TRUMP TWEETS accusing Dems of purposely poisoning memo….

Trump tweeted accusations against the Democrats in order to defend his decision to block the release of their anti-FISA memo memo.

I’ve seen this conspiracy theory before, but he likely got it from Sean Hannity. I guess I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to do such a thing, but I also wouldn’t put it past Trump to just make it up.

He also talked about a story in the New York Times – remember, they’re all full of lies until you need their stories to help you out!

From the Hill:

According to a New York Times report published Friday, U.S. intelligence officials said that they told a Russian offering both NSA cyberweapons and Trump-related material that they did not want the information about the real estate mogul.

U.S. spies agreed to a $1 million payout to obtain the NSA tools from the Russian, according to the report. They paid $100,000 as a first installment.

But the Russian never gave U.S. agents the NSA tools, the Times reported. Instead, they were handed salacious and unverified information about Trump. After that, the U.S. officials ended their deal with the Russian, because of concerns about possible political fallout and fears of a Russian plan to stir chaos within the U.S. government.

The Russian operators’ connections with the Russian government remains unclear.

I’m not sure that necessarily means intelligence officials were getting the information to hurt Trump – isn’t it their job to secure intel and figure out if its true?


Someone who knows what “due process” means posted this on Trump’s account:

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