‘Trump is going to be the nominee’ – Disgraced Roger Ailes on the Trump train in AUGUST 2015

A very detailed account of how his victims took down Roger Ailes at Fox News also shows that Roger Ailes was squarely in the tank for Trump from the very beginning.

From New York Magazine:

According to Fox sources, Murdoch blamed Ailes for laying the groundwork for Trump’s candidacy. Ailes had given Trump, his longtime friend, a weekly call-in segment on Fox & Friends to sound off on political issues. (Trump used Fox News to mainstream the birther conspiracy theory.) Ailes also had lunch with Trump days before he launched his presidential campaign and continued to feed him political advice throughout the primaries, according to sources close to Trump and Ailes. (And in the days after Carlson filed her lawsuit, Trump advised Ailes on navigating the crisis, even recommending a lawyer.)

Ironically, desiccated pterodactyl Ann Coulter is lying and pitching the story as proof that Fox News was against Trump to her idiot followers:

But that paragraph shows that Murdoch directed him to have anchor hammer him ON THE ISSUES – that’s why Trump freaked out so angrily:

Murdoch was not a fan of Trump’s and especially did not like his stance on immigration. (The antipathy was mutual: “Murdoch’s been very bad to me,” Trump told me in March.) A few days before the first GOP debate on Fox in August 2015, Murdoch called Ailes at home. “This has gone on long enough,” Murdoch said, according to a person briefed on the conversation. Murdoch told Ailes he wanted Fox’s debate moderators — Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace — to hammer Trump on a variety of issues. Ailes, understanding the GOP electorate better than most at that point, likely thought it was a bad idea. “Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee,” Ailes told a colleague around this time. But he didn’t fight Murdoch on the debate directive.

She’s probably counting on her troglodyte Trump supporting fans not actually clicking and reading.

The rest of the article is worth reading to see exactly how Roger Ailes abused his position in order to create an orgy for himself at Fox News, but don’t let anyone tell you that Fox News ever hurt Trump – Ailes loved him and created his presidential campaign.

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