Trump HITS CNN: I’m NOT doing their shows until they straighten up!

Trump is very unhappy with CNN and took to Twitter to air his grievances, blasting them for being Hillary’s press shop:

That was on twitter. He also said that he’s not doing their shows anymore this afternoon in Colorado (h/t: Mediaite)

“CNN is so dishonest. Clinton News Network. So dishonest. Unbelievable. You know what they call it? It may be the Clinton News Network, but nobody wants to watch Hillary. All day long it’s Trump. All day, all the time. But it’s so much inaccurate information, and by the way, I think their ratings are gonna go down really sharply now. They’ve been asking me to go on for months. I won’t do their shows. And the reason I won’t is because it’s so dishonest. Until they straighten up, I’m not doing their shows. And when people finally realize that I’m not doing their shows, they stop watching! That’s what happens!”

We always knew the MSM would be unfair to Trump at this point in the race. Just today, it’s been KAAAAAAHHHHNNNNNN every time I look up to see my TV. There has been some mention of Hillary’s whopper of a lie yesterday, but not nearly as much as KAAAAAAAHHHHHNNNNNN!

Also, can you imagine Wolf Blitzer ever allowing Zakaria or others to get away with calling Hillary a ‘bullshit artist’? Heck no!

So Trump does have a point, but then we all knew this is the way it would end up, which is why we worked hard to defeat him in the primary. He’s a terrible candidate and keeps saying really stupid stuff, causing even more negative news coverage.

So I get his grievances to a point. But, as someone who isn’t going to vote for him anyway, I just shake my head to this song:

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