Trump rebuts his Chief of Staff, says he has NEVER evolved on the Wall…and he’s RIGHT

This morning Trump took to Twitter to rebut his own chief of staff who yesterday said he had evolved on the wall, pointing out that he never intended for the wall to stretch across the the entire border:

He also still intends for the wall to be paid for by Mexico:

Trump maintains he is still serious about building the wall because we need it for our national security:

I’m going to defend Trump here and point out that he’s not wrong when he says his intention was to never build a wall across the entire 2,000 mile border. I know, go ahead and call me a sellout, a Trump spinster, whatever. But I can prove it.

Here’s a clip from way back in August of 2015, not long after he announced his run for presidency, where Trump is talking about building a wall on the southern border. In it he points out that there’s no need for a 2,000 mile border wall because the natural terrain is automatically a barrier. He says we’re really on talking about 1,000 miles of border wall:

Here’s the transcript:

DONALD TRUMP: You know, interestingly, the wall on southern border, it’s – really, if you think it’s 1,000 miles but it’s 2,000 miles, but a lot of it – some of it’s done – it’s done poorly by the way, what they have done is very poor, very poor work, a very poor job, and very — not much of a wall. But you also have natural terrain which is automatically a barrier, which is a good thing. So you’re talking about 1,000. And then you look at the Great Wall of China that was built 2,500 years ago. It’s 13,000 miles. And we’re really talking about something more than a little more than 1,000 miles. So it is something that can be absolutely done, not done at tremendous cost. You know, it’s been costed by politicians and they came out with these outrageous numbers.

That was well over two years ago and even then Trump knew that only half of the southern border needed a wall. This jives with what Kelly said last when he was talking about the length of the border wall needed, which he approximated to about 800 miles in addition to what is already there.

As for Mexico paying for it, Trump is still sticking to his ridiculous argument that Mexico will pay for it. That is one idea I wish he would evolve on, because it’s the job of the US government to secure the border and it’s very appropriate for taxpayers to fund it. We don’t need Mexico to pay for it.

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