Trump says he doesn’t really CARE if Republicans LOSE THE SENATE…

Here’s the latest absurdity from the loudmouth moron that voters gave control of the GOP.

From the Daily Wire:

While Republican delegates prepare to nominate Donald Trump in Cleveland in two weeks, Trump provided yet another piece of evidence that he’s not particularly concerned with the success of the party he has hijacked. New York Times Magazine asked Trump about the importance of maintaining a Republican Senate. Here was Trump’s almost incomprehensible answer – an answer that would be utterly incomprehensible if Trump were actually a conservative or a serious Republican: “Well, I’d like them to do that. But I don’t mind being a free agent, either.”

Of course he wouldn’t. He has no intention of making conservative priorities his own.

That is just unbelievable.

Shapiro continues on to take him down very nicely based on the idea that it means he’ll cut deals with Democrats. But this comment should really frighten people given the other possibility of what it means about Trump. Either he is so incredibly ignorant of the way our government works that he is clueless about how having the Senate would help him pass his agenda, OR… and this is much scarier – he doesn’t care. 

If he really doesn’t care about how the powers of the federal government were carefully distributed in the Constitution by the founders among the different branches to keep despots and totalitarians from taking control, well… what does that make him?

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