prosecutors, and the best mayor,” the president told Rivera. “But also, other presidents had them. FDR had a lawyer who was practically, you know, was totally involved with government. Eisenhower had a lawyer. They all had lawyers.”

They also point out that Trump told O’Reilly in November that he didn’t ‘direct’ Giuliani to do anything in Ukraine:

The open acknowledgment of having sent Giuliani to Ukraine is the first by Trump since he told former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly in a late-November interview, in the midst of the Democrats’ impeachment campaign, that he didn’t “direct” Giuliani to do anything in Ukraine.

“So you didn’t direct him to go to Ukraine to do anything or put any heat on them?” asked O’Reilly, as CNN reported at the time.

“No, I didn’t direct him, but he’s a warrior, Rudy’s a warrior,” said Trump. “Rudy went, he possibly saw something. But you have to understand, Rudy (has) other people that he represents,” said Trump, who noted that the former New York City mayor has “done work in Ukraine for years.”

You can listen to the full interview below. I haven’t yet, but I’m sure it’s interesting. The Q&A portion related to Giuliani begins about 21:43 and 27:20:

Listen to “Geraldo Speaks To President Donald Trump” on Spreaker.

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