Trump just declared “the United States Military will build the Wall!”

Trump is tweeting this morning about several things, including getting funding for the wall. This comes after Trump backed down on his threat to close the government over border wall funding.

In our Country, so much money has been poured down the drain, for so many years, but when it comes to Border Security and the Military, the Democrats fight to the death. We won on the Military, which is being completely rebuilt. One way or the other, we will win on the Wall!

Mexico is paying (indirectly) for the Wall through the new USMCA, the replacement for NAFTA! Far more money coming to the U.S. Because of the tremendous dangers at the Border, including large scale criminal and drug inflow, the United States Military will build the Wall!

Trump tweeted the other day that “If the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country, the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall”.

Now that he’s backed down, it appears he’s making good on that promise and going with his alternative plan to have the military build it.

I’m all for that as long as he can do it legally. I don’t want Trump to pull an illegal end-run around Congress like Obama did with DACA. But the unsecured border has been a thorn in the side of Republicans for decades and, if there’s a legal way to do this, it’s time to end the craziness and get it built.

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