Trump supporters say Obamacare repeal wasn’t his issue, ‘was more a Ted Cruz issue’

In a remarkably hilarious moment on CNN last night, the Trump contingent of their panel actually tried to say that Obamacare repeal was never a traditional Trump campaign plank.


The panel just breaks down in laughter as they have the gall to actually claim, “it was more of a Ted Cruz issue.” How incredible is that? It’s like we keep finding new, deeper, and more insane corners of the Twilight Zone.

The big conspiracy theory is that Paul Ryan sabotaged Trump on this deal. I have an alternate theory – Trump saw that Obamacare was getting more popular in the polls, that the left was organizing their nuts and crazies to go yell and scream at Republican townhalls, and saw a pretty mundane replacement bill, and said screw it. He never really got behind it, never really pushed it, and he doesn’t really care about this campaign promise.

Even the reporters who covered him today said he didn’t seem all that upset by it. He was much more angry about Mike Flynn and the Muslim ban fiascos. So why does he not care about this?

OH, and by the way, here’s a little nugget from Jason Miller’s twitter:

LOL! Why is Trump’s VP pushing “Ted Cruz issues”?!

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