TRUMP media chief DEMANDS GOP BAN Hugh Hewitt for blaspheming against the Donald’s name!!

The toupee-topped totalitarian once again showed how he will deal with those who would dare speak out against him once he seizes the American throne – with an IRON FIST!! And I don’t mean the comic book character, soon to star in a blockbuster Marvel movie. NO!!!! I mean he’s gonna be a jerk!!!

Here’s the latest:

Dan Scumino is Trump’s social media feces-thrower, and he didn’t take Hugh Hewitt’s criticism today too well. Hewitt called for the GOP to tell Trump to step away from the candidacy and make way for someone else. Which is insane at this point – Trump needs to collapse some more before anything like that is politically feasible.

This follows in the pattern of Trump’s anti-press temper tantrums, where he bans journalists from his events and rescinds their media access if he doesn’t like what they’re writing. Now imagine what he’ll do if he gets in the White House…

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