Trump sides with Black Lives Matter, says Tulsa policewoman wrongly killed Terence Crutcher

If you were sick of Barack Obama immediately siding with black activists anytime there was a police action involving African Americas, you better get used to it if Trump wins, because he doesn’t seem to give a crap about waiting for details either!

In this interview with Trump disciple Sean Hannity, el Trumpo goes on an extended complaint against the officer in Tulsa who shot Terence Crutcher.

Watch below at about the 9 minute mark:

You can tell that Hannity is panicking inside because he quickly interrupts and changes the focus to violence in inner cities. He knows that Trump is really stepping in it here by siding with the Black Lives Matter morons long before all the evidence is in. But because he’s a infantile troglodyte, Trump can’t help but impose his opinion since he knows that he’s the smartest man in every room – just like Obama!!

And I’m not saying she’s innocent or guilty. What I don’t like is this idiot rushing to judgement based on a video that doesn’t tell the whole story. But that’s what Trump is – he’s a creature of the incredibly shallow gut-level understanding of any issue. And that’s where he stays.

Ironically however, the protests in Charlotte, where the case is much more muddy, are yuge, while there are no protests in Oklahoma. Rush Limbaugh has a theory about why that is…

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