Trump: Let’s make a deal on Dreamers!

Last night the Trump administration came out with a 70 point plan on what they’d like to see in their new immigration proposal.

CNS News listed the most important points from the proposal:

Border Security:

  • Complete construction of the southern border wall, to be paid for in part by allowing the Department of Homeland Security to raise fees from the processing of immigration-benefit applications;
  • Prompt removal of minors, including unaccompanied alien children, and relatives crossing the border illegally.
  • Stricter standards for people who claim asylum;
  • Expand the expedited removal process, including hiring an additional 370 Immigration Judges and 1,000 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement attorneys;

Interior Enforcement:

  • Stop sanctuary cities by making them ineligible for certain federal grants;
  • Hire an additional 10,000 ICE officers and 300 Federal prosecutors to handle immigration cases and boost law enforcement;
  • End visa overstays;
  • End catch-and-release;
  • Prevent gang members from receiving immigration benefits.
  • Protect U.S. workers by requiring E-Verify and strengthening laws to stop employment discrimination against U.S. workers.

Merit-Based Reforms:

  • End chain migration by limiting family-based green cards to spouses and minor children of immigrants who are here legally;
  • Establish a point-based system for awarding green cards that protects U.S. workers and taxpayers, encourages assimilation, and ensures the financial self-sufficiency of newcomers;
  • Eliminate the ‘Diversity Visa’ lottery that awards 50,000 green cards at random to foreign nationals, many of whom have absolutely no ties to the United States, no special skills, and limited education;
  • Set the number of refugees at an ‘appropriate level’.

Actually that list sounds pretty good to me. I’d like to see all of that done and more!

Kellyanne Conway was on with Fox News this morning and, via CNS News, said of this proposal:

“The message to the Dreamers is that, listen to what the president said. He said he’s open to a deal, open to figuring out a way to – to have broader immigration policy that certainly addresses DACA, the so-called Dreamer program, but along with all these other critical functions.

“So they should actually be calling their friends Chuck and Nancy to say, you know, are you going to give up this deal because you don’t want — why don’t you want a border wall constructed? Why don’t you want more immigration judges and agents? And why isn’t it a reasonable policy to limit chain migration, and also to stop these visa overstays? And to make sure people that are flouting the law once they’re here – go back.”

So it does sound like if Trump gets what he wants, Democrats can have what they want with the Dreamers.

Of course, you know it’s a non-starter with the Dems:

In joint statement, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called the plan “anathema to Dreamers,” to immigrants in general, and to the “vast majority” of Americans.

“We told the President at our meeting that we were open to reasonable border security measures alongside the DREAM Act, but this list goes so far beyond what is reasonable. This proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise,” Schumer and Pelosi wrote.

LOL! If Chuck and Nancy don’t like it, it must be a pretty good deal!

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